Chapter 6: The Soul Destroyer Secret Manual

Zhan Bai used the weirdest eyes to look at Lei Dashu but that did not stop him from ceasing his hilarious laughter.

Lei Dashu laughed mysteriously. “You must be feeling very strange why did I bring you to this place and then suddenly I have left? Issn’t it?Zhan Bai was startled and nodded his head. Lei Dashu added. “You are also wondering about this cave, issn’t it?”

Once again Zhan Bai was startled and he thought. “How did he know what I am thinking?”

But he did not know that anyone in his situation would surely be thinking about the same thing too.

“The first thing naturally you won’t not be able to guess but the second thing…” He laughed and laughed. “Take a look first, this cave may not look extraordinary. I simply shifted the position of the bed and block off the entrance of the cave. After that I shifted another boulder to block off the cave. In the darkness, naturally you have thought that the entrance of the cave is still in front of the bed but you did not know…” He laughed merrily and then added. “That the entrance of the cave is just besides the bed only.”

Zhan Bai was startled and secretly sighed. “What did I not think of that? Why did this wild old man appears to be talking sense now and so unlike what I have known? Is he pretending to be crazed and wild but…”

Lei Dashu appeared to be very happy just by looking at the bewildered look on Zhan Bai’s face. He then walked over and took the book while smiling.

Only then did Zhan Bai notice that the cover of book was multi-colour.

Lei Dashu said. “The only reason why I bring you here is to discuss about this secret manual. After so many days, I am very sure you must have read this book already, right?”

Zhan Bai nodded.

Lei Dashu added. “I lock you inside this cave so that you can read this manual alone and in the darkness so that you can marvel over the wondrous of this manual. So I wonder now…” Suddenly he had turned solemn and serious.

But when Zhan Bai was angry instead as he thought. “You want me to read and marvel over this wondrous manual but instead you lock me in a place where there is no light for me to read. Heng…what logic is that!” So he interrupted. “I greatly appreciate your intentions, Old Senior but my eyesight have no problems at all. I can still read in a place where there is light. If Old Senior think that I can only read in the darkness, then…heng heng…” He was an outspoken person therefore he would voice out all his anger out, no matter who he was facing. And he could say so without hesitation and would never think of the consequences. Well, that was also the characteristics of a young hero.

Instead of being angry with him, Lei Dashu had a faint smile on his face. Only when Zhan Bai had finished ranting, Lei Dashu sighed deeply and looked at Zhan Bai queerly. “Really, your temperament is exactly the same as him. Alas…” He sighed again.

Lei Dashu tossed the manual to him and said. “An outspoken young man is not a bad thing but you not judge anything lightly whether it is things or people, do you understand?”

Once again, Zhan Bai was startled since he had not understood what Lei Dashu was trying to tell him.

Lei Dashu coldly said. “Open the book and have a look!”

Zhan Bai became curious and he thought. “Is it because this book cannot be look when there is light?” But how could it be? He could still remember all the words that were so real. So he turned the cover of the book and look – He was totally stunned on the spot.

His heart, began to beat in a fast pace, seemingly would jump out any time. He even thought of destroying this secret manual that contained all the epitome knowledge of the Martial Fraternity.

But another strong desire and curiosity caused his eyes to fix upon the book. In that instant, he felt his eyes grew hazy and amorously. And a lustful thought became to overwhelm him and he found himself unable to stand steadily. Even his hands were trembling as he turned another page.


He was given a heavy slap by Lei Dashu and the secret manual was snatched by him.

Only then did his mind become clear. But when he thought what had happened to him earlier, his cheeks started to become red hot.

It was because when he first opened the multi-colour cover, although there were some words on the book but the entire page was filled with the drawings of an extremely beautiful maiden in various glamorous poses that had nothing on her. And the pictures were all so real life and in colours. Her poses were all so moving, detailed and so revealing that even if it was a steel hearted or idiot man that would to look at the drawings, they would be bound to be moved by it. Moreover Zhan Bai was just flesh and blood. He was a hot blood young man and had never seen such drawings before. What more, there was something mysterious about the maiden various poses too that had caught his attention.

Although he had calmed himself down now but his heart was still beating very rapidly.

Lei Dashu laughed aloud for awhile and said. “Although you cannot see in the darkness but it is better than seeing it, right!”

