Among all the outstanding beauties in the South, the most beautiful and wondrous was Jin Caifeng, so much that she was called the number one beauty in all of Jiangnan…

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Chapter Four: WanEr

But Zhan Bai had always been a haughty and proud person. The more others tried to use force on him, the more he could resist with his pride. Even if it were an axe that was on his head now, he would not even blink his eyes and submitted.

Therefore, tried as he mightily as Lei Dashu gripped him, even though he was in great pain, he did not even mutter a sound or bother to reply him.

“Speak! Who are you?” Lei Dashu stared at him and thundered. “Are you the descendant of Zhan Yuntian?”

Lei Dashu was extremely agitated and his grips were trembling even when he was asking Zhan Bai. Therefore he unconsciously used even more strength to grip Zhan Bai!

As the grip by Lei Dashu aggravated his wounds coupled with the fact he was still sick, he looked like he would pass out anytime. But he still refused to say anything.

The young maiden who was as beautiful as a flower that was sitting besides him noticed that his face had turned ashen and sweating profusely, was startled and heart wrench for Zhan Bai’s pain. She was secretly praising his determination and backbone and she was unhappy with Lei Dashu now. “Dashu! Please release your hold huh! Look, you almost breaking his arms now so how could he even reply you?…”

Lei Dashu had doted on WanEr the most and would always accede to her requests no matter what. But at this moment of time, he seemed to lose his cool and did not pay her any heed.

No matter how much Zhan WanEr tried to protest and made a fuss, he did not seem to hear her and he was gripping Zhan Bai very tightly and staring at him…

“Yun Tian alas! Yun Tian! Is it because the Heavens are looking over you that you have a descendant?…Ah! It must be it…it must be it! It must be it! I, Lei…”

Lei Dashu stared at Zhan Bai in frantic for a while before he managed to compose himself but he could still be heard muttering.

But suddenly Waner grasped in shock. “Aiya! He is dead. Lei Dashu! Lei Dashu! He is dead huh…”

Lei Dashu seemed like he had woke up from his dreams and stared at white sheet face of Zhan Bai in shock. There was even no breathing in his mouth and nose.

This Lei Dashu, was once the swore brother of the ‘Thunderous Sword’ Zhan Yuntian and they had gone through many life and death situations together. The two of them traveled across the Pugilistic Realm doing many glorious, righteous and heroic deeds.

But once, when they had parted for a short time, he suddenly received news that the Thunderous Sword Zhan Yuntian whose fame was so resounding throughout the Pugilistic Fraternity was ambushed and died terribly!

At that time, when he had heard of this terrible news, he hurried to the Peaks of Junshan 君山绝顶 . The scene on the summit of Junshan was littered with secret projectiles and weapons. There was blood all over the place but he could not find the corpse of Zhan Yuntian or even his killers!

When Lei Dashu witnessed such an appalling sight, he knew that the rumours were true after all. He almost went crazy with grief and he thought of committing suicide to repay his best friend.

But a desire that was even greater than death forced him to carry on living, the desire to seek vengeance!

Therefore he started to search for all the possible killers of his brother so as to avenge him for his wrongful death!

But he had traveled to the ends of the earth till his shoes had worn off and he still could not find any clues to the identities of the killers. Therefore for the past twenty years or so, it remained an unresolved tight knot in his heart. And then he was invited by the Master of the Murong Manor who had known him through his heroic name and invited him as an honorable guest here.

He had no intention to be the protégé of anyone but when he had thought that having found no clues after drifting in the Pugilist realm for such a long time and that the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity had just established themselves and were actively seeking top exponents as their protégés. Because there would be many pugilists that frequented the Murong Manor, he might possible find a clue or two eventually. Therefore he became a protégé of the Murong Manor.

The Murong Manor had wealth that equaled a kingdom. Therefore everyone had to dress in style and observe a proper etiquette. But the Master of the Murong Manor made an exception for him because he knew him as a righteousness man and even gave him the important task of protecting the inside of the Murong Manor.

