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Twenty years or so ago, a man stirred up a turmoil in the Martial Fraternity because he found the Record of the Secret Knowledge of Martial.

The skills recorded in the manual were even more marvelous than all the major orthodox sects combined…

Chapter 7: Murong Hong

“Wait a minute!” Lei Dashu shouted in a hurry to stop Zhan Bai.

Just when Zhan Bai was about to tear the book, he saw a dark figure at the entrance of the cave and he was jolted. For the black figure was swaying charmingly with her slim body, her long hair was flying along with the wind, it was undeniable a beautiful sight to behold. And her face was covered with a black veil but her beautiful hands were white as jade, she was that mysterious maiden that was dressed in black whom had saved him from Young Master Lingfeng!

When Lei Dashu saw this mysterious maiden in black, his expressions shown a none too pleased a look. He furrowed deeply and asked. “What is the matter?”

Covered by her black veil, the maiden in black with her watery captivating eyes turned to look at Zhan Bai briefly before she said coldly to Lei Dashu. “Little brother and little sis are fighting now.”

“Why did you not care about it?” Lei Dashu asked in concern.

“There is nothing I can do!” The maiden in black replied as coldly as ever.

“Heng!” Lei Dashu hummed, he sounded like he did not believe it. Then he asked. “What about your mother?”

“He doesn’t want to listen to mother as well!” She replied.

“What about your father and others?! This is your family matter, why did you want me to go and settle it?” Lei Dashu was getting impatient with her.

“All others can do nothing about it!”

Zhan Bai who was standing nearby, was feeling strange. From Lei Dashu’s expressions, he was obviously very startled and worried but he talked like he did not care. And the maiden in black sounded so icy cold like she did not care. Moreover she was talking about her own brother and sister! But she was asking Lei Dashu for help.

Zhan Bai was worried for WanEr, that innocence and naïve young girl. Was she fighting with her brother because of him?

“I go take a look.” Lei Dashu finally said. It was obvious that he was after all still concerned about WanEr. He turned his heard around and intonation with his head to him. “Wait at this very place for me!”

His meaning was very clear to Zhan Bai, he wanted Zhan Bai to keep the Bones Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual carefully. And Lei Dashu sprang out of the cave in a hurry!

However the maiden in black did not leave with Lei Dashu. Instead she was still standing at the entrance of the cave, looking at Zhan Bai with her watery captivating eyes that were like the Spring Mountains. She looked so beautiful, captivating and enticing with the light of the sun shining behind her back!

“Maiden, please take a seat inside…” When Zhan Bai noticed that the maiden was looking at him with her beautiful affectionate eyes, his spirit and usual composure had already dispersed. He wanted to say a few courtesy words but now he realized that only he was alone with this maiden, so how could he have invited an unmarried maiden inside the cave to sit with him?

So when he had thought of that, he started to rub his nose to ponder. But the hand that was rubbing his nose was holding that ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’.

That maiden in black suddenly saw that he was holding a multi colour book so she asked. “What is the book that you are holding to? Can I have a look?”

Zhan Bai was greatly startled by her request. How could he show her all the drawings that were on this book? Definitely not! Especially she was only a young maiden. Therefore he hurriedly tried to toss the book into his clothing and stammering in a hurry. “Nothing…there is nothing!”

“What are you hiding?” She blinked at Zhan Bai. “I only want to take a look and I have no intention to take it. You stingy meanie!”

“This…this…maiden you cannot…look…”

Zhan Bai had always been a proud person. After ten years or more of wandering, he had suffered all the cold treatments. Therefore he was most afraid of letting others looking down on him. And the words of this young maiden had wounded his heart greatly. If it were other things, he would definitely show it to this maiden even if it mean losing his very life. But no matter what, he did not have the courage to show this book to an innocent young maiden.

“Heng!” She raised her head up to hum and she became even colder. “I have never beg anyone before. I didn’t expect that the first time I have to beg, I would have hit a nail. I have saved your life once before, just this alone, you should have let me take a look no matter what!”

