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The Evil Heretic Sects were exterminated by the Virtuous Orthodox Clans. Peace had finally returned to the Martial Fraternity. Leading the Virtuous Orthodox Sects were the Four Martial Aristocracy Families that competed with one another to be the Alliance Leader of the Entire Martial Fraternity.

Each of the Four Martial Aristocracy not only surpassed the existing Virtuous Orthodox Sects, they had with them numerous followers and Reclusive Martial Grandmasters, every single of them are equaled in martial ability with the Sect Leader of Wudang and Shaolin!

Chapter 15: The Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm

As Zhan Bai tried to leap out of the window, in came three incoming secret projectiles, suddenly a dark overwhelming darkness that carried windforce, came crashing onto his head like a furious falling mountain.

Zhan Bai was extremely shocked as he did not know what came crashing through that in his panicky state, he raised his ‘Heartless Precious Sword’ to display the ‘The skill of moving Tremendous Force with a Fractional Force’.

The tip of his sword impaled with a tinkling impact as he raised it upward to meet the unknown.

At the same time, he turned his head upward to take a look and saw a big fat monk wielding a very big placard and he landed behind his back.

This monk was very big, rough looking and really looked very impressive. On the top of his head were eight dots that denoted the eight monastic restrictions of the monastic order. The monk was now staring at him viewing him with surprise.

Suddenly Zhan Bai remembered that in the pugilist realm, there was a [Iron Signboard Monk]. His weapon was an iron placard that weighed a thousand catty. He could mobilize ten thousand catty of force. In his ignorant state, he had used the tip of his sword to still such a heavy pressurized force. Needless to say, the [Iron Signboard Monk] was stunned and even he did not believe it himself.

At the same time, tens of men had by now surrounded the Inn Tavern and as Zhan Bai was just adjusting to his situation, two bright light flashed like the brightness of meteor flew furiously at Zhan Bai’s head, aiming at his ‘Tai Yang’ fatal accupoints!

Zhan Bai squatted down immediately and parried his Precious Heartless Sword upward with the ‘Spire Fire that burns the Heaven’.

There were two clanging clash of metals as a two morning stars attached to a chain was parried quite far aside.

There were a series of howling rage as three beams of light, two swords and one blade slashed together at the same time on Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai wielded his sword as he followed his sword as the Heartless Precious Sword exuded a brilliant flare of light as it slashed fiercely at the three types of weapons.

But the attackers knew by now the dangers of the Heartless Precious Sword and they withdrawn their strokes hurriedly before jumping backward…

Suddenly there was a strong windforce fanning towards Zhan Bai at the same time. Because he had already brandished his stance and sword, he could not retract immediately. Therefore he extended his left hand from his chest to receive the incoming attack.

There was a thunderous clap! It came from another old man that looked around fifty of age as he was knocked backward three steps loudly. He eyed Zhan Bai with eyes wide-opened.

This came from the [Iron Fist]  Lu Liu Shun that had practiced the ‘Iron Breaker Palm’ diligently for twenty to thirty years. He was very proud of his namesake [Iron Fist].

He had noticed that Zhan Bai was a young man that had managed to keep five men at bay just because he had a precious sword that were sharp and durable. Therefore the amount of practice that Zhan Bai had with his hand to hand combat and his internal strength would definitely not be as good as his swordplay and that he was only trying to show off his skills in front of the others.

So he picked an opportune time to attack Zhan Bai when he saw his sword attacking forth in another direction and he could surely not be able to swing his sword in time.

So seizing this opportunity, he unleashed eight folds of his strength with a blow at Zhan Bai.

But who would expect that Zhan Bai took this blow of his directly and he was using only his left hand! What more, it seemed so easy and relaxing, knocking him three steps backward! Because Zhan Bai was so young, even if he were just born and started training his internal power, surely he would not be stronger than him! This caused the proud and self-confident [Iron Fist] Lu liu Shun that liked to show off his skills most, to be bewildered!

