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Chapter 14: The truth is difficult to explain

Inside Fei Yi Tong’s innermost thoughts, he was hilariously happy when he felt Zhan Bai palm force receding. He had thought that Zhan Bai internal strength was giving way, therefore he hallowed in joy.

“You will go…”

But before he could say ‘Down’, he suddenly felt a tremendous force rebounding back from Zhan Bai. Like a thousand ton crashing upon his body, his eyes turned black and his ears thundering aloud, he found himself no longer able to withstand anymore.

He screamed aloud as he was knocked back. There was a loud ‘Pong’ sound that clapped like thunder as he was thrown a yard away and landed on the ground.

When Zhan Bai had used the ‘Suck’ intrinsic formula, he immediately sensed something was not right. In a bid to salvage the situation, he accidentally executed the ‘Reality that is, Strong enforcing Strong’ in the Sacred Manual that formed the intrinsic word ‘Rebound’ and instantly knocked back Fei Yitong.

This was something that Zhan Bai had not expected. He heard the screams of Fei Yitong after that for he himself was knocked backward onto the ground. He got up and circulated his breathing first before he walked over to check upon him and saw that blood was bleeding from his veins, nose, mouth and ears; Fei Yitong was dead now.

Although Zhan Bai had previously roamed the pugilistic realm for many years but this was actually the first time he had killed some one. Therefore when he saw that Fei Yitong was bleeding from his seven senses and died in such a terrible manner, he was panicky.

To someone that had bullied him on numerous times, he was feeling apologetic at the moment as he muttered in prayer. “Old senior, why must we come to this stage? You have caused me numerous troubles, alas! I have misjudged and accidentally killed you…”

As he muttered, he thought. “I have better buried him in case his body is exposed to the wilderness and eaten by the wild beasts…”

Therefore, he drawn the Heartless Precious Sword to use as a spade and dug a pit in the forest ground. Just when he had thrown the corpse of Fei Yitong into the pit, suddenly there was a series of wicked laughter coming from three big burly men.

“What a good thing that you have done!”

A burly man that seemed to the leader of the ground said. “To think that someone after murdering a man in broad daylight has decided to destroy all traces of the evidence. Don’t try to deny this thing anymore, rascal!”

Zhan Bai was taken aback while another burly man with an alert face was grinning. “Friend, which fraction do you belong to? After you got yourself such a loot, don’t try to seize all of it for yourself!”

The third burly man that had a pale face coldly said. “Witnesses have a share in the loot too. Take out all the loot no matter how valuable or minor and share with us!”

Although Zhan Bai had previously mixed with the unorthodox fractions in the past not more than a few days but he did understand their meanings.

When he heard that these burly men had thought of him as a fellow bandit and even asked to have a share in the loot, he was feeling misery.

So he replied. “There is no loot to be shared here. The one that died is my companion. He had died during the travels and I am burying his corpse for him!”

The three burly men refused to believe what Zhan Bai had died and walked over to take a look. When they saw the horrid expressions of Fei Yitong, the burly man with the alert face laughed. “There is no need to play a covert games with the knowing. Friend, this companion of yours did not died of illness, right?”

“Oh gosh!”

Before Zhan Bai could reply, the man with the pale face startling called out. “Isn’t this dead man, old senior [Cruel Hand Midget] Fei Yitong!”

The other two were speechless and opened their eyes wide opened and took a closer once more. After verifying that it was really the [Cruel Hand Midget] Fei Yitong, they immediately took two steps back and they drawn their sabres from the back of their body.

And they immediately surrounded him.

“You rascal, how could you have killed old senior Fei?” The leader pointed his finger at Zhan Bai and said aloud. “Why don’t you honestly confess it now!”

“Laoda! (Leader)”

The other two men shouted together. “There is no need to ask anymore! A life for a life for old senior Fei’s life!”

And they had firmly surrounded Zhan Bai now.

“Hold it!” Zhan Bai shouted. “I was dueling with old senior Fei when I misjudged my strength and accidentally hurt him…”

“Rascal! Do you know that telling tell tales will cause your tongue to rot!” The pale faced man coldly said eerily. “In a fair duel, how would you ever be a match for old senior Fei? You must be using some underhand means to kill old senior Fei!”