As she said, she had walked to Zhan Bai and extended out her beautiful hand to say coldly. “Surrender it!”

When Zhan Bai sniffed her wonderful fragrance as she extended out her hand and saw her beautiful watery eyes looking at him, he started to feel hapless and lost. He started to move slowly backward and muttered. “Maiden…really cannot allow you to take a look…”

When the young maiden saw that Zhan Bai really did not give her any face, she started to lift her body up with the force of her leg. At the same time, she had two fingers from her left hand ready to poke Zhan Bai’s eyes with a stance ‘Stealing Peaches from under the Leaf’ 叶底偷桃 while her right hand was focusing on snatching the book from Zhan Bai’s hand.

When Zhan Bai suddenly saw the young maiden attacking him, he began to react with a natural reflex by flunking the book continuously on her, to force her to retreat. Because he had been playing with his fingers as he mapped out the secret manual and that under a situation where there were no strokes, coupling with the tremendous increase of his internal power, his natural reflex became explosive fast. Therefore the young maiden was forced to retreat and withdrawn her stances. Now she was the one looking stunned at him.

But she soon recovered from her startled expression and after all, the young maiden martial abilities were several notches much higher than Zhan Bai, so using a feint, she successfully snatched the ‘The Sacred Manual’ from him. Next she sprang to the outside of the cave and muttered. “I would really like to see what kind of book is this? What makes it so valuable that you did not even want to show it to me!…” As she said, she began to open the book.

“Maiden! You cannot look!” Zhan Bai shouted in great anxiety and hurry outside as he sprang out of the cave to snatch the book!

When the young maiden opened the ‘Sacred Manual’ and took an eye into it, her whole face turned red and she said in a low voice. “Oh mine! What a dirty book! Take it back!” And then she turned around, preparing to throw the book back into the cave.

The young maiden had turned very fast indeed but so was Zhan Bai when he rushed out of the cave. Therefore they knocked into one another’s embrace with both grasping. “Aiya!”

When the young maiden in black was in the embrace of Zhan Bai, her chest became numbed and her entire body softened. This was something that she had never done before in her entire life. As a chaste maiden, to be knocked into the embrace of a man, although it was not painful but it caused her to be so startled and embarrassed. Unwittingly, her heart began to pound very fast. In that instant, her face was all pinkish red and she was too shocked to say anything…

When Zhan Bai knocked himself into the embrace of this young maiden, he could feel it was so sweet and warm, an experience that he had never encountered before that caused him to lose his very senses and think wry. Immediately he took his three steps back and lifted his head and saw that she was looking at him with her bright watery eyes but her face was red with anger. (That what he had thought)

“Ah! So sorry!” Zhan Bai was like a big child that had no evil intentions or thoughts. When he had knocked into another, he would immediately apologize. He joined his hands together and hurriedly apologized at the same time picked up the Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual and tucked it into his clothing.

Suddenly there was an eerie laughter that startled Zhan Bai that he turned his face around to look.

What Zhan Bai had saw startled him even more. Beyond the cave, on the grass patch, stood tens of people and he did not even know when they had arrived!

The one that was leading them was a Young Master Lingfeng! And behind him were eight men with big blades that were looking at him hatefully.

Among the eight men, three to four of them looked awfully familiar to him. It was Chen Qing and Chen Ping that were with the beautiful lady when they had tried to harm him. And some were those that tried to carry him off when he was lying on the bed seriously sick and wounded.

A priest stood on Young Lingfeng right side and there were another two on his left. All four of them had air of aura indicating that they were not to be trifled lightly. And their eyes were so bright, telling Zhan Bai that their martial skills were very high as well. Only the priest’s eyes were closed while the rest were staring at him like swords.

Zhan Bai was too startled to say anything, therefore he could only take a look at this and that of each of them.

“Heng!” The young maiden in black hummed in a low voice and then she coldly said. “After you have bullied your little sister, you have come to look for your older sister now!”

Young Master Lingfeng furrowed faintly and ignored her. Instead he said coldly to Zhan Bai. “I suppose you have recovered from your sickness now?”