Zhan Bai’s stomach was growling with hunger. He did not have anything to eat and yet he was besieged by people from all sides. They did not give him any breathing space and he was feeling extremely hungry as well. He was now feeling angry and he stared with his eyes at the tens of martial pugilists as he swept his surroundings. When his Heartless Precious Sword suddenly moved…

Actually Zhan Bai had not readied a stroke yet but when his sword moved, everyone thought that he was going to attack therefore everyone moved one step backward with fright…

Zhan Bai could not resist laughing aloud when he saw all those fierce looking men taking a frightful step backward even before he had readied a stroke when his sword flinched a little.

After Zhan Bai had laughed, everyone began to regain their composure. Everyone of them were courageous men of the Martial Fraternity that lived under constant threats of weapons and death. How could they display such a cowardly attitude in the face of a opponent?

Therefore everyone was fast turning red with embarrassment. Some others were reacting with anger and rage. All of a sudden in a thunderous explosive commotion, shadowy movements of blades, swords, maces, claws and countless numerous weapons came scurrying like the torrid hurricane and rain at Zhan Bai.

In panicky, Zhan Bai executed the ‘The Swift Wind Felling the Grass’ and a white shiny wall flashed forth. There were two to three people that could not stopped in time and the weapons in their hands were instantly sliced apart. Everyone received a jolt and stunned cries could be heard as they moved back together…

This ‘The Swift Wind Felling the Grass’ stroke was picked up at the Baotu Manor when Fan Jie had twice displayed it after Zhan Bai had seen it. He had stolen it by seeing it. Even though he had not totally understand the intricate and the essence yet but his grasp of this swordplay was already more or less! He just did not expect that when he had executed it, the force of this swordplay would be this big!

After this success and just when Zhan Bai decided to charge out of the enclosure, he heard someone giving a great shout, “Hold it!”

The voice was deafening and ear-shattering. When Zhan Bai turned to have a look, he saw the reddish face old man walked hurriedly towards him. He was followed by a handsome young man.

The reddish face old man pointed at him and asked, “Whose protégé are you under? What relationship did you have with Zhenjiang (A city in the Jiangsu Province) Master Fan? Make yourself clear or else it would cause a misunderstanding!”

“I do not know any Master Fan from Zhenjiang!” Zhan Bai replied. “As for my Protégé Master, please forgive me for not unable to reveal it.”

Zhan Bai was an honest young man and did not know the treacheries of the pugilist fraternity. What came to his mind, he would speak his mind.

Actually he was focusing on building up his martial foundations but unfortunately did not have the opportunity to find a Protégé Master. He was taught here and there, secretly copied his skills from various sources so naturally he did not really consider having a Protégé Master.

The reddish face old man began to roar with laughter as he exclaimed, “Young fellow, you are indeed something! But do you know who I am?”

“Please forgive me for being blind. I really do not know who old…respected sire is!” Zhan Bai had wanted to address him as an old senior but when he noticed the way he was looking at him, he changed the form of address and his tone did not sound respectful.

“Little fellow, you who have just come out of your mother’s weaning!” The reddish face old man began to roar with laugher as he said, “Old man I, really do not believe that the [Cruel Hand Midget] would be defeated in your hands! I have no other intentions. If you can receive three blows from an old man like me, you are free to wander to the regions of Su, Lu as you please. I will definitely not harass or stop you. Little fellow, what do you think of this idea?”

Zhan Bai did not know this reddish face old man. In actuality, this reddish face old man was extremely well known and feared in the regions of Su and Lu. He was nicked the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand]. Not only was he thorough in ‘The Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm’, he carried secret projectiles coated with gunpowder too!

He was truly unique in the pugilist fraternity and could hold his ground against everyone. He had a strange unorthodox weapon on his back that looked like a human fist but was bigger. He could use this to execute the ‘Eight Directional Wind Chaser’. This weapon of his was used specially to hit accupoint pressures and to disarm his opponent’s weapon.