“Rascal! A life for a life!” The alert face man suddenly hacked his sabre at Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai had barely dodged it when the other two men too started hacking him from his left and back.

Zhan Bai saw that these three men were proficiency with their sabre techniques therefore he unsheathed the Heartless Precious Sword from the scabbard and displayed a stroke ‘Crossing the River, diverting the Flow’.

There were two ‘Clang’ sound as two sabres were severed from its hilt by the Heartless Precious Sword.

The three burly men were startled as they back off one yard away as they stared at Zhan Bai in a state of panic.

This time round, they did not dare to underestimate Zhan Bai anymore for they had witnessed him severing their sabres with his sword.

The three of them were furious and two of the men with the severed sabres charged towards Zhan Bai.

They attacked Zhan Bai on all sides again.

Upon seeing how frantic were their attacks, Zhan Bai did not dare to use his hand to handle the attacks. So he moved his body and used the ‘Ripple of the White Heron’ swiftness skill to dodge the two severed sabres.

Zhan Bai lifted gave a flying kick towards the third man and he was knocked backward to the ground.

The three men had by now lost all their morale and were frightened. They quickly moved backward as they were afraid that Zhan Bai would kill him.

Seeing that Zhan Bai had no wish to pursue them, the pale faced man shouted fiercely. “If you have the guts, leave behind your name!”

“Zhan Bai is my namesake!” Zhan Bai had by now knowingly understood that his martial skills had improved tremendously; his bodily co-ordination and execution of his skills were excellent. Therefore he started to feel proud in his heart and he replied. “Do you still have any opinion to express?”

“Don’t be too sure of yourself yet! We may have admitted defeat for now! But you better watch out!”

As they exclaiming, they were in fact running hastily away.

Zhan Bai laughed on his own and thought. “To think that I, Zhan Bai finally have the opportunity to be famous now…”

After he had finished burying Fei Yitong and ascertaining the way to Nanjing, he was soon on his way.

When the darkness descended, Zhan Bai had walked into a big town. However, he did not know what was the name of this town. But he could see that the streets were lit in a beautiful glow and crowds of people were moving around. It was a bustling town with many traders and people.

As Zhan Bai had hurried hastily here, he was feeling very hungry for quite some time. Taking a good look around hoping to spot a tavern or a Inn to rest and then when dawn came tomorrow, he would continue on his way.

Along the way, Zhan Bai was looking all around for a Inn Tavern and did not notice that quite a few men in short garment were staring at him.

Finally, Zhan Bai spied an Inn Tavern with a big golden sign board with the inscription ‘Gathering of the Heroes’. The merry sounds of people that were making a din out of guessing fists and the fragrance of wine attracted Zhan Bai.

Therefore, he began to walk in bold strides towards this ‘Gathering of the Heroes.’

When Zhan Bai entered through the entrance, a bulky man in short sleeves stopped him and asked. “Are you here to drink or stay?”

Zhan Bai took a glance at him and the bulky man did not look like he was drunk. Therefore he replied, “I am here to drink as well as to stay for the night.”

The bulky man in short sleeves looked up and down at Zhan Bai for several moments before he coldly said, “Very sorry! Our tavern is fully occupied at the moment and so are our rooms. Please go to other Inn Taverns!”

Zhan Bai noticed that this bulky man did not look like the type that was in the Inn business and he saw that a few people inside looked frightful.

Therefore he only stood at the entrance and did not dare to enter. He was filled with suspicious but since he was told that it was fully occupied inside, he was naturally shy to barge inside. So he turned his head around to walk away.

But after Zhan Bai had approached five to six other Inn Taverns, he was filled with disbelief after he was told that every single of them were fully occupied and asked him to approach other Inn Taverns.

He walked to the last Inn Tavern at the edge of the town and he saw the darkness approaching swiftly and there were no lights at all even from the various households.

Zhan Bai was immediately filled with suspicious and he saw the last eatery was half empty therefore he dared to walk boldly inside.

Suddenly a muscular man walked up to him and blocked him, yelling. ‘Friend! Why are you looking so panicky? What do you want here?”

Zhan Bai suddenly had an inspiration in his head and he replied. “To look for someone!” This time round, he did not say he was here to drink or to stay.

That was because he had already observed that all the bulky men that had blocked him along the way were not in this business. Therefore he just wanted to enter the tavern and to order food and drinks before he explained himself.