“All thanks to you that my sickness has been recovered.” Zhan Bai did not know why Young Master Lingfeng had come, therefore he just replied him.

“What funeral arrangements do you wish to hand over?” Young Master Lingfeng smiled.

“…” Zhan Bai was too speechless to reply him.

“Are you pretending to be a fool or are you afraid?” He stared at Zhan Bai and said. “Don’t you remember what you have told me in my room? A real man need not fear death.”

Now Zhan Bai was mad because the tone of Young Master Lingfeng was stepping on his toes. “I am not afraid of anything before but I don’t know what you meant?”

“Hahaha!…” Young Master Lingfeng simply laughed hilariously. His laughs were earth shattering and piercing. It was obvious he had powerful internal force.

A middle age arrogant man walked two steps in front and said. “Ignorant rascal, how dare you talk with such disrespect to our Young Master. Are you tired of living already!”

When Zhan Bai looked at this middle age man in the eyes, he already knew he was not his match. But he secretly prepared to be on his guard and preparing to fight with his very life for it was his stubborn nature not to submit even if he would to die.

But before the middle age man could lift his fingers, Chen Qing and Chen Ping stepped forward and bowed with their hands together to Young Master Lingfeng. “Master, let us capture this man for you!”

Zhan Bai was feeling indignant now for even the servants looked down on him…

Young Master Lingfeng lowered his head and looked at them for awhile and then coldly added. “I want him alive and not dead!”

Just this sentence alone caused Zhan Bai’s blood to boil…

Chen Ping and Chen Qing bowed with their hands together to their Young Master and the middle age man before saying. “Just this nameless nobody, there is no need for our Second Master to lift your hands. Let your humble servants capture him for you!”

“Hahaha!” The middle age man roared in laughter. “One is enough, there is no need for two to capture him!”

When Zhan Bai heard it, he was all the more hopping mad now and thought. “Everyone in front of me look down on me. Although I know I am not their match but at least I will take one or two down…”

When Chen Qing and Chen Ping heard what the middle age man had said, they really feel shy about taking Zhan Bai together. Therefore Chen Qing said. “Then, let me have a go.” And he drawn out his sabre and pointed it at Zhan Bai. “Draw your weapon!”

When Zhan Bai remembered how he got thrashed, beaten up by these servants and hacked by them, he became even more angrier. So he ‘hehe’ and said. “Fighting with you servant, I do not need any weapons! I will use my bare fists then!”

Actually Zhan Bai heirloom sword ‘The Heartless Precious Sword’ had been lost in the hands of Young Master Anle. Even if he wanted to draw a weapon, he had no weapon. But when he saw Chen Qing treated with him contempt, so he used the ‘Peerless Spear to fight the Peerless Shield’ stratagem. Since Chen Qing was so outrageous and arrogant, he had to be even more outrageous and arrogant than him!

From the words of Zhan Bai, everyone in the crowd had their expressions changed. Of course Chen Qing all the more could not resist shouting. “What an arrogant rascal! Watch my sabre!”

That day in the woods, Chen Qing had a taste of Zhan Bai fists and hand martial techniques. But that was three versus one. Although he wanted to be as arrogant as Zhan Bai and threw his weapon away to engage him in a bare hands fight but he dare not. So he thought. “Let me slash him one or two times to smoothen the fire of my heart…”


Before Chen Qing could hack Zhan Bai, the young maiden in black had interrupted with a captivating grasp. “Chen Qing, aren’t you disgraceful? You actually use a weapon to fight with a bare handed person!”

Chen Qing flustered with embarrassment. He held his sabre and stood on the same spot, not knowing what to do…

“This matter has nothing to do with you!” Young Master Lingfeng furrowed with his eyes and said. “You actually have the audacity to be alone with this stranger. The fact that I did not pinpoint what you did, is already enough and you still want to interrupt by the side. Don’t you know what is shame?”

