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Poor Zhan, as the sayings go, although the True Way could be high and mighty but the Dark Force was even higher. The more a person pushed his internal force to a greater height, the dark force within would be harder and harder to resist. It was inevitable Zhan Bai would be afflicted by deviation phenomenon, leading to cripple or death.

The Lord of the Only Eye would surely turned in his grave if he had known that Zhan Bai, the successor of his wondrous Sacred Manual, had failed in his willpower…

Chapter 8: Enchanting Lyrical Illusions

As for the rest of the crowd, everyone had long retreated far away and preparing to witness the display of this ‘Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display’

“Hu Lu! Hu Lu!…”

But this time, the melody was not as sad and sorrowfully as before. In fact, it was a very joyous and exuberant type. It was as thought it was the blossoming of all the spring flowers, a hundred types of birds singing and the vast earth was filled with life and jubilant.

It was like a youthful lover that knew that an affectionate companion was waiting for him in a garden filled with the magnitude of a hundred different kinds of flowers. Therefore he started to sing and dance as he made his way to her and to throw himself into her embrace. It was filled with happiness, joy, love and not even a trace of sorrow or heart breaks…

But Zhan Bai was prepared this time and he had cleared his mind from all thoughts. He was sitting on the grass patch on the ground reciting silently the intricate formula of the ‘Sacred Manual’. “In Energy there is a Mixture Concealing within it, Lift the Pure and left behind the Impure, In Way there is but One Rule Altogether…” This was actually the orthodox intricate formula to discern the bad qi and the good qi (energy).

The Bone Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual was indeed the most wondrous book in the Entire Fraternity. As Zhan Bai began to follow the circulation method to practice his flow of vital energy, he had actually reached the point of purity in his breathings and entered the state of forgetfulness. Therefore he did not even heard the touching affectionate music of the flute play!

Although standing far away, many had tried to cover their ears but they had been affected by the flute play. Some of the henchmen of Young Master Lingfeng had even lost control and was now dancing with a jubilant looks on their faces…

Even Murong Hong who had extremely good self-control and willpower, was seen with her eyebrows seeming dancing and she seemed to be losing her willpower…

But even as the flute play was playing, there was not a trace of emotion from Zhan Bai…

‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng who was watching Zhan Bai began to feel disappointed and he thought. “Although this young man looked like he has the fundamental physique for martial training but he doesn’t seem to have developed far in martial ability levels, so how could he have such a extremely strong willpower? And not be affected by my flute play…”

Therefore ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng began to change the tune of his flute play from one of being joyous to extreme hopelessness.

When the tune changed and instantly became sad and grieving, it was like the withering of the spring flowers and the cold chilling winter had crept in. And the icy snow had frozen all the life in the vast earth with the violent icy wind destroying and desolating all life. The period of happiness was over, happiness had turned into despair. Even the most loved companion was lost, hope had vanished and hopelessness reigned over everything. Everyone started to lose their hearts and was discouraged and the future was as bleak as a bottomless pit. Only darkness and emptiness reigned…

Young Master Lingfeng, the priest with his eyes closed and a bald old man who had much stronger internal power and they were at a further distance too, was not affected by the flute play. But all the henchmen of Young Master Lingfeng were now totally enthralled by the flute play and were sad beyond measure.

Even Murong Hong who had the highest willpower but because she was worrying about Zhan Bai and had stood besides Zhan Bai, was moved by the flute play. Although she was wearing a veil but it could not hide her eyes that was like the Spring Mountains and the merry laughs of her eyes. But now when the tune of the flute play had changed, the smiles of her face that was like flower vanished and she was filled with a melancholy and sadness. When the music of the flute play had reached its epitome, her tears began to flow down her cheeks.

But Zhan Bai remained unmoved and that caused ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng to be perplexed with amazement.

‘Ascending into the Bliss of Spring Joy’ ” and ‘Descending into the Withering Winter’ were two of his greatest compositions yet it could not move such a young man!

“Hu Lu! Hu Lu!”

The music of the flute play had now been changed from the ‘Descending into the Withering Winter to the ‘Frosty Blade of the Autumn Wind.’

It was extreme sorrow now, like the dying cries in a sea of million men of war and horses that shook the entire earth!

The terrifying screams of people dying in the battle and the grief experienced in such a war that was so heart wrenching! It was as though the listeners were participating in such a battle!