But alas, the muscular man did not move aside and remained blocking him. He coldly asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Zhan Bai was stunned but he replied, “Why must I tell you who I am looking for?”

The muscular man laughed for a second before saying, “If you are looking for someone, I will dispatch my guys inside to search for you. You shouldn’t be let loose inside on your own!”

Zhan Bai thought, “Why are there so many rules?” But he had already noticed that these people are troublemakers and therefore he pretended to be dumb as well. “I am looking for the Steward of the Inn Tavern!”

The muscular man looked stunned for a second, as he did not expect Zhan Bai to say something like this. But after a while, he knew Zhan Bai was making a fool of him. He stared at Zhan Bai and shouted, “What are you looking for the Steward of the Inn Tavern for?”

Zhan Bai suppressed his anger and he said slowly, “Naturally it is for eating and to stay in the tavern.”

“Friend! To tell you honestly!” The muscular man laughed coldly at him, “There is no food for you to eat here nor is there any room for you to stay. You have better go elsewhere instead!”

Zhan Bai flinched with anger and he was losing control of his rage. So he laughed coldly as well and said, “When I eat, I’ll pay for my food. When I stay in the tavern, I’ll pay for my lodging. Therefore, why should I bother you to meddle in my affairs?”

As Zhan Bai said, he began to bypass the muscular man to walk into the tavern directly.

“When I command that you cannot stay for the night, you surely can’t stay!” The muscular man began to attack Zhan Bai with his hands in a clawing gesture.

How could Zhan Bai let him have the chance to grip him? He dodged the attack and the muscular man followed by a fist after his attack missed.

This fist of his was not only powerful and forceful. It carried a windforce and it was swift and fast as well.

Zhan Bai waited for the muscular man’s fist to be near before he counter-attacked by extending his hand to twist his wrist and pushed him backward, exclaiming. “Out you go!”

And that huge muscular man was indeed obedient, with a scream, he was thrown out of the entrance.

The muscular man crawled back and he pointed at Zhan Bai, cursing loudly at him. “Very good rascal. If you have the courage, don’t run away.” After cursing him, he left hurriedly.

Zhan Bai smiled and he walked majesty into the Inn Tavern and began to sit down. The guests that were in the Inn Tavern were all staring at Zhan Bai with wide-opened eyes. The shop assistants had saw him sitting down but did not dare to approach him to take his orders.

“Hello!” Zhan Bai said after he had sat for quite a while and saw that no one approached him to take orders. So he said loudly, “Where is the drink and food? Serve it to me!”

The shop assistants and the tavern accountants looked at one another for awhile before a brave one dare to approach him and said to him. “Distinguish guest! May we request for you to go to other places to have your meal, alright! Our insignificant shop did not dare to serve you!”

“Rest assure!” Zhan Bai said to him, “Just bring forth the drinks and food. I will shoulder all the troubles incurred and will not drag you into it.

The shop assistant had a bitter smile on his face. “Distinguish guest! You are not wrong in what you say but if we allow you to have your drinks and meal here, we can forget about opening for business in the future.”

“What’s dealings did that fellow have and why are you all so afraid of him?” Zhan Bai asked him. “Is there no imperial law around here?”

“The imperial law do exists here!” The shop assistant replied, “Distinguish guest, have you heard of the name of the ‘The Dashing Joy Seeker’?”

Zhan Bai received a jolt in his head and he began to understand much more clearly now. He thought, “Ah! No wonder! No wonder why these people are so frightened! It is because that fellow is the protégé of Young Master Anle!”

A thought descended upon Zhan Bai that set him thinking again. “A few months ago, I chanced upon Young Master Anle (Chapter 2). Not only is he noble looking, he looked cheerful and heroic as well. Why is that his henchmen are behaving in such a ridiculous manner and yet he did not seem to know?…”

As Zhan Bai pondered, he could not resist asking, “The Young Master Anle that you are referring to, is he from this town?”

