When top fighters are fighting, timing, terrain, human factor, are also important factors. Next are their Stances, Internal power and Willpower…

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Chapter Two: Young Master Lingfeng

While Zhan Bai was unconscious, he began to drift to the time when he was still cuddle in his mother warm embrace when he was still a baby. Suddenly he was fighting bare handed against countless numbers of swords and blades, then he was running from them and he had fallen to the ground and they were now slashing and hacking on his body…

Finally, he woke up from his nightmare and opened his eyes but everywhere was a white blank in front of him. It seemed like he had been unconscious for days. Slowly his vision cleared and suddenly he had discovered he was lying in a magnificent and luxury room.

The first thing that had came into his mind. “What is this place? What happen to me? What is going on around here? Aren’t I with the escort agency…Ai, that is not right, I have long left them.”

He tried to remember what had happened and started to recollect his memories bit by bit.

He remembered that the ‘Outrageous Five Flying Cloud’ had tried to rob from the escorts. He remembered that Young Master Anle had lent a righteous lending help and that the Shadowless Chaser Hua Qingquan had committed suicide in front of him and die in a mysterious way. And then he remembered the mysterious compassionate beautiful lady and her smiles.

Therefore he knew that when he had fainted, the beautiful lady must have brought him back to this luxury room. “But who exactly is she?” Not just him, everyone will have thought she is a noble lady or a wealthy lady. But when he remembered those three men that had beaten him up, he suddenly remembered the startling movement skills that she had used when she saved him from them, he became very confuse.

After some time, he found his thoughts to be more and more disarrayed. He struggled to sit up but found out that his entire body was like cotton and not a trace of strength could be muster. Therefore he began to look out of the window and admired the moon.

“If Father did not die, then won’t life be so beautiful! Alas…Father, before you have died, at least you should to try to tell me who are the ones that tried to murder you. Alas…but even if I did know, so what! I…I am just a useless person. I can’t even protect my father sword so how could I even avenge for him?”

Therefore he sighed and then suddenly he saw a man in blue silk robe looking coldly at him. How did this man arrive, when did he arrive, he had no inkling at all. He only knew that handsome, icy cold, haughty young man suddenly appeared like a ghost right before his very eyes.

The young man slowly walked to the bed and asked icily. “Who is you?”

Zhan Bai said. “I…”

But the young man coldly shouted ignoring him. “No matter who you are, hurry and get lost from here!”

Zhan Bai was angry and laughed coldly for awhile. “Then who is you? You and I do not know one another. I think you should be more respectful when you are talking!”

The young man stared at him without an expressions but his eyes were like swords. He laughed coldly for a few times before he slowly said. “Do you know who am I? Do you know what place is this?”

Zhan Bai was startled and thought. “Who is this man? What is this place? Is he the owner of this place? Then why did the beautiful lady want to bring me here to this place?”

When he had thought of this, his anger dissipated and he tried to sit up on the bed but he simply could not muster any strength.

That young man was startled and he coldly hummed. “So you are injured. Then who is the one that bring you to this place?”

Zhan Bai asked. “Are you the owner of this place?”

The young man coldly replied. “If I am not the owner of this place, heng heng, then are you the owner of this place!”

Zhan Bai secretly thought. “It is so embarrassing!”

Therefore he was no longer angry now, instead he apologized. “I really do not know what place is this and I do not know how did I come to be here. If you are the owner of this place, you can carry me out, alas! I…”

The young man coldly said. “You do not know what place is this and you do not know how you come to be here? Heng Heng!” He was shouting now. “I don’t care if you are injured or sick. Hurry and get lost! If you wait for me to do that personally, heng, then you are in deep trouble!”

Zhan Bai secretly sighed and he felt angry in his heart. But after thinking over it, it was after all his place. As for him, he had intruded muddle headed and even slept on his bed, no wonder the young man was so unhappy. Therefore he extinguished the fire in his heart and slowly said. “If you are the owner of this place, I can leave now but I am not here by my own intention. Why did you have to be so rude to me!”

The young man pondered and then shouted. “I give you a tea time to leave. If you still do not hurry and leave, then I will let you…”

Zhan Bai did his best to endure it and not to let anger overcome him. He added. “How can you still be consider a hero if you lift your hand against some one who cannot move and is sick as well.”

The young man suddenly laughed coldly. “Therefore you meant to say that if you are not sick, then I do not have the ability to hurt you?”

Zhan Bai coldly laughed. “It is still unknown.”

He did not actually want to argue with this young man but he was simply too rude. He had wanted to tell him he was here because the beautiful lady had brought him here but when he realized he did not know her name or background. Moreover when he remembered the words of the three men that had beaten him up, he was even more afraid to bring trouble upon the lady.

