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There existed a mysterious energy technique, the ‘Supreme Intricate Energy Force’ that could revive dead channels…

Lament by Murong Hong, Adapt from Li Bai;
Long yearning, breaks my heart…
I roll back the hanging, gaze at the moon, and long sigh in vain…
My lonely lamp is not bright, I’d like to end these thoughts…
Above is the black night of heaven’s height…
The sky is long, the road is far, bitter flies my spirit…
The spirit I dream can’t get through, the mountain pass is hard…
Frost coalesces on my bamboo mat, changing its colour with cold…
The moon is like the autumn that never sleeps…
I think of him all the time but never once have I seen him…
His past memories flashed in my eyes…
My tears were like lake…
Suffering terrible heart breaks…

Chapter 9: A great Tragedy Occurs

Although the blind priest could not see but his hearing was exceptional excellent. And not in the least inferior to someone who had eyes. Although he could not see but when he picked out the tearing sound of Murong Hong garments, he too turned ashen and withdrawn several steps backward. His lips were trembling and muttering something but no sounds were heard for a long while.

“How outrageous? It simply too…simply too…” Young Master Lingfeng could only mutter to himself and not knowing what to do. It was because although she was his own sister but now she had nothing on her. So how could he have dared to approach her, to stop her? He could only clenched his fists and trembled…

Zhan Bai turned his head around and saw the young maiden Murong Hong with her pure peerless beauty in front of him and she was nude therefore he was stunned.

“No one can bother about me! I love him! No one can bother me about me! I love him!…”

Murong Hong had removed her clothing, now she was even removing her accessories on her hands, ears and her decorations on her head. She had returned to her natural state and her long flowing hair rolled from her head as she flew into the embrace of Zhan Bai like a bird.

Zhan Bai’s heart was like a holy sanctuary that was opened for her. He had never seen such a sight before. She was a beautiful cloud fluttering across the evergreen plains that caused flowers to sprout from the vast earth. And this picturesque of a naturally very pure nude maiden that was running towards him carried no taint of sin, her wondrous beauty shone forth and was as pure as the holiest and her goodness was like an heavenly angel!

Therefore regarding Murong Hong, Zhan Bai had no ill feeling or desire. Nor did he feel shameful about her instead he felt it was natural and her goodness overwhelmed him. So he too started to take off his clothing as well.

Murong Hong looked at him and her eyes beamed with light and joy as she grasped in happiness. “Ah! Yo! Heh!…”

Only Zhan Bai’s pants were left when Murong Hong flew into his embrace and hugged him tightly. She had gone insane, insane with her happiness, insane with freedom. She had never been this happy and free before. This freedom caused her to be so blissful.

But, Young Master Lingfeng, Zhang Shipeng, the blind priest, bald old man and the rest were stunned speechless, beyond belief, beyond imagination at the sight in front of them.

Among them, only Zhang Shipeng was the most upset for he had never expected that his invincible skill ‘Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display’ that could bow the Entire Fraternity to his feet, could create such a disastrous effect, bordering on disgrace and tragedy.

Zhan Bai too felt unrestraint joy and freedom…therefore he too had thrown everything away. But there were two things that he could not thrown. In fact, he was brought back to reality by them.

One was the ‘Bone Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’, it contained all his hopes and he could hear Lei Dashu words in his ears very clearly [Learn the supreme martial skills, create your own future and avenge for the wrongful death of your father…] The second one was the sack that used to contain all the clues to his father’s death. That was his only clue left, all the more he would not thrown it away.

Therefore he was brought back to reality and suddenly found himself in the embrace of the very beautiful Murong Hong who was according him with a million types of affections. And her love for him was so pure, she was idolizing him as she kissed him.

But he ignored her for he was now thinking, how was he going to shake off those speculators and to train the skills in the ‘Sacred Manual’ And how to investigate who was his father’s killers?…He was clenching the two objects tightly and totally forgot about the Murong Hong who was kissing him affectionately…

Suddenly there was a cold hummed in the distant as a man thundered coldly. “Unless bums! Hurry and seize her back, what are you all waiting for? She has thrown away all my face!”

