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Chapter 13: Living Dead Man and Dead Living Man

Zhan Bai had chased the old man that was riding a donkey for forty to fifty miles before he lost sight of him.

But a miraculous thing happened. Although the old man had disappeared, he found his ‘Heartless Sword’ thrust on a pine tree.

Zhan Bai almost could not believed his very own eyes. How could such a strange thing happen in this world? The sword that he had lost, would actually be found on the top of the tree, waiting for him to retrieve?

But that was the truth that his eyes had seen – The golden edge of the scabbard, the green scale fish leather scabbard! The Heartless Sword was in indeed hanging right here!

Zhan Bai thought he had developed a blurry vision. He thought because of his constant longing for this sword caused him to develop hallucinations. So he rubbed his eyes and lifted his head again and saw that the Heartless Precious Sword was still hanging up there.

One month or so ago, [Cruel Hand Midget] had stolen Zhan Bai’s sword and his small sack and even thrown the contents away.

The distance between the sword and him was four yards but because he was trying to verify if the sword was real, he had no time to think and jumped up to retrieve the sword.

Actually he had not paused to consider that the height was too high. So when he had jumped and caught the sword, he was surprised and exclaimed. “What excellent swiftness movement skill!” As he praised himself, astonished that his lightness feat had suddenly improved by so much.

But as he landed, there was a shout behind him that startled him.

The sword that was now in Zhan Bai’s hand had twice been stolen away from him. The experience scarred him badly. Therefore thinking again, that he would be so unlucky as to lose his sword once more, he got a big fright much like a bird that was being fired upon by an arrow.

Quickly, he turned around and drawn his sword, displaying a stance, ‘Fending in Eight Directions in the Dark’ as soon as he turned around, sending a blink of light as he unsheathed his sword. Next he looked at what had occurred.

Goose pimples broke out.

For standing behind him were two strange men in white hemp cloth and both of them were looking idiocy at him with their pale white faces that did not even have any hint of any blood.

These two weird men had suddenly appeared behind him without a single sound like a spectral. Moreover these two weird men carried a ghastly aura. What was more, with their appearance, even the forest of pine woods suddenly became eerie.

Although it was now a beautiful afternoon but Zhan Bai could not help feeling like he was in hell and all his hair was standing.

What was even weirder was that those two men were almost identical whether in appearances or dressing. It was like a person playing the role of two persons.

Just when Zhan Bai was still startled, one of the weird man began to flash his teeth to laugh.

But his laugh was even scarier. His facial expressions did not even tweaked, showing forth his teeth.

As for the another man, he extended forth a hand and eerily shouted. “Hand it over!”

Zhan Bai took a step back and placed his sword in front of his chest. He thought to himself. “No matter what happen this time round, I must not lose my father’s sword again. Even if I have to die, I would not bulge!” As he thought, he said. “I am not acquaintance with the two of you. I do not know what you want me to hand over?”

“Ke!Ke!Ke!…” The two weird men began to laugh aloud, shivering Zhan Bai.

“The first thing you have to do is to hand over the sword!”

“The second thing you have to do is to hand over your life. But I think it is wiser for you to hand over the sword first, or else after you have died, fancy a old man like me will have to bend over to pick the sword!”

The tone of the words was filled with arrogance. After Zhan Bai had heard it, he began to furrow deeply and he was now filled with rage. As he had already cast away life and death, he laughed coldly and said. “What a thing to say! Hurry and report your names! I, Zhan Bai, will never tainted my sword with killing nameless ghosts!”

When both of them heard Zhan Bai’s name, they glanced at one another and their expressions suddenly tweaked. And asked at the same time. “What! You are named Zhan too! Is it real?”

“Ridiculous!” Zhan Bai thought. “Will a surname be fake?”

Therefore he exclaimed proudly. “Is it because the two of you have used a fake name, therefore you did not dare to say aloud your names?”

But who would expect that it would cause a distress in their innermost hearts. One of them began to shout. “I am called [Living Dead Man]!”

The another man thundered. “I am called [Dead living Man]!”

The two of them exclaimed at the same time. “We are really nameless and without surnames as well. But if we tell you our real nicknames, it is the time for you to meet your maker!”

