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Chapter 2: The Tutorial Goddess

Yi Mu finds himself walking in a golden hall with beautiful arc and he begins to wonder, “What am I?”

As he asks that, an endearing heavenly maiden has suddenly appeared in front of him with a bright light and says. “Welcome to the Tutorial Hall. I am the Goddess Eris, one of the tutorial goddesses in charge of guiding noobs like you…”

Yi Mu is immediately offended and interrupts, “I am not a noob! I am actually the best player in the Guardians Online!…”

He pauses immediately and murmured, “Stupid me. Why am I arguing with an AI?”

The Goddess Eris hummed coldly, “Newbie then if you prefer. I will make no apologies to you. So your nickname in game is Yi Mu. You arrogant brat. I have played the Guardians Online as well and I have only lost to Yi Jian Duo Qing.”

Yi Mu stares blankly at her as he blinks his eyes several times, “You have played the Guardians Online too?”

The Goddess Eris stares blankly at him and suddenly smiles, “Erm, I have searched through your personal data