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Chapter 1: The Immortal Realm Online

Chapter 1: The Immortal Realm Online

Year 2077.

Yi Mu is overjoyed!

Literally jumping for joy!

This is the happiest day of his nineteen year old life!

He is literally jumping for joy as he rushed home with a package that he had just collected from his nearest postage service!

He is singing and whistling the name of the content that is in his heavy package, ‘The Immortal Realm Online’, developed by Asmodian Systems Technologies.

This is an inverse virtual reality massively multiplayer online game, IVRMMOG that promises to deliver the best gaming experiences to the online player, bring gameplay experiences to another level!

Not only that, just it is limited to only a hundred thousand players worldwide and those hundred thousand players must be the top tier players with a developer or publishing recommendation!

He is currently the top 10 player, actually the top player in Guardians Online, playing a fighter. However he was actually proficiency in all the classes as well!

He was now speeding back to his home and in the next few minutes he will be home!

All the chosen beta players must login within the next six hours to receive a special starter bundle. Exactly what is the starter bundle, the game developer did not mention and instead it was mentioned as something great and mysterious, creating a huge hype in the gaming community!

He has reached his home now, slamming the door hard after him as he rushes upstairs to his room!

He is the only child and he has stayed with his paternal grandparents. That is because his parents are working together in the other province.

He shrugged his shoulders when he recalled his father and grandfather telling him that he is the 33rd descendant of Yi Ping, a mythical hero and that their line of lineage for some unknown reasons has only a male descendant.

He smiles faintly to himself, “This must be longest unbroken single line in history then!”

Now that he has reached his room, he immediately tears off the heavy package while hitting his computer screen to type rapidly with his left fingers to message all his friends, “Heya! I have got the package now and will be entering the Immortal Realm Online soon!

Will share later with you guys!”

His attention is quickly distracted to a black Inverse Reality Helmet and he quickly put it on, ignoring the rush of congratulation messages that are on his monitor.

He flicks the switch on the side of the black helmet, “So this is new MAST, Massive Asmodian System Technologies. I can lay my hands on it…”

He has no need to read the activation manual, having already memorized the activation procedures from the tube channel of the Asmodian Systems Technologies!

He wastes no time to get into the game!

He takes a deep breath and let it go as his surrounding turns pitch black!

All of a sudden there was a bright light.

And a digital feminine voice resonates, “Welcome to the Immortal Realm Online! Congrats for being a beta player. I am the Goddess Xiang. Now I am going to instruct you on how to play…”

When the bright light has dimmed, Yi Mu finds himself walking in a spatial room and in front of him stood a smiling and revealing beautiful maiden in white with a beautiful intricate golden frame mirror in her hands.

Yi Mu is looking at his hands and he was gasping, “Waa, this is all too real! I can see myself and my movements are all too real. Is this really real?”

He notices that he is now wearing a white and blue tunic.

He looks at the maiden in white and mutters to himself, “She is so beautiful. Alas, all the guides in the games are all called goddesses. This is too old. But she is indeed gorgeous. Too bad, I am unable to interact with her.”

The maiden in white looks at him for a while, “You have a familiar air from someone that I have known. I wonder, I wonder if you are of his bloodline…”

When Yi Mu heard that, he smiles. “That sounds like an old scripted conversation.”

The maiden in white smiles alluringly as she holds up her mirror, “Look!”

Yi Mu is startled; he has the same exact features as before!

The maiden in white explains, “It is because MAST has facial recognition abilities. Other than your facial structures, you are able to change your eyes and hair colors, hair length and clothing textures.”

She smiles enchantingly, “Of course, you have the option to give yourself a new name to display in-game.”

Yi Mu is already nodding excitingly with every new info that is updated to him as an interactive wall with multiple panels begins to flash in mid-air just in front of him!

He mutters excitingly as he already starts to play with the interactive panels with his fingers, “So this is the selection screen! But where are the classes? I want to choose a matching color to my class. Wait a minute. Where is the class selection?”