Even as the both of them spoke, they had sprang forward and attacked Zhan Bai ferociously with palm and gripping attacks.

Zhan Bai tightened his grip on the hilt and started parrying left and right. After continuously displaying five, six strokes only then did he managed to fend them off.

Even though Zhan Bai had encountered many top pugilist exponents recently but he had never seen such weird strokes that were being displayed by those two weird men. When they attacked, it changed from gradually slow to fast rapid attacks. When they extended out their palms and fingers, it suddenly became as fast as a fast moving hurricane.

And so each time they attacked with a single stance, Zhan Bai was forced to parry with another three to five stances. Therefore when they attacked with two to three stances, he found himself in a frenzied state.

At that moment of time, Zhan Bai totally lost his state of calmness when he was facing the [One leg Flying Heretic]. It was because even though the [One leg Flying Heretic] strokes may be very fast, but there were still some breathing spaces for him to parry. But now, those two weird men when they attacked, they left no thinking time for him to pause and consider.

Zhan Bai martial arts were originally very complex. In the beginning, he had spend more than ten years training in hardship in his martial arts. But a lack of guidance from a Enlightened Master restricted his martial skills to the most ordinary ones.

But then after he had practiced hard the orthodox intricate formulas in the [Sacred Manual], his inner strength tremendously increased. His eyes and ears became sharp and focus, becoming extraordinary in the process and he finally had the potential to practice the higher forms of martial arts.

However, he still could not comprehend all those strange and wondrous sword and unarmed techniques. And then, after quite a few encounters with the top exponents, he managed to grasp a few strokes and stances due purely to a moment’s inspiration. For the gaps in between the strokes, he tried to alleviate by filling it with possible strokes as he fought along.

But now, under the fierce attacks of those two men that were using a weird and wondrous attacking stance that severely crippled Zhan Bai ability to hold his ground as he tried his very best to parry in all directions.

After tens of strokes fly past, Zhan Bai was now parrying more than he could retaliate. His sword could not even aim accurate at them as powerful windforce caused by those two men defrayed the sword.

Zhan Bai was feeling panicky now. Suddenly he started to see white images of them attacking him as they split from two to four, from four to eight, from eight to sixteen, from sixteen to much much more as they started to surround him.

Naturally Zhan Bai understood that the illusions were caused by the two weird men’s illusionary swiftness movement skills. But he did not know which were the actual and which were the illusions. He could only danced his Heartless Precious Sword all around him continuously in a bid to protect himself.

Zhan Bai’s ‘Three Flair Swordplay’ was a most ordinary swordplay but when he had displayed it, sword energy chillingly radiated from it as it thundered like thunder in the thunderstorm. It was like a furious dragon in a maelstrom.

The two weird men were no less startled than Zhan Bai who was equally startled by their martial art skills. It was because very few people could even ten strokes of their collective display of the ‘Trilateral Equilibrium Soul Snatching Palm’.

And Zhan Bai could actually have the ability to fight with them for more than ten strokes and not be defeated!

In a blinking flash, another five, six strokes scurried by.

[Living Dead Man] was patience enough and he was not in a hurry as he attacked Zhan Bai stroke by stroke, stance by stance. [Dead Living Man] however was by natural an impatience man.

After witnessing that Zhan Bai was still undefeated, he suddenly gave a thunderous shout as he executed a stance named ‘Dividing the Mortals’ as he forcefully barged towards and aimed at five of his vulnerable accupoints as he sliced with his left hand and chopped with his right hand.

This stance of his were extraordinary swift and deadly. Zhan Bai was already dazzled by those two weird men that he did not even know where all the incoming strokes were coming from. His only natural reflex was to dance the Heartless Precious Sword around him non stop like a gale, seeking self preservation instead of attempting to hurt his opponents. Therefore when this deadly stance was displayed, he was unaware of it.

He was an exemplar of a blind man riding a blind horse. He did not even know that he had walked into a treacherous road…

However [Living Dead Man] was looking out for Zhan Bai with a hidden agenda and he fended off all the killer strokes executed by the [Dead Living Man]. Just when [Dead Living Man] was about to fly into a temper, [Living Dead Man] snatched the bundle off Zhan Bai’s sword and retreated backwards.

