After the Heavenly Enchantress was urged upon by the others and forced to use the ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’ to ruin the training of the Lord of the Only Eye. She aroused severe backlash by the pugilists of the Martial Fraternity and branded her as an evil unorthodox heretic that she was forced to flee to a desolate Island because there was no place for her anymore in the Central Plains…

On that island, were many blood eels, when she ate it, she found her internal power tremendously increased. What more, one day she and her disciple accidentally caught a thousand year blood eel and after eating it, they managed to reach the divine state of everlasting youth and longevity!…

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Chapter One: The Mysterious Lady

Zhan Bai was exhausted from all his ordeals as he lay besides a huge boulder to rest. His thoughts were very confused and fuzzy at the moment and he fell asleep unconsciously.

In his dreams, he had once again returned to that golden period when he was still a child. He still had a loving mother that was gently patting him on his body and singing a child ballet to him.

Therefore he started to laugh as a motherly hand began to gently pat on his body. He did not know if it was really a dream for he had began to feel that the patting was getting heavily and heavily. Therefore he opened his eyes and woke up. And besides his ears was a gentle caring voice. “The wind is very heavy now, why did you choose to sleep here? Are you not afraid that you will catch a cold?”

This voice sounded more and more concern and caused him to believe that he was still in his dreams. Therefore he struggled to clear his head and opened his eyes wide open.

A beautiful middle-age lady in fine gown and garment was standing besides him and using a most caring and concern look upon him. He had not enjoyed such wonderful look for a long time.

When the beautiful lady had seen him opened his eyes, she smiled on her serene face. “You are so young and you cough to cherish your life, when you are older and start to regret it, it will be too late.”

Although her voice was full of concern but she also sounded sorrowful.

Zhan Bai was startled and he immediately rose up. He was a frank and outspoken person and when he saw that this lady who he did not know had shown so much concern and care for him, he was moved in his heart. He wanted to save words of thanks but he did not know how to begin.

When the beautiful lady had saw his expressions, her eyes became even more compassionate and she sighed gently. “Although a man should have his inspirations everywhere but alas, is there a place that is warmer than your own home in the world? I see that you are fragile and obvious that you have been drifting for quite a while. Don’t blame me saying so much, it is better if you…should hurry home.”

After finishing, she pats his shoulder and turned around to leave.

When Zhan Bai saw her back view, he felt his emotions inside him stirring and he could not control himself and sighed sorrowful. “I…I don’t have a home!” And tears began to flow down his cheeks.

After the beautiful lady took two steps and heard him, she stopped in her tracks and turned around to him.

Zhan Bai wiped away the tears from his eyes and sighed deeply. “In all my entire life, I have never saw a person as nice as lady, therefore I lost control and…”

Suddenly he stopped and he saw in the distance, at the edge of the wood was a beautiful carriage and four men with long swords were staring unhappily at him.

Therefore he was jolted and added. “Lady, you have much things to do, you should go, in future, I…I will definitely cherish my own life.”

Although he had said so like this but he was secretly thinking. “Actually is life worth cherishing? If I did not have to avenge for my father, even if I was to die now, it doesn’t matter to me. But I do not even know who has killed my father and I have even lost my father’s artefacts!” Therefore he became even more grief and sorrowful all of a sudden.

The beautiful lady was in thoughts for a while before she gently asked. “You are still young but why did you sound so troubled and sad? Alas! Why are all the young men the same. Even before they are really at dead end, they already become so anxious with worries. When you reach my age, then when you really have worries to say but you will not find yourself able to say it out. Alas! Don’t think so much about any worries. Alas, young man, have a smile on your face, alright? You still have a bright future and you are still young, there are many things left for you to enjoy!”

This beautiful lady was so caring that Zhan Bai wished she could carry on forever. But when Zhan Bai lifted his head and saw the worry looks in her eyes, he thought. “This lady is dressed in fine clothing and have a noble air, it obvious that she comes from either a rich family or a noble family. She looked like someone who is so blissful but why did she look so trouble?”

He thought again. “She and I do not know one another but judging by the way she treats me, she must be a very compassionate and nice person. If she is troubled, why don’t I try to help her?”

He only knew that if someone were to treat him well, it was only natural for him to treat the other person ten times even better. Therefore he pushed aside his worries and without asking himself if he could really help to resolve the worries of other, he said. “I can tell that lady, you are being troubled. Why don’t you tell it to me? Although I am useless but I still have some brute strength. As long as it is something that I can do, I will surely do my very best for you.”

The beautiful lady smiled. “You and I do not know one another, why did you want to help me?”

Zhan Bai was startled. Then he slowly explained. “I really do not know how to answer your question. But ever since I start to wander, even if I lie under the heavy rain, no one will care for me. But now lady you look upon me with much care and concern, if I can help you in any ways, I will be very happy and delightful.”

To him, what he had just said sounded just like the correct thing to do, therefore his voice became louder and clearer towards the very end.

The beautiful lady began to look at him with telling eyes. She seemed to be touched by his gestures. She gently sighed and said. “Alas, silly child. I am only passing through here and happen to see you sleeping under the sun and the wind. I afraid that you might catch a cold therefore I stepped down from the carriage to check upon you. This is nothing great and deserving. If I really have some difficult things that I need you to help me to do, then won’t you be a fool?”

Zhan Bai sighed deeply and said. “I do not know how to express myself. What I think in my heart, I will usually express out!”

That beautiful lady shook with her hands. “It alright if you did not say anything because I know you are a good child. Your good intentions, I will remember it in my heart. Alas, if only Qinger’s 青儿 heart will be half as kind as you, that will be great. Why did Heavens always want those kind people to suffer?”