Therefore he began to stay as a protégé in the Murong Manor. It was not because the Master of Murong Manor had appreciated him but because he had doted on WanEr, even more so than what her parents had doted on her. And so he began to stay for quite a long time in the Murong Manor.

But Lei Dashu had never give up in the hopes of finding the killers of his swore brother.

And now when he thought he had saw the descendant of his brother, he was so excited that he behaved out of the norm in utter delight!

That was because he had never heard that his swore brother had a wife or any children.

But when he had seen Zhan Bai today, he suddenly noticed his mannerisms and looks were so alike to his swore brother.

He was outside the window when he had heard Zhan Bai saying to WanEr. “My surname is Zhan too…My father had died terribly and I did not even know who are his killers…”

Next he was gripping Zhan Bai’s shoulders and muttering something. Only when Waner kept shouting in fright that Lei Dashu woke out from his daze and found out that Zhan Bai had now fainted and his pupils were white! He immediately started to clear the life channels of Zhan Bai’s accupoints!

The sight of Zhan Bai fainting like he was dead caused WanEr to sob and wail nonstop!

Waner who had the looks of a heavenly fairy was a naïve and innocent maiden. The number of people in the Martial Fraternity that were courting her numbered into thousands. There were those that were wealthy, even nobles, top exponents, handsome ones…all kinds and types of people but she had never took an eye on them.

But now, she had fallen in love with this down and out poor wanderer, moreover he was also a wounded and sick young man!

Love was really so unexplainable, illogical and difficult to understand.

“Maiden!” Lei Dashu stammered out as he knew that he had been too hard on Zhan Bai and had also hurt WanEr’s feelings. He tried to say in a gentle tone. “You don’t have to worry, he would not die!”

“I, I hate you so much!…” WanEr said when Lei Dashu had tried to comfort her. And her tears were flowing nonstop.

She was heart wrenched when Lei Dashu had gripped Zhan Bai and caused him to faint therefore she had said that without thinking.

But the minute she opened her mouth, she suddenly felt that she was too disrespected to the elder that had always doted on her. Therefore she gagged awhile and said. “If he, if he really die…I will never forgive…you…”

Although she did her best to change her words and was determined not to say anything disrespectful to Lei Dashu but because she was still so concerned about the safety of Zhan Bai, she unwittingly muttered out these words that she meant not to say. And she was as rude as ever.

Lei Dashu got a shock. Ever since he had become a protégé of the Murong Manor, he had doted on WanEr and even loved and protected her as though she was like his own daughter. Although he had never married and it not possible for him to have any children but he believed that even if he had a daughter, he would not have doted her more than WanEr. Therefore he was so surprised that she could actually say such things to him…

But, that was only a momentum feeling and he immediately started to clap on all the life channels of Zhan Bai and at the same time glancing at WanEr.

When he saw WanEr looking idiocy at Zhan Bai with concern a look and that her tears were flowing uncontrollably, a thought suddenly dawned upon him. “I think that this attentive little girl of mine has fallen in love with this young man. Alas!…I must be muddle headed. To a young girl like her that has first experienced love, what can be more important and happier than the prince charming in her heart?…”

So when Lei Dashu had thought of this, not only was he not offended by her rudeness instead he smiled. “WanEr, you don’t have to so anxious. Dashu will take responsible and return you a living…”

Suddenly he stopped. He was thinking what should he say, a living groom or a living lover…but no matter what he was trying to think, he thought it sounded very inappropriate. Then he began to stroke his beard and kept blinking…

When WanEr saw the expressions on Lei Dashu’s face, this innocent naïve maiden was like the Spring flower that had bloomed after the rain, asked. “Living what huh? Dashu, why did you stop halfway?”

“Living…living person!” After pausing for some time, he managed to say something. Suddenly he began to pat himself on his head, silently praising himself for being so brilliant to think of a word finally. And he was feeling extremely happy at that.