So he secretly thought. “Zhan Bai ah, Zhan Bai. Even if you driven out of this room, you must not cause the lady any troubles!”

But he had not thought that since he was really brought back by the lady, then surely she must have her own reasons to bring him to this room. Therefore her relationship with this young man must be intimate if not why did she choose to bring him to this room?

Suddenly the young man walked over to Zhan Bai to feel his pulse and this action startled Zhan Bai. As he had no strength, he could not resist. He saw the young man furrowing with his eyes and then walked away without saying anything.

Zhan Bai was puzzled. “Why did this young man ask me to leave and then feel my pulse? Now he even left without saying a word. Although I am not in pain now but I have no strength. These few days I have been unconscious, it obvious that my sickness is not light but why did I not feel any discomfort?”

He could not figure all the strange and mysterious things that had happened to him over the past few days. All the events could not be explained by sheer logic. Who was this young man? He could only smell that this room was surprising fragrant and luxurious. His background was so pitiful and he thought that the beautiful lady and this young man must surely had an extraordinary background. However, his mind told him not to think about things that did not concern him but he could not help thinking about it. These strange events were plaguing his confused mind as he tried to reason a logical explanation to it.

Suddenly he heard the voice of the young man again. He was saying in an icy tone to some one. “The weather has turned warm these few days and do you think you can be lazy and don’t have to do any work. I think all of you should be dismissed instead.”

Zhan Bai spotted four men in black outside.

Then he saw the young man pointing in his direction from the window. “Who is this man? That he could lay in my bed with so much audacity? Are you all living in luxury that you are so lazy to even lift your finger? Or else are all of you blinded?”

The young man was scolding these four men coldly. Although his voice was not too loud but it was piecing. Zhan Bai could see that they were now very frightened. So he thought. “Why are some people have to be so pitiful since everyone are also human? But can I blame that young man? If some others were to lay on my bed, what will my reaction be?”

He sighed. He really wished he could run out this room and to tell a few words in his own defense.

Although he had the heart to do so but he did not have the strength to do so. Therefore he became embarrassed, frustrated as well as enveloped by other emotions and remained on the bed in idiocy.

The young man coldly said them. “If you have rest enough, hurry up and carry that man off now.” His tone and mannerism was obvious that he had looked down on Zhan Bai and everyone.

The four men immediately ran towards the room that Zhan Bai was in.

When Zhan Bai saw that they were heading towards his direction, he knew that he was going to be carried off by the four men soon. He mustered all his strength to protest but the young man appeared not to hear him and instead, he was looking up as though he did not hear anything.

As Zhan Bai saw them approaching in ever increasing steps, his blood boiled and he finally mustered all his strength to shout aloud. “Stop where you are!”

Although the four men hesitated for awhile but they continued in their approach.

Zhan Bai felt that it very embarrassing and shameful for this to happen to a proud young man like him. He rather die fighting than subjected himself to humiliations by letting others carted him away! But his protest was in vain again for the young man did not appear to have heard him.

Zhan Bai shouted again and he tried to pull himself out of the bed but his strength was like a baby now. He would rather crawled out of the bed than being carted out by others. But no matter how hard he had tried, his strength kept failing. Therefore he knew that it was useless to resist.

Now he closed his eyes in hopelessness and his heart was bleeding in sorrows for he was going to be subjected in this shameful manner.

When those four men were about to reach the bed and Zhan Bai closed his eyes in hopelessness, there was a captivating shout. “Stop where you are!”

Zhan Bai was jolted greatly in his heart and he opened his eyes to look out of the window. Under the moonlight, he saw the movements of a black shadowy figure sprang in a startling speed.

Although his eyes were fast but he could not catch up with the speed of this person. He only knew that when he blinked his eyes, a black figure was standing in front of his bed.

All four men were gave a startled cry and halted their steps. They bowed with their bodies most respectfully to the newcomer and did not dare to straighten their backs for a long time.

The young man who was outside took two steps forward and furrowed his eyes to ask. “Why did you come here for?” Although his voice was still so ill-mannered but it was not as icy cold as before.

Zhan Bai began to wonder. “Who is this person? That even the four big men will accord her with so much respect?”

The mysterious newcomer had her back facing him, therefore Zhan Bai could not see her face. But from the soft black silk garments that she was wearing over her slim body, he could tell that the newcomer that had come as fast as lightning was actually a woman.

He thought. “Is she that mysterious, noble and beautiful lady?”