She looked with compassionate at Zhan Bai for awhile before she added. “Don’t forget my words. Put aside all your worries. There are many more people without a home in this world. A young man shouldn’t have too much resentment. Do you know that life is a very beautiful thing, the most beautiful things in life are waiting for you to create. If you let yourself be dispirited and don’t struggle for it, then you will only have to suffer forever. “ She smiled before she turned to leave.

Zhan Bai stood below the tree, seemingly stunned for awhile. The words of the beautiful lady were echoing in his ears again and again. “…You still have a bright future…Many things waiting for you to enjoy…life is a very beautiful thing… the most beautiful things in life are waiting for you to create…” He was trying to think over the meaning of these phrases till he looked idiocy.

Suddenly, he saw three riders riding towards him.

Zhan Bai was slightly startled. He really did not know why they had come and their intentions in coming.

But from the looks of it, their martial abilities were not weak. He sensed their malevolent air as they approached.

Zhan Bai was mystified and he thought. “These men look like they want to harm me but I did not even know who they are. Why am I always encountering all the strange things in the world and bringing me headaches!”

They shouted. “Little fellow, surrender your life! Do you think with your skills you are able to fight with us? You must be dreaming!” And they started to attack him.

Zhan Bai martial ability was not high. Moreover he did not have a sword in his hands, therefore he was furthered disadvantaged. Furthermore, he had not yet recovered from his exhaustion and his mind and spirit was in disarray, so how would he be the match of these three fierce men? After exchanging a few blows with them, he could not resist the urge to ask. “What vendetta do I have with you that without a word, you want my life?”

He tried to fight with them longer but these three men were actually experts therefore he was beaten up quit badly.

Although he had unlimited courage to fight for his life but one of the men had slashed him with a sabre and his pain was now overbearing. He found his strength almost giving way now. He secretly sighed and he plunged forward and hugged tightly the man on his right side, preparing to die together with him.

Suddenly there was a sound of a horse and the voice of the beautiful lady began to shout. “Chen Qing, Chen Ping, stop what you doing now!”

The men started to look at one another and move aside. But the one that Zhan Bai was hugging began to scold him in a low voice. “Little fellow, you dare to do such a thing to our lady…”

But before he could finish, he had received a tight slap and Zhan Bai did not know how the beautiful lady could be so fast for he did not see her hands moved!

The beautiful lady asked. “What did you say about me?”

The man who was slapped did not dare to say anything.

The beautiful lady coldly laughed awhile. “All of you are becoming more and more outrageous now. Now you even want to kill someone. This young man is as old as young master Qing, even if Old Master has seen me talking to him, he will not think to say anything. So when did it ever become a servant task to meddle into my affair? If I have not discovered that all of you are missing and rush here, won’t this young man have lost his life?”

None of the men that she had scolded dared to lift their heads. She hummed awhile before adding. “Hurry and scam far far away!”

These three men began to spring away in a hurry, forgetting even the horses that they had rode with them.

When Zhan Bai saw how the beautiful lady had scolded those three men and they did not dare to open their mouths, he began to wonder who this lady was.

Zhan Bai tried to force himself to smile. “Thanks lady for coming, or else…”

Before he could finish, he had saw that the eyes of the beautiful lady were filled with compassion and she slowly said. “You young people are really…Do you know you are sick?”

Zhan tried to force himself to smile again.

She added. “Just now I did not notice it and I thought that you look fine. But sleeping here with such a heavy fog around here, is already not the right thing to do. And now…alas! If the chill has entered your bones and you are afflicted from the external as well as the internal, then…”

She gently sighed and did not continue.

The concern and care that she had showered upon him was something that Zhan Bai had never experienced, therefore for quite sometime, he looked idiocy at her before he said. “I am used to wander. The care that lady shown me, I have no way to repay you but I will always remember in my heart, I will forever remember it.”

He added. “But I have a strong body. Although I feel abit pain right now but I can still able to endure it. Therefore lady you don’t have to be worry for me.”

But the beautiful lady shook her head and said. “Do you know that although you look fine on the surface but the tinge of light that are in your eyes have grown dim. From what I can see, not only are you seriously injured but you are also sick. For those people who train themselves in martial arts, once they start to fall sick, they will be seriously sick! Alas, you are still so young, there are many things that you do not know yet. You should listen to me, I believe I will never diagnosis wrongly.”

Zhan Bai began to think. “Am I really seriously injured?” And he began to circulate his breathing and found out that his chest was painful. Although he was always healthy but after all those events last night, his spirit and mind had been severely jolted. And earlier, he had fought with those three men and now he had both internal and external injuries. Now he looked like he was about to collapse now and he had not realized that till now.

The beautiful lady sighed. “Listen to me, hurry up and go home…or else find a close friend dwelling and rest there for a few days.”

She reached into her clothing and took out purple red pill from a small pouch. And she said. “Due to my carelessness and I did not know that those stupid men would be so bored and cause you to be seriously injured. Alas…Although I know that you will not blame me but I am feeling very bad in my heart. I have kept this pill for many a years now, I believe that it will be useful to you. Take it and eat it!”

Zhan Bai slowly took it from her. Clutching the purple red pill, he began to think of all his troubles and sorrows before he slowly said. “I…I do not have a home and…and I have no friends too. I have no home…and I have no friends too.” And the sorrows in his heart became a heavy burden as he suddenly collapsed with the beautiful lady calling out for him in fright. That was the last thing he had heard.

Ch1 End

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