At the same time, another voice was heard, it was the elegant lady that had saved Zhan Bai. “HongEr! HongEr!” 红儿 She was very startled as she called out. “What is happening to you? What has happened?”

Thereafter, the sounds of tens of people could be heard and this time, Zhan Bai was startled and woke up from his thoughts. He looked up and saw tens of people in front of him.

He saw a man in his fifties with beautiful and fine clothing looking at him in anger that it was very hard to look into his eyes. Even the beautiful lady that had saved him was here too. So he guessed that the man must be her husband as well as the ‘Old Master’ that was in everyone’s lips.

Suddenly he had also noticed that around him were four maids in green removing their outer garment to cover Murong Hong.

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to!…” Murong Hong was grasping but she was very afraid of her father and dare not go against him. Although she had not regain her senses yet but in her heart she was very unwillingly to leave.

There was a sudden inspiration and jolt in Zhan Bai. He quickly tucked the ‘Sacred Manual’ and the sack into his trousers. Lucky his pants were very tight and his items did not fall out.

“Give him a piece of clothing and ask him to follow us!” The fierce man in fine clothing thundered.

One of the men that was carrying a sabre took off his black cloak and sent it flying towards Zhan Bai.

Maybe this man that had just threw the cloak wanted Zhan Bai to die. For the cloak was imbued with the vitalize strength of Inner Martial force. It did not flutter lightly instead it was sent flying like a heavy object and it was heading headlong towards Zhan Bai’s chest!

Zhan Bai smiled and he extended two fingers and dispersed the internal force that was in the cloak and immediately put on the cloak on. This ‘Finger Dispersing a Thousand Weigh Force’ was not an easy feat to demonstrate and he was very proud when he had displayed it but the angry man in fine clothing did not even look at him and had turned away.

It was as though he knew that Zhan Bai would not resist and would surely follow him!

There was a strong reaction inside Zhan Bai but when he saw the angry looks on all the pugilists and the compassionate eyes of the elegant lady that was looking at him, he forced himself to swallow all his protests and angry words but it was rather forcefully.

So he thought. “I like to see what you will do to me? I will follow you first and wait and see!”

But after he took a few steps, his pride was wounded. So he scolded himself secretly. “Zhan Bai, Zhan Bai! Do you want to be such a coward? And be like a sheep that is sent to the butcher!”

But his enemies were too strong and he could feel their burning aura. He knew he did not have the power to resist. Although he was feeling stubborn inside but he also understood that he could not sacrifice himself blindly. He must leave himself an option to complete his heavy responsibility to his father.

Therefore, he forced himself to swallow his anger and decided to take one step at a time. Until he was forced to, he would not sacrifice himself lightly.

But he felt so ashamed following these group of people that he had to lower his head. He began to wonder what sort of a person was this world renowned [Meteor Hand] Murong Han. Then he started to look at him and he was jolted.

Suddenly he had found Murong Han’s garments to be very special. It seemed that his garments would occasionally glittered out light, indeed it was very special. But even a very rich man would not have possible own such clothing.

This accidental discovery caused Zhan Bai to be jolted. Was not his clothing identical to the silk clothing in his sack? This discovery caused him to be filled with anger and to charge in front to engage in a life and death fight! But he tried his very best to suppress his feeling and bit his teeth. “Is this despicable man the killer of my father?”

Zhan Bai thought again as he searched his mind for answers. “Before my father had died, he personally give me this small sack. In the sack were some loosened hair, a silk string, iron pearl, a bronze button, bronze coin and a silk piece of cloth that was identical to what Murong Han is wearing now. Even if he is not my father’s killer but at the very least, it is a very good clue…”

Zhan Bai followed the Murong Master for quite some time, he entered through doors after doors in the end, Murong Han did not even question him but instead he found himself jailed in a dark dungeon.

Zhan Bai did not know how was [Meteor Hand] going to do with him and why was he locked into the dungeon? So he was inevitable very nervous. But after a while, he decided to endure it and since he was being cut off from the outside, he might as well started to practice the unfathomable arts in the ‘Sacred Manuel’.