[Dead Living Man] did not know why [Living Dead Man] had suddenly retreated but they had always assaulted and retreated together. So when he saw [Living Dead Man] had back off, he was filled with displeasure and did the same as well.

Zhan Bai suddenly felt as though a heavy pressure had been lifted off him as the illusionary white figures had started to vanish. And he stood rooted to the ground vigilantly with his sword.

Then the two weird men began to open up the bundle and casually took a bundle of hair from it and looked at one another before they finally turned towards Zhan Bai and asked. “What is it?”

However when Zhan Bai had saw them picked out the bundle of hair from inside the bundle, he was furious and stared at them with blood shot eyes.

It was indeed the clues and the items left behind by his father that he had been painstaking seeking all this while!

“Return it to me!” Zhan Bai thundered. “Where did the both of you find it from?”

The two weird men did not expect Zhan Bai to become suddenly so fierce and threw the hair in front of him, coldly said. “You can have it if you want it. This isn’t any good stuff anyway.”

Immediately after they had said that, they took out a thread of silk strings and once again, they looked at one another. They turned and looked at Zhan Bai without expressions to ask. “What is this then?”

“Hurry and return it to me!”

Zhan Bai did not notice that the bundle was snatched from his sword hilt. He only felt strange that how could these two weird men possibly could have his deceased father’s possession? Therefore he became very agitated and shouted continuous. “All the things in that small bundle are mine!”

But the two men ignored the yelling pleas of Zhan Bai and reaching into the bundle and threw a iron pearl and a copper button from inside the bundle at him.

Suddenly the two of them began to dance madly in a hilarious manner, all the while screaming.

Zhan Bai was startled. Why did they suddenly become crazy?

Suddenly the two men caught hold of Zhan Bai by his arms, from two sides and they started to grip him tightly. But Zhan Bai bit his teeth tightly and did not mutter a single sound e even though he was in terrible pain.

How did they catch hold of him so easily? Firstly, he was caught by surprise and did not guarded against them. Secondly, they were simply too fast.

“Is this the Precious Heartless Sword?” [Living Dead Man] asked in a shrieking sorrowful voice as he gripped Zhan Bai’s on his right shoulder.

Zhan Bai tried to resist as he protested. “Let go of me!”

“Are you the descendant of the Great Hero Zhan Yuntian?” Asked the [Dead Living Man] as he asked in an equally sorrowful voice as he gripped him on his left shoulder.

Grieved at the mention of his late father but still Zhan Bai refused to say a word more.

Suddenly the two weird men let go of Zhan Bai and together, they bowed at him. And then, [Living Dead Man] lamented sorrowfully. “Heaven is not blind after all, our benefactor has a heir!”

[Dead Living Man] was lamenting loudly as well. “Heaven is blind, our benefactor have been wronged so unjustly that it can sink to the bottom of the ocean!”

“What else!” [Living Dead Man] clenched the copper coin in his fist tightly. He lamented aloud in terrible grief. “Brother, what do think is this?”

Suddenly, [Dead Living Man] was hollowing even more loudly and his shrieking voice was as though it could shatter rocks and penetrated to the clouds.

“Us two brothers, try as we try, we still cannot find out who killed our benefactor and he had to die in limbo.” [Dead Living Man] seemed to finish lamenting as he sunk his voice painfully to add. “Rather than live in this world to suffer the indignant of not avenging our benefactor that is worse than death, that is why we hide our real names and use the nick of [Living Dead Man] and [Dead Living Man]. But today after witnessing these objects…”

[Dead Living Man] looked even more sorrowful as he pointed at the copper coin that [Living Dead Man] was holding and he was weeping. “Now that we already know who to seek vendetta with but we are unable to avenge for our benefactor. Can we still face anyone in life? Do we still deserve to live in this world?”

“That is right!” [Living Dead Man] too began to lament in great sorrow as he questioned. “My brother! Do we still have anything that deserve to live for in this world?”

