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She bats an eye to Zhan Bai and grasped. “If it not for you last night…”

Although Zhan Bai did not understand but he had some linking. He felt sweet but it was without guilty conscious as he asked. “Are you alright then?…”

That beautiful young maiden was melancholic as she replied. “Although it not a big deal but my entire training is ruined! I can no longer attain the impervious body from now on…”

Then she suddenly asked. “Do you know who I am?”

Chapter 11: Fan Suluan

When the [Three Heroics] had heard the cries of their sister, their swords hesitated for a while.

Zhan Bai took the opportunity to unleash ‘The Battling Wind’ and ‘Hidden Leopard in the Southern Mountains’ in three continuous waves.

At this moment of time, Zhan Bai internal power was already stronger that what he had in the past, especially when he had used it in a bid to save his own life, these three blows were really too mighty to be blocked directly.

So these blows that were seemingly enough to move mountains and overturned the ocean created such powerful windforce across the air that the [Three Heroics] would never dream of and grasped how impossible for such a unremarkable young man like Zhan Bai to have such powerful inner martial palm technique, that they withdrawn their attack stances and swung their swords around to be on the defensive.

The [Three Heroics] moved swiftly five feet away from Zhan Bai and their swords were right in front of them to protect against a direct attack as they quickly surrounded Zhan Bai from all sides.

“Rascal! You do have some ability.” Eldest Brother [True Heart Sword] Fan Jun shouted to Zhan Bai as he furrowed deeply. “But don’t you think you are too arrogant abit?”

Third Brother [Stellar Cloud Sword] Jun Ying coldly said as he pointed his sword at Zhan Bai. “Hehe. But if you want to escape from the three swords of the Fan lineage, it will be a wistful thought!”

Fan Su, whose real name was Fan Suluan had by now hurried to her brothers, brushing her long flowing hair back as she came, said. “My three brothers, he…young hero Zhan has saved him in the dungeon and moreover, he…just now help me to treat my injuries…” (How could she tell her brothers that Zhan Bai had touched her? That was the reason why she was upset with him earlier).

Although Fan Suluan was a woman but she had the frankness of speech of a man but now, she was feeling terribly embarrassed and she was stammering now.

When Jun Ying saw the look on his sister face, he did not know whether to believe his sister or not.

But [True Heart Sword] Fan Jun asked. “Is it true?”

[True Heart Sword] was famous of his nonchalance. Therefore no one really knows if he was asking his sister or Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai who had tried his best to save a person but in the end, what he got, was anger. He had really met with too many unreasonable things lately. So he refused to say anything because he was feeling anger now.

“Dage!” Fan Suluan was filled with melancholy as she said. “Do you think your sister will lie to you?”

Although Fan Ying was staring at Zhan Bai and did not turn his head to look at his sister but he could hear his sister melancholy voice, so he knew that it would not be faked.

As for [True Heart Sword], he was beginning to feel that he had unwittingly hurt his sister’s pride by doubting her. Although he was a lonely and cold person but to his only sister, he loved her dearly and would do anything to protect her.

So when he had heard her melancholy voice, he immediately withdrawn his stance and turned around. “Since it is true, then, we just have to let him go.”

Fan Jie too had withdrew his stance after listening to his brother.

Fan Ju shouted. “Let us go!”

So the [Three swords and one Mystical Bird] began to walk towards the slope of a small hill…

When Zhan Bai had saw such a scene, his heart underwent a million heart breaks. His life was really so ill-fated. Everyone that he had met or known, were all so unreasonable. He had saved a life out of good intention but in exchange, what he got was a stomach of resentments.

But when he had saw Fan Suluan walked away with her long flowing hair that was flying in the wind, he could not help but felt a sense of emptiness and longing for her. But he did not know the reason that had caused it. He just felt that Fan Suluan and him were like a bosom friends that could talk about everything.

But now, when she had just left like this, he found himself musing and missing for her. Therefore for a time after she had left, his thoughts were in a faraway place and he was startled on the same spot…

As a matter of fact, he had even forgotten about the rudeness of the [Three Heroics]. But before the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] had gone far, he could hear a ruffle of voices in the forest in front of him and a few series of hum. And then an eerie voice could be heard.

