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Chapter 2

The only reason why Guo Yuxia was surprised by Ye Manqing was because she was too anxious to get hold of the letter. Now she felt resentment and anger within her. She wanted to say something but could not! She was just too upset for words!

Long Fei loved his wife and held her hand. It was cold when he touched her. “My dear, how are you feeling?”

Guo Yuxia tried to force a smile. “I…I…feeling fine!” Suddenly she whispered in his ears. “Hurry and take a look at the letter. If it not to our advantage, don’t read it out!”

Long Fei was taken aback and looked at his wife for a while. It was only today that he started to begin to understand his wife.

Ye Manqing coldly laughed. “Refusing to look at your Protégé Master’s letter and you comfort your wife who only knows how to act instead, humph, humph…“

Long Fei flushed and turned his body and was about to pick the letter when Ye Manqing pierced the letter with the sword point of the Fallen Autumn Leaf!

Long Fei asked. “Why are you doing this?”

Ye Manqing coldly said. “If you are not willing to read, I will take it to the others to read!” Her eyes looking at everyone present and looked carefully at each of everyone as though she was looking for the right person to read the letter. And she walked to Wang Susu. “Take this letter and read it aloud!”

Wang Susu paled immediately. She had just fainted earlier and had not recovered from the shock. She secretly took a glance at Guo Yuxia and said in a low voice. “My Protégé Master last will, why did you want me to read!” She took the letter from the sword point, and hesitated for awhile, looking at Shi Chen, Nangong Ping before she finally tore open the letter.

Ye Manqing said. “Read it aloud, not a word less!”

Guo Yuxia and Long Fei looked at one another. And he noticed his wife hand was getting colder and colder. He sighed and said in a low voice. “Everything depends upon heaven’s will, why are you so nervous and worrying about!”

Guo Yuxia almost cried out.

Long Fei clenched his fists while Wang Susu read it in a clear crystal voice. “The swordplay match between Ye Qiubai and I have finally come. This ten year of preparation, the victor shall live, the loser shall die, both sides have no complaints whatever so. There is no hatred. If one shall fall, it is of one’s own will. All of you must not seek revenge upon Red Phoenix’s disciples. Or else the holder of the Decree of the Golden Dragon have the right to expel any disciples from the Clan!”

Maybe Susu was feeling nervous or overtly aggravated as her voice was shaking now. When she had read that part, she began to sigh. When she had calmed down, she continued. “Among all my disciples, Long Fei is the first to join the clan and he is also my nephew. Not only is he honest, loyal and also straightforward. But his heart is too soft and will prove fatal to him one day. So he can never accomplish great things.” She rolled her eyes to take a glance at Long Fei who lowered his head!

Wang Susu closed her eyes, hating herself for taking that look. She continued reading. “Shi Chen is perseverance, Susu is gentle and caring…” She flushed. “…Only Ping’Er, is borne from a noble family. Although he is used to good food and banquets but he has never complaint. What is most notably about him is that he is extremely talented, therefore I have decided…”

Suddenly Guo Yuxia interrupted by crying out. Long Fei sighed and gently held her in his embrace. She cried even louder. “I have help Zhijiao Manor in so many ways and matters…But our old man did not even mention anything about me.”

Long Fei sternly said. “My dear, what is going on today with you!”
Guo Yuxia lifted her head, her tears flowing. “I…I am really too…upset. All these years, I have worked hard for our old man but…but what did we gain? What did we gain…”

Ye Manqing who was standing near to Wang Susu could not help turned her back and laughed coldly.

Wang Susu seemed to be taken aback by the interruptions. She melancholy sighed and continued reading. “Therefore I have decided to give the “Fallen Autumn Leaf” that is constantly by my side for decades and the task to guard the heavenly coffin to Ping’Er till the coffin is destroyed and the person dead.”

She furrowed her eyebrows as although she did not understand and repeated again. “Till the coffin is destroyed and the person dead!”

