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Chapter 22: Divine Donkey vs the Divine Ape

At this moment, Zhan Bai was pleased with himself but at the same time, he was disappointed.

He was pleased that his martial arts had shown improvement and he could defeat Jin Jiu’s direct successor Meng Ruping.

He was disappointed because he had witnessed the martial levels of the [Twin Ironguards of the Jin Residence] and their martial level were simply too high and had no way to win. Moreover, there were so many highly accomplished exponents in the Jin Residence. How could he alone defeat everyone? It seemed beyond his reach to avenge for his father…

And in his mind, the images of Jin Caifeng often appeared to him. He thought often of her lovely deep affections for him. It made him sweet and bitter at the same time, joy and sadness…

Zhan Bai walked slowly towards the Mountain Rocks of the Twelve Caves. The reason why he did not hurry was because he did not know where to find Old Senior [Divine Donkey with the Iron Gut] Dong Qianli and secondly, he had many things on his mind.

He walked past many caves and even though all those caves were deserted but there were signs and markings left behind by travelers and tourists. He began to feel that the information by Old Senior [Living Dead Man] was unreliable. A reclusive hero like Dong Qianli would never like to be in the company of noisy and troublesome travelers. He had made a futile trip…

But still he did not give up and even though he knew it was useless, he continued to search the mountains. After another three caves, he went deep inside the mountains.

When he walked past a peak, suddenly he could hear the melodious voice of a young maiden, “This round is not counted! Once more!”

Then an old man voice said, “Why do you have so many funny ideas, young girl? Are making taking an old man like me for a monkey? No way I am not going to do it again!”

Another old man’s voice was heard laughing aloud, “Don’t you deny it! If you do not do it again, then admit that you have lost!”

“I won’t let you win me that so easily! Even though I am an old man that do not have any legs but it is not something that can bow me over!” When he had finished, there was a breeze coming from that direction!

When Zhan Bai had heard those three voices, a feeling of familiarity struck him but he could not recall who they were. He was more curious why three people would hide in the mountains and gambled in secret?

Therefore he hastened his steps and when he was near, he moved silently and out of sight. Then he saw in front of him was a gigantic boulder on the ground, as though it was man made arena.

Then he saw a young maiden in white, a thin old man with white hair and another old man with no legs.

That old man with no legs was standing with his hands and he was hopping around like he was jumping and flying! He was really weird and looked like he was doing the devil dance under the moonlight!

Under the moonlight, coupled with Zhan Bai superior eyesight, he could see quite clearly. That old man without any legs was the strange old man that had chased the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] three days earlier.

As for the thin old man with white hair, it was too far for Zhan Bai to identify him.

As for that young maiden in white, with her beautiful hair fluttering, was the delicate and innocent Zhan Wan’Er.

“Why did she come to the wilderness with two old men? What game is she after?…”

The old man without legs, grasped his clutches proudly and said, “What do you think? Even though an old man like me has no legs, I can still do it!”

“Alas!” Wan’Er sighed deeply before saying, “I think both of you have comparison martial powers. It is really hard to determine an outcome. Why not give it up!”

“What do you mean by comparison?” The old hair old man protested. “Little girl! Why don’t you pointed out who has the higher martial prowess! But no matter, I insist on proving which among us, have the truly superiority!”

“That is right!” The other old man with the clutches exclaimed. “We have already contested for three days and three nights, I bet you have already taken out all your skills. I bet you do not have any masterstrokes in your sleeves anymore! I must fight it all out with you!”

“But what is there to contest anymore?” Zhan Bai said, “Fist, palm, weapon, secret projectile, internal power, internal vital energies, swiftness agility and movement, what else is left? I think, why don’t both of you just admit that you are equal and make it a tie!”

“No way! No way!” The thin and white hair old man shook furiously as he repeated himself twice. Then he suddenly said, “Now the topic has arrived. Earlier, a man has just arrived and he is now watching us in secret…”

Without waiting for the thin and white old man to finish, the old man with the clutches interrupted, “I have already known that! Haha! He is just hiding behind that big tree on that mountain slope!” And he waved his clutch towards the direction of Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai was startled. He was very sure he had concealed himself perfectly but who could expect that he was still unable to mask it from those two old men. Just when he was about to come out of his hiding place, the thin and white hair old man panicky shouted, “Wait! Wait a minute! Just stay where you are and don’t reveal yourself just yet!…”

Zhan Bai was even more startled. He thought, “I didn’t even move and he could guess what is in my mind? Does this old man have the ability to ‘Inspect the Heavens and Listening to the Earth’? How else then would he able to know what is on my mind!…”

“Let us guess the identity of this unknown person,” the thin old man said. “How old is this person? Is it male or female? Who can correctly guess it is the winner and the one that deduct wrongly is considered the loser! Old freak, what do you think of this idea?”