What more, concealed in the fingers of this unorthodox fist, was extremely powerful secret firearms. When he fought with his opponent, in the midst of trading blows, he would release the secret projectiles from the fingers.

Because his opponents did not expect it, they would be caught unaware and could not defend against it. It could be said to be unreasonable powerful. He named this weapon of his, the ‘Cactaceae’. There were many martial exponents that fell victim to this weapon of his. He had traveled the Region of Lu and Su and had never met anyone that could be said to be his match!

That was why it fuelled his arrogance and bred into him a haughty attitude.

This [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was the dominant figure of the Region of Lu and Su. How did he come to join the Young Master Anle as his retinue? Because he was outside the sphere of influence from the ‘Yunmo Manor’ that was in Suzhou, he could decide all things big and small here.

Today, he had suddenly heard one of his men reporting to him that a young man carrying a sword had killed the [Cruel Hand Midget] Fei Yitong in the dense woods to the north of the town. He simply could not believe his ears!

That [Cruel Hand Midget] Fei Yitong was one of the top notch martial fighters pledging allegiance to Young Master Anle. In the Martial Fraternity, his status and martial abilities were very high. Even he had no confidence of winning him.

Therefore, he was doubtful and suspicious of the report. So he ordered his men to keep a lookout for a young man with a sword. On the other hand, he sent someone to go to Suzhou to inform Young Master Anle.

Later when he had heard his men reporting that a young man with a sword that was behaving strangely had shown up at this Xinlu Town. Therefore together with his disciple, the [Jaded Face Nezha] Song Xiao Fei , they rushed here to check on Zhan Bai.

Just now when Zhan Bai had brandished the ‘Wind Chaser Swordplay’ belonging to the Zhenjiang Fan Aristocracy Family, he stepped in to interrupt. That was because Young Master Anle and the Zhenjiang Fan Aristocracy Family had deep ties with one another. He had thought that Zhan Bai was from the Zhenjiang Fan Aristocracy Family. Afraid to cause a misunderstanding with the two families, he shouted to interrupt.

Who would expect that Zhan Bai to deny it and he sounded haughty. This incited the fury of the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] and now he wanted to trade three blows with Zhan Bai to determine the outcome of victory and loss.

Zhan Bai was born with a stubborn trait and he did not how high was the sky. When he noticed that the reddish face old man had looked down on him, he replied immediately in a haughty tone, “No matter what are your intentions, I will take the challenge!” After speaking, he sheathed his sword into the scabbard and prepared to take the blows.

“Very good little rascal! You do have courage!” The [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] thundered as he shifted his shoulders and a loud cranking sound could be heard. And then he started to bend his body like a bow that had been bent. His white hair on his head appeared to be standing straight and his face that was originally quite red turned even redder.

He extended forth his hands that now looked like blades and his palms were as red as burning fire as he howled, “Be careful! This is the first blow!”

In between his howling, The [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] displayed his famous ‘The Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm’ that shook the pugilist fraternity by storm, mustering five folds of his strength. With a howl, he extended his right hand like a torrid hurricane furiously towards Zhan Bai.

There was a thunderous clapping sound as both hands met, sending flurrying of windforce ripping around as rocks and sands stirred from the ground.

Zhan Bai remained standing but a flow of sensational warm heat could be felt through his palm. At the same time, he felt as if his whole body was on fire and was feeling unbearable. He felt thirsty, his tongue was dry and was dizzy.

However that [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was knocked two steps backward by the impact. That was because he had not used his full strength yet and he mustered only five folds of his internal power.

But Zhan Bai was using ten folds of his internal strength! This further infuriated him and fanned his rage. He stared angrily before shouting aloud, “Very good little rascal! Why not try my second blow!”