The young maiden in black was actually trembling in anger now. How could such a cold demeanor maiden be moved to such anger and was actually speechless now. She pointed her beautiful fingers at Young Master Lingfeng. “You…you…” But for quite a while, she could not say anything.

“Chen Qing! Hurry and continue the fight!” Commanded Young Master Lingfeng and ignoring his sister.

Chen Qing raised his sabre to hack at the head of Zhan Bai.

But Zhan Bai was ready and plunged forward with his hand using the most direct form of attack ‘Splitting Huashan’ 力劈华山 and hit Chen Qing directly on his chest.

There was a loud cranking sound as though Chen Qing had been landed with a thousand weight force that sent him flying back three yard away! And he died on the spot! And his sabre flew even further away…

Everyone was slightly stunned.

Then there was a shout as Chen Ping grieved by the death of his brother charged at Zhan Bai. Moreover it was such a demeaning humiliation to be defeated by a nameless nobody such as Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai reacted by hitting him on his face with his right hand with a stance ‘Hitting the Golden Bell’ . Chen Ping instantly collapsed with blood sputtered on his seven senses in his face.

Although Chen Qing and Chen Ping were just guards in the Murong residence, their martial skills were not weak. Even a first rated fighter in the Martial Fraternity would find it near impossible to defeat them within two or three strokes.

But now when Zhan Bai attacked, he had instantly killed the two men with just a single stance. Therefore all the highly martial skill experts that were presented here when they witnessed such a feat that was out of their expectations, were all startled and their expressions changed.

Everyone was thinking. “Such an unremarkable lad would actually have such astonishing display!”

Not to mention the others, even Zhan Bai himself was stunned. He thought. “A few days ago at the woods, I am not their match. How come today, they would become so weak now that I can kill them with only a blow?”

One must know that the Sacred Manual was the most wondrous book in the world. All the divine skills contained within it were the most closely guarded secrets in the Martial Fraternity that was long lost or that it was deemed too dangerous to pass. 不传之秘 And now his internal force had tremendous increased and he even used all his strength, so how then could Chen Qing and Chen Ping resisted it?

Master Lingfeng countenance had changed by now, especially when he had witnessed how Zhan Bai had killed his two henchmen…

“Hahaha…” The arrogance middle age suddenly laughed aloud and his voice was loud and trembling to the ears. Till he had stopped, his laughter was still echoing back. One could know that this man internal power level had already reached the divinity state of as pure as a raging fire.

“Little rascal!” The middle age man laughed again as he stared at Zhan Bai. “In front of Young Master, you actually killed two members of the Murong residence. You are indeed arrogant enough! What guts too!”

“Who matter who it is!…” Zhan Bai was feeling quite guilty for he did not knew that he had dealt such a heavy blow. But what he felt more stronger now, was the sense of humiliation and indignant. He knew that he had now committed a hate situation, since it was a no-win situation for him so he decided to throw his life out and he said. “…You can settle the score with me, my life is here for the takers!”

“What arrogance little rascal!” The man stared at him with explosive looks and said solemnly. “Do you know I am?”

Zhan Bai said. “Forgive me for my blindness. I do not know who are you!”

“[Ultra Boastful Scholar]” the man thundered. “Do you know now? [Ultra Boastful Scholar] Zhao Jiuzhou is me, I am [Ultra Boastful Scholar] Zhao Jiuzhou! Just three strokes! I need only three strokes to slay you!”

“What if after three strokes thereafter, I am not dead?” Zhan Bai interrupted. He knew that he was obviously not his match because this Zhao Jiuzhou martial abilities really won him by too many notches and his instincts were warning him now. However, he refused to bow to weakness and he was denying it now stubbornly.

But how could he not know the name of [Ultra Boastful Scholar]? He had heard of his legendary exploits and deeds too many a times. Everyone in the Pugilist had heard of him and his exploits and deeds were even integrated into songs and lyrics.