The maiden in white smiles and winks at him, “You must generate your stats first. The Immortal Realm Online has a unique character generation system for you to roll your stats. However, you can only reroll up to 3 times and you must select the final outcome. You cannot choose to revert back to the last roll if the new outcome is not desirable to you. Thereafter it will be reflected in your attributes in-game. Then you can choose your class.”

Yi Mu rubs his hands as he says excitingly, “Of course! Without knowing my exact rolls, it is unwise to choose my class first. After all, I may choose a class that goes funny with my stats!”

He immediately says excitingly, “Can I roll my stats first?”

It is because all his attention and excitement are on this unique character generator!

The maiden in white smiled gently, “Naturally you can.”

Immediately a panel with a pop up in front of Yi Mu!

Yi Mu immediately presses the roll and his eyes are already beaming as the stats begin to pop up one by one!

Main Attributes
Strength: 23
Magic Strength: 18
Constitution: 31
Stamina: 6
Dexterity: 16
Spirit: 14
Fighting Affinity: 35
Intuition: 10
Charisma: 25
Physical Beauty: 27

Affinity Type:
Attack Affinity: C
Defense Affinity: C
Speed Affinity: D
Sixth Sense Affinity: B
Spirit Affinity: B

He is stunned. It is because he has never expected to see so many rows of attributes and what are these affinity types?

It seems that he has a high of 35 yet his is only a C!

It is the first time he is actually nervous!

The maiden in white smiles and says, “The main attributes are your inherent potential. Stats above 30 will grant you a special exceptional attribute. For example, above 30 Strength will give you 1 base attack modifier while above 30 Constitution will give you more HP. A high Fighting Affinity or FA will give you exception skill. This will increases the speed of your skills acquisition. As you can see, this status that you have rolled means that you have exceptional HP, Skill and persona. Your affinity types are more inclined toward Six Sense Affinity and Spirit Affinity, meaning that you have high perception and morale. Got it?”

Yi Mu’s heart is now pounding hard!

He is exceptional bright and now that she has explained it, he is really excited. But he has one question so he asks, “So for affinity types, A is the highest?”

It is because he wants to aim for the highest affinity!

The maiden in white answers with a smile, “No, it isn’t. SSS is the highest. But it is strictly impossible. With a little luck, it is possible to get a S. If you got a S, it is maybe possible to get a SS with the aid of equipment. These stats are controlled in-game and you will be playing based on your affinity types.”

Yi Mu nods and asks, “It seems that the affinity types are more important. Then what about the main attributes?”

The maiden in white smiles, “Naturally the main attributes affects your affinity types! No matter how you roll, you will get 150 stat points. The system is fair to all the players. The system in turn will calculate your rank for your affinity types.”

Yi Mu quickly asks excitingly, “It is so awesome! I have never seen anything like this before. This is simply so challenging! Can I know which of the main attributes affects the affinity types?”

The maiden in white smiles and says, “This is strictly forbidden. You have to figure out yourself and make your choice first. When you are in-game, you will figure out your stats. After all, there will be a tutorial.”

Yi Mu smiles weakly and grumbled, “When I am in-game then everything will be too late for regrets.”

The maiden in white smiles and says, “Now open your special beta bundle package.”

Immediately a panel with a bundle package appears.

Yi Mu suddenly remembers that he is supposed to get a special beta bundle package as a beta player and he is immediately excited again!

The maiden in white smiles, “As a beta player, the system will randomly generate 10 extra points to distribute among your main attributes and 10 extra points to distribute among your affinity types as talent points. This is only opened for the beta players and will give you a further advantage.”