“Fleeing? Do you think it is so easy? Do you think that Baotu Manor is a place where you can come and go as you pleased?”

Zhan Bai could also see tens of shadows moving in the distant woods! And they had cut off the retreat route of the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird].

[Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] immediately halt their steps and they had turned ashen with frightened looks on their faces but they immediately formed a circle around their sister and from the looks of it, they were preparing to fight to the death!

When Zhan Bai witnessed it and saw a man clothed in beautiful clothing among them, he unconsciously became angry…

It was because it was Master Murong of the Baotu Manor, whom everyone had known in the Martial Fraternity as [Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han.

Actually Zhan Bai did not know that he was [Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han but the clothing he was wearing now was identical to the piece of silk clothing that his father had left behind. This was the main reason why he was incited.

Zhan Bai did not know yet that this [Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han was his father’s killer but in this world, not many people would afford or like to wear this type of elegant robe. It was the only lead he had in pursuing his father’s killer.

[Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han was shouting at the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird]. “Outrageous juniors! You dare to make a night attack upon Baotu Manor. Drop your weapons and surrender now. Do you want to wait for me to handle you personally?”

“You despicable man!” [True Heart Sword] Fan Jun angrily bramble out. “You don’t have to show off your power and influence! It is only because you have many people with you but do you think we be afraid of you? Since we dare to come, why should we fear you in the first place, what you have, showcase to us!”

[Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han smiled and said. “Junior! You are hovering on death’s door and yet you dare to mutter so much rubbish. If you were to throw away your sword, then I will on account of your father, will still give you an option to live. If not, heng!” He coldly hummed and then stared at him with blighting eyes that were filled with a malevolent air. “If not, this hill will be your burial ground!”

[Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] knew that [Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han would surely do what he had threatened. Moreover he was staring at them with such malevolent air. And the ten top exponent fighters of Baotu Manor were also at the back, staring at them in the same manner too, not to mention the tens of followers at the back too.

But, this concerned their family reputation in the Martial Fraternity and their deceased mother…she had suffered a great humiliation in the hands of Master Murong therefore she had committed suicide. Therefore they were filled with anger instead and everyone of them had decided to put their life and death aside and said at almost the same time. “Rubbish aside! Show us what capabilities you have to bring us down!”

[Zhaxing Shou] Murong Han was solemn and then he waved with his hand. Immediately five to six of his ten most powerful exponent fighters sprang in front!

Every single one of the top ten exponent fighters of the Baotu Manor, was the epitome exponent fighter that could dominate the Martial Fraternity in an area of expertise. Just any of them was the most resounding person in the Pugilist.

Therefore everyone of them thought that with just their lone presence, no one would dare to intrude upon Baotu Manor. But now, in just a single night, numerous people would dare to intrude into the manor, even set fire upon the manor.

Without a doubt, all the top ten exponent fighters regarded it as an insult. So when Master Murong had signaled for them to bring them down, everyone had sprung in front at almost the same instant.

But because of their status in the Martial Fraternity, naturally they could not fight the Fan Clan with wolf pack tactics.

[The Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng bowed with his hands together to the rest of the top martial exponents. “My dear brothers! As I am the oldest here, allow me to fight with them!” And he took out his silver flute.

Since, he had said he was the oldest here, surely he must be the oldest although it was very hard to tell from his age.

Suddenly the blind priest laughed. “Brother Zhang, your ‘Enchanting Lyric Flute Display’ is so renowned throughout the Pugilistic Martial Fraternity. To deal with a few lowly juniors, is there a need for Brother Zhang to fight personally? In my opinion, allow me, a blind priest to fight instead!”

A one arm bald old man who was really the [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing shouted. “Please forgive me, my brothers. Let me fight instead!” And he sprang ahead of them to engage the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird].

When the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] attacked at the same time, their co-operation were perfect, their timing and placement wondrous. It was because these three swords and pair of hand, formed the famous Fan Clan Sword and Fist formation known as the ‘Mystical Energy Triple Slash Formation’. The four of them were well versed in this formation and now forced to fight together, their display were indeed formidable!