As they said, they began to hug one another to weep uncontrollably…

Never did Zhan Bai expect that these two ghastly weird men that radiated such an eerie and cold demeanor, would have such warm heartfelt affection! Moreover, judging from their tone and mannerism, it was quite obvious that they were his father’s friends.

Therefore by now, Zhan Bai had already cast away his dislike and feeling of repulsive for them. Instead, he felt so intimate with them as though it was like his father meeting with his best of friends.

He tried to comfort them by saying. “Do not grieve. There is a saying: It never too late for a gentleman to avenge a wrong even if it were ten years late. As long as the two of you have this heart, not to mention myself but also my late father will be extremely grateful in the underworld!”

It would be better if Zhan Bai did not comfort them for it upset them even more as they hollowed loudly with tears. “What a great shame, how can we face his family! What a great shame, how can we face his family!…”

Suddenly [Living Dead Man] as he lamented began to bang his head headlong into a pine tree.

It was obvious that he was too deeply overcome with grief and was now trying to commit suicide by rushing headlong into a pine tree which width required two men to surround with their hands.

Zhan Bai was too late to [Living Dead Man] and when he tried to hold him back, [Dead Living Man] had rushed into a giant pine tree on the other side!

There were a series of loud crashing sound caused by the two men as they attempted to bang their heads again and again!

Zhan Bai was secretly stunned. The force of these men when they banged into the trees were like thousand weight force.

Seeing that they could not succeed in their suicide, they lamented aloud as they shrieked before finally making their way out of the pine forest in extreme grief.

After Zhan Bai had saw them went afar and after standing on the same spot for some time, did he recovered his thoughts as he thought. “It really so unthinkable that these two ghastly men are actually men of blood and tears!”

“Alas!” Zhan Bai sighed aloud as he thought. “From their tone, it seem that they had already known who killed my father. But why did they say, they can’t avenge for my father…”

When Zhan Bai had thought of that, he suddenly stomped his leg and shouted. “Alas Ah! Why did I forget to ask them…”

“Little rascal! Who did you forget to ask?” Someone replied him from his back. “You are actually talking to yourself!”

Zhan Bai turned around and his blood ran cold for standing right in front of him was the [Cruel Hand Midget].

Zhan Bai furrowed his eyebrows puzzling over the prospect of his luck.

[Cruel Hand Midget] laughed aloud and looked extremely happy as he said. “Little fellow, you seem none too please to meet an old man like me?”

Zhan Bai did not bother to answer him.

“But, who will expect that we can actually encounter one another again! Moreover it is the same place. Little Fellow, can you not say that it is not Heaven’s Will after all?”

Zhan Bai was jolted. He suddenly remembered this was the same place that he had encountered the [The Outrageous Flying Cloud]. It was also the very same place that they had tried to raid his escorts. Recalling all these things that had occurred one month ago, he was crestfallen and a feeling of sadness overwhelmed him!

“Since we have so much fate,” [Cruel Hand Midget] jeered, ignoring Zhan Bai that looked so depressed and said. “Then surrender it now!”

Zhan Bai stumbled backward at his words as he thought. “Not again!” He bitterly said. “Old senior! You have thrown junior’s things away and caused me untold grief. Don’t you feel that is enough already? Now you want to take things from me again! What do you want? I really do not have anything on me…”

[Cruel Hand Midget] giggled and pointed at his Heartless Precious Sword. “I promise this time I do not want your smell stuff anymore! Hand over your sword and let me have a look!”

Zhan Bai was furious and he thought. “Must I be manipulate and let other snatch my things like that?” And he stared at him and said aloud. “Everyone in the Martial Fraternity knows that a pugilist’s weapon is his second life! For an old senior like you to mutter such a thing, don’t you feel ridiculous at all?”

[Cruel Hand Midget] tweaked his face as his jovial expression disappeared and he solemnly said in a deep voice. “I only ask you this. To surrender it? Or not to surrender it?”

Zhan Bai laughed coldly and replied proudly. “Then you have to ask my sword to see if it is in agreement!”

[Cruel Hand Midget]’s eyes were filled with malevolent air. Because Zhan Bai thought that he was about to attack him, he secretly channeled his inner force throughout his body as a precaution.

