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This ‘Walking in the Air Miracle’ was an most extraordinary feat that none in the Martial Fraternity had rarely seen and only heard of. And this young maiden that looked like sixteen, seventeen had actually exhibited it as she sprang and walked in the air! She turned around and it was WanEr!…

Chapter 10: Event Horizon Blight Hand

There was a ruffle outside the door of the room. It sounded like someone had been hit in his accupoints and then the door swung opened. Then Lei Dashu appeared and said solemnly. “Hurry and go!”

Zhan Bai eyes were very sharp now and immediately he had recognized Lei Dashu who had stood outside the door. Without hesitating, he grabbed Fan Su in her hands and shouted. “Go!” And they sprang out of the door and out of the dungeon with Fan Su following tightly.

Outside was a huge commotion. There were fighting all over and fire had broke out in several areas.

Zhan Bai looked around him and saw that Lei Dashu was not here now. So where was he?

Fan Su on the another hand was saddened to see her own people getting killed or seriously wounded. The pugilists from the Tu Bao Manor were fighting more and more ferociously, especially a blind priest that seemed to be fighting with so much courage that her own people could not measure to him.

She did not know who that blind priest was but she saw her second brother [Wind Chaser Sword] Fan Jie and the two Jin brothers were fighting with the blind priest now and they were looking pathetic!

At a coincidence time, [Wind Chaser Sword] Fan Jie had exhibited a swordplay from the Wind Chaser Swordplay a killer stroke. ‘The Swift Wind Felling the Grass’ and displayed it at the back of the blind priest.

But the priest seemed to have eyes on his back suddenly turned around and turned his powerful blow on Fan Jie instead!

Suddenly Zhan Bai saw a dark figure flashed to take the blow off her brother with her hands in mid-air, it was Fan Su!

[Wind Chaser Sword] narrowly escaped from death but as for Fan Su, after she had took a blow from the blind priest, her shoulders became numbed and her blood flowed in the reverse. She could barely stood her ground and was biting her lips, holding herself to prevent a mouthful of blood from her mouth from throwing out. Her eyes grew dim and her petite face was ashen.

“Good rascals!” The blind priest laughed hilariously. “I like to see how many men do you still have? Ask them all to attack! So I can send them all to the western paradise!”

And he started to attack the Jin brothers and [Wind Chaser Sword] with his left hand and Fan Su with his right hand which had turned green.

It was obviously that he intended to kill Fan Su with a blow and that blow on his right hand was imbued with all his internal power!

Fan Su was startled as she saw this blow coming that was like a windforce dividing the ocean. The pressure was enveloped within two yards of his blow, even if she would to dodge it, it would be futile!

Biting her teeth, she mustered all her internal power with both her hands to take the blow with the ‘Conqueror Mighty Hand’

The Jin brothers and [Wind Chaser Sword] had already been hard pressed by the blind priest left hand stances and had been forced to back off.

Fan Su who had been seriously injured after she had took his earlier blow did not seem like she could be able to take the blind priest full blow. As she gathered all her vital energy to her internal force on her hands, she simply could not endure anymore and thrown up a mouthful of blood and before she could even intercept the blow, she had collapsed onto the ground.

“Stop!” Zhan Bai yelled as he sprang forward to attack the blind priest on his chest.

Although the blind priest could not see but his hearing was as good as seeing. But he was very angry now and his malevolent air increased tremendously. It was because every time he was being surrounded and attacked, he would fly into a terrible rage.

That was because, his eyes were blinded when he was once surrounded and ambushed. But because of his firm resolution, after he was blinded, he did not give up and throw away all his martial abilities, instead he trained even harder for thirty years in the wilderness. Finally he had reached the pinnacle of ‘Using ears as eyes’. Not only was he better than a person with sight was. What was more, even his senses were all greatly enhanced.

Furthermore, during those thirty years, his martial abilities had also tremendously improved. After he re-emerged in the Pugilist again, he hunted down all his enemies that blinded him. Eventually he became a protégé of Murong Han and became one of the top ten exponents of Baotu Manor.

Tonight, a great deal of enemies had dared to intrude. The blind priest because he wanted to repaid Master Murong for showing appreciation to him was now fighting with his very life and best of his abilities. Because he was highly skilled, many of the intruders had actually been wounded or killed by him.

The ‘Three Heroics’ from the Fan Clan, [Winder Chaser Sword] who was the second of the three brothers, could be considered one of several expert fighters that had intruded into the manor but even he was not his match. The renowned thirty six stances of the Wind Chaser Swordplay could not even handled this blind priest. The Jin brothers afraid that their second young master would be in grave danger had joined forces with him.

But this blind priest could even fight three of the best swordsmen in the Martial Fraternity with ease.