At first, he was in a hurry to train his martial abilities. When no one was around even in broad daylight, he would start to open the pages of the Sacred Manual. But the drawings of the Enchantress in various enticing poses distracted him from his concentration and he found himself unable to calm himself down to pour over the mysteries of the book.

In fact, more often than not, he would think wry especially when he had remembered the pure and beautiful Murong Hong with nothing on her. The drawings in the Sacred Manual would often than not, lead him to think of Murong Hong and caused him to lose his concentrations and to think wry!…

In the end, he was shocked into waking from his senses because if this carried on, he would surely be afflicted by deviation phenomenon while training. Therefore he began to follow his old method in the dark cave, closed his eyes and began to feel with his fingers. Therefore with all his heart, his spirit, he began to immense himself totally in the ‘Sacred Manual’, forgetting about the passing of day and night and even the loneliness that was in this stone dungeon…


[Meteor Hand] Murong Han blamed himself for not being a strict father. Now how could his own daughter took off her own clothing in full view of so many people? If this news got out to the Martial Fraternity, how was he going to face anyone?

[Meteor Hand] was the leader of the Five Northern Provinces, was extremely furious now. He and his lady was strictly questioning Murong Hong, what caused her to disregard her very own shame in a secretly chamber.

But Murong Hong refused to reply to her father’s questioning.

This further enraged him even more. He rose up and threw a beautiful decorated short sword in front of her and thundered. “Then you be better off dead! So that you will not further disgrace me!” After finishing, he rushed out of the chamber in a fit of anger.

Murong Hong with tears on her cheeks, without hesitation once her father had left the chamber, picked the short sword and stabbed on her neck.

But the beautiful lady, who was also Lady Zhan seized from the hands of her daughter the short sword as she wiped away the tears from Murong Hong’s face. “HongEr, you must never end your life! Your father is fuming in a fit of anger. After a while, he will be alright!”

“Mum!” Murong Hong could not stop crying as she collapsed into her mother’s embrace…


Zhan Bai was in the dungeon cultivating his breathing and practicing the Sacred Manual. In fact he had the reached the divine state of forgetfulness and only his senses were exceptional sharp. He felt a flow of vitalize energy flowing throughout his body…when suddenly the iron door of the dungeon cracked opened with a loud sound.

Zhan Bai suddenly opened his eyes and found out that he could see very clearly in the dark!

“Night vision!” Zhan Bai was startled and hilariously happy…

It was because when Zhan Bai was circulating his internal force to resist the Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display, at the most crucial moment he was interrupted by Murong Hong and he would have been afflicted by deviation phenomenon, luckily for him, that Young Master Lingfeng in momentarily fit of anger had dealt him with a heavy blow. Not only was he not injured but his dead pulses in his body was jolted that he had threw out blood and his two main energy meridians were cleared!

These two main energy meridians were the most difficult channels to clear for all the exponents. Yet under a series of coincidences, Zhan Bai had turned his bad luck into luck and cleared his two main energy meridians.

It was really a miracle!

Although he had unconsciously cleared the most difficult obstacle to all the exponents resulting his two main energy meridians to flow but it was through an unorthodox means.

If he did not do any warm up after Young Master Lingfeng had caused his two energy meridians to flow, he would surely be a handicap afterwards. But Master Murong had to force him to walk a long distance therefore causing him to exercise all his limbs and pulses, saving him from being a handicap. However, even this was not enough, even if he did not become a handicap but if he did not get the chance to cultivate his breathing, it would still result in his death from weak flow of blood and energy.

Coincidental upon coincidental, when Master Murong had seized him back to his manor, he did not question him or subject him to anything and only locked him into a dungeon.

And he got the chance to cultivate his breathing and flow of energy.

It was indeed the most coincidental things that could ever happen. It was like the Heavens wanted a miracle to happen to a naturally kind hearted young man like Zhan Bai and changed all the powers that were harming him to powers that could aid him.