Zhan Bai darted his eyes, feeling very guilty.

But Lei Dashu smiled and patted him on his shoulder and said in a friendly manner. “But you do not need to be so upset about it. This ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ since ancient times till now, had destroyed the heroic spirits of many heroes. As you are still young, what does it matter to you?” He seemed to be encouraging Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai was grateful to him. Instead of getting a reproach from losing his willpower, he got an encouragement. So he muttered. “Old Senior…I, Junior…is still young and lacking in experience. I hope that Old Senior you will not take it to heart.”

One must know that Zhan Bai had an unyielding character. If someone were to bully him and wanted him to lower his head to apologize, it was something he would never do. But if someone were to accord him with kindness, he would feel guilty and would say anything out.

Lei Dashu smiled and said. “This ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ is a most wondrous book in the world. As you are young, you may not have heard of it before but…even if you were the same age as me, you may not have heard of this book either. I spent lots of efforts and tried a million ways before I could finally obtain this book. But I was almost driven to deviation phenomenon by it.”

Then he stopped for awhile before he handed the book to Zhan Bai once again. “Take another look, this is not the only intrinsic wonder about the book.”

But Zhan Bai lowered his head and eyes, he did not dare to look at the book again.

Lei Dashu smiled and then opened the book to its first page, covering most of the page with his hand and said. “Take a look at the words on this book first.”

Although Zhan Bai had decided that he would never look at the book again but he knew that Lei Dashu had a purpose so his eyelids just opened slightly. He was totally shocked because the bold words that were on the book were. “A beautiful woman must have charm, have affections, be interesting, be spirited…the lips must be like the glory of the sun and body to be as seductive as the wind…” He lifted his glances and did not dare to look anymore. He was greatly startled and he muttered. “I remember the first few lines of the book are not like this! How did it become…”

Lei Dashu furrowed deeply and then he was suddenly delightful. “Come, feel it again with your eyes closed.”

Zhan Bai closed his eyes and began to feel the page. It was still the first thirteen characters that he had known so well. He grasped. “What is going on here?”

Now Lei Dashu was laughing and he seemed extremely happy. “At first I am afraid that even when you found this book in the darkness, you would not be able to find the secrets behind the book. I didn’t expect that you can actually feel the words that are hidden in the book.”

Zhan Bai added. “Junior have completely memorized all the words that are in this book…”

Lei Dashu furrowed with his eyes and hurriedly asked. “Then do you know the hidden meanings of the book?”

Zhan Bai sighed. “Junior is not gifted therefore I may not be able to grasp fully. But after spending so many days on it, I have grasped it more or less. I still need some pointers from Old Senior.”

Lei Dashu suddenly closed his eyes and sighed. Slowly he said. “It seem like it is all predestined and cannot be forced. Alas…at least my efforts for you are not wasted at all.” He opened his eyes and began to sit on the stone bed. Then he said. “If you have really understand the meaning of this marvelous book, as long as you work hard in future research, it won’t be too long that even I am no longer your match.”

Zhan Bai could not resist asking. “Since this book is obviously an orthodox Inner Martial Arts, why did it have such an improper name? Furthermore, it is obvious that the author of this book wanted to pass on his martial arts to future generations. Then why did he have to draw such obscene pictures inside the book? It is deliberately leading others to sin.” And his pitch was slowly getting higher. “The Inner Martial Arts of such a person, I doubt it is really an accepted orthodox training method, it is alright if Junior I, did not learn such skills.”

One must know that he had an unyielding character and he followed the doctrines of his parents faithfully, thus he was a true gentleman. That was why he had spoken frankly what he had thought.

Lei Dashu smiled and said. “Although the book has a great deal of nefarious contents in it but the divine skills that are in this book are no doubt the most highly guarded secrets of the Orthodox Clans in the Martial Fraternity. Moreover, the way this book is, is still more or less acceptable.”

Zhan Bai coldly hummed.

Lei Dashu added. “Not many people know of the history of this book. But all in all, this book has a history of 270 years and it once belong to a highly regarded man in the Martial Fraternity known as the Lord of the Only Eye.”

Zhan Bai could not resist asking. “That Lord of the Only Eye, what sort of person is he? He has only one eye?” He was after all still young and what he felt strange about something, he would ask instead of keeping it in his heart.