But [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing as the top martial exponent fighter in the Northwest, his martial abilities were naturally unfathomable. Moreover his temper was extremely violent. Together with [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju, they were known as the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass].

And now, he wanted to be the first of the ten top martial exponents to attack because he wanted to show off his skills. However in momentum carelessness, he had gonna the lower hand because he had never expected these four juniors when they were fighting together, would be this formidable and their stances and strokes would be this marvelous.

[Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing when he attacked with his hand, his attacking force was like a huge boulder that was thrown into the ocean. At the same time, two teething sword energies flashed in his left and right. He instantly knew that he was in trouble. But lucky he was rich in fighting experience and knew that his present pose was disadvantaged, therefore he scuffled his legs backward and just managed to avoid the killer sword strokes coming in from his left and right side!

Now [Soul Seeker Bell] Sima Jing was terrible angry and he took out a bronze bell. This bell was just an ordinary bell in the eyes of others but when he started to ring it, everyone’s ears were shrieked by it as it went. ‘Dingdang’ ‘Dingdang’.

Immediately several top martial fighters began to move backward. It was obvious that this small bell was not simply a bell. Moreover Sima Jing nickname was [Soul Seeker Bell]. Surely there must be a reason why he was nicked this way.

When the [Three Swords and one Mystical Bird] saw Sima Jing took out this bell, they seemed to remember suddenly who this man might be and all their expressions changed!

Fan Suluan mind and spirit had been trembled by the ‘Soul Seeker’ effect of the bell and now when she had attacked, her sense of direction seemed to have been confused! And she even felt dizzy now and knew that something was not right as she leapt backward as she grasped. “Aiya!”

Sima Jing’s soul seeker bell was indeed very powerful. Just one stance alone, was enough to break the ‘Mystical Energy Triple Slash Formation’ And moreover as he sensed the weakness in the formation, he began to attack Fan Suluan. But before he could do so, a thunderous shout was heard, halting his attack.

“Hold your hand!” As a powerful windforce streaked out.

Sima Jing moved back two yards and saw that it was a young man that had just appeared. “Huh! Is him?”

This young man was indeed Zhan Bai.

So it seemed that the shrieking sound of Sima Jing’s bell woke Zhan Bai up from his thoughts. When he had lifted his head, he had saw that Fan Suluan was in grave danger.

As Zhan Bai had always been filled with a sense of heroism, so how could he not step forth? Moreover Fan Suluan was the bosom friend in his heart.

Therefore in this crisis, he had actually forgotten about the sleazy angry that were caused by her three brothers. His only thought was on saving a life and he did not even considered if he could even win Sima Jing! It was right to say that he had lent a righteous hand and disregard life and death. Moreover he was trying to save his bosom friend, so it was purely without hesitation.

So when Zhan Bai had shouted. “Hold your hand!” He had used ten folds of his strength and generated a powerful windforce.

Sima Jing was startled therefore he had leapt two yards backward.

He had expected to see a top martial exponent fighter. When he had calmed down to take look, it was actually the same young man that caused him to fight with that Crazy Lei. Therefore he was startled and angry at the same time.

Angry because, when he was fighting with others, someone would actually dare to interrupt. Startled because, this unremarkable young man actually had such powerful palm technique. It was so unbelievable.

“Young rascal!” He shouted angrily at Zhan Bai. “I have heard that you are a junior of Lei Zhenyuan, why do you keep opposing me time and again?”

Zhan Bai looked into the crowd but there was no sight of Lei Dashu. Although he was a honest young man but he could tell that Sima Jing was trying to shift all the blame upon Lei Dashu. Zhan Bai really did not know how to lie but if he say he did not know Lei Dashu, it would weight heavily in his heart for he had accorded him with great kindness, saved him two times from dangers and even passed onto him the ‘Sacred Manual’. If he admit he was the junior of Lei Dashu, would it not give him a great deal of tricky troubles? How could Lei Dashu alone fight the entire Baotu Manor? Therefore he opened his eyes widely to look around but still he could not find any words to reply.

When the [Three Heroics] saw that it was the same young man that had saved their sister once more, they were instantly filled with guilt towards him.