All these, naturally he simply did not know it yet. By the time, he was aware of it, he would already be the most invincible in the Entire Fraternity. Therefore, putting aside all these, let go back to what Zhan Bai was experiencing in the terrible darkness of the dungeon.

It was now in the middle of the night and yet he could see in total darkness. He was hilariously delighted in his head. He did not believe it was true and turned his head around to look out of the window grills and he saw the bright constellations of the stars that he had never seen before. He bit his fingernails to prove that it was not a dream. And he started to look at the new friend that was being culled into the dungeon.

A young handsome man in clad in assassin clothing, from the looks of his chest, looked strong had been thrown into the dungeon with him. Zhan Bai began to admire the looks of this handsome man for he had never saw anyone this handsome.

Somehow Zhan Bai did not know why but when he saw him, he thought that they were seemed to share some forms of destiny and an intimate feeling had formed out of the blue between them.

So he started to smile at the young man but who would expect he would ignore him. Instead he was looking up at the ceiling as though he was staring in the heavens.

Suddenly Zhan Bai had a jolt. This jail room had no light, only he could see him but the other young man might not have seen him!

Therefore he started to speak. “This brother, for what reason are you being locked inside the dungeon?”

“Who? Who are you?” The person was very startled and started to look around. It was obvious he could not see a thing inside this jail room.

“I am Zhan Bai, may I know your name if it is convenient for you to give?”

That person when he had heard Zhan Bai’s name, after thinking over for quite some time could not remember there was such a person in the Pugilist, became less guarded and sighed. “I am already a prisoner, why bother to about any names! Friend, let me tell you honestly, you and me are already in the lion den, we can only resign ourselves to our fate and wait for death, what is there for us to talk about? Alas!” After saying, this soft spoken young man sighed again.

Zhan Bai smiled and said. “Although life and death is up to our destiny but real man don’t fear death. As long as what we do are without guilt and never to let our conscious down, even if there are swords and blades in front of us, why should we be afraid? Moreover, we can still make use of our intelligence and intellect to find a way out and live! Although we may well possible die but as long as we can make one more friend before we die, issn’t it a small comfort too? Moreover, it very hard to find a close friend that is willing to undergo life and death with you!”

When the young man heard Zhan Bai encouragement and extraordinary words, his spirits seemed to lift and the looks of anxiety began to lessen a lot on his face. “Thanks for this teaching. I am Fan Su… Actually she had one more letter to his name but after pausing for awhile, she did not know if it was safe for her to say her full name.

But Zhan Bai had thought that his full name was Fang Su, so he said. “Oh it is Brother Fang Su! Let me help Brother Fang to untie!”

By the time, she wanted to protest, Zhan Bai had already unloosened the ropes around her. She was normally a high and haughty person but when she thought that she was now in the manipulations of others and could do nothing but look, her face began to turn flustered. And there were even tears on her face now. It was really heart wrenching for her to be so humbled in front of others.

But Zhan Bai did not know her thoughts so he said. “Brother Fan, don’t be too upset about our dire predicaments! Even the sages of old had their down moments.” Therefore, he started to relate to him all his happenings and how much humiliations he had to face…

After she had noted that Zhan Bai was really an honest and frank person, she began to take a liking to him.

But when Zhan Bai had finished loosening all the ropes around him and saw that Fang Su could not move, he discovered that he might have been blocked in his accupoint channels. So he offered to help him to clear his accupoints but no matter how much Zhan Bai offered to help, Fang Su would object very strongly.

When Zhan Bai saw Fang Su’s face had turned red, although he felt it was a strange thing but Zhan Bai was a pure hearted young man so he did not think of anything. So when he saw Fang Su was objecting very strongly, he began to use the ‘Aerial Accupoint Technique’ to clear his accupoints.

This ‘Aerial Accupoint Technique’ was a skill that Zhan Bai had picked up from the Sacred Manual. He was simply following the book but did not know how profound and startling this skill was!

But she was secretly very startled for she would never expect [Meteor Hand] would jail such an invincible top martial exponent fighter in this jail room!

Suddenly from the outside, there were cries of fighting and killing from the outside…


Ch9 End

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