Lei Dashu smiled. “Although the Lord of the Only Eye named himself ‘Only Eye’ but it well possibly meant that he had a unique way of discerning the good and evil in a person. He could look at a person and instantly know if he is good or evil, subsequently many hypocrites who pretended to be good in the Martial Fraternity were exposed by him. This Senior was not only highly skilled but he was also a hero of his times, it a pity that I was not there to witness his glory.”

Zhan Bai furrowed deeply. “Then why did such a person want to create a book that would harm the others? From what I can see, he is also a hypocrite (Some one who pretended to be a gentleman) as well!”

Lei Dashu laughed. “A person shouldn’t judge too fast if he is not certain, moreover I afraid that he is now ashes now and could not have possible rose from the coffin to argue in his defense. What he did is good or evil, everyone will have different views on it but this secret manual that he had left behind, is not a book that is considered harmful.”

Zhan Bai furrowed with his eyes because he was not totally convinced by his arguments, so he could not resist protesting. “So Old Senior, you have said earlier that this book caused a great deal of heroes to lose their heroic spirits, so how could it not be considered to be a harmful book?”

Lei Dashu laughed. “I didn’t expect that you are so young yet you are so stubborn. Even if you want to be stubborn, you must stubbornly choose to do good. Only those that are stubborn and do good, are considered to be a true gentleman.” He ceased his laughs and said. “According to legends, that Lord of the Only Eye did not have one eye but instead he was also a very handsome and charming man. He could be considered the number one most beautiful man in the Pugilistic Realm. Although he was entangled by many mortal love and relationships throughout his life but he had a heart like iron therefore he was never tempted.”

Zhan Bai hummed and thought. “A person that have a heart of iron is surely a heartless man. If a man is heartless, surely he is not a good person.” He was now prejudiced against that Lord of the Only Eye and was not impressed by him. Only when he saw that Lei Dashu was so impressed by that Lord of the Only Eye that he did not say it aloud.

Lei Dashu said. “When this Senior first took his place in the Pugilistic Fraternity, although his martial skills were high but he had not reached the point of acme yet. And those people that he had exposed with their wiles, naturally hated him very much. But as he was a very amicable person, there were also many highly regarded men in the Martial Fraternity that befriended him and accorded him with esteemed prestige. Therefore his enemies could only hate him in the dark and could do nothing to him.”

“But his enemies thought hard and long, even using a million methods to entice and trap him. As soon as he committed a single mistake, they would use that as an excuse to get rid of him. But who would expect…haha.” Lei Dashu laughed for a while before adding. “But who would expect that his heart was really as solid and firm as gold, they would use power and influences to entice him, even beauties to seduce him but he remained unmoved therefore he did not fall into any traps.”

Although Zhan Bai was not impressed by the Lord of the Only Eye, he was secretly praising his solid willpower. “If he is such a person, then he is indeed a worthy and real man.”

Lei Dashu added. “One day, he finally penetrated and grasped all the deepest knowledge of the Inner Martial Arts, thereby he searched for a secret place to research the upper epitome of all the marvelous Inner Martial techniques. Although he had made all necessary precautions but he did not guard against his best friend, who because of jealousy betrayed his training place. Therefore once the news spread, all the most malicious dark forces were on the move. They intended to interrupt him while he was training. Among all the malicious dark forces, the most terrible and most powerful, was said to be an Enchantress that was as beautiful as a heavenly fairy. She actually exhibited her Glamorous Soul Seduction Skill and before he could reach the acme point of his supreme Inner Martial Art, she caused his heart to move.”

Lei Dashu paused for a long while in regrets.

Zhan Bai sighed too, feeling pity for him. “What a pity.”

Lei Dashu added again. “If one fail in his attempt to go for a breakthrough in Inner Martial Arts, he can attempt some other days but alas…”

One must know that although the True Way could be high and mighty but the Dark Force was even higher. The more a person pushed his internal force to a greater height, the dark force within would be harder and harder to resist. Especially when he was trying to clear his life and death channels and had thrown all his everything, staking his very life upon it. Failure to succeed may well possible lead to deviation phenomenon or even losing his very life.