Suddenly [Cruel Hand Midget] turned panicky as he caught sight of the huge pine trees lying all over in pandemonium. He pointed his finger around and asked. “What is going on around here? How did these trees fall?”

Zhan Bai really felt laudable at himself. He had been so nervous for quite awhile and this [Cruel Hand Midget] suddenly switched his attention and asked about those fallen trees. He thought that this old man was really unreasonable and he did not want to waste anymore time with him.

“Then…” Zhan Bai said. “I plead with old senior to spend some time investigating and to ponder over it! Junior still have other matters to attend to and I take my leave now!” After saying, Zhan Bai turned his head around and walked away.

There was a hum and a shadowy flash as [Cruel Hand Midget] made his way in front of Zhan Bai. He thundered loudly. “Little rascal! Are you thinking of running again? You dare to play punk with me right in front of my very eyes? Then you are asking for trouble!”

Zhan Bai waved his Heartless Precious Sword and coldly replied. “Then, may I ask you for some instructions! I will simply fight and not back off!”

[Cruel Hand Midget] hummed aloud from his nostril as he exclaimed none too please. “Little rascal! You dare to exchange blows with me?”

Zhan Bai straightened his back and answered without hesitating. “I can’t wait in fact to take a look at some of old senior’s epitome strokes!”

[Cruel Hand Midget] looked undecided and his eyes were looking left and right around him…

However Zhan Bai knew that the [Cruel Hand Midget] might be weird but he was actually a very cunning man. Afraid that he might use some sneak attacks on him, he immediately focussed his attention and circulated his inner strength throughout his entire body to ready himself for any attacks.

Suddenly the [Cruel Hand Midget] noticed some words on the ground tens of yards away. And slowly he began to walk towards it as if curiosity got the hand of him. He was heard muttering. “Alas! Who wrote these words on the ground?”

Because the Midget had relaxed his malevolent air, Zhan Bai found himself relaxing from his tight tension as well. He suddenly found himself unable to smile. Even if he were to cry, there would be no tears. Not in the least having the curiosity as the [Cruel Hand Midget], he began to storm out of the surrounding pine woods in broad strides…

At the same time, Zhan Bai hardened his heart and said to himself if the [Cruel Hand Midget] tried to stop him again, he would surely circulated all his internal force and stabbed him in the chest with his sword. Even if this freak were to confuse him and muttered sweet nothings to him, he would never even kindled his eyebrows to ponder…

As soon as his heart was hardened, it became soft again as he walked in strides away. Only this time, the [Cruel Hand Midget] did not try to stop him but he began to read out some words that could barely considered sentence, causing him to pause and turned back!

“The act of avenging thee father…must…gold…be left avenge…do not be rush…Donkey…Gut…”

[Cruel Hand Midget] was heard scolding as he jumped up and down. “It made utterly no sense at all!”

But to Zhan Bai, it made perfect sense as blood rushed to his head and his heart pounded. “Alas ah! Isn’t it obviously the hints of the old man with the donkey? He is trying to tell me who killed my father!”

Zhan Bai rushed back immediately as the [Cruel Hand Midget] began to erase the words by his jumping! But it was too late!

He shouted hilariously. “Old senior! Do not erase all those words!”

Even though he had rushed back as quick as lightning but [Cruel Hand Midget] had totally caused all the words to vanish from the ground!

He looked at Zhan Bai to say, “What is the matter with you, little fellow? Are you the one that wrote all those words on the ground? It really made no sense at all! Didn’t you study at all when you are little? To think you are an adult now!”

How would Zhan Bai still have the mood to argue with him? He only bowed his head low at the ground that just moment ago contained the clues to his father’s death as he exclaimed anxiously. “Old senior! What must you pit yourself against me! Why expended so much efforts on me? Really! It was really…”
Zhan Bai kept scolding ‘Really’ for some time in repetitious not knowing what to say.

But the [Cruel Hand Midget] began to applaud with his hands after witnessing how frustrated Zhan Bai was. He thought that it was the most fun thing that had happened.