The shop assistant smiled when he noticed that Zhan Bai had recognized the name of Young Master Anle. Therefore he laughed and said to him, “Distinguish guest, it is good that you know. Even though Young Master Anle is not at this place but half of this town belongs to him and he is like our foster parents providing food and clothing to us. How did we dare not to respect him?…”

Zhan Bai was listening and thinking at the same time, “Maybe these henchmen are borrowing the prestige and fame of the Young Master Anle and abusing it. Since this shop steward has said that Young Master Anle did not stay in this town so even if I said that I knew him, no one would believe me. It seems that today I am going to starve!…”

Zhan Bai’s eyes were looking around at the same time. He spotted ready made duck, geese and roasted meat. Suddenly a thought struck him and he said, “Since that is the case, I will not put you in a tight spot. Just bring me two catty of roasted meat and some buns for me. I will bring it along to eat!

But the shop assistant did not bulge at all and he was just nodding his head in a continuous bittersweet smile…

“Don’t push me to the extreme!” Zhan Bai stared at him as divine light shone forth from his eyes as he shouted, “Hurry and bring the food here! If you not hurry, don’t blame me for being ungracious…”

“So what if you are ungracious. What then will you do?”

Before Zhan Bai could finish what he was trying to say, two well dressed men had appeared all of a sudden, much like a candle which light shone the instant it was lit.

It was an old man and a young man. The old man was around sixty and his hair was pure white. But his face was reddish and he had thick eyebrows. His eyes were sharp and piercing; he was fierce to behold. On his waist was an unorthodox weapon that was shaped like a cross and he had iron bangles around his belt. It was glittering and it enhanced the malevolent air of the old man.

The young man was twenty plus of age. He had a jaded face and his eyebrows crossed like the clash of swords. He looked handsome but he could not disguise the fierce look on his jaded face. What more, his lips looked like he was of the vicious type and on the whole, he looked proud and arrogant. He stared at Zhan Bai and he was looking none too pleased with him.

When these two men appeared, the shop assistant that was besides Zhan Bai began to step backward slowly…

Zhan Bai rose from his seat but before he could open his mouth, the old man with the reddish face shouted deeply at him, “You are the one that specialized in secret projectiles and killed the [Cruel Hand Midget]?”

The old man speech was powerful and electrifying. It was loud, thunderous and deafening!

Zhan Bai had a bittersweet expression on his face as he listened. It was obviously the [Cruel Hand Midget] had died in a melee fight yet these people were trying to demonize him by suggesting that he won by despicable methods. Therefore he laughed bitterly for a second before exclaiming, “This is a misunderstanding. I am an acquaintance of Young Master Anle. If only I can have a audience with him….”

The arrogant young man with the jaded face coldly hummed as he interrupted, “How could Young Master Anle know a nameless nobody like you? Rubbish aside! Surrender your life as payment in exchange for Old Senior Fei’s life!”

When he had finished, he had suddenly purged forward and attacked Zhan Bai on his right wrist, attempting to grapple him.

Zhan Bai noted that he was not weak and he made an intricate movement, turned his body and he was out of harm’s way.

The arrogant young man began to convert his claw to a palm attack as he followed Zhan Bai. It was the ‘Golden Flake Hand’ as he attacked him furiously. At the same time when he had plunged forward, his right hand turned into a slicing blade as he aimed Zhan Bai’s ‘Jian Xue’ that if hit, would be very grievous indeed. (Shoulder blade).

This one stance, two strokes were not only swift like the striking of flint and steel, it also carried the brokering sound of the windforce. It was very obvious that the arrogant young man possesses extraordinary internal strength as well.

If it were one month ago, these two strokes would surely cause Zhan Bai to be defeated on the spot. But the Zhan Bai now was not the weakling that he once was! When he had seen the displaying his two killer strokes, he immediately extended his hands. There were two clanking sounds as he gripped the arrogant young man by his wrists.

The arrogant young man’s countenance underwent a tremendous change as he turned green and he was perspiring profusely. What was lacking was that he did not let go of a terrifying scream to the scene.

This wondrous technique of Zhan Bai was called the ‘Intricate Chain and Shackles’. It was a skill that Zhan Bai had stolen from the [One Leg Flying Heretic]. He did not expect to use this technique at all here and the instant he had executed it, he had suppressed this proud and arrogant young man that held his head high above all and belittled all others.

Because this stance of Zhan Bai had gripped the arrogant man’s two wrists and caused him unnerving pain, even if he had many powerful martial moves, he could not muster anymore.