“Pu Ge!” WanEr could not resist laughing and she said lovingly. “Of course it is a living person, do you think I will want a ‘dead person’?…”

Suddenly halfway through her laughter, she began to blush deeply, lowered her head and used her hands to pull her garments. And then she glanced over at Lei Dashu who was looking at her with a deep meaning in his eyes. And she withdrawn her glances and lowered her head even lower for her cheeks were even redder now.

Someone said. “The blushing of a young maiden is the most beautiful of all sights!” Indeed this saying was not wrong. WanEr pale face had a glow of pinkish red now giving her beauty a more glamorous glow. She was like a rainbow that gave out hues of colours, so pure in beauty and peerless. And so beautiful to behold!

Actually Lei Dashu did not know why WanEr had suddenly blushed so shyly.
But, in this world, who could guess a young maiden’s heart?

It was because, WanEr had always heard her Mother calling her Father ‘Dead person’. As she was just an innocent young maiden, she thought that ‘Dead person’ was also the representative of ‘Husband’. Therefore unintentionally she had misrepresented Zhan Bai as a ‘Dead person’, no wonder she was blushing now…

At this moment of time when Zhan Bai had regained conscious and was slowly opening his eyes, what he saw in front of him was the beautiful WanEr that was like a flower blooming in front of him. She was like a flower in the fog that had just appeared in his still hazy vision…

“Water…” He muttered.

When WanEr saw him regaining conscious, she was very delightful and happy. When she heard that he wanted to drink water, she immediately poured some of the hot boiling from the teapot to the jade bowl. And she gently carried it over to him and slowly feed him mouthful by mouthful.

“Alas!” Lei Dashu grasped out as he witnessed this lovely and noble second mistress of the Murong residence accorded this down and out young man with such tenderness and attention. Therefore he secretly sighed and thought that the power of love was so magnificent and really so unfathomable…

“Thanks…thanks…” As Zhan Bai gurgled from WanEr’s hands that were holding the bowl. When his mind had cleared, the first thing he could sniff was her unique fragrance from her body.

The second thing was to notice the face of this extraordinary beautiful young maiden who was looking at himself intently.

The third thing was to find himself in the soft gentle embrace of a purely beautiful young maiden. Therefore he suddenly found his face turning hot and an unspeakable feeling began to pollute his heart…

This warm tenderness, this divinity was something he had never experienced in his entire life. And when he saw this young maiden that was like a flower, holding him and feeding him with a bowl of clear water mouthful by mouthful. Moreover her beautiful eyes that were like spring were looking at him with boundless love.
Ah! All these that had occurred were so surreal to him. He did not know if it was real or a dream but one thing for sure, it moved his heart greatly.

So he could only muttered. “Thank you!” And then suddenly he noticed that Lei Dashu was staring at him with a strange look on his face. Suddenly he felt so embarrassing to be caught in the embrace of a young maiden that he had scarcely known therefore he struggled to sit up!

If he had not struggled, it would be better for when he struggled, he felt the painful sensation of his wounds that he immediately fell back into the embrace of the young maiden.

“Alas!” As Zhan Bai was a proud young man, he did not mouth a word of pain. Instead he clenched his teeth to endure it. Therefore once again, he fell into her embrace again.

When WanEr noticed that her hands were wet, she thought she had been careless and accidentally spilled the water but when she looked at her hand, she saw it was actually blood that she cried out in fright.

“What!” As Lei Dashu did not know why she was so startled so he hurriedly asked.

“WanEr!” Someone grasped from beyond the room and it was the beautiful lady as she walked hurriedly into the room. She was startled. “What has happen to…him!…”

At the same time, Lei Dashu began to notice that earlier when Zhan Bai had struggled, he had reopened the wounds on his left shoulder. Therefore there was blood all over the bed now.

In a state of fright and concern, the beautiful lady began to hit Zhan Bai on his Bi Ru 臂儒 and Xin Yu 心俞 accupoint channels to stop his bleeding. And then she turned her head around and said. “WanEr, go and get ready a hot ginseng soup. I want it to be thicker!”