Suddenly Young Master Lingfeng’s henchmen were fighting among themselves. In an instant, three to four were seriously wounded! Young Master Lingfeng immediately hit their accupoints but they were looking at one another with hatred and outrage, refusing to put down their weapons. They were all still bleeding and terrible to behold…

Murong Hong purity looks suddenly was filled with an air of malevolent air but she bit her teeth to resist it. And her face was covered with her fragrance sweat, indicating that it was taking all her willpower and endurance…

“Brother Zhang!” The priest with his eyes closed was actually really a blind man but his hearing was very sharp and sensitive. He could actually know his surroundings very well much like he was actually seeing it. He knew that ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng’s ‘Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display’ had failed to move this young man, instead he was causing their own people to be so pathetic.

Therefore had had used the Secret Whispering Skill to secretly whisper into his ears. “This young man is a bit strange. Let us change to another location to seize him so as not to startle the Old Master!”

The blind priest was using the Secret Whispering Skill to talk to Zhang Shipeng. Others could only see his lips were moving but they could not hear what he was saying. Only the ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ could hear it very clearly. But the words of this blind priest had unintentionally stroked his burning rage. It was because it was impossible for his renowned ‘Enchanting Lyrical Soul Devourer Flute Play’ to fail against this nameless nobody of a young man. What if this had leaked to the Pugilist Fraternity, how would he going to face anyone!

Therefore, he did not stop playing and played even more hurriedly and in faster pace.

And he began to play a variety of melody to bring out a person’s emotions, rage, joy, sorrow, fear…the seven affections and the six worries were playing according but…he was still unable to move Zhan Bai.

At this moment of time, Zhan Bai had a beautiful and pure glow on his face as he focusing on bringing his five hearts upon the heavens. In fact, he looked like he could exude a golden treasure light in this mountainous green wilderness. An inviolate aura of tranquil and righteousness had enveloped him.

Zhang Shipeng with his silver flute had rampaged the Pugilist for tens of years and was invincible. The proudest moment of his entire life was to fight the ‘The Three Elders of the Central Plains’ that had dominated the entire Martial Fraternity and forced them to retreat with his Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display. Since then, his internal power had tremendous increased. But he was old now and not as energetic as before so he was contented to be in a semi-retirement.

But today when he had witnessed this young man that could kill Chen Qing and Chen Ping with only one stroke, even evaded Tianya Kuangsheng three killer stances and drove him away in a fit of anger thus causing him to show an interest in Zhan Bai therefore he wanted to use the Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display to gauge his depth.

At first, he did not use all his strength for he was very sure just with just the Spring and Winter melodies, he could shatter Zhan Bai’s will.

But who would expect that after he had displayed his Four Melody Chapters of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, even played the Soul Devourer Chapter of ‘Seven Affections and Six Worries’ to destroy Zhan Bai’s Will but Zhan Bai remained unmoved.

Zhang Shipeng was secretly very stunned and thought. “This young man looked like the type that is very emotional but how could his willpower exceed that of ‘The Three Elders of the Central Plains’?”

That was because he had never expected what Zhan Bai used to resist the ‘Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display’ was from the most wondrous book in the Entire Fraternity ‘Bone Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ which contained the ultimate form of the intricate formula from the Monastic Orthodox Order!

In the past, when the Lord of the Only Eye, was forced to resist the charms and temptations of the ‘Most Desire of the Desirables’ ‘The Heavenly Enchantress’ when she was using her ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’ on him and he was afflicted by a deviation phenomenon. And all the talents and knowledge of the Lord of the Only Eye was almost totally destroyed and became a naught, Steel Hearted Priest, Chief Leader from the Orthodox Sect of Wudang and ‘Bitter Water Saint’, Abbot Leader of the Shaolin Monastic Order quickly saved him before it was too late.

Therefore he started to transfer all his knowledge and ingenuity into this ‘Sacred Manual’. Among the skills that were in the manual, included a technique to refine energy and to resist the dark force. It was a skill that was unprecedented from the ancient times to now. It was created to deal with the ‘Heavenly Enchantress’ to counter her ‘Most Desire of the Desirables’ charms.

Was there anything else in the whole wide world that would be as tempting as her?

It was why, no matter how formidable was Zhang Shipeng’s Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display, it would not reach and move Zhan Bai’s heart.

But, how would Zhang Shipeng who called himself ‘The Invincible in the Entire Fraternity’ swallow this bitter pill? His face was now flustered in redness and his pair of eyes almost exploded and he started to lift his vital energies to display the most powerful Chapter melody in his arsenal ‘Enchanting Lyrical Illusions’!

Therefore this time the melodies of the flute could even breech the clouds above and shattered rocks. “Hu Lu, Hu Lu!”