The blind priest blows were called the ‘Event Horizon Blight Hand’, it was not impossible for him not to smash Fan Su into meatball…

But Zhan Bai did not know how powerful was the blind priest technique was, so he actually went to intercept it for Fan Su with a great shout. Using ten folds of his strength, both his hands and the blind priest impacted on one another. Instantly a vacuum of windforce erupted all around them, pebbles and sand started to fly in all directions from the explosive impact!

Zhan Bai was forced back five to six steps back and he saw darkness in front of his eyes! And he thought. “What a powerful blow!”

Zhan Bai was most fortunately that he had started the Sacred Manual internal force if not this blow from the blind priest would surely claim his life!

At the same time, the blind priest was secretly startled and thought. “This person’s blow is very powerful and seem to have the monastic power of subduing the evil forces and I have never seen such a powerful fierce blow ever in my life!”

With a great shout, [Wind Chaser Sword] and the two Jin brothers began to seize the opportunity to attack the blind priest!

Zhan Bai was dazed after taking the blow. He had to stand for awhile before he could recover his clear state of mind. Actually Zhan Bai had no wish to fight and he was only concern about saving Fan Su’s life. So he immediately carried her and started to run into the darkness!

“Stop right there, you junior!” It came from a man behind him and all his attack strokes were terribly fast!

Zhan Bai was startled as he thought. “Oh no…”

Zhan Bai tried to evade it but he had to think about the Fan Su in his hands, therefore he was slower in his reaction just when he was about to be hit, Lei Dashu flashed past and saved him!

“Lei Zhenyuan!” an old man with only one arm angrily said to Lei Dashu. “Are you so ungrateful as to help the outsiders?”

“Sima Jing!” Dashu solemnly said. “Don’t say any rubbish! Do you know what kind of a person is me?”

Zhan Bai was shocked to hear that the one armed old man was [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing who twenty years ago who everyone had feared in the Martial Fraternity!

It was because [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing was an infamous evil heretic in the Northwest region. Together with the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju, they were known collective as the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass]. Their martial abilities were unfathomable and they were very cruel. They virtually kill or maimed all their enemies.

No pugilists from the unorthodox and orthodox clans even dared to provoke them. Who would have expected that Sima Jing would be a protégé of Master Murong now?

“Then…” [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing coldly said. “Why did you stop me from capturing an escaped prisoner?”

“Brother Sima, you have made a mistake.” Lei Dashu replied sharply. “This young man is a junior of mine. How can he be an escaped prisoner?”

“Hehehe…” [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing laughed coldly for awhile before saying. “Together with Master Murong, we personally captured him and locked him into the dungeon, so how can it be not true? Lei Zhenyuan, you are obviously helping the outsiders…”

“Shut up!” Lei Dashu thundered. “So what if I, Lei Zhenyuan is helping the outsiders? It is not up to a bald head like you to question me!”

“Crazy Lei!” [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing really hated people for calling him a bald head, so when he heard him scolding him bald head, his malevolent air was stirred and he replied coldly. “Others are afraid of you but do you think that I, Sima Jing is afraid of you! Don’t think that your seventy-two stances of ‘Sacred Hand’ is really invincible! To me, it is not even worth anything!”

“If you do not believe, you can try it now!” Lei Dashu clenched his fists.

“Fine!” Let me have a taste of your ‘Sacred Hand Enoch’!” And he delivered a blow towards Lei Dashu! His palm windforce was very powerful, Zhan Bai could hear it very clearly.

But Lei Dashu smiled and he was as steady as the mountain as he took the blow.

[Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing when he had almost landed his blow on Lei Dashu’s chest, changed it to a claw and with slashed against him with much ferocity and speed.

Zhan Bai who was standing on the side was watching with much excitement and interest. For an old man like him with only one arm that could display such ferocity, swift, steady and had so much changes that defied logic was really very startling.

The two of them were not only swift in their movements and attacks, it was also very marvelous to behold. Zhan Bai who was watching was totally immense in their fight that his visions had only them in sight and he was hilariously delighted.

In fact, he had forgot that he was going to save Fan Su, that was the reason why he was running away in the first place. His eyes were wide opened as he followed every single of their stances and strokes…

Some one once said. “If one were to witness the fight between two very top exponents, it is better than three years in the tutelage of their Mentor Teacher.”

Zhan Bai had carried the heavy responsibilities of avenging for his father and was engrossed in training martial arts but he had never meet a competent Mentor Teacher. What he had learnt were more useful in strengthening himself but if he would to meet a top exponent of the Martial Fraternity, it was as good as suicide.

Although Zhan Bai had cleared his eight wondrous channels and pulses but regarding how a top exponent would fight, their timing and the intricate of their stances, how it was changed and interchangeable, he had no idea at all.