Wang Susu continued. “I have three unfulfilled wishes. Therefore I will task it upon Ping’Er to finish for me. These three wishes I have already handed over to Maiden Ye Manqing.” She stopped and lifted her head to look at Ye Manqing.

She continued. “The Pugilist Fraternity have been in turmoil for several decades, even I cannot avoid the bloodshed. But I can safety say that I am above board in all matters and have never done a single harmful thing. But from now on, I am unable to meddle in the affairs of the mortals. Therefore I will hand over Zhijiao Manor which is my hard work to…“ She took a deep breathe and there was a surprise look on her face.

Ye Manqing interrupted. “Hand over to who?”

Wang Susu turned to look at her and asked softly. “You have not seen this piece of paper?”

Ye Manqing furrowed her eyebrows and said in a clear voice. “Will the protégé disciple of Red Phoenix be so despicable and do such despicable acts?”

Wang Susu melancholy sighed. “I have thought you have read it beforehand. If it to your advantage, only then will you hand over to us. If it not, you will not let us read!” Her rebuke was so gentle and lovely and that no one would have the heart to rebuke her!

Guo Yuxia crying had become weaker by now. She lifted her head and asked. “Is the handwriting our Protégé Master?”

Wang Susu nodded her head.

Guo Yuxia wiped her tears and asked again. “Do you recognize Protégé Master’s handwriting?”

Wang Susu melancholy sighed. “For the past few years, Protégé Master have been practicing his writing every night, I…I had been by his side preparing the ink!” Before she finished, tears began to form in her eyes. Her eyes were wet with tears and just as she was about to use her hand to wipe her tears away, there was a soft tap on her shoulder.

It was Ye Manqing who hand her a soft handkerchief!

Guo Yuxia was silent for awhile before she let go a long sigh. And said in a deep voice. “Who is the person that our old man has hand over Zhijiao Manor?”

Wang Susu wiped her tears, hand over the handkerchief back to Ye Manqing and gratefully smiled at her. She held the letters again and said. “From now on it will be hand over to the couple Fei and Yuxia!”

Guo Yuxia straightened her back and eyed the heavens. She felt ashamed.

Long Fei softly said. “My dear, our Protégé Master has never forget about you!”

Ye Manqing once again coldly smirked. “Till now, you have remembered your Protégé Master and feel sad for him!”

Guo Yuxia cried even louder and Long Fei lowered his head!
Wang Susu continued reading. “Matters concerning Zhijiao is not something that Fei can handle with his honesty and straightforward character. It is not enough to command respect from all the heroes of the world. If there is no Yuxia who is smart and without her quick thinking, Zhijiao Manor will never last a hundred year of fame.”

Nangong Ping sighed. He was very impressed with his Protégé Master thoroughness. He took a glance at Wang Susu who seemed to stare blankly at the letters.

Even Shi Chen had noticed it. He asked. “Fourth Sister, why don’t you read it?”

Shi Chen exclaimed. “Our Protégé Master’s will, must be read!” His eyes were on the letter but he failed to notice that Wang Susu was looking shyly and at the same time disappointed.

Wang Susu wiped her eyes with her fingers, lifted her head and read. “The Decree of the Golden Dragon is the sacred treasure of our sect. From now on, it will be hand over to ShiEr…ShiEr and Susu. Both of them will hold it together. With Shi Chen righteousness and Susu kindness, surely they will not abuse the Decree. With the Two Swords of the Dragon Gate, their combine martial art skills will not let the Decree loses it glory!Everything had been handled in the Manor therefore Ping’Er need not worry. End of March, he is to meet Maiden Ye Manqing at the foot of Mount Hua and to discuss my three unfulfilled wishes with her. But he is forbidden to leave too far from the heavenly coffin, please remember!” Wang Susu had read faster and faster. With a single breath, she had read to this part.

Guo Yuxia whispered to Long Fei. “Protégé Master knows everything except Fourth Sister feeling!”

Long Fei was taken aback. “What feeling?”

Guo Yuxia said. “She would rather be with Fifth Brother to explore the Fraternity than to share the Decree with Third Brother!”

