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Chapter 9

Outside the ancient city of Xian, although there were a few moments of shouting that was carried over by the wind but it could not break the boundless tranquil.

This tranquil, was especially dovey and was appreciated in the eyes of Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue who had escaped in the confusion.

Now, Nangong Ping was lying comfortably under the bright starry hosts, peacefully enjoying this much appreciated tranquil. The images of blades and swords, life and death, the fire and the falling floor earlier…seemed so far away under the tranquil starry hosts.

After awhile, Mei Yinxue melancholy sighed deeply and asked. “Do you know what place is this?”

Nangong Ping slowly shook his head. “I do not know!”

Mei Yinxue said. “This is the palace ruin of the First Emperor of China.”

Once again she sighed. “Extending eight hundred miles, its majestic was unrivalled. But now what are left of it, was these broken rubbles. Qin Shihuang conquered all the lands and become king of all kings but now where is he?”

She seemed to refresh many of her past memories. Therefore in this tranquil darkness, she unwittingly began to sigh!

Nangong Ping smiled. But suddenly he heard her singing. “The river of the Da Jiang (River Changjiang), the waves rocked, the thousands of ancient people…” This is the poem of the great Scholar Su. Naturally Nangong Ping who was taught literature, knew of it. So when he heard this song of hers, his heart suddenly became even sadder!

“Hero!” He muttered. “What is a hero? Where should a hero be?”

Mei Yinxue ceased her singing and said. “Jinx. Beauty…” She remembered how Wei Qi had scolded her. “Is a woman who is born beautiful, an unforgivable sin?…Alas!”

Therefore very naturally, ‘Hero’ and ‘Beauty’ since ancient times had been linked so she thought of it.

She turned her head and looked at the Nangong Ping who was not aware that she was looking. She remembered his iron guts and righteous heart and her eyes suddenly shone. But she softly said instead. “Do you know that just now you should not have done what you have done. You are still young, don’t you treasure your own life at all?”

Nangong Ping secretly sighed and slowly sat up. “My life!” He said in a low voice. “Naturally I treasure it but I always feel that in this world, there are many things that are more valuable than life…All the ancient heroes, they had now turned to dry bones but until now, they are still living in the hearts of the people! Maybe they are very lonely in life but when they are dead, they will never be lonely again…”

His voice stumbled and very naturally he thought of ‘Beauty’.

Therefore he said. “This is just like beauties who lead a tragic life but when they are dead, they will always be remembered in people’s hearts! Xi Si, Zhao Jun…Heroes! Jing Ke…Alas. Why were they all so lonely and so tragic?”

He was looking very far away at the trees in the distant and his heart was thinking of all the past heroes. He did not know that a pair of beautiful captivating eyes was now looking at him in silence.

Mei Yinxue looked carefully at him, looked at his eyebrows, his mouth and lips, and the lines on his face. At first glance, everyone would think that this young man appeared soft and weak – almost like a young woman.

But after further observations, this type of soft and weak feeling vanished, replaced by a limitless mental strength, extraordinary courage and a strength that was flowed from within that knew no fathom.

Especially his pair of eyes, so deep and intelligence and handsome. Although his eyes looked gentle but when it became enraged, it would become sparks that touched the hearts of everyone.

She looked quietly at this young man who was younger than her and suddenly she felt an uneasy feeling overwhelming her. She melancholy sighed, turned her head over and a frosty expression surfaced on her face as she coldly said. “You probably did not expect that the responsibility given to you by your Protégé Master will be so painstaking and heavy right.”

Nangong Ping was startled from his enthrallment and immediately returned to his old self.

Mei Yinxue coldly added. “You must be feeling right now in your heart, that because of me, you almost lost your life. It is indeed not worthwhile, right?”

Although Nangong Ping was very intelligent, but in this world, no matter how smart a person was, he was still unable to second-guess the changes in a girl’s heart. He felt it was strange that earlier the gentle and demure girl would become suddenly so frosty.

Mei Yinxue did not turned her head. She seemed most unwilling and did not dare to look into his bright eyes.

“But,” She coldly added. “Even if you really died, you should not blame me. It is the pitiful acts of always trying to be a hero that caused you to die. You have a hundred chances to leave but you did not. Who will think that you are a hero? Even if you are a hero but how much does it worth?”

Not only were her words frosty but sharp as well. It seemed that she purposely did that to hurt Nangong Ping just like the way she hurt herself.

Nangong Ping was stunned and looked at her. Anger from his heart slowly boiled within him and he thought. “Why are you not understandable at all? All these, I did it all for you…”

Suddenly another thought shook him as he suddenly remembered that just now during the fire and the dangerous floors, she had protected him and the anxiety shown by her, the warm feeling of her besides him protecting him.

He also remembered just when he had almost fell, she had dashed to him, her startled and concern look as she pulled him up when he had no more strength. And how she took him out of the Xian City during the confusion.

In that instant, everything flashed in his heart. He unwitting sighed and slowly said. “Then what about you? Just now why did you not leave? You have more than ten times better chances than I to escape. Why did you choose to accompany me?

Mei Yinxue trembled. It was like someone whipping her as it touched deeply into her innermost feelings.

She wanted to say something but a strange and weird feeling caused her to become speechless.

Nangong Ping looked at her and saw her back trembling…

A drop of clear and cold tear dropped on her hand. She was startled in her mind. “I have cried!” She thought and immediately used her hands to wipe away her tears but her tears were uncontrollable. This ‘Cold Blood’ maiden although she tried her best to control her feeling but the sorrow in her most innermost place caused her unable to control her tears.

She did not dare to turn her head even more. “You don’t have to care for me.” She said aloud. “From now on, I will not dare to impose upon you to protect me…” Now even her voice trembled. “Even though your Protégé Master had order you to do so but…You have already did your best and is already more than enough…is…enough…”

Suddenly even before she could finish, she had sobbed aloud and uncontrollable on the grasslands.

Nangong Ping sighed and even his eyes were beginning to be swollen.
Everyone would have his or her moments of sadness. But only those that were cold hearted, their tears were the most precious. That was because unless it was extremely sorrowful, their tears would not flow.

“Maiden…Mei!” He sighed and solemnly said. “Do you know that my actions are not wholly because of Protégé Master…Alas! Even if Protégé Master did not give me his orders, if I see a girl who is being humiliated and unable to explain the black. I will also do the same thing. I did not think of being a hero. I only want to do what I feel right. You…you…you should have know my intention…Don’t you know?”

Words that were sincere caused Mei Yinxue to descend into a deeper pit of grief. And she cried out even more sorrowful.


Ch9 End

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