Zhan Bai did not want to bully him. Just when he wanted to say a word or two before he released the arrogant young man, there was a powerful windforce coming behind his back.

At the same time, he heard the reddish old man shouting, “Release him!”

Actually even if the reddish old man did not shout, Zhan Bai knew that it was him that was attacking him from behind his back. He immediately let go of the arrogant young man and leapt back five feet away from the attack.

There was a powerful pang sound as the reddish face old man who was unable to stop himself because of the tremendous force that he had mustered, hit the arrogant young man on his chest as Zhan Bai dodged out of the way.

The arrogant young man was sent flying more than one yard away before he landed with a studding sound as he crashed headlong on the wall. He was seen dropping lifelessly on the ground and not a sound was heard. It seemed that he was not far from dying…

The shop assistants and the guests were in a state of confusion as they began to bellow aloud. “Someone is killed!…”

The reddish face old man saw that he had yet to land a finger upon Zhan Bai and instead he had injured his beloved disciple. He was now extremely furious and was in terrible rage now. His eyebrows looked like it would explode at anytime. He crackled his knuckles before he plunged at Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai did not expect that the reddish face old man would continue to attack him even though he had just killed that arrogant young man and even after he had dodged his attacks. He saw that the old man was in such a terrible rage and his palm attacks were like the flooding of the Great River that he decided to dodge.

But the reddish face old man was like a maddening tiger refusing to let Zhan Bai go. He let go of a thunderous shout, “Where do you think you are going! Exchange blows with me!”

Because the tavern was small, narrow and there were many tables and chairs blocking Zhan Bai. Coupled with the fact that the old man blows were fast, furious and his power extended even to a yard, Zhan Bai found himself unable to dodge anymore and he was forced to take his blows as he extended his two hands out.

There were a thunderous ‘Pong —— Pang!’ when they landed their four hands at one another, sending the bowls, plates, cups, dishes, spoons and chopsticks that were on the table flying all over as explosive ripples shook the place.

There were a series of cries and screams as many of the guests and shop assistants that were in the tavern were injured by this powerful impact. Everyone tried to scurry for the exit like a swarm of homing bees. Many were injured by the impact of the blows and the flying objects that were in the place. It was pandemonium…

Zhan Bai felt the power of the reddish face old man’s internal power when both their hands had impacted. He felt a burning sensation and his visions turned black. He was secretly shocked at the might of the old man’s blows.

All of a sudden he saw the old man attack him once more with his eyes staring at him. The old man’s palms were sweating profusely what looked like blood.

At the same time, Zhan Bai suddenly recalled that in the Martial Fraternity, there was a type of extremely poisonous palm stance called the ‘The Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm’. Anyone that was struck by it would feel like he was burning and then finally all five of his organs would turn to black like charcoal before finally perishing. It was poisonous beyond imagination. It was hinted only in rumors and never seen.

Now that Zhan Bai had seen that the old man’s palms turning as red as fire and after he had traded blows, he could feel his the fire spreading from his hands to his body. It was a sensation that he had never experienced before. When he had thought of that, cold chill shook him…

At the same time, he had also thought of when he was in grave danger, Young Master Anle had lent him a righteous hand. Therefore he was his benefactor. If he stirred a misunderstanding with his men then won’t the misunderstanding be even harder to resolve?

Then won’t they have the chance to have a cordial meeting together in future? Moreover the present situation was hard to explain in mere words. Why did he not move away from here first and maybe explained in the future…

All those thoughts happened in the twinkle of an eye but the old man’s ‘The Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm’ had its force mustered to its zenith. A tremendous torrent of windforce like the hurricane began to deliver upon Zhan Bai as the old man howled aloud, “Heh!”

Zhan Bai extended one hand out and gentle grasped the incoming attack before he borrowed the force to turn himself away and he shouted, “Sorry, I got to go!” And he headed towards the window.

“Where do you think you are going?” The old man behind him shouted in a maddening rage…

But before Zhan Bai could escape through the window, there were three studding sounds as he spotted three silvery white light flying towards him. Using the ‘Flipping in the Cloud’ to raise himself three more inches, he managed to dodge the flying projectiles as he spotted three razor thin needle hitting the edge of the window.

When Zhan Bai had landed on the ground and lifted his head to take a look, he got a terrible jittery and shock…

Ch14 End

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