The old with the clutches began to laugh aloud. “You sly old man that rides a donkey! No matter how smart you are, you will never fool me! Someone that you have known has arrived, do you think I do know yet?”

When Zhan Bai heard that the thin old man was the one that rode a donkey, he immediately concluded that this eccentric old man must be the reclusive master Dong Qianli of the [Iron Guts Divine Donkey] fame that he had been searching for all along!

Therefore, he sprang onto the platform while shouting, “Old Senior Dong! I, Junior, have been searching for you in despair all this while!” He had forgotten that they were in the midst of a contest.

Dong Qianli stared blankly for instance. His martial accomplishments were said to be unequaled and his six senses were extremely sensitive. By listening to the footsteps of the intruder, he deducted it must be a young personal and definitely a man.

Therefore he wanted to use his superior deductions to win this old man with the clutches. But he never expected anyone to recognize him; that was because he had been concealing his whereabouts for decades. Even in the present pugilistic fraternity, very few would know of his name now.

Now that Zhan Bai had greeted him by his surname and further confirmed the prediction of the other old man, making him stumped for words. He asked, “How did you know my name?”

Before Zhan Bai could reply, the other old man was mocking, “There is no need for further play acting! I bet you have run out of ideas therefore you secretly ask a junior to hide down there so as to trick me. You can’t even food a three year old kid…”

Dong Qianli the [Iron Gut Divine Donkey] was indignant and he gently waved his palms while exclaiming in anger, “Old freak! Don’t blather non-stop and try taking a few blows from me!”

When Dong Qianli attacked with his palms, there was no windforce, for it was a soft and supple type of skill. But the impact of his palm strength was extremely shocking!

“I won’ cares a hoot even if it were a few hundred blows!” While the other old man had said, his five fingers too emitted an invisible soft gentle wave!

When their gentle wave clashed against one another, there were titanic thunderclaps! Amidst the first wave, they exchanged a further three blows that were so fast, fury that the surrounding mountains echoed with their titanic clash!

Zhan Bai was secretly startled. It was already so astonishing that they were so fast that he could not see clearly. Their gentle flurry palm strength could give off such startling power, it was out of the world!

When Wan’Er saw Zhan Bai appearing before her eyes, she was both thrilled and astonished. For a moment, she was dumbfounded. Then when the two old men had started fighting and Zhan Bai was looking as though he was entranced and did not look at her, she could not help remarking in melancholy, “Alas! They have started fighting once more. It looks like this is going to be another endless and futile fight again. They are already so old yet their tempers are still so uncontrollable huh!”

Zhan Bai sighed nonstop when he saw that the old man with the clutches was so dexterous and his martial abilities were not beneath that of the [Iron Gut Divine Donkey]. A cripple that could have such accomplishments was indeed worthy of praise and envy!

The more he looked, the more bewildered he was. He could not help asking, “Why did they want to fight with one another?”

Wan’Er replied, “I myself do not know what and why are they fighting for. I come here to look for you but to no avail. Instead, I come into them. And they been fighting for three days and three nights now. Virtually all types of unarmed and armed combat, all types of martial and internal martial skills have been fought over with but there is still no outcome. When you just arrived, I wanted to test them on the ‘Walking in the Air’ movement technique skill but the old man without any legs is still able to do it by replacing his legs with his hands huh!”

Now that Wan’Er had cleared some the air, Zhan Bai finally understand some of the situation. But he still did not know what cause these two old men to fight in the first place? Suddenly, he was interrupted by a curious thought and turned to her, “Wan’Er, you say you have been looking for me. Why are you looking for me?”

Wan’Er’s eyes turned starry, her heart was sore and she almost shed tears. She thought, “To save you, I almost lost my life and yet you do not even know huh?”