As the melodies exploded up the air, there were thousands of rain dews spluttering down much like the ‘The Heavenly Maiden Stripping’, ‘Rain of Flowers’, ‘The Slow Dance of the Snowflakes’. Even the rainbows and the Solstices were not as colourful and wonderful that this displayed caused by the melodies…

Young Master Lingfeng expressions changed and the bald old man that was besides him shouted. “Everyone retreat!” And he caught hold of the wrist of Young Master Lingfeng as he sprang tens of yards away.

The blind priest knew that the ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng had already used his most powerful stances and could not be stopped. Therefore he could only secretly sighed. Now that things had reached such a stage, there was no stopping it. The only option was to follow the bald old man and move back tens of yards from the scene as well as to protect Young Master Lingfeng…

This rainbow melodies once it had enacted, had countless of extremely beautiful maidens in the nude dancing, it was the most enchanting sight to behold…This was the illusions of a young man. But in the hearts of a young maiden, it was different. It was a very perfect young man that was besides her and he was so gentle, so caring. His passion and love was enough to melt the hearts of any young maiden…

In the heart of a greedy person, everywhere was gold in exceedingly qualities and pearls of the highest qualities littered everywhere…

If in the heart of a vain person, there would be a crown of the emperor awaiting him and countless number of servants and court officials polishing his ego…

What a most extraordinary marvelous music that it could create illusions. What a person desired most and not obtainable yet he or she had their hearts content now.

What you wanted, you would get it!

Therefore, who would resist such powerful temptations? This dream of a illusion, this illusion of a dream. This desire, who could resist it? Who would not be tempted by it? Who would not fall into this vortex of this melody?

But, Zhan Bai was not moved!

This ‘Bone Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ had the intricate principles of the Monastic Orthodox Order, the willpower that was bestowed, was most extraordinary!

But, standing besides Zhan Bai was a young maiden by the name of Murong Hong, who was also the older sister of Young Master Lingfeng, daughter of ‘Zhaxing Shou’ Murong Han, she had lost control of her willpower!

She was trembling now, her slim body that was like a leaf was trembling nonstop and her face was a rosy red. Her eyes that were like the Spring Mountains were immersed with the pain of love. Her watery eyes were beaming now, was wishful, shy and revealing a uncontrollable desire and urge…

There was a sound and Murong Hong had tore away her veil and threw it to a side as she was sunder in urges and desires.

Ah! Her face was as pure as a pearl, captivating and enthralling that not even the most brilliant of all sculptors could carve out, for her face was so perfect! The young maiden in black had finally revealed her face that was like a heavenly fairy, out of the world and no place on the face of the earth would find a face like her.

The Murong Hong without her veil was beautiful and enthralling. She had lost all her haughtiness and cold demeanor, looking with a hundred affectionate expressions as she was consumed by passion while she walked step by step towards Zhan Bai.

“Ge (Brother)…I have waited you for a long time…(repeat), I miss you…think of you so badly…Ai. Ge…I love you…”

Her passions were like fire and she was muttering dreamily in a low voice at the same time throwing herself into Zhan Bai’s embrace, with one hand around his neck, the another on his face…

Zhan Bai was happily mediating when he got a cold shiver down his spine and there was an itchy feeling on his face. So he opened his eyes to take a peek and saw an extremely beautiful young maiden whose beauty was peerless in his embrace and after sniffing her fragrance and warm …His heart was like Boom! Boom! Boom!…And he immediately became panicky and he made a mess of his internal circulation and breathing as blood rose up from his Dan Tian (Stomach) to his Ni Wan and sputtered to his five organs…

Sniffing a drop of blood from his nose now, Zhan Bai found his first line of defense that was his heart breaching through.

And the enchanting melodies from the Chapter of Enchanting Lyrical Illusions took the opportunity to invade. Zhan Bai found himself opening his arms and to hug her very tightly…

This picture of such a romantic warm first love when it descended upon the eyes of the haughty Young Master Lingfeng caused him to be so embarrassed and angry that he yelled. “That is enough!”

This explosive shout gathered all of Young Master Lingfeng’s internal power, was like the thunder of a lighting bolt and instantly ‘The Soul Snatching Silver Flute’ Zhang Shipeng stopped his gold melting melodies.

In between the explosive shouts, Young Master Lingfeng had sprung to the front of Zhan Bai and Murong Hong. Pulling his sister away from Zhan Bai with one hand, the another hand he dealt a direct blow onto Zhan Bai’s chest!