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was borne as a protégé of the Changbai Clan 长白门, he learnt all he could in three years and he could even defeat all the top exponents in the Changbai Clan. Even his Mentor Teacher was not his match. After that he seemed to think Changbai Clan had nothing to teach of him and there was nothing worthy left for him to learn, therefore he left the mountain without permission and announced to the Pugilistic Fraternity, if anyone could defeat him, he would bow to him as his Mentor.

Because he was highly gifted, no matter what clans and sects martial techniques, if he happened to see, he would never forget about it, in fact he could be even thought of a way to counter it instantly.

That was why after three to five years later, the number of exponents that could still be his match were fewer than few. But no one could defeat him. After that he went on his own to Songshan, to the Shaoshi Peak to challenge the Shaolin most renowned formation in the Pugilistic Fraternity, ‘Luohan Formation’.

After that he went on his own to duel with the Wudang Sect top three exponents ‘The three Scions of Wudang’ and he could even escape unscathed. Therefore the name of [Ultra Boastful Scholar] began to vibrate throughout the entire Martial Fraternity.

But after that for unknown reasons, [Ultra Boastful Scholar] disappeared from the Pugilist. Who would expect that he would appear here and actually became a protégé guest in the Murong residence, ‘Baotu Manor’.

But judging from the characteristics of [Ultra Boastful Scholar], he had never been impressed by anyone before and now he was so courtesy to Young Master Lingfeng. It was very strange indeed!

“If you can still live after three strokes,” Zhao Jiuzhou said. “I will give the title of [Ultra Boastful Scholar] to you. Little rascal, prepare to die now!”

“I have long been prepared!” Because the arrogance of Zhao Jiuzhou incited him greatly, he was offended and replied sarcastically.

“Prepare to take the first stroke!”

Even before Zhao Jiuzhou had finish uttering ‘stroke’ he had lifted himself up and somersault like a dolphin straight towards Zhan Bai’s San Yang, Fen Shui accupoint points on his chest!

Zhan Bai was greatly startled for he had never seen this stance ever before in his life, much less heard of it! Because he did not know what manner of a stance and stroke was this or a method to counter it, he decided to use the ‘Horse Spanning the Golden Mountain’ swiftness movement skills to evade!

What an coincidentally, just when he had turned his body to evade, he tripped on a pebble and he lost his balance to fell with a ‘Ai’ sound…

“The second stroke.”

Zhan Bai was still on the ground when Zhao Jiuzhou had displayed the second stroke. This second stroke of his was even more ingenious and unique. He flew towards Zhan Bai like an arrow, and used his legs to kick against the ground as momentum towards him. His legs moved so fast that he could scarcely saw Zhao Jiuzhou tip of his shoes touching the ground, much like he was treading on water as he pushed out his hands against him.

Zhan Bai was panicky now and he did not know what to do and he tried to run but he lost his balance again and slipped all the way to the side, thus he evaded the blow once more. He was really very lucky for although [Ultra Boastful Scholar] had missed him but the windforce of his hands were even more powerful than a sword and a small pine tree five feet away was bend over by the force of his windforce!

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was not a person that gave empty promises. His first two strokes were not only ingenious but swift and formidable too. Putting Zhan Bai aside, even it was the top most powerful exponents 一流的顶尖高手 would find it most difficult to evade it.

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] blows were really ingenious and marvelous. He had already calculated where Zhan Bai could evade. And the second stroke was a finishing blow at the only possible point where Zhan Bai could evade should he have the genius to know where to evade. And he had used the second stroke without pausing.

Therefore when Zhan Bai fell in an awkward position, he not only evade the first stroke but also the second stroke as well. For the second stroke was even more ingenious at point blank.

So when [Ultra Boastful Scholar] saw that Zhan Bai was on the ground, he did not know that Zhan Bai had unintentionally dodged his attack strokes and only thought that he was using a special swiftness movement skills. But on closer inspection after he paused for a while, he saw that Zhan Bai had really fallen down. Therefore he laughed and shouted. “Little Rascal! Stand up first!” And he waved a hand at the fallen Zhan Bai.