Fan Suluan recomposing from her startled looks, was now looking intently at Zhan Bai with her curvy watery eyes. What was she thinking now…

[Zhaxing Shou] furrowed deeply with his eyebrows…

“Young friend, you are indeed extraordinary!” [The Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng smiled as he stepped from the crowd. “I wonder who protégé are you? What is your name, can you tell me?”

Even before he could reply, a voice thundered. “Brother Zhang, why waste your breath! Let us bring this junior down first and coerced him to speak after we had him in our hands. Then all the truths will be out!”

The speaker moved very fast, even though he had just one leg. He was indeed the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju. When Zhan Bai had startled and caused his old buddy Sima Jing to move back two yards, he was startled as well.

But he was not like the others. He was very sharp and observant and although he could not guess Zhan Bai’s background but he could tell that he had only internal force and did not have any extraordinary stances. Therefore he stepped forward, intending to use his unique martial skill ‘Lightning chasing the Wind Hands’ to overcome this young man.

This old freak was ruthless and attacked without hesitation. So just when [The Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng was questioning Zhan Bai, he had shouted and attacked Zhan Bai as he leapt forward in mid air with a stance of ‘Golden Leopard Flashing its Claw’.

Zhan Bai dodged with his legs and extended his hands with lightning speed with a stance, the ‘Implosion Divider’.

[One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju as he displayed his stances two times in continuous was very sure that Zhan Bai could not evade it that was why at the same instant, he shouted. “Now you will fall!”

But who would expect Zhan Bai who looked stiff and slow, would suddenly become so fast and swift and that he had actually dodged his stances. This, enraged the [One leg Flying Heretic] as he displayed three of his killer stances now, ‘Hungry Ghost seeking Souls’, ‘Severance of the Nerves and Pulses’, ‘Hitting the Vitals’  in continuous attack strokes.

Although the old freak had one leg but he was unbelievable fast or else he would be called the [One leg Flying Heretic]! But no matter how he looked at it, Zhan Bai did not seem to be using any extraordinary swiftness movement skill to dodge his attacks and he always managed to dodge his attacks at the very last minute or after he had attacked.

Especially Zhan Bai’s bright big eyes that were looking at all the changes of his stances and strokes with an intensity. It was like he did not care much very much for dodging and retaliation and more like a Mentor Teacher that was giving pointers to his disciple.

Since everything that the disciple knew, was taught by the Mentor Teacher, no matter how fast he was, he was still unable to hit his Mentor Teacher. And the Mentor Teacher did not need to dodge on purpose, he would dodge his disciple’s attacks therefore he did not even need to guard against his disciple and just observed if his disciple attacks and movements skills were properly used.

From this point of view, then won’t this unremarkable young man martial abilities be much higher than this [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju who had been lording over the Martial Fraternity for tens of years? It was really so unbelievable! Therefore, many of the top martial exponent fighters that were watching this scene were stunned and they paid all their attention to this fight…

As for [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju, he was more startled than anyone else. Even as he attacked Zhan Bai non stop, he was thinking. “I must have knocked into a ghost! How could it be possible that my specialty hand and claw martial skill could not even touch a young inexperience young man? I am losing all my face!”

Therefore [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju stances became even more vicious and all his strokes were a life ender display.

In actuality, Zhan Bai could dodge all his killer stances and strokes were due to his unconscious reflexes and he himself did not know the reason.

Naturally, it must be credited to his gruesome training that he had put his efforts into for quite a number of years. At the same time, because he had practiced with the Sacred Manual and cultivated his internal strength with its intricate formulas, his internal force got a huge boast. And now his ears were even sharper and coupled with the fact he had broken through his eight wondrous meridian channels and pulses, his reflexes were now extraordinary fast. What he thought, he would react, as his mind and thought moved as one.

But Zhan Bai had forgot to attack as he stared wide eyes at the [One leg Flying Heretic] marvelous killer stances.

But who would say he was foolish? He had actually picked up the extraordinary skills of the [One leg Flying Heretic] even as the fight was carried on. Just like that, the stances and strokes of the [One leg Flying Heretic] were slowly being copied and ripped by Zhan Bai. And the old freak did not even notice it as he attacked faster and faster. In a twinkle of an eye, he had displayed twenty to thirty stances and strokes.

Ch11 End

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