Long Fei softly said. “You seem to know everything!”

Guo Yuxia’s face suddenly became blank, bowed her head and sighed deeply. “I seem to know everything?…”

Wang Susu read. “In my life, I have done nothing wrong. I have my friends, my disciples are useful, even if I have died, I will be glad.” When she had finished, her voice was stuttering. She folded up the letters and saw Ye Manqing placed the golden dagger to her hands and said. “Please take care!”

Wang Susu blinked her eyes and said. “Thank you!”

Ye Manqing gently smiled but Wang Susu suddenly whispered to her. “I hope that from now on, you will take care of him!” Her eyes turned red and she walked off.

Ye Manqing was taken aback and stood unmoving for several moments. She finally turned and walked to Nangong Ping and without a word, thrust the “The Autumn Leaf” into the ground and coldly said. “On the sword hilt, there is yet another letter, you may read yourself!” She was pointing to the yellow silken handkerchief that was tied to the sword hilt. After saying, she walked away!

Even before Wang Susu had finished reading the Immortal Divine Dragon Will, Nangong Ping was already pondering. At this moment, although he had pulled the long sword from the ground but he was still thinking!

Till Ye Manqing had already gone far. He suddenly yelled. “Maiden Ye, please halt!” And ran to her side.

Ye Manqing turned her head and coldly said. “What is the matter? Do you wish to kill me and avenge for your Protégé Master?”

The calm posture on Nangong Ping’s face began to fade as he asked. “My Protégé Master is not dead right? Where is he now?”

Ye Manqing was taken back but regained her posture. “If the Immortal Divine Dragon is not dead, why is that he has not returned?”

Nangong Ping coldly replied. “That have to ask you!”

Ye Manqing speech became even more unfriendly. “This you have to first ask yourself, that is more appropriate.” She did not even turn her head anymore and she walked to the four waiting women. “Go!” And the five of them move swiftly down the southern peak!

Long Fei, Guo Yuxia, Shi Chen and Wang Susu all came to Nangong Ping and asked together. “How did…”

While the other three became mute, only Guo Yuxia continued. “How did you surmise that our Protégé Master may not have died?”

Nangong Ping seemed to be in thoughts before he replied. “If our Protégé Master has died, why did he in the letter, say “If he have been defeated and died, and even if he have died”. Moreover…even if our Protégé Master have been defeated and died, judging by his fury character, how could he have the calmness to write such a detail and thoroughness Will?”

Wang Susu suddenly said. “The handwriting on the will, is very straight, exactly the same style as what Protégé Master writes in slow pace!”

Nangong Ping eyes shone. “That is right. Under that condition, even if Protégé Master did not die immediately, he definitely will not write in such a style in his Will. There must be a secret…” But his eyes discolored, and he sighed. “If…he did not die, why did he not return here?”

Everyone was listening intensely, even the two men that were carrying the coffin.

Under this circumstance, no one would give the priest who was still present much attention. So he charged to the other two men who were the coffin carriers, and stretched both his hands and hit them at the back of their head. The two men did not have much time to react and could only feel themselves in a daze before collapsing onto the ground!

The priest did not even bother to look at them, certain that the two men would not be unable to get up. He then carried off the purple coffin and ran down the peak!

Nangong Ping was stunned as he was in deep thoughts earlier. Wang Susu shouted to the running priest. “You…You, what are you doing?” She was surprised as well. She had never thought a person would risk his life just to steal a purple coffin. Therefore she remained rooted to the ground in confusion.

But her shout had already alerted and interrupted Nangong Ping from his thoughts and shouted at the priest as he quickly sheathed Fallen Autumn Leaf into the scabbard, as he chased after him! And his speed was astonishing!

Wang Susu paled and exclaimed. “Big Brother, Third Brother…”

Long Fei shouted. “Hurry and chase!”

Guo Yuxia said. “Why hurry and chase?…”

Long Fei furrowed with his eyebrows. “Naturally we have to hurry and chase!”