But she kept hidden her thoughts and said melancholy, “Let me ask you instead. When you are at the Xinglu Tavern and had been wounded by the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] with his red sloe blood skill palm, who save you?”

“Oh!” The realization dawned upon Zhan Bai and he said, “It is Wan’Er that saved me! Then you must have seen the [Living Dead Man] too? Why did I not see you when I regain consciousness?”

Wan’Er turned red and now when she recalled her humiliations and ordeal at the dead men dwelling place, she almost cried out…

“You two babies over there! Stop chattering nonstop!” Even though the [Iron Gut Divine Donkey] was in the midst of a dangerous fight, he found the time to shout at them. “Hurry and get away from here! I am going to use my killing masterstroke now!”

“I say!…” The another old man laughed merrily, “Old man that rides a donkey! Enough of the bluff! If you really have any shit masterstrokes, just use it will do! I will surely return you blow by blow!”

This made the [Iron Gut Divine Donkey] furious and suddenly there was sounds of wind and thunderclaps as his palm strength increased in manifolds! On the top of the platform where Zhan Bai and Wan’Er was standing, the wind was extremely strong and they could not find their footings!

Therefore they were forced to jump down from the platform and retreated to the top of a big pine tree that was tens of yards away to continue their conversations and at the same time, were speculators in their fight.

The two old men strokes and stances were simply too astonishing fast. Their windforce was especially strong and powerful. Their martial path was that of the soft yin types and not the earth shattering hard yang types but it could duplicate the power of the hard yang types! Not only that, under the moonlight, they were a blurry image and a twister sprang up from beneath them!

It was hard to believe that there were actually two men inside the twister, competing for martial superiority!

Zhan Bai had been trained in the Orthodox Intricate Formula of the Soul Binder Scripture and moreover, he had his eight wondrous meridians cleared and his eyes, ears were now extremely sharp now. He could see in the dark and moreover he was aided by the moonlight. But he still could not see clearly their intricate strokes and wondrous stances.

As for Wan’Er, she could not see clearly at all.

The old man with the clutches laughed hilariously, “[Iron Guts Divine Donkey], your ‘Wondrous Hand’ skill is just so and so. Do you still have any fresh techniques to bring out for me to appraise?”

This really infuriated Dong Qianli who had been fighting with him over three days. And he really was upset now. “Old freak, don’t be too arrogant yet. Catch my Iron Guts!” And a cold wave that rung a tingling sound rushed towards the old man with the clutches. He had released two powerful secret projectiles of his own invention – Iron Guts.

Although the old man with the clutches were initial shocked, he managed to deflect it and when he regained his composure, he laughed, “This is just a projectile used by little girls and is too easy for an old man like me!”

[Iron Guts Divine Donkey] released two more ‘Iron Guts’ and this time, it spin in mid-air before it flew like meteor fire towards him.

“Haha!” The weird old man with the clutches laughed, “It is a little interesting! Old Donkey, this is slightly better than what a little girl is capable of!”

This odd and bizarre style of shooting secret projectiles was totally unheard of and its power could not be described for no one was capable of doing it!

Zhan Bai and Wan’Er were sitting on the thick branch of the pine tree and looking. And they were shaking to the core as they stared wide-eyed as their spirits and souls were carried away by this display. They had even forgot to talk with one another!

[Iron Guts Divine Donkey] taunted aloud, “How about trying something even more dangerous so as to bring this game to a higher level of fun?” And it released three Iron Guts with even more startling power as three golden lights blinked from him and flew everywhere in circles towards the old man with the clutches.

This made the old man with the clutches was little panicky as he deflected the Iron Guts constantly as it flew back in circles no matter how many times he could deflect it! But fortunately, he had reached the point of reacting with his will and his body would automatically reacted! Therefore it was not impossible for him to dodge and deflect constantly!

But when the Iron Guts were deflected and went for another round towards the old man with the clutches, he had suddenly vanished from the thin air!

[Iron Guts Divine Donkey] was stunned and he composed himself for a second before he withdrawn his Iron Guts.

Then suddenly he had heard a cold and icy voice behind his back, “Your area attacking balls are nothing compared to my ‘Shadow Evasion and Invisibility’ special swiftness movement skill. If not for the fact that I have considered my reputation, you would have been severely injured if I were to strike you!”