“Alas!” Zhan Bai let go of a long sight as he thought. “Why wasted so much time on him. It is better if I stay away from him, the faster the better! Since that old man that rides the donkey has left his sword and words behind for him, surely he is trying to help him secretly. Even though those words are not clear but his father’s killer must surely be at Nanjing (gold can be pronounced Jin). Why don’t he take a trip down to Nanjing? Maybe he can find some clues there…”

As he was thinking, he began to turn back to walk away…

But the [Cruel Hand Midget] suddenly blocked his way and shouted. “Little rascal! If you do leave your sword, don’t even think of leaving here! Do you think you are able to leave on your own?”

Zhan Bai was really pushed to a corner by him and he snapped by executing ‘Sword Finger of the Heavenly South’. He was so angry that he was speechless now and he attacked the [Cruel Hand Midget] who responded by shouting. “Wonderful attack!”

Suddenly [Cruel Hand Midget] swayed aside, avoiding his sword stance and attacked fiercely toward Zhan Bai right wrist with his left hand.

This counter attack was exactly a technique known as the ‘Hand grasping and weapon clenching style’ for unarmed fighter to fight against some one with a weapon in hand. At the same time, his right hand swiftly and fiercely reached out and hit violently at Zhan Bai’s left chest.

Indeed, the [Cruel Hand Midget] was not to be trifled with. In a mere instant, he had countered, counter attacked and his strokes were all secretive and marvelous. It was indeed very extraordinary to behold.

Zhan Bai was taken aback. Even with a sword in his hand, he could not gain an edge over him. Not only did the [Cruel Hand Midget] not retreat in the face of his deadly and swift swordplay, he had even successfully counter attacked and put him at a disadvantage.

All Zhan Bai could do was to muster all his strength and swung his sword in a defensive position in a bid to withdraw his attacking stance. But it was already too late and his right wrist was hit by the [Cruel Hand Midget] and he felt his chest experiencing a painful sensational as if his bones had cracked. He felt his upper body growing numb and his Heartless Precious Sword almost dropped from his hand…

It was a lucky thing that after Zhan Bai was struck in the chest, his right wrist was not gripped by the [Cruel Hand Midget] or it would well be fatal.

Zhan Bai was panicky and he lifted his left hand to parry his attacker remaining blows. Both of them were knocked back three steps.

Because both of them were still in the process of exchanging blows and had not used all their might, they could not gain an immediately edge over one another.

In Zhan Bai’s panicky state, he had seal off the remaining blows with a powerful stretch thus saving him from a perilous situation. He did not think much about this exchange but as for the [Cruel Hand Midget], it wounded his pride.

With his consummate skills and present state of cultivation, how could Zhan Bai had the strength to knock him back? It was something that was impossible.

He thundered at Zhan Bai, “Good rascal! Hats off to you! What about taking a blow from my hands!” Upon saying, he raised his strength of cultivation to eight folds and violently struck out.

A streak of windforce that hallowed as he extended his hands. The [Cruel Hand Midget] palm strike was startling!

Zhan Bai had unconsciously pushed the [Cruel Hand Midget] backward. Therefore he received a boast to his confidence and he quickly switched his sword to his left hand and let his right hand received the incoming blow.

There was a thunderous clap as sand flew in all directions.

Zhan Bai was still standing firmly on the same spot while the [Cruel Hand Midget] was knocked back five to six steps backward before he could steady himself.

This time round, the [Cruel Hand Midget] was startled and he thought. “I have found fame in the pugilist world for many years and rarely meet any worthy opponents. How could I be knock back by such a unremarkable young man?”

One month ago, he had encountered this young man and had already known that his skills were ordinary. Therefore, how was it possible for Zhan Bai to improve so tremendous in a single month?…

If this got out to the pugilist realm that he was jerked backward by this unknown young man, how would he going to face anyone in the future? This was too great a blow to his pride.

When the [Cruel Hand Midget] analyzed up to this point, his eyes turned murderous and stray of his hair were standing up. This was a sign that his internal force had been cultivated to the level of finesses. “Rascal! Not bad.” And then he thundered aloud. “What about taking another blow from me!”

Zhan Bai knew instantly that this old man had used all his might. Wishing to know the extent of his internal cultivation as well, he lifted the energy from his diaphragm and used ten fold of his strength by exercising the Sacred Manual consummate skills.