Guo Yuxia said. “A piece of coffin wood, although it is dyed in purple, how much can it worth?”

Long Fei angrily replied. “How can we ignore the plight of Fifth Brother? He could be in danger!”

Guo Yuxia coldly laughed. “But what about our Protégé Master? Do we ignore the plight of our Protégé Master then?”

Long Fei halted in his steps and turned back. “What are you saying?”

Guo Yuxia gently sighed. “Just now what Fifth Brother have said, set me into thinking that it is a very good deduction. No matter if our Protégé Master is alive or dead at this moment, we should follow up and check. If he is not dead, then we should really give thanks the heavens!”

Long Fei asked. “What about Fifth Brother then?”
Guo Yuxia asked. “You seen Fifth Brother using that ‘Dragon Flying through the Cloud’ swiftness movement skill. How is that compared to you?”
Long Fei was stunned and stunned, said. “It is…”

Guo Yuxia slowly smiled. “It is…Just based on Fifth Brother martial skills, if he wants to win, it is not difficult. But if he want to use it for self-preservation, it is easy right?”

Long Fei sighed. “This conclusion…is also reasonable!”

However Wang Susu was anxious. “But that priest is willing to risk to steal that coffin. The coffin must have a secret…”

Guo Yuxia gently patted her on her head and gently said, “Fourth Sister, you are still young. There are many things that you do not understand yet. That priest is willing to risk the gamble to steal the coffin for the sake of trying to garner fame in the Pugilist Fraternity.”

Wang Susu asked. “If the coffin have no secret, why then did our Protégé Master asked him to protect the coffin with his life?”

Guo Yuxia became grave and said. “Even if the coffin have a secret, is the secret more important than the life of our Protégé Master?”

Wang Susu folded her hands behind her back. Although she did not agree with Guo Yuxia but she did not know what to say.

Long Fei said, “Fourth Sister, your Sister in law is right too. I think the priest martial art skill is not that high. Therefore Fifth Brother will not come to misfortune. Looking for our Protégé Master is much more important!”

Shi Chen had a heavy look on his eyes as if he wanted to say something but when he glanced at Wang Susu, he kept silence.

Guo Yuxia smiled and patted Wang Susu again. “Listen to Sister in law, you won’t get wrong. If something happen to Fifth Brother, I will take responsibility. So don’t be anxious anymore alright?”

Guo Yuxia continued. “Third Brother, Fourth Sister, go. Let us go and find our Mentor Teacher!”

Wang Susu nodded her head and followed Guo Yuxia but her eyes were looking at the direction where Nangong Ping had vanished.

Shi Chen said, “If Fourth Sister is not willing to look for our Protégé Master, the three of us are sufficient too!”

Guo Yuxia laughed. “Third Brother, how can you say such a thing. Fourth Sister has always been the most filial to our Protégé Master and Protégé Master has always doted on Fourth Sister the most. How will she not be willing to search for our Protégé Master?”

Long Fei said, “Indeed, indeed. There is no reason why Fourth Sister is not willing to search for our Protégé Master!”

Suddenly there appeared a mountain bird that came forth from the clouds and it screamed aloud as though it was mocking the human race, mocking at Long Fei’s stupidity, Guo Yuxia’s cunning, Shi Chen’s jealousy and Wang Susu vulnerability.

Then it crashed on the side of the mountain cliffs!

Long Fei sprang forward and was the first to see the dead bird. He turned his head around and said to everyone. “This bird is really stupid!”

Shi Chen said, “The lonely bird lost its partner, rather than be lonely, killed itself. Isn’t it better in this way!”

Wang Susu melancholy sighed. “If it is me, I would rather let myself be killed by humans!”

Guo Yuxia slowly smiled. “You are all wrong. This bird is not stupid or lonely. It crashed to death because it had flown too high and was careless!”

Long Fei sighed. “Flying high will crash to death, flying too low will let hunters catch it. Come to think of that, being a human is hard enough, being a bird is not easy too!”


Ch2 End

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