[Iron Guts Divine Donkey] was solemn for a second before he turned around with his palm extended with an invisible eruption as the surrounding rolled like an angry tsunami.

Suddenly the old man with the clutches cried out in fear as he vanished, “Thunderclaps of the Buddha!”

A powerful tsunami-like windforce sped past from the hand of the [Iron Guts Divine Donkey] as it stuck a gigantic pine tree. Not only did it fell the gigantic pine tree with a thunderous sound on the right side of the platform, leaves and dust whirled around non-stop. The thunderclap sounds was like sonic as it echoed throughout the mountains and did not dissipated for quite some time!

Zhan Bai stumbled for words as he excitedly exclaimed, “What an awesome palm force! If a person can practice martial asceticism into such a level, it is really unconceivable and unfathomable!…”

Wan’Er nodded and said, “My father have many proteges under him and many of them topped the list as legendary fighters in the martial fraternity. I often bear witnesses to their duels and the force of their palms could not compare to this awesome power being unleashed!”

‘Your father!” Zhan Bai had suddenly recalled that Murong Han the [Meteor Hand] was among his father’s killers! Therefore he could not help asking, “Your father’s name is Murong Han the [Meteor Hand]?”

Wan’Er battled an eyelid at him and was melancholy, “Obviously you know. Why did you ask huh?”

“Then why are you not a Murong like your father,”Zhan Bai asked, “And is a Zhan instead?”

“Are you really so forgetful or are you pretending to be confused?” Wan’Er unhappily replied. “Didn’t I tell you before that I am following my mother’s clan name?”

“Everyone in the world usually follows their father’s clan name and not their mother’s clan name.” Zhan Bai blabbered out in bewilderment, “Wan’Er maiden, maybe you are not the real daughter of the [Meteor Hand]!”

Wan’Er expressions changed and she furiously said, “You are doubting me! Do you think I will lie to you?”

For awhile, Zhan Bai was too sad for words and he thought, “Wan’Er is such an innocent and kind heart-hearted girl. Moreover she have twice saved my life. If I am going to avenge for my father and kills her father, I wonder how abhor she will feel towards me…”

Wan’Er loved Zhan Bai deeply in her heart or else she would not have secretly left her home and had to endure bitter hardships in search of him.

But Zhan Bai’s questions earlier caused her to be extremely upset therefore she blunt out impolitely to contradict him. Now she saw that he was silence and was furrowing his brows, she assumed that he was angry with her. Therefore she hurriedly added, “Zhan Gege, are you upset with me huh?”

Zhan Bai shook his head and let go of a sight. “It is not that I am angry with you but…just alas!”

Suddenly Zhan Bai paused and grasped aloud for he had suddenly saw that the duel had intensified to such an extend that it had reached the point of life and death!

Wan’Er followed Zhan Bai’s glance and looked at the platform and saw that the two old men were now encircling one another in an extremely slow movement like two cocks fighting.

The duel had progressed from lightning fury attacks to another opposite extreme. It took them ages to unleash an attack! But each attack once it was unleashed echoed through the air like thunderclap and the force released was earth shaking!

Both Zhan Bai and Wan’Er knew instantly what was going on and knew that this type of fighting was based on their vital internal energies. There were no techniques at all. Each blow could shatter rocks and grind it to dust! If it strike a person, it would mean instantaneous death!

Zhan Bai wanted to seek vendetta for his father and he was especially concerned for [Iron Guts Divine Donkey] and hoping for his victory. He recalled his father’s horrible death and knew that given his poor martial skills, it was impossible for him to avenge him.

That was why he wanted to entreat this old man to include him as his protégé. Whether he could avenge for his father, his hope was totally rested upon this old man now.

If [Iron Guts Divine Donkey] were to be defeated now, all his hopes would be dashed. Therefore Zhan Bai was so nervous that his tightened fists broke into cold sweat!

The old man with the clutches was also a top exponent that hardly existed in the mundane world but Zhan Bai had never thought of entreating him as his Master for he carried an air of evil around him. His martial skills did not look orthodox to him and moreover, he would not know about the truth of his father’s death.

Therefore, although both old men did not have any relationship with him, he wished that the [Iron Guts Divine Donkey] would be the one that emerged victorious.