WanEr did not reply and started to spring away like she was flying out of the room…

“WanEr!” Lei Dashu hurriedly called out. “You don’t have to go. I have a divine pill here. Ginseng can only rejuvenate and restore the blood but my pill is much stronger and better than any ginseng soup!” And he took out a thick cloth and unwrapped it with a hesitation and a heavy heart. From the looks of it, the pill inside must be very precious…

But WanEr yelled from outside. “Dashu, you give your pill to him first. I will go and get the ginseng soup too…” And she was far now…

The beautiful lady laughed and said to Lei Dashu. “This child has always been very caring…”

Although Zhan Bai was feeling awfully painful now but he had not lost his conscious yet. He bit his teeth hard to overcome the pain and looked at this lady that was looking at him like a compassionate mother.

And then he thought of WanEr that had run off to get the ginseng soup worrying about him. Considering her status, she did not need to be so attentive towards him and yet she humbled herself down to wait upon him and to attend to his very needs, he felt unlimited gratefulness towards her…

As for this pill of Lei Dashu that was of an unknown origin, being a proud person, he would rather not accept the sympathy of others. Moreover Lei Dashu was asking him to tell the truth to him before he could give him his pill, it was a threat that he refused to submit too. Therefore he ignored Lei Dashu totally by turning his head to face the wall.

Zhan Bai’s actions caused Lei Dashu to burst forth into anger. In fact, he almost exploded by anger.

Even the beautiful lady when she saw that Zhan Bai was unappreciative to Lei Dashu’s good intentions, gently said to him. “Child! This Dragon Tiger Prolonging Pill can even cause the dead to revive. It can also increase a person’s internal power. It is something that is even beyond the dreams of the people of the Martial Fraternity! Just answer Lei Dashu’s questions, hurry and reply to Lei Dashu! Once you eat this pill, all your injuries and sickness will be well again! Moreover, it can do you a lot of good too…”

She was persuading him in a compassionate and concern manner just like she was exactly his Mother.

But, Zhan Bai did not turn his head around and said facing the wall. “I do not reciprocate it!”

“This is so infuriating!” Lei Dashu angrily shouted. “Am I really blind! I…”

He thought to himself. This pill is something that people in the Martial Fraternity would want very much but not even in their wildest dream could they obtain it. One time, he disregard his own life and did a great help to Shaolin Temple. Therefore the Shaolin Abbot Leader bestowed this one pill to him. He had kept it for over fifty years and could not even bear to use it. But now, when he wanted to give it to Zhan Bai, he did not even reciprocate…

Therefore the more he thought over it, the more upset he had become.

Things that were sent out could not be taken back. If he kept the pill now, others would think he would not bear to part with it haiz…

There was a ‘Ba’ sound as Lei Dashu threw this rare and precious divine pill onto the ground and then he stormed off.

The beautiful lady was left standing in shock and surprise.

“What is going on?” Zhan Bai asked as he did not have inkling what had happened.

“Alas!” The beautiful lady grasped and then she said. “Child, do you know that you have hurt Lei Dashu’s heart.”

“Whose heart is being hurt?” Suddenly WanEr had entered the room with the ginseng soup as she asked.

Without waiting for the lady to say anything, WanEr began to blow on the soup to cool it before she took the big spoon in front of Zhan Bai and laughed lovingly. “Come! Eat this, I feed you!”

But Zhan Bai ignored the ginseng soup in front of him first and asked the lady. “Lady, I do not wish to eat this pill, how could it be considered hurting his heart?”

The lady did not reply him but she was in deep thoughts for awhile before she lowered her head to ask. “What did Lei Dashu ask you about?”

“He ask me who…am I?” How could Zhan Bai not answer this compassionate lady? “He even ask me…”

“What else?” The beautiful lady asked.

“Mother!” WanEr who had been holding the ginseng soup by the side interrupted. “Don’t ask so many much huh! First let him eat, alright! Or else, he will…”

“Don’t interrupt!” The beautiful lady silenced WanEr and then turned to look at Zhan Bai with her marvelous phoenix eyes.