Yi Mu is excited as he looks at the bundle package that is in front of him. His mind is racing fast as he thinks, “I can understand why the attribute system is so complex now. Everyone will be unique. We are all creating our unique characters here. Gosh, I must really pray hard. This is completely random and I got only three chances to roll my stats. Moreover the special bonus stats are also random. This is already challenging me to the limits. But at the same time, it is also damn fun…”

He presses the panel as he thinks and the system begins to roll visually in front of him!

+10 modifiers to Fighting Affinity
+10 hidden talent points to Speed Affinities

The maiden in white stops smiling and exclaims, “This!…”

Yi Mu is surprised by her reaction and asks, “What happens?”

The maiden in white smiles back and says, “Nothing. Your rolls are too extreme to be true. This has never happens before. Look at the change in your stats now.”

Main Attributes
Strength: 23
Magic Strength: 18
Constitution: 31
Stamina: 6
Dexterity: 16
Spirit: 14
Fighting Affinity: 35 -> 45
Intuition: 10
Charisma: 25
Physical Beauty: 27

Affinity Type:
Attack Affinity: C
Defense Affinity: C
Speed Affinity: D -> A
Sixth Sense Affinity: B -> S
Spirit Affinity: B

The maiden in white smiles and says, “So do you want to keep this roll or reroll? Don’t worry, you have all the time to decide.”

Yi Mu quickly checks his stats and he begins to think to himself, “My sixth sense affinity is now S but my Speed affinity is only a A even though I have received 10 talent points to it. I guess that my dexterity is too low so even if I have received an extreme bonus, it is still so useless. But I got a S for my sixth sense and she has mentions that S is indeed very rare to obtain.”

He has suddenly realized that most of the other players will not be able to gain much even if they have bonus stats. It is because it is random and it depends on the players’ ability to judge their random rolls. Luck is the key in this case…

The real question is, should he rerolls or not?

If he rerolls then he will lose his rare S!

Even before he is in-game, he is already caught in a dilemma and he is eager to get in-game!

Finally he says cautiously, “I have decided to reroll.”

It is like he has lost half of his confidence!

The maiden in white says, “Please select the option at the bottom then.”

Yi Mu nods and presses the option at the bottom.

Immediately his new status is flashed.

Main Attributes
Strength: 25
Magic Strength: 16
Constitution: 29
Stamina: 19
Dexterity: 12
Spirit: 35
Fighting Affinity: 25 -> 35
Intuition: 31
Charisma: 6
Physical Beauty: 10

Affinity Type:
Attack Affinity: C
Defense Affinity: C
Speed Affinity: B-> S
Sixth Sense Affinity: A
Spirit Affinity: D

Yi Mu smiles weakly. He still gets a S but this time it is the Speed Affinity but his Sixth Sense Affinity is now a A. It is like he is only doing a switching.

The white in maiden asks with a smile, “So do you want to use this status or to reroll?”

Yi Mu smiles weakly as he ponders, “This is really my last chance. I still got a S. It is already not bad at all. I mustn’t be too greedy…”

But what he is thinking is opposite of his actions as he is already pressing the option!

He murmurs with a weak smile, “Alas! Now I really need some ancestor luck!”

The panel begins to flash:

Main Attributes
Strength: 7
Magic Strength: 18
Constitution: 19
Stamina: 9
Dexterity: 22
Spirit: 30
Fighting Affinity: 34 -> 44
Intuition: 32
Charisma: 11
Physical Beauty: 23

Affinity Type:
Attack Affinity: D
Defense Affinity: D
Speed Affinity: B-> S
Sixth Sense Affinity: SS
Spirit Affinity: D

There is a short silence as he stares at the panel.


He gets Sixth Sense Affinity SS and Speed Affinity S!

But he is soon startled to see that the rest of his affinities are a D!

Attack, Defense and Spirit Affinity are all D!

What can he do except to smile weakly to himself?

That is because he cannot reroll anymore!

The maiden in white murmurs slowly, “You have actually got a SS…”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “But I am super weak in the other affinities. I guess that I can only pick the thief professional now. I got a decent Dexterity of 22. What a skillful thief I am.”