The [Cruel Hand Midget] laughed, “I see that you have readied yourself!”

Zhan Bai did not know that the [Cruel Hand Midget] was planning a ruse so he replied. “Old senior, please exhibited your blow! Junior I…”

But who would have thought that when Zhan Bai was still speaking in mid sentences that the [Cruel Hand Midget] would suddenly attack him suddenly as he shouted. “Heh!”

Zhan Bai was taken completely by surprise as he hurriedly raised his vital energies around him in a quick attempt to take the incoming blow.

“Pang!” A thunderous sound was heard.

Zhan Bai began to see stars as he was dazzled by the furious amount of impact. He found himself almost unable to stand still. The pressure of that blow was like the sudden rushing of the great river Changjiang that had rushed upon him. He knew that if he was in grave danger now. If he could not handle this blow, he would die instantly.

Therefore he focused his thoughts and mustered all his vital energies from his diaphragm as he tried to perform the Thousand Weigh Fall to steady himself while at the same time, he circulated the vital energies to both his shoulders and then to his both his hands. Surprisingly, he managed to withstand the attack in its entirely and the danger faded.

Although the [Cruel Hand Midget] did not think much of Zhan Bai nor did he placed him in high regards, he knew by now that this young man was not to be underestimated.

In this third round of fight, he tried to use a little ruse; While Zhan Bai was talking, he would attack because while talking, vital energies would leak away. It was an excellent opportunity to kill Zhan Bai on the spot and he would preserve his pride as well.

Therefore he lifted and used all forty to fifty years of his internal power and extended both his hands into a blow while thinking. “Rascal, you are finished this time…”

But who would expect that Zhan Bai would suddenly managed to calm his explosive force down and reversed the force at him!

The [Cruel Hand Midget] was greatly startled and he immediately calmed himself down and mustered his remaining strength to both his hands…

Zhan Bai too readied all his internal strength to resist…

It was now a contest of vital energies as they froze in a posture with hands extending together. Those who did not know might have wondered why an old man and a young man were posturing for in the forest!

On closer look, both men were looking extremely anxious and were shaking slightly. The old man was staring with murderous intent at Zhan Bai.

The internal skills that Zhan Bai had mastered was the Sacred Manual containing all the orthodox upper echelon intrinsic formula and it was passed down by the Lord of the Only Eye.

At such, the book was the most marvelous in the world. The martial skills that were recorded in it were all rarely seen but were all first class. It had the powers of the monastic order to subdue demonic forces.

What more, Zhan Bai had a most extraordinary encounter. He was attacked by Zhang Shipeng’s Enchanting Lyrical Flute Display that caused his vital energies to reverse upon himself. Lucky, Master Lingfeng had unwittingly dealt him a blow and cleared his eight wondrous meridian channels.

Therefore Zhan Bai inner martial arts underwent a tremendous increase. It was not beneath some one that had forty to fifty years of internal cultivation and practice.

Once again, they were equals in this standoff.

The [Cruel Hand Midget] too was experiencing that Zhan Bai’s internal force was like the great river Changjiang that were rushing at him. He bit his teeth and concentrated on dealing with the pressure. Not only was he startled, he was enraged!

What amount to the time to boil a hot teapot passed as the both of them fought a physical and mental contest to see who would be the first to go under. The surrounding woods had suddenly became eerily quiet.

Suddenly Zhan Bai remembered that the Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual had two lines of secret formula that formed: “An illusion that is not, the weakness that is not.” Did the intrinsic formula meant it as ‘Suck’?

Therefore Zhan Bai thought. “I need to go Nanjing. If I contest with him painstakingly in this manner, I wondered when would it ended? Why don’t I attempt to use this ‘Suck’ method. It would well be my liberation to leave this place!”

Because Zhan Bai was still young and impatience, he did not pause to think that this was a life and death matter. What he had thought of, he acted upon it. Therefore at this moment of time, he reversed all his vital energies backward and he could feel a suction in the [Cruel Hand Midget]’s palms as well.

The energy that was reversing was like tens of thousands of rivers rushing forth and it was rushing at him! Zhan Bai was greatly startled…

Ch13 End

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