Wan’Er was not the least concerned about them and she threw all her heart instead upon Zhan Bai. When she saw that Zhan Bai was shaking and breaking into cold sweats, she comforted him with soft and emotional affections, “Zhan Gege, why are you so nervous? They are all old freaks. No matter what is the outcome, does it matter to us?

As Zhan Bai was totally focusing on the platform, he did not heard Wan’Er honey sweet affections and instead, he pushed her slim body aside and jumped down from the pine tree and headed towards the platform.

“Zhan Gege! It is too dangerous to go!”

Wan’Er was startled and cried out towards Zhan Bai but he did not take notice. Therefore she jumped down from the pine tree and sprang towards him.

At this moment, the two old men were no longer encircling one another but were now facing one another with both their palms extended out. Their internal power and internal vital energies were seen flowing through their hands! Their heads were wisping with hot air and everyone footstep they took left a deep mark three feet into the stone platform!

This was going to be last stage and also the most dangerous part when both their vital internal energies clashed with one another! This life and death situation would instantly be let known soon!

Zhan Bai knew that it was a dangerous contest. The one with the weaker vital internal energies would have his internal organs damaged by the strong vital internal energies and die! If both internal powers equaled one another, the result would be double fatalities!

Therefore he shouted anxiously, “Old Seniors! Is there anything that you cannot sit down and discuss. Why must it end in fatalities for both?”

But they were now in a critical stage and had to be in full focus. Even if they had heard Zhan Bai, they could not reply and remained in their combatant stance.

Now Zhan Bai was extremely worried and he moved forward. His intention was to separated them…

Just when he had taken two steps, Wan’Er pulled him and said, “Zhan Gege, it is unwise for you to go! At this moment, they have exercised their martial powers to its peak and are now surrounded by inertia barrier. Even before you can reach them, you will be jolted by it!…”

Zhan Bai wrangled free from her and said, “I can’t possible bear to see these two old men end up in double fatalities right before my own eyes!” And then he moved forwards.

But when he was about two yards away, he felt an invisible great pressure in front of him, halting him.

Zhan Bai was startled but did not lose hope and continued to force himself forward with all his might. There was a loud thunderclap sound and instead of moving forward, he was forced backward by several steps. He could feel his vital energies and his blood reversing. “So powerful!”

Wan’Er immediately caught hold of him, “Zhan Gege, are you injured?”

Zhan Bai shook his head, “It not serious…”

But before Zhan Bai could finish replying, both old men gave a great earth-shaking shout and there was a huge air explosion and tens of mini whirlwinds sprang out and scattered in all directions!

Both Zhan Bai and Wan’Er was knocked off the ground and was forced to move back by several steps. It took them a while before they had channeled their strength and to get their footings onto the ground.

When they did, they immediately looked at the platform and the scene horrified them!

[Iron Guts Divine Donkey] Dong Qianli had turned white and he had blood on his mouth and hair. He was now sitting on the ground with both his eyes shut. It was very obvious he was severely injured.

The another old man was also sitting on the ground with his eyes shut. His face was a ginger yellow, his mouth and edge of his clothing was covered with fresh blood.

It was all too obvious that both old men had sustained serious injuries!

Zhan Bai hurriedly asked as he walked to [Iron Guts Divine Donkey], “Old Senior Dong, are you injured?”

[Iron Guts Divine Donkey] did not open his eyes or say a word. It took him a while before he reacted by popping some pills into his mouth. Only then did he open his eyes and he smiled bitterly, “Old freak, are you still alive?”

“Don’t you worry!” The other old man opened his eyes and he too smiled bitterly. “As long as Donkey Old Man did not die, I will definitely not die as well!” And he too took out a bag of powder and swallowed it. “Alas!”

Dong Qianli let go of a long sigh, “Old freak, I have never met my match in my lifetime except for you! You are my worthy strong opponent!”

“The same goes for you!” The another old man exclaimed as well. “I have profess myself the invincible in the martial fraternity but never would I expect to encounter you just before I pass away. Even though both of us can’t live for long but the fight is really absolutely fabulous and immensely satisfying! For a martial person, to be able to die in the hands of martial, is so absolutely gratifying!”

“But,” Dong Qianli said, “How is that I am a total stranger in my impression for you. I have never heard of anyone in the pugilist fraternity talking about you. What is your name? If you can tell me, at least our fight will not be in vain…”

The another old man laughed aloud for awhile even though his laughter had weakened a lot since earlier. “To think you are called the [Divine Donkey]. Have you never heard of the [Divine Ape] before?”