Just when he was trying to stand, [Ultra Boastful Scholar] had shouted for him to stand and he could sense a windforce in the air, therefore he thought that the third attack stroke had arrived so he used a swiftness movement skill ‘The Lazy Donkey Rolling’ and he rolled backward for eight feet before he rose up from the ground.

‘Hahaha…” [Ultra Boastful Scholar] laughed hilariously. “Little rascal! Don’t be too tense. I have not yet exhibited my third attack stroke yet!” As he said, he walked to Zhan Bai, all the while staring at Zhan Bai…

The third attack stroke that he was going to use, was to kill another person while he was still laughing before his opponents could gather or concentrate their thoughts on defense, was really vicious and terrifying but also an important fighting factor.

“Heng! Uncle Zhao!” The young maiden in black hurriedly said. “You are after all a prominent figure in the Martial Fraternity. So what you have said, do you honor it or not?”

“Your Uncle Zhao is always a man that keep my word and my words are gold, so how could I not honor my words! If not, why did I stay in your Murong residence for ten years, Maiden Hong, don’t you agree?”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] took a few more steps toward Zhan Bai even as he was replying to her.

“Then,” she said. “Uncle Zhao you have said that after three strokes you could kill him but now three strokes are finished, why then do you still want to attack him?”

Her big bright captivating eyes were looking at [Ultra Boastful Scholar] and at the same time, looking at Zhan Bai too.

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was about to attack Zhan Bai when he heard her saying that he had used three attack strokes. Therefore he said solemnly. “It was obviously two attack strokes, everyone here is a witness. So why did you say it is three attack strokes?”

“The first stroke is called ‘Against the flow of the River Jiang’, the second stroke is called the ‘Changing the Course of the River Jiang’. Uncle Zhao, is your niece right to say so?”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] nodded and said. “Right! What about the third attack stroke then?”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was secretly surprised that this young maiden, Murong Hong was so highly gifted that she even knew about his self-created martial art ‘Wind Chaser Wondrous Hand’.

But it was obviously that he had used only two strokes and not three. So he thought. “No matter how brilliant you are, you won’t be able to pinpoint my third attack stroke.” Therefore he waited patiently for her to reply.

“The third stroke,” She said rolling her big eyes. “Was when this young man was on the ground, Uncle Zhao you have exhibited the third stroke.

“Heng!” Tianya Kuangsheng coldly hummed. “Your Uncle would never attack a person on the ground. That was just a gesture to ask him to get up so how could it be considered a stroke?”

“The Waves against the Sand!” Murong Hong said. “It was obviously a deadly attack stroke. If it wasn’t for the fact that the young man had dodged fast enough, he would be dead!”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was stunned on the spot when she pointed it out!

It was because he really did have such a stroke in his Wind Chaser Wondrous Hand stances. And that wave of his hand really resembled that technique but he did not purposely attack Zhan Bai, if he did, how could Zhan Bai have dodged it while he was still lying on the ground?

Although Murong Hong had exposed this attack stroke of his but he could still deny it and continued to exhibit the third attack stroke on Zhan Bai and to kill him.

But [Ultra Boastful Scholar] had long established his name as one of the very top martial exponents so how would he deny his own stances? Moreover he was a haughty and arrogant man!

Therefore he was startled for a while before he shook his had and said solemnly. “Uncle Zhao considers myself to be conceded. But, Maiden Hong, I must make it very clear. Today I concede because of your mouth and not in his hands!”

When he had finished, he turned around and bowed with his hands together to Young Master Lingfeng. “I have stayed at your residence for ten years now and have no contributions whatever so. Therefore today I bide farewell till we meet again!”

When he had said the last four words, he had already sprung away in an instant and had disappeared from view. No one expected him to just leave! Moreover, his swiftness skills were simply too fast that not only Young Master Lingfeng did not have the chance to say anything but the others too!

“Heng!” Young Master Lingfeng hummed and pushed all his resentments upon his sister and said. “You actually caused Second Uncle Zhao to be so upset as to leave. I like to see how you are going to account for our Father!”

Murong Hong lifted her nose up and coldly hummed too. “He leave by his own free will, so what can I do!”