“He even ask who is Zhan…” Although Zhan Bai planned to answer honestly but when he thought of his father, he began to tremble unwittingly. “…Yuntian’s to me?”

When the beautiful lady heard the name of Zhan Yuntian, she received a jolt and asked Zhan Bai hurriedly. “Why did you not answer Lei Dashu? Who is Zhan…Yuntian to you?”

“Zhan…Yuntian is my late Father…” As he was grateful to the lady for saving his life and moreover she was like a compassionate mother to him, therefore he answered her honestly.

When the beautiful lady had heard that Zhan Yuntian was his father, her eyes began to glow with an unspeakable delight. But she was too shocked to say anything for the time being…

The beautiful WanEr however did not know who is Zhan Yuntian and did not notice the change in the expressions of her mother. She was only concerned about letting Zhan Bai finished the bowl of ginseng soup. She suddenly noticed that Zhan Bai had lowered his head and there were tears on his cheeks. She hurriedly put aside the ginseng bowl and took out a handkerchief from her clothing and started to wipe his tears, at the same time saying tenderly to him. “Don’t cry huh! Come, wipe your tears and eat this bowl of ginseng soul then all your pain will be gone huh! Be good! Listen to me, huh!…”

This young maiden who was eighteen or twenty did not seem like she was talking to a person that was one or two years older than her. Instead she seemed to trying to coax a small child.

Zhan Bai’s head felt a sense of boundless serenity. Suddenly…

Suddenly from the door, a maid in green walked in hurriedly and said. “Lady!…You are here! I have been looking everywhere for you…Old…Master is looking…for lady…” The maid’s face was flustered and she was patting heavily.

The beautiful lady furrowed her eyes and looked none the pleased. She replied nonchalantly. “Why is Old Master looking for me?”

“Maid I do…do not know. Old Master he is throwing…throwing a tantrum now and asking lady…to hurry to see him!”

The beautiful lady straightened her body and looked at Zhan Bai who was lying on the bed for a while before she said to WanEr. “You must take good care of him. Mother will be back soon!”

WanEr ‘En’ a sound as the Lady and the maid walked out of the room.

Now the room was left with only Zhan Bai and WanEr. WanEr made a fuss and tried to cheer Zhan Bai at the same time so he could finish the bowl of ginseng soup.

Ever since Zhan Bai’s Mother had passed away, he had been a wanderer and had never experienced such a tender and warm feeling. Moreover it was a beautiful maiden that was feeding him mouthful by mouthful that sent this feeling of tenderness and warm into his very heart…

As he opened his mouth to eat, he could not resist looking at this beautiful young maiden. She was very moving to his eyes and she was so out of the world. Her air was so pure, her innocence coupled with that she had no hidden agendas and her heart was as pure and kind as an angel caused him his thoughts to be confused and developed a affection for her. 意乱情迷

He was totally charmed by her now and could even sniff her virgin fragrant that was from her body, it was like a dream. Try as he could, he could not understand why this extraordinary beautiful young maiden would want to accord him with such kindness?

“…I…would like to ask maiden some questions.” He had remembered that when the beautiful lady had left the room, she was filled with an air of melancholy. He wondered what was troubling her in her heart? And when he remembered WanEr innocence and kindness, and that Young Master Lingfeng that was so haughty, and that mysterious maiden in black that had an air of cold demeanor around her, moreover they were after all one family. All that and that, made him curious. So he asked. “I wonder if maiden…would be happy to answer for me some questions?”

But he felt bad about trying to ask about the personal matters of others. Therefore he was hesitating and stammering in his speech.

“I…maiden…maiden…” WanEr mimicked Zhan Bai but before she could finish, she had burst out laughing. She added. “Alas huh, it really so ugly!”

Zhan Bai turned red…

“Bai’Ge (Brother Bai),if you have anything just feel freely to ask huh!” WanEr was just being innocence, she had only mimic out of fun and had no intention to poke fun at Zhan Bai.