Dong Qianli grasped out and suddenly he saw the light. “You are that from that southern wilderness, from Mount Li Gong, that [Divine Ape] Tie Ling. Your renown had already been known decades ago!”

“Indeed I am!” He said, “Southern Ape, Northern Donkey. Even though we have never met but decades ago, people of the pugilist fraternity have already put our names on par with one another!”

When Zhan Bai and Wan’Er had heard that this was the resounding Tie Ling of the [Divine Ape] fame, they were startled. It was because even though the [Divine Ape] had not appeared or seen in the pugilist fraternity for decades but his fantastic iron deeds were often discussed enthusiastic by the older pugilist generation!

Who would expect to see a legend right before their very eyes! Before they had merely heard of him but had never seen him before. Now that they noticed, with his round face, monkey mouth and a fiery pair of eyes, he did indeed bear resembled a monkey. Even though he looked comical, but they were unable to laugh…

Dong Qianli suddenly laughed aloud, “Actually, decades ago, I have wanted to find you but because I was entangled with too much affairs, I did not get my wish. But who would expect that decades later, I would finally have this opportunity. Now the two of us who are the older generation can finally have our wish and die without regrets!”

[Divine Ape] stared blankly for awhile before he said, “Indeed, before I die, I can finally meet up with the [Divine Donkey] is really my wish but I can’t say it is not without regrets!”

[Divine Donkey] Dong Qianli was startled. “I am almost a hundred. I believe that you are not younger than I am. It is really not an easy thing for us to roam in the iron blades of the pugilist fraternity and survive to this age. Moreover, just before we die, we can even die under the hands of our generation. What is there left to regret for?”

[Divine Ape] Tie Ling sadly said, “I am not as lighthearted as you. Just think about it. We are about to die in the wilderness and with no one to pick our corpses. If we have to die, sure we die but are we going to let the vultures and the wild beasts humiliate us? This is not a peaceful death at all!”

[Divine Donkey] Dong Qianli became sad as well, “Take me for example. In my life- time, I am a recluse and spend my time in leisure. I have no sons or daughters, moreover I did not have any protégé disciples too. My bones, it seem, is destined to be fed to the dogs! But you are different. Long ago, I have heard that you have two protégé disciples. Can’t they collect your corpse for you?”

When his protégé disciples were mentioned, [Divine Ape] expressions turned vicious and he hatefully clenched his teeth, “The mere mention of my evil heretic apprentices make me want to eat their flesh alive! Alas! Look!” He pointed at missing legs. “They crippled me and caused me extreme miseries that for decades, I cannot roam the pugilist fraternity freely!”

When Zhan Bai and Wan’Er heard this, they too were filled with indignant at this unrighteousness!

“The benevolent teacher is like one own benevolent father! Is there anyone with such vicious, ungratefulness, so cruel and unscrupulous as to cut off their benevolent teacher’s legs?”

Dong Qianli was even more indignant as he shouted loudly, “Don’t spare those evil heretic apprentices of yours lightly!”

Tie Ling stared at him for a second, “Wah! If not for you, I would have let them die under my clutches and they would not have escaped!”

Dong Qianli looked startled and cried out, “You mean that three days ago, the three men that you almost cornered, are your two evil heretic apprentices! There is a dwarf among them. Who is he?”

[Divine Ape] disappointing said, “That dwarf is their apprentice. If you have not stopped me from killing them that day, I would not be this infuriate with you. Therefore I immediately fought with you. At that time, you may thought that I was beyond reasoning…alas!”

He sighed and was filled with remorse as he said, “At that time, I was really too impatient. Without explaining things, I started to fight with you. When I come to recognize that you are the [Divine Donkey], all the more I am unwilling to let off of such an excellent opportunity to compete with you as I have long wanted that chance. It resulted in their escape. Now that I can’t cleanse these evil heretic apprentices out of my door, when I have died, they would surely plunged the pugilist realm into chaos.”

When he had finished, he kept sighing non-stop.

[Iron Guts Divine Donkey] Dong Qianli was also deeply remorseful. “Alas! I was only thinking of saving lives but I have never expected to save the lives of two rotten eggs! Heroics does not pay…”

Ch22 End

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