“But you are wasting your efforts!” Young Master Lingfeng said even more coldly. “I am not going to spare him today!” And he started to walk towards Zhan Bai.

“Young Master please hold your hands!” A middle age man who was clothed beautifully said. “Let an old man like me blow a melody tune and invite this young man to appraise it. I wonder if this young man you have the interest and the mood?”

But Zhan Bai gauged that the man was not more than forty so why did he call himself an old man? But he understood that in the Pugilist, the more courtesy a man was, the harder he was to deal with and it not wise to antagonize these types of people. Although he did not know who he was but from his air and his sharp eye, he knew instantly that he was a top martial exponent in the Martial Fraternity.

But Zhan Bai had already decided that no matter who it was, he would never let anyone despise him. Because he was all too clear that to ask for mercy from these merciless pugilist heroes that killed without even blinking their eyes, were hopeless and was a form of humiliation. It was even harder for him to bear than death. Therefore, without even thinking to consider, he had agreed. “No matter what you have up to your sleeves, I’ll accept!”

When Zhan Bai had agreed so fast, Murong Hong furrowed deeply and said. “You silly rascal! Aren’t you finding trouble for yourself? Do you know that this Zhang Shipeng of the Soul Snatching Silver Flute is even harder to antagonize than Tianya Kuangsheng and you even dare to challenge him?”

The Soul Snatching Silver Flute Zhang Shipeng smiled and took out a silver flute and he started to blew on the flute. “Hu…Lu! Hu…Lu!”

He had started playing the first two tunes, which was extremely clear and high pitch!

Then Zhan Bai suddenly became…

All the people from the surrounding started to move backward and used a cloth to cover their ears. And Murong Hong was so anxious that she started to stomp her legs and her heart was secretly crying out. “Oh dear…”

Although the way Zhang Shipeng played the flute was not too loud but it was surprising high pitch and clear. The melody of the flute began to penetrate deeply into the hearts of all the listeners and cause them to have a heart breaking and even their souls would weep, and those who had weaker willpower was now feeling emotional and their tears began to flow.

“Hu Lu! Hu Lu!” And the melody got even sadder. Zhan Bai’s face was full of sorrows now and he was now staring idiocy at a place faraway. His spirit and soul was lost and he had tears on his cheeks now.

Murong Hong knew that the melody from the flute was very deadly therefore she had already focus with all her thoughts to guard against it and had cleared her mind with all thoughts. So she was not affected by the music of the flute. But when she saw Zhan Bai sorrowful look and that he was weeping now, she knew that Zhan Bai was caught unprepared by this musical display. So in great anxiety and haste, she shouted aloud. “Uncle Zhang! It is not fair!”

It was because ‘Meteor Hand’ Murong Han accorded all the top exponents that were protégés under him with great esteem and respect. Not only did he address them as his brothers but he also wanted his son and daughters to address them as their Uncles. Therefore Murong Hong would address them as her Uncles. Naturally, it was his stratagem to win over their hearts.

The Soul Snatching Silver Flute Zhang Shipeng smiled and stopped playing his flute and said. “Maiden Hong, what other opinion do you have?”

Murong Hong flustered and her cheeks turned rosy. Although she was covered by a veil but from the sides of her cheeks and eyes, she looked terribly flustered now. She kept defending Zhan Bai against her own people that when Zhang Shipeng on the sly hinted her abit, she immediately got his meaning. Especially when Zhang Shipeng kept smiling at her and his eyes were full of hidden meaning.
Now she felt awkward having her feeling revealed. She was usually very composed and would wrap herself in a cold demeanor. She would never lose control of her emotions and feelings this easily.

But how did she become so affectionate to this lonely wanderer of a Zhan Bai?

Therefore before her usual mannerism underwent a tremendous change. And her cold, noble and haughty air was changed to a shy, flustered mannerism of a young chaste maiden!

Although she was still terribly flustered at the moment but she knew that Zhan Bai was in grave danger now so she cast away all reservations and shyness to say. “Uncle Zhang, you are so famous in the Martial Fraternity so how could you ambush a Junior!”

‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng was greatly startled and he looked none the pleased. “Maiden Hong! Can you care to explain it?”

“Uncle Zhang, your ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ is widely recognized as the most pinnacle epitome technique in the Pugilistic Fraternity. You did not declare it to him and display it out of the moon, by catching him unprepared, isn’t it equal to ambushing him?”

“Who say I did not declare it?” He was indignant that she had coined his attack as an ambush. Therefore he was really angry now. He sunk his face and said solemnly. “I have invited him to appraise my flute skills and he has personally agreed. More than ten eyes and ears are my witnesses. So how can you say I did not declare it? Heng! It is really so outrageous!”

“But,” Murong Hong was a most quick thinking person and have a keen intellect. Even though ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng was not wrong and every one of his words true but because she wanted to save Zhan Bai with great anxiety, she had already know what to say to disrupt the contest.

Rolling her captivating eyes, she said. “But Uncle Zhang, you did not declare that you are using the melody of the flute to duel, naturally he would not be prepared!”

So Murong Hong turned to Zhan Bai and said. “Do you agree or not? Do you know that Old Senior Zhang ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ is a set of powerful martial technique?”

Murong Hong had good intentions. She wanted to remind Zhan Bai to be on the alert and not to lose his life in muddle.

But Zhan Bai was still looking in great idiocy, his tears were still flowing down his cheeks and he did not seem to hear anything.

Murong Hong was startled. She knew that Zhan Bai had been bewitched by the melodies of the flute and was now an idiot. She wondered if he had suffered internal injuries or had his internal force shattered in the process. So she pushed Zhan Bai and said in a high pitch voice. “Did you hear what I have said, hello, did you hear me or not?”

Zhan Bai broke into a cold sweat and he woke up all of a sudden from his daze. And he looked at Murong Hong and did not know what had happened.

It was because when Murong Hong had pushed Zhan Bai, she had secretly hit his ‘Cai Tai’ 采台 and ‘Qi Hu’ 气户 accupoint channels thus knocking him back to his senses.

Upon seeing Zhan Bai had now returned to his normal state, she hinted aloud to him. “‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Old Senior Zhang wants to use his ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ that has destroyed many in the Martial Fraternity to duel with you. Can you really accept his challenge? If you think you cannot, it better that you do not wrought disaster upon yourself!”

Murong Hong was purposely protecting Zhan Bai. First, she reminded him of the formidability of ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’, next she reminded him not to force himself. Even if he did not accept the challenge, it did not matter for given the status Zhang Shipeng in the Martial Fraternity, he would feel shy to force a pugilist junior to accept his challenge so that he could use his killer stance.

But, Zhan Bai totally misunderstood her good intentions. When he had just woke up to his senses and heard the young maiden in black wording him cautiously, he thought that she too, was looking down upon him!

After furrowing deeply with his eyes, he said. “Senior Zhang, your ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ is so resounding throughout the entire Martial Fraternity that for a pugilist junior like me to experience it, I feel so lucky! I just have to invite you to demonstrate to me then. If I am not unfortunate as to die, it is my absolute glory too!”

He thought to himself. “Ah Zhan Bai, Zhan Bai! Although you have been very unfortunate to go through the grinds but you mustn’t destroy your family reputation. In the past, when your Father with the ‘Heartless Precious Sword’, roamed the North and the South in a glorying display of his heroism. You must learn to be like your Father and not to let a few words demoralize you. You must not never let anyone look down on you!” He had totally misunderstood the young maiden in black!

Zhang Shipeng was expecting Zhan Bai to reject the challenge after Murong Hong had showcased all his formidability. But who would have expected Zhan Bai to accept his challenge so readily.

So he said. “Then, let me invite you to appraise my musical composition!” And he started to put the flute onto his mouth…

Murong Hong stared at Zhan Bai hatefully. Although she was so anxious but what could she do when things had developed to this stage?

Ch7 End

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