This time round, the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] flipped his left hand in a gesture as he mustered eight folds of his strength as he howled loudly. It was obvious that the windforce emitting from this posture was even more powerful than the first blow.

Old pugilists who were rich and wise in battle experience, when they fought with unknown exponents on the initial fight, most would be reluctant to use their full might. Usually they would only use four to five folds of their internal power to gauge how strong or weak was their opponent. And then they would slowly increase their might and strength.

Therefore, it was the reason why the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand]’s second blow seemed to have its power increased tremendous! That was because in this way, it would allow them to fight more and more courageous!

That came from the same meaning as the first beat of the drum would cause morale to be at its highest, the second drum becoming weaker thus affecting morale and then the third drum becoming a spent energy.*

*In the Autumn & Spring Period of the Zhou Dynasty, a strategist from a smaller army beat a superior army by playing the drums in an reverse order, starting from weak to strong. His opponent charged mightily with the beating of the drums on the initial charge. As the battle proceed, the smaller army whose drums are beating stronger and strong received tremendous boast to their morale by the beating of their drums, fought more and more courageous. This story later a famous saying and was studied for its application. It was also famous because a smaller army defeated a bigger army in a field battle. Sun Bi during the Warring States Period of the Zhou Dynasty had a similar recounting.

But Zhan Bai did not understand this reasoning. In his first blow, he had used all his might and when the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand]’s second blow came with its almighty force and power, on the another hand, he felt his strength receding. But because he was someone that did not like to give up and did not want to evade the blow, he used his left hand to receive this blow.

There was a thunderous clap that shook like thunder as the two hands impacted on one another. Windforce ripped all around in a strong and force manner that even the tens of top exponents could not stand properly and had to hurried backward…

The [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] imposing body did not move at all. Instead, it was Zhan Bai that had been forced back two steps back. The heat from his blow was still circulating around and Zhan Bai felt his left hand burning like fire. He was now covered with sweat; he was feeling dazed and almost toppled over…

Zhan Bai had tried to match the two blows from the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] forcefully. Although his internal organs were already injured by the pure invigorate energy of the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] but he remained standing. This fact stunned the tens of martial experts that were all around.

Everyone was muttering and thinking, “This little fellow is really something! He can actually take two blows from the earth shattering [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] that resound throughout the Region of Lu and Su…”

But the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] had already sensed that Zhan Bai could not be able to muster anymore strength. He would have lost his esteem and prestige since he had loudly proclaimed to be able to beat this young lad in three blows. Unwilling to let Zhan Bai had a breather, he immediately proceeded to continue on his third blow. He shouted, “Here is the third blow! Little rascal! Down you go now…!”

The [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] circulated and mustered all his internal power in both hands as he pushed fiercely towards Zhan Bai.

Only then was the true power of the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] revealed as windforce the sound of the wind echoing through the ravines were heard as it came like the torrid endless seas waves, creating a high pressure upon Zhan Bai’s chest.

Even before the windforce had reached Zhan Bai, he had already felt the heat generated by the windforce flurrying on him. Even his breathing was becoming difficult.

Zhan Bai knew that he could not be able to take the third blow at all. But because he was stubborn by nature, even though he knew he was no match, he was not willing to display any weakness in front of anyone. He actually raised both his hands in a similar manner to coincide…

“Pong!” A thunderous sound echoed. Suddenly everything within five inches from the impact scene including the thick cotton window curtains were tore apart by this clash of blows. One could really see the power of both their palm skills!

The dust and sand of this aftermath were stirred as high as two to three yards high, causing everyone blurry visions and able to see the duel clearly.

And then when the dust storm that was created by the windforce of the impact settled down, everyone could see clearly that both the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] and the young man Zhan Bai was still standing at a face off with one another. No one had fall.