When she suddenly noticed that Zhan Bai was blushing, she gagged her laughs and then said sincerely. “If your little sister knows the answer, I will surely tell you. Don’t be a sissy and be so formal, when I heard it, it is so unnatural! In future just call me your sister will do huh!”

“How can…I really dare not…” Zhan Bai tried to protest but WanEr interrupted and said. “We are all Zhan, so there is no dare or dare not! Baige, what you want to say, just say it out huh!”

When Zhan Bai saw how insistent WanEr was, he was embarrassed to keep protesting so he simply said. “Wan’Mei (Sister Wan) …”

When Zhan Bai had called her Wanmei, she was very thrilled and her smiles were blooming like flowers now.

“The Old Master that the little maid is referring to, is he your father…”

WanEr nodded her head and Zhan Bai continued to ask. “Your Mother doesn’t seem to be so happy. I wonder if your father and mother…”

WanEr smiles immediately ceased as she furrowed deeply and then grasped lovingly at him. “Baige, please don’t ask me about all these, alright? Your sister is not willing to discuss the affairs of my elders…”

When WanEr had said to the last part, her voice became softer and her head was lowered too.

When Zhan Bai saw WanEr was looking so melancholy, he knew that he had touched a sensitive area of a personal matter. Therefore he changed the topic and said. “If Wanmei is not willing to say, your silly brother will not ask. But your silly brother has one more matter to ask that I do not understand. Why is Wanmei you are so nice, yet your brother is so forceful in his attitude? And your sister…”

“Don’t discuss about them huh!” WanEr lifted her head and her beautiful eyes looking at him lovingly. “Let your sister ask you some questions too. Baige, after you are well, what are you planning to do?”

Zhan Bai was stunned at her question. Naturally he had to avenge his father but he did not know who were his father’s killers. Moreover he had lost his father’s precious sword and the bundle that contained the clues to his father’s death.

Moreover his martial abilities were so lacking in completion and he was also homeless. What was more, he had left the Yanjing Escort Agency 燕京镖局 halfway, so how could he have the face to return to the Escort Agency now?

Although in this mysterious place, the beautiful lady and WanEr was all so nice to him but maybe it was because they had took pity on him because he was wounded and sick. When he was well, maybe they would not be so compassionate towards him. As for the Young Master and that Lei Dashu, he shivered to stay here…

No matter how he gauged his situations, he was in a hopeless and sorrowful state. It was really the end of the road for him!

Therefore he began to feel that a hero would actually come to this end, his tears started to flow from his eyes…

“Baige!” When WanEr had saw that Zhan Bai looked blankly and tears had flowed down his cheeks, she plunged into his embrace and with both hands, hugged him tightly and she said in a soft tender melody voice that could even melt the heart of a person even if his heart was made of iron. “Heaven’s end, Corner of the Earth, to the far reaches of the Ocean, no matter where you are going, Wanmei will never want to separate from you!”

The true feeling of this pure and innocence young maiden moved Zhan Bai greatly. It was like the cold Winter in the world and then when the warm Spring appeared, all the hopelessness became hopes and there was finally light in the retreating darkness, just like a flower had suddenly blossomed in the desert! But was it real?

Zhan Bai found himself hugging WanEr tightly too and muttering in a low voice. “Yes, we will forever never to separate! Forever never to separate, forever never to separate…”

“Heng!” Suddenly there was a cold hummed outside the window that came like the winter wind.

“Shameless brat, how dare you damage the reputation of our family!” A voice lectured in extreme coldness.

“Dage!” WanEr grasped with her melody voice. “You dare to bully me!” WanEr separated from Zhan Bai and sprang out of the window.

There were a series of fighting sound and shouting. But it drifted further and further away and finally nothing could be heard…

In that instant, everything became so quiet and cold. Ever since he had met that Young Master Anle in the forest, every thing that had happened to him became so confuse and difficult to comprehend. Although he tried to calm himself now to think it over thoroughly but he failed.


Ch4 End

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