“Therefore this highly regarded man of his times at the most crucial period of his life, had his thoughts disturbed and was afflicted by deviation phenomenon. If not for the fact that Steel Hearted Priest, Chief Leader from the Orthodox Sect of Wudang and ‘Bitter Water Saint’, Abbot Leader of the Shaolin Monastic Order when they had heard of such a vile happening, angrily rushed down from their recluse retreats and use their clans most ultimate supreme orthodox energy infusion methods to save him. Or else he would surely be afflicted by deviation phenomenon and became a vegetation state forever.”

Zhan Bai sighed and wiped his cold sweat from his head, shook his head and said. “What a close call!”

Lei Dashu added. “Alas! But from that point onward, that highly regarded man of the Martial Fraternity although he had penetrated and grasped an understanding of all the most marvelous and mysterious all the Inner Martial Arts, but because he had injured his body and he forever could not have the chance to breakthrough to the very last level of his internal force. Therefore he could only live in regrets forever. He did not want to sunder the secrets of his knowledge to the grave but he did not want anyone to effortlessly obtain his secrets as well. Therefore he spent a great deal of effort to create such a wondrous book and buried all his knowledge and secrets inside. Next he announced to the entire Pugilistic Fraternity that such a secret manual existed but if a person’s willpower is not firm enough, they must never never attempt to…” He looked at Zhan Bai and asked. “So how could you say he is wrong to do so?”

Zhan Bai lowered his head.

Lei Dashu said. “This Senior as he knew that his martial progressions would never again proceed to the next level, began to immense himself in poem and paintings. He was really a very talented man and was gifted in a hundred areas. He even became the greatest painter in the world. According, the pictures on the book was not only what he had personally experienced and the person on it, was actually the Enchantress that had once destroyed him.”

Lei Dashu patted on the book and added. “Did you notice that the maiden that you have saw although she is in various poses but her face is always the same? Alas…this enchantress is really the most desirable woman in the world. If the drawings were real, then all the more, she would disrupt our thoughts and willpower. It is no wonder that the Lord of the Only Eye…” He sighed deeply and fell into silence.

Zhan Bai was silence too after hearing the story of the Lord of the Only Eye. He began to think. “Disrupt our thoughts and willpower if the drawings were real…alas! Not only was this Lord of the Only Eye a wondrous person, I think that this Enchantress was too.”Both of them were silence for a long time as they were thinking of the Lord of the Only Eye and the Enchantress…

Finally Zhan Bai broke the silence and he asked. “What happens to this book thereafter? And how did Senior you manage to get this book?”

Lei Dashu calmed himself down to reply. “Although that Lord of the Only Eye had warned them but when everyone in the Martial Fraternity had heard of such a Inner Martial Secret Manual, who would not be moved by temptations? Not even half a year had passed, everyone had gathered at the Mount Luofu 罗浮山 . Everyone wanted to lay their hands on this secret manual. In a twinkle of an eye, after every rook and pebble had been thoroughly searched, this secret manual was found by two protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox 武林正宗 Clan.”

Zhan Bai furrowed deeply and added. “Those that were also searching for the secret manual and those that were disappointed, would they let them take the secret manual peacefully away! And…when they saw this…multi colour book that looked like almost a porno book, how would they know it is the Inner Martial Arts of the Lord of the Only Eye?”

Lei Dashu smiled and said. “Actually I have heard it from others too. The actual events, I do not know too. I only know that the two protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox were very good fighters…” Suddenly he sighed. “You must know that all the top pugilist fighters of the Martial Fraternity after they had gathered at Mount Luofu, they had undergo a series of open fights and underhand means. The number of people that were killed was numerous. Since these two protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox were able to survive the elimination of the weak by the strong, their martial abilities must be exceptional, their cunning would have to be far exceeding that of others too.”

Zhan Bai nodded his head several times and said. “Indeed!” Then he had a jolt when he saw Lei Dashu and he thought. “He is original a very smart person but why did he have to behave and dressed like a wild man? Alas! I think he must be hiding an extraordinary past, I must remember to ask him the next time!”

Lei Dashu said. “After this ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ was found by them, it was said that the book was inside a fragrance wooden chest and on the chest were the words ‘Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ hence its name. Without changing their countenance after discovering this secret manual, they opened the chest and substitute a Taiji Fist Intricate Formula inside. After that they began to follow the others to continue the search as though nothing had ever happened. Naturally others would not know.”