He was still looking at her and had noticed that when she moved her body slightly, her long flowing hair was unbraided and her hands were as white as jade. No matter how much he had looked at her, she looked different from that beautiful lady.

Therefore he became even more mystified. He began to think that that beautiful lady, that young man and this woman that had suddenly appeared were so mysterious. Even this courtyard seemed to hide some secrets. “Who exactly are these people? And what are their identities? And where am I?” Once again, he began to ponder the same question that he had been asking himself. “Is this a Martial Aristocracy Family? Or a wealthy family? Or even a Duke residence?”

He turned to look at this woman who was dressed in black satin and silk. Except for her hands that were moving, she was maintaining a beautiful pose simply by just standing unmoving on the spot. Zhan Bai could not see her face but in his heart, he imagined her to be very cool, haughty extraordinary beautiful woman with an air of nobility and her looks were like flowers.

She did not say much of a word but she was looking at the young man quietly.

After a while, the woman in black began to question. “What are the lot of you doing?” Even though her voice was captivating and gentle but it was filled with an cold demeanor. Her voice and her beautiful slim body did not seem to match.

Zhan Bai secretly sighed and thought. “How come things would develop into such a drama!”

One of the four men began to reply. “Earlier, young master has ordered us to cart this man out therefore…”

The woman in black began to coldly hummed and slowly said. “Indeed, you are all so obedient.”

Zhan Bai saw her turned slightly to face the young man before she coldly asked. “Is that you who ask these men to cart him out?”

The haughty young man gently nodded his head and said. “Who ask you to come here? It is none of your business. Does it concern you if I ask a few men to carry a stranger off my bed?”

Then he began to look at the four men.

All four of them were looking in fright now. They looked at the woman in black and then at the young man not knowing what to say or do.

The woman in black coldly said. “To think that you claim to be a very smart and tactical person in the Martial Fraternity! Heng, I think your brain nerve is in fact very limited. Why don’t you think it over. If this young man is a nobody, how could he be here to recover from his injuries? Do you think everyone in the house is dead?”

The young man did not look at the woman in black but at the four men. “I think that you lot is better off dead than alive. Look at you lot, you do not like you are alive to me. Heng heng, really…”

Suddenly the woman in black shook with her slim waist, Zhan Bai did not see her legs moving and she was in front of the young man. She coldly chided. “Who are you referring to? Do you want to make yourself clearer!”

Although she had moved but her back was still facing Zhan Bai.

The haughty young man looked at her and said. “Why are you so jittering about? Am I talking about you?”

The woman in black coldly hummed and said. “I know that you are a famous big hero in the Martial Fraternity now. You are putting on airs, so how would you care a hoot about me who is your elder sister? But…heng, don’t tell me you do not care a hoot for Mother?”

The haughty young man expressions changed and he suddenly turned his head back. “Ah! Our Mother is the one that brings this stranger here to recuperate?” And he turned back again to look over her shoulder, at Zhan Bai.

A thought dawned upon Zhan Bai now. “So this haughty young man is the son of that beautiful lady.”

He remembered the beautiful lady always had a melancholy looks in her eyes. He thought. “Why was she feeling so melancholy? Theoretically, she shouldn’t be this melancholy! Why does she look like she is so disappointed in her son? Not only is her son handsome but is also a prominent figure in the Fraternity. But what about me?…”

When he had thought of himself, he secretly sighed.

The woman in black added again. “If it isn’t our Mother, who else will dare to bring this person into your room…” Suddenly there were flowery images and several slapping sounds in front of him and he saw those four men were now holding onto their faces. In that instant, the woman in black had slapped all four of them two times each!

Zhan Bai was startled and thought. “Did she really slap those four men two times each in an instant of time?” Suddenly he began to feel disappointed with his own martial abilities. He had trained day and night, painstaking but compared to the martial abilities of this woman in black, he began to feel most inferior.

The haughty young man stared at her. After awhile, he began to say slowly. “Do you know whose henchmen are they?”

The woman in black coldly said. “Who else but the Young Master Lingfeng , successor to the Murong Aristocracy Family, other than that who else could be their Master?”

Zhan Bai who was paying close attention to their conversations was jolted. “This young man is actually one of the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity, the most heartless one, Young Master Lingfeng, Murong Chengye!”

When he first stepped into the Pugilistic Fraternity, he had already heard of the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity for they were the most famous and their fame were also the most resounding.

If you would to recite a line of poem to anyone in the Martial Fraternity. “The Dashing Joy Seeker.” They would immediately recite to you. “The Roaming Wanderer, The heartless Wind, The Ever Hospitable.” This four famous lines were also the notation of the special characteristics of ‘The Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity’”


Ch2 End

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