There was a loud ‘Pa’ sound as Zhan Bai was too dazed to try to evade the blow as Young Master Lingfeng dealt a heavy blow on the still sitting Zhan Bai who staggered for awhile with his body but he did not fall.

But it was such a heavy blow by the thousand weigh force of Young Master Lingfeng that Zhan Bai vital energies were dispersed, his internal organs trembled and his heart pounded hard that he could not resist opening his mouth as he pui out a mouthful of blood!

Suddenly there was a loud slapping sound as the young maiden in black, Murong Hong slapped Young Master Lingfeng till he was forced to take five to six steps back and could barely stand, almost falling to the ground!

Five red marks instantly appeared on the handsome face of Young Master Lingfeng, even the side of his mouth had blood dripping.

It was obvious that this slap by Murong Hong was not light. Young Master Lingfeng was born in a wealthy and noble aristocracy family, had a pampered upbringing. Not to mention beating, in all his life, he had never even received a single word of scolding. And suddenly he received such a heavy slap out of the blue that he was actually too stunned to react…

After the young maiden in black, Murong Hong had slapped Young Master Lingfeng, he did not seem to be conscious of it but was looking lovingly and full of tenderness at Zhan Bai, even as she captivating grasped. “Ge…oh!…Are you in pain? Ah! My pitiful Ge…Let your sis examine your injuries to check if it is heavy?…”

As she said, she walked forward and lifted her sleeves to help Zhan Bai wiped away the bloodstains on his lips.

“Why don’t you walk away argh! Maiden, I am used to hardships, what this bit of injuries mean to me!”

Who would expect that Zhan Bai would feel indifferent to the tender and affectionate Murong Hong. Pushing her away, he began to stand up, turned around and walked staggering away…

“Ge! Wait for me, sis will follow you!” She started to tag closely behind him but Zhan Bai was still walking unevenly in front and ignoring her pleas. She was now pleading and crying with her tears flowing down her cheeks for Zhan Bai did not seem to care.

After Young Master Lingfeng was heavily slapped by his elder sister, he was left in a state of shock for he had never been slapped before. But what was even more shocking was that his elder sister that almost never talk, ignored everything in her surrounding would act out of her norm today and even pursuing a young man that was a stranger to her, so desperately and lingering. Therefore when he witnessed such a scene, his eyes were staring wide-opened in shock and he actually forget about the pain on his face…

“Maiden Hong! Mistress Murong!” The blind priest and the bald old man chased after her and blocked her passage to wake her out of her senses to remind her that she was still a chaste maiden and her status…

But who would expected, Murong Hong would stare at them rudely and yelled. “What are the both of you doing here? Get lost!”

The blind priest and the old bald man were actually very highly regarded and prominent figures in the Martial Fraternity. They were highly respected in the Pugilist. Although they had become protégés in the Baotu Manor and resident in the Murong residence but never once did Master Murong dare to treat them with contempt or disrespect. So when Murong Hong suddenly shouted at them, they were stunned at the same time.

“Maiden Hong!” The bald old man furrowed with his eyebrows and said. “You are the one that disregard your status and as your Uncle, I am not gong to let you run in an amok!”

The blind priest added. “Maiden! You must consider your father status in the Martial Fraternity and not be artful…”

“Don’t be so annoying!” Murong Hong was feeling vexed now for Zhan Bai had now walked far. She immediately attacked with both her hands using ‘Dividing the Wild Horse’ and forced them to step aside as she sprang towards Zhan Bai shouting. “Ge…wait for me…”

The blind priest and bald old man had never expected Murong Hong to attack them so they were caught off guarded by her stance. Also they had never expected her to use the ‘Dividing the Wild Horse’ stance with such power and ingenuity that under the condition of being caught off guarded, she could actually force two of the most prominent top exponents in the Martial Fraternity to back off two steps!

The blind priest and the bald old man were reddened with embarrassment that once again, they sprang as though they were flying and caught up with her to block her.

Murong Hong was like a small child as she made a fuss and cried out. “Get lost! Get lost! I don’t want any of you to interfere…” As she sobbed, she started to tear off her clothing piece by piece.

She was very swift and fast, in three to five gestures, she was able to tear off her black silk garments off and following her gestures were her very beautiful and pure white jade body.

The bald old man immediately turned ashen and took flight. Although he was very old, was invincible in the Martial Fraternity and had witnessed many extraordinary things in the Pugilist but none of what he had seen, was this sudden. Unable to cope with it and unable to stop her anymore, he took flight in extreme panicky…


Ch8 End

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