And Lei Dashu and Sima Jing was the top ten fighters of the Baotu Manor, their internal strength cultivation had already reached the purity state and could control it with ease, moreover they had their own divine skills that made them even more unfathomable.

However because of this very same reason, Lei Dashu and Sima Jing was accorded with the same respect by Master Murong, it caused them to have divides. Because every one of them had thought that they were the best.

But because for the sake of their reputation and status in the Martial Fraternity, they could not fight with one another. But now, when the opportunity had come, they actually fought with the best of their abilities, their stances were getting more and more vicious as well as heavy!

It was as though they were their worst enemies now!

But luckily, there were hundreds of people intruding the Murong residence and with fire everywhere, none noticed that they were actually fighting among themselves.

Suddenly there was a low captivating voice in Zhan Bai’s ears that woke him up from his admiration. “You are too brave! Why are you still standing here and not leave?” And he felt someone with a slim body had tugged him by his sleeves. And the slim body had sprung into the darkness.

Only then did Zhan Bai remember that he was in the lion den and that he was still carrying an unconscious new bosom friend of his. He felt that the person that had just tugged him and disappeared in front of him was a friend and not a foe. So he decided to follow first as well as to leave this dangerous place and to treat Fan Su’s injuries first.

While chasing the shadowy figure in front him, Zhan Bai began to find the person familiar. The shadowy figure swiftness movement skills were very fast and would stop often for him. After turning a corner and out of the manor, the person signaled for him to run into the woods before finally stop running.

Because Zhan Bai could see in the dark, he had noticed that it was WanEr by now.

“Who are you carrying in your embrace?” WanEr asked when Zhan Bai had caught up with her, as she brushed her long flowing back with her hands.

“This is a new friend of mine, his name is Fan Su.” Zhan Bai replied without hesitation. “Maiden…”

“A Fan fellow?” WanEr interrupted. “That must be the enemy of our family then. Let me take a look who he is?”

When WanEr had said it, she had already sprang forward like the wind and clawed her hands at Fan Su’s face.

Zhan Bai really did not expect WanEr swiftness and actions would be so swift, certainly she was not below par when compared to her older sister.

And now, this little sister had reached out so fast upon hearing that his friend had the surname Fan, Zhan Bai worried that WanEr would use her killer stances to hurt the unconscious Fan Su. Although Zhan Bai and Fan Su were newly made friends but they hit off very well. Afraid that WanEr might hurt his friend, he tried to evade from her attacks.

There was a tearing sound! Although Zhan Bai had evaded very fast but WanEr was also very fast. This one dodge, one claw, tore Fan Su head clothe off.



WanEr and Zhan Bai were both very startled to see that a mass of long flowing hair began to drift down and Fan Su was actually an extraordinary beautiful young maiden in disguise!

“Heng!” WanEr was startled. Suddenly there were hints of jealousy on her face and she coldly hummed. “So it is a girl! Now I know why you will want to risk your life to save her huh!”

“I…I really don’t know!” Zhan Bai stammered out. He was startled as well. “Really…don’t know she is a girl…”

“Don’t put on any pretense now!” Jealousy was the birthright of any woman. The more deeper love was, the more deeper jealousy was.

Although WanEr was an innocent and naïve maiden and she was untouched by the realities of the real world but she was after all a woman.

Therefore she would still have this jealousy that she was naturally equip to have. After a period of tendering to Zhan Bai while he was unconscious, she had already secretly loved Zhan Bai. But now he had risked his life to save such an extraordinary beautiful young maiden and even carry her intimately in his embrace to protect her, so from her heart, floated some sour feeling and she unhappily said. “Then, now that you know huh!”

Her meanings to Zhan Bai: You can put her down now.

Alas but Zhan Bai happened to be a young man that did not know the hearts of girls so he did not know what she meant. Looking at the unconscious Fan Su and then he lifted his head to look at the surrounding and noticed that it was the same place that Lei Dashu had brought him to learn the Sacred Manual so he muttered. “She is seriously injured. I’m going to treat her injuries.”

After saying, he actually sprang to the cave in front of him carrying Fan Su and ignored the unhappy WanEr who was still standing on the spot waiting for him to put Fan Su down.

“You…” WanEr was startled for Zhan Bai surprised her with his reactions.

When she saw that he had run into the cave with the girl, her expressions changed and she lifted her hands to stop him but suddenly she seemed to have thought of something and could only mutter ‘You’ and then she stopped. She was still reeling from shock, after biting her lips for awhile, she stormed away hatefully.

WanEr was like a smoke that had wisped into the thin air.

As for Zhan Bai, in his mind, he was only concerned about Fan Su’s injuries so he did not pay attention when WanEr had left in anger.

Ch10 End

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