Zhan Bai secretly sighed and he said. “This two men are really so cunning and have thought of everything. But didn’t their expressions betrayed them not a least?”

Lei Dashu sighed and said. “All these pugilist heroes, they were not to be belittled. They had never left even a stone unturned so how could it be possible that others not tell from their expressions! But for the moment they would only suspect.”

Zhan Bai sighed. “I only know that the Fahua Southern Orthodox was a Orthodox Clan in the Martial Fraternity but I would never have guessed that they would have such a disciples.”

Lei Dashu laughed weakly. “Not to mention the Fahua Orthodox, even Wudang, Shaolin had such people too.”

Zhan Bai sighed at that.

Lei Dashu added. “Those who had gone up Mount Luofu to search for the secret manual, only tens of them were left. Most were either killed or leave in disappointed after a year of searching. Of course, the two protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox were two of the survivors. Several days had passed, in the middle of the night when everyone was trying to light a fire to keep themselves warm from the chilling cold of the mountains. Suddenly everyone heard a hilarious laughter coming from afar. Startled, everyone rushed to the place where the direction of the hilarious laughter was coming from. What they saw instead was the naked body of one of the protégés of the Fahua Southern Orthodox rolling on the ground. And in his hands, he was holding this wondrous book.”

Zhan Bai was trembling now and unwittingly grasped.

Lei Dashu sighed deeply and said. “It was because the man was tasked with keeping the wondrous book and after a few days had passed, he could not resist taking a peek for he thought that it was now the dark recess of the night so what did it really matter if he just took a few looks? Therefore when everyone were distracted, he ran to the wilderness, borrowed the light from nature and began to look into the book. Alas…If he did not take a peek, it would be good but when he did, his heart paced rapidly, his face was overcame with lust and his primeval will take over control of him. He used to be a bandit before he had joined the Fahua Southern Orthodox therefore his internal force cultivation was not pure enough. Moreover in his earlier days, he had many relationships with women, after suffering one year at Mount Luofu and suppressing his urges for just as long, he lost control after reading the book. In fact, he became crazy.”

Zhan Bai was jolted and he interrupted. “The drawings on the book really have such a enchanting power?”

Lei Dashu sighed. “You do not know the marvelous part of the book yet. According, the drawings were based on the poses when that Enchantress used the Glamorous Soul Seduction Skill. And the poem inside the book…alas! Just think why the name is named the Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer, because it have the power to bind your bones and destroy your soul.”

He paused for a while before saying. “The another protégé of the Fahua Southern Orthodox upon seeing this appalling scene, was greatly startled. In panicky, he did not seem to care about the life and death of his protégé, instead the first thing that he did was to snatch away this book. But this action aroused the suspicious of everyone and they joined hands to deal with these two men from the Fahua Southern Orthodox first. They even made an agreement not to flip the pages of this book first. They thought of many ways to torture these two men into confession. Unable to bear with the torture, they revealed what they had known.”

Zhan Bai sighed and added. “It seemed that they were unlikely to have escaped now!”

Lei Dashu sighed. “Not only did they come to harm but they died terribly too. The minute they confessed that it was the secret manual, everyone was startled and confused. Five men that were standing in the most front rows were instantly killed by the men in the back. And the rest began to fight among themselves regardless of friends and foes. There was a man named the ‘Spirit Fox with Five Claws’ who was the canniest of them all. He knew his martial abilities were weaker so he sneaked away first. But he did not gone far at all, instead he hid himself in the darkness to peek, waiting for all the top exponent fighters to kill one another first. At last, only a Kongtong disciple was left and he was very highly skilled. He laughed hilariously as he picked the book. But before he could finish laughing, the Spirit Fox with Five Claws had sneaked behind his back and stabbed him. Now there was another hilarious laughter, this time by the Spirit Fox with Five Claws.”

Lei Dashu suddenly noticed that Zhan Bai was trembling.

Indeed, Zhan Bai was not only trembling but his limbs had grown cold. Ever since he had started to roam the Pugilist, he had never expected that the Pugilistic Fraternity would be naught with so much cruel feuds and so many viciously cruel people! So he had felt unspeakable anger rising from him. So he could no longer bear it any longer and snatched the wondrous book from Lei Dashu and intending to tear it.

Ch6 End


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