The faces of everyone began tweaking in surprise and disbelief as they immediately broke into a discussion, “How did this young man gets his martial ability from?…”

“He can actually take three blows from Old Hero Yao…”

Everyone was startled for they had never seen such a powerful and magnificent display of palm windforce before. Moreover the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was a highly competent Martial Fraternity fighter and had gained prominent fame tens of years ago. Moreover his opponent was an unknown young man…

But on closer observation, they finally noticed that Zhan Bai composure looked strange. His face was very red and his eyes were in a daze. Although his eyes were opened but it was without life.

A thought dawned upon the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] as he realized that Zhan Bai had been knocked conscious after the tremendous clash. The only why he did not fall was because just behind his back was a dark shadowy wall. Moreover because his windforce generated was so great, it rebound back at him after hitting the wall and due to an extreme intricate coincidence, that young man did not fall as the rebound windforce supported him…

“Hey! Little rascal! What do you think of these three blows coming from an old man like me?”

Zhan Bai did not move nor did he say anything.

“Hahaha!” The [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] burst into a thunderous roar of laughter. He was looking extremely proud of himself as he said, “I think you are unable to answer me at all. But the strange thing is, I wondered what sort of a virtuous righteous man are you that when you die, you did not fall?”

Even when he was talking, he was already on the move by extending out one of his finger in a furious manner to hit Zhan Bai on his forehead fatal accupoint!

This move of his had two purposes. If Zhan Bai had died, then he should be on the ground so that he could ask his henchmen to dispose of the corpse. If he did not fall and remained standing, how ridiculous it would be, moreover a corpse could not possible talk and declared himself dead. If Zhan Bai had not died but was only severely injured because of internal injuries then this finger of his would surely ended his life.

One must know that Yao Bin Kun who was also nicked the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was well known in the pugilistic fraternity for his ruthlessness. When he fought with his opponents, he never left a single survivor. He would make sure that his foes were all dead and weed out all descendants.

For that, he had his own theories; if he were benevolent to his enemies, it would be cruel and mean to himself. Another theory that he likes to quote; If one did not weed out the grass to its roots, when spring comes, it would grow again.

If he did not enter into conflict with others, then it would be good. But once he fought with his foes, he would never rest until he had his foes dead. To him, it was pointless to leave behind a malicious growth just because he was once benevolent.

But when his body had just started to spring forward and before he could hit Zhan Bai on his forehead, he suddenly heard a captivating grasp, “Old Ghoul! You dare?”

In the midst of the captivating grasps were several series of windforce and sounds speeding through the air and a dark shadowy figure reached out to hit the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] on his ‘Yin Du’ accupoint that was on his right shoulder.

Indeed the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was no ordinary martial expert. He could react accordingly and not be confused. So he changed his bodily movement and turned over using the ‘Flipping in the Cloud’ as he did a somersault before his feet returned to the original position.

There were a series of grasps and startled reactions. When the commotion had ended, everyone’s eyes were dazzled because standing between Zhan Bai and the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was a lovely young maiden whose looks were beyond comparison dressed in a cotton garment!

Earlier there were a series of whacking sounds. It was caused by a horse whip that was three inches long. And this young girl was holding the whip in her hand.

Suddenly the [Iron Signboard Monk] gave a loud startled cry as he felt a pain on his ear. He had reached out and saw blood. Because he was a rough man, he did not control his emotions and cried out aloud. The horse whip had struck him while he was looking intently between the duel between Zhan Bai and the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand].

She whipped her whip again and this time, everyone could see that it had pierced three to four inches into the thick wall. One must know that a horse whip was a soft object and when this young girl in cotton garment and dress appeared, she could bypass everyone like a shooting arrow, into the overlapping buildings and injured someone on the way in. There was no doubt that her wrist power was shockingly unbelievable and her martial abilities were extremely high as well.

Everyone could not resisted being startled and their eyes were staring wide-opened at this young girl.