The maiden in white quickly regained her composure as she looks blankly at Yi Mu for a while before she says, “First remember to pick a name before you proceed to pick your class.”

Yi Mu heaves a soft sigh as he keys, “Yi Jian Duo Qing (Sword of Many Loves).”

There is a beep sound and the system announces, “The name has already been taken. Please choose another.”

Yi Mu is furious as he exclaims with stumped voice, “What!? That is the name that I have been using for the Guardians Online. Who is the imposter?!”

The maiden in white smiles serenely, “Please choose again.”

Yi Mu regains his composure with another sigh, muttering. “Never mind.”

He soon types, “Li Mu.”

He is impatient to play the game so he decides to use his very real name. There are a hundred thousand beta players and most of the popular catchphrase names will already be taken.

This time the system announces, “Your name has been register!”

The maiden in white seems to look curiously at his name and she is muttering, “Hmm, Yi…Mu…this is your real name?”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “That’s right. A nobody like Li Mu definitely has no takers.”

He quickly presses the next option to select his class.

The maiden in white smiles, “It seems that you have decided to select the default character setting. You can still press the back button to select the setting before you confirm your class.”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “I think the default character looks cool enough.”

The truth is that he is all too eager to look at the classes and to get started!

The classes begin to flash in front of him one by one:

He is astounded and murmured, “These are the classes?”

At the same time, his excitement level reaches a new height. This is a game that he has never experienced before and playing something so unique really get him to fire up!

The maiden in white smiles, “That is right. You can call it your character synergies. Unlike the other games that you may have experienced, the classes here develop your potential even more or complement your weakness. For example, if you are a Speed Type and choose Magic, you can be a that can do multiple casts or move fast. Alternatively, if you are an Attack Type, you can be an attacker type in all the classes that you have chosen.”

Yi Mu groans unhappily, “Crap. In all the games, the Attacker Type is the most offensive and most powerful. There goes my build already…”

But he is already tapping on the various classes.

Intuitive characters have better danger sense and sixth sense. Their instincts are sharper than any.

Characters that specialize in Natural Synergy have much more better physical attributes and endowed with inherent talents.

Arms Synergy is the art of enhance weapons and armors, amplifying their use.

Esper Synergy is a field for Characters that specializes in defensive magic and long range attacks.

Characters that have the ability to synergy their own spiritual energies, able to magically heal and inspire the others.

Magic Synergy Characters are capable of drawing much more powerful destructive magic energies.

Yi Mu taps curiously on Natural but there is no further info. So he asks, “I can’t see the skills?”

The maiden in white says, “No, you can’t. That is forbidden until you have reached the game itself. Even then, you can’t get to see your full list skill because it is a competitive gameplay and your opponents’ skills will be hidden from you.”

Yi Mu nods and he ponders, “Hmm, that sounds right. So even if we all choose from the same Class Synergy, my opponents may not necessary knows my skills. On the other hand, I know even less of the other classes. That means that gathering information of the other classes and the others in-game is really important.”

But he is soon muttering, “My attack and defense surely sucks. So I have to rely on my speed and my sixth sense. I can choose Natural or Arms to complement my weakness. Or I can choose Spiritual to be a support.”

With a weak smile, he presses the Arms option and says. “I have decided.”

The maiden in white smiles and says, “I, the Goddess Xiang will now blesses you. May your new journey be brighter than light, be as glorious as the sun!”

And the surrounding begins to glow brightly!

Yi Mu is already sighing because it seems that he has a bad start, resigning himself to a fate of being a support. So he mutters, “What is the use? I need a super weapon.”

The maiden in white asks, “I can grant you my Heavens Sundering Mirror. Best of wishes for your adventures and may your name be immortalized in the Immortal Realm!”

The sundering light glows even brighter and Yi Mu finds himself being pulls away to a vortex!

Ch1 End

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