Her skin was pure white and so were her teeth. She was slim looking and wearing a cotton garment and dress. She adored her hair in a beautiful way and she looked like she was only sixteen or seventeen. She looked extremely lovely and captivating. In her captivating look, she exudes a certain nobility air. It was exactly like the saying, “More beautiful than the flowers could describe, more fragrance than even the Jades”.

She looked extremely innocent, carried a certain exquisite aura and bore a coquettish manner. Even if she were now looking angry, her mouth still carried a tinge of a smile and she looked extremely cute indeed!

“From whose family are you from, destitute girl? When the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] had seen clearly by now that it was a captivating lovely young girl that had caused him to be in a panicky with his hands and legs and even wounded one of his top fighters serving him, he was solemn and shouted angrily, “How dare you interrupt me and display such arrogance?”

“Red face old man! Don’t you try to be proud first!” The young girl in cotton placed one of her hands on her waist and a finger pointing at his nose before saying, “First, let me ask you this. As an elder, what you say, does it count at all?”

“Heng!” He hummed coldly before saying, “Undisciplined destitute girl! How dare you mutter nonsense in my presence! Do you know how to respect your elders at all? Don’t blame me for killing you with my hand!”

“Heng! Deplorable old man that enjoy lying.” She began to mimic his speech and continued, “Don’t mention that hand of yours that cannot even touch me. You can’t even take one blow from me. If you can take one blow from me, then I let you wander throughout the Six Northern Regions and the Seven Southern Regions freely in these thirteen regions. I will definitely not harass or stop you…”

“Shut up!…” This infuriated him as he shouted for he knew that the girl was trying to mimic his speech earlier. It caused his rage to reach boiling point and just when he was about to attack her…

“Outrageous little maid! How dare you tear my ear! I make you pay for this with your life!” The [Iron Signboard Monk] howled with explosive rage as he interrupted the [Red Dragon with the Red Hand] as he lifted his iron placard that weighed a thousand catty on a shoulder as he swung it to crash it on the young girl’s head.

The young girl remained on the same spot, smiling and laughing at the same time. It was as though she did not see the iron placard that weighed a thousand catty coming at her. Only when the iron placard was two inches away from her, there was a blur flash and no one knew what swiftness movement skill that could have helped her to bypass the iron placard to reappear on the top, flicking over once in mid-air in a graceful manner.

She stood on the top of the iron placard as she said, “What a stupid monk! Lacking a weapon to fight, you actually take down the signboard from the temple!”

The [Iron Signboard Monk] began to swing his iron placard in a wild frenzy in a bid to force her to come down.

That young girl began to leap, jump and tip toe on the iron placard. She was actually seen dancing on it as she was giggling merrily, “Gosh so fun! Really very fun!…huh.”

This scene was really too good to be missed. As the streets were brightly lit and a big rough looking monk was swinging his hands in a wild dance with the iron placard.

On the top of the iron placard was a captivating lovely young girl dancing merrily and with much grace. She was giggling and laughing heartily. Those that did not know actually though she was a street performer and that she was performing a special performance!

At this moment it was not just the [Red Dragon with the Red Hand] that was in the scene but many common people had actually came out of their homes and from the streets to take a look. At first, they had thought that it was a vendetta between the pugilists of the pugilistic martial fraternity so they stay out of sight. But when they seen such a scene, everyone came out to join in the commotion as speculators…

[The Iron Signboard Monk] was getting frustrated when he could not hit the young girl after such a long time. He knew that this method was not going to work in getting her off and so he hatched a perverted thought.

He used one hand to support the iron placard and all of a sudden, used another hand forming a fist to reach into the skirt of the young girl but he cursed in his mouth instead, “You bitch! How dare you make a fool out of me! Down you go!”

For a young innocent girl, this stance by the [Iron Signboard Monk] was indeed a pervert display. She flushes as her red turned red and she could no longer laugh. Switching to the ‘Zhang Fei stealing the horse’, she lifted one leg up to avoid getting hit by the monk’s fist while another leg touched the iron placard giving it a push as she somersaulted two yards away.

Now the [Iron Signboard Monk] did not know that when the young girl had pushed the iron placard down at the same time, she exerted the ‘Thousand Weight Fall’ through. It broke his fingers that were holding the iron placard and also broke his other fingers as he tried to use his other hand to support himself from falling down. That was because his two legs were broken when she gently tipped the iron placard.

The [Iron Signboard Monk] was now howling with pain as his body bent in an awkward position on the ground…

The young girl had landed in front of the [Red Dragon with Red Hand] Yao Bin Kun. She started to brush her stray hairs and at the same time exclaiming to him, “Red face old man. I see that you do have some renown in the pugilistic fraternity. The agreement that you have made with young hero Zhan, do you still adhere to it?”

When the [Red Dragon with Red Hand] had seen the swiftness movement skill that she had displayed when she was playing a fool out of the [Iron Signboard Monk] was actually the ‘Walking in the Air Miracle’.

Suddenly he recalled that a powerful martial family that was in the martial fraternity and this ‘Walking in the Air Miracle’ was a secret skill that was not passed to outsiders. And since this young girl knew this type of movement skill, surely she had very familiar ties with that martial family. Not to mention himself, even his Protégé Master, Young Master Anle could not afforded to offend this family.

Therefore he swept his pride and rage under the carpet and his face had a sudden transformation. He began to brighten and laugh, “Maiden! As long as you know that old man, I have some renown in the pugilistic fraternity, that itself is enough. Why don’t you explain yourself, what makes me a liar?”

[Red Dragon with Red Hand] was indeed a cunning old man. Even though he seemed to give way to the young girl in cotton garment and dress, he was also extolling himself.

“Humph!” The young girl raised her nose and hummed before saying, “Despicable old man, don’t you try to paste gold on your face! And don’t try to make a pretense! Just now you made an agreement with young hero Zhan that should he take three blows from you, you would allow him to wander freely throughout the Regions of Lu and Su and would definitely not harass him at all. Now that young hero Zhan had taken three blows from you, what do you have to say now?”

The [Red Dragon with Red Hand] began to roar with laughter, “My conversations with that lad were overheard by maiden. Since that is the case, just base on this point raised by maiden, I will let this lad on his way then!”

“Now this is indeed humane!” The young girl said, “Then, please ask your men to give way!” As she said, she blew a whistle. It was a high pitch whistle and immediately a big red horse appeared as it galloped from view.

This red horse was extremely magnificent and unusual. It galloped besides the young girl and began to rub softly against her body in an extremely intimate way.

Among the tens of iron men, many were also lecherous men. When they had seen this young girl that was as beautiful as a fairy, captivating and innocent that was also unreasonable and unruly. Even their leader the [Red Dragon with Red Hand] had to burrow into her good books, even though they had lecherous thoughts on her but they did not dare to step forward to harass.

Therefore they swallowed their lust in bitterness but when they seen this red horse that was so intimate with her, it was indeed ‘Man is no better off than a Horse’. Many sighed…

The young girl used her jaded white hand to pat the horse on its neck before she flew in a startling speed to extract her horse whip from the wall before she returned back to the side of the horse. This movement was like lightning. No one could see her leg touching the ground nor did they see her fingers touching the wall. Just this swiftness skill alone caused the martial pugilists that had gathered here to sigh continuous in inferior complex.

But for this young girl, she did it so effortlessly in front of tens of pairs of eyes. After retrieving her horse whip, she pulled the horse besides Zhan Bai. Upon seeing his face bubbly red and his idiotic eyes, her eyes began to water in sympathetic. She grasped softly and gently, “Big Brother Zhan! You are injured?” But Zhan Bai did not move or reply.

“Big brother Zhan, are you severely injured? Why don’t you say anything?” Zhan Bai did not response at all. Even his eyeballs did not bulge.

Upon witnessing such a reaction, her eyes began to redden and she shed a few tears as she said hatefully, “Humph! It must be this old despicable man that had injured you until you are like this! When your little sister sends you back home for treatment, I will come back again to seek vendetta for big brother!”

As she said, she even turned around to look hatefully at the [Red Dragon with Red Hand] before she sprang like she was flying onto the horse as she effortlessly and gently positioned Zhan Bai on the horse bridle. Then she embraced Zhan Bai with one hand and used another hand to hold the stirrups to leave…

“Maiden, wait don’t go yet!” The [Red Dragon with Red Hand] moved one step forward as he shouted loudly.

“What is the matter?” The young girl was obviously not too pleased and she furrowed her eyebrows before she coldly asked, “Despicable old man! Are you going to go back on your word again?”

[Red Dragon with Red Hand] had a bitter smile on his face as he said, “Maiden. You keep saying old despicable man on and off, isn’t it too disrespectful to an elder?…”

“Is there anything you want to say?” She interrupted him. Obviously she was growing impatient.

“Outrageous little maid! Don’t you push your luck too far!” [Jaded Face Ne Zhai] Song Xiaofei shouted at her as he could not stand her insulting his protégé master anymore. He flew into a rage and step forward, yelling and cursing, “Today I will surely…”

“Fei Er, don’t you interrupt!” The [Red Dragon with Red Hand] pacified his disciple Song Xiaofei before saying to the young girl, “Maiden, I am only giving face due to your family background. If you are not willing to listen, then I will not say more. This young lad Zhan has been injured by my ‘Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm’. If without any antidote, not even three days had passed, his internal organs would surely turn black like charcoal and died. Now I will be a good man and do a good deed till the very end; I will present to maiden an antidote. Take it and let him swallow it. After a few days of recuperation, he will recover!” As he finished saying, he took out a small gourd and took out a small green pill from it. He extended his fingers and shot the pill towards the young girl!

The young girl smiled for a while before she extended she caught the pill gracefully with two of her beautiful fingers.

This might be an ordinary pill but from the fingers of the [Red Dragon with Red Hand], the force imbued through it was indeed no ordinary.

Moreover, the pill was so small and it shot so fast but yet this young girl had used only two fingers and she had caught it. Her eyesight, the pureness of her internal power and the intricate movement of her fingers and her accuracy finally caused the [Red Dragon with Red Hand] to really impress by her.

He secretly sighed before turning back to look at his disciple, the [Jaded Face Ne Zhai].

After Song Xiaofei had witnessed this display by the young girl in silvery cotton garment and dress, he looked down in shame…

But who would expect that after the young girl got hold of the antidote, she looked at it in her palm for awhile before she asked, “How shall I know if this pill is for real? What if you have given me a poison pill? Huh…”

Actually the [Red Dragon with Red Hand] did not become benevolent all of a sudden and wanted to save the life of Zhan Bai. It was because he knew that this young girl’s family was very influential and powerful. When he had seen how concern this young girl was towards Zhan Bai, he had guessed that their relationship might be highly unusual. If he did not save Zhan Bai, surely this young girl would come for him for vengeance.

Therefore, he pretended to be benevolent and appeared to do a favor to them. This was to ensure that this young girl would not come back to him for vendetta next time. Who would expect that he had humbled so much now and even planned this part in such a well manner, this young girl would say such an infuriating thing?

So his face lost his composure and he coldly said, “If I am not sincere to save him, even if I do not give him any poison, he would not live…”

“From the way you say it, then I must really thank you, am I right? Old despicable man!” The young girl had now ascertained that this was indeed an antidote so without waiting for him to finish, she raised the saddle and galloped away.

The horse galloped like the wind and in the twinkle of an eye, they disappeared from the streets and into the darkness. But not before sending the [Red Dragon with Red Hand] infuriating with rage and his eyes bulging out as she called out again, “Old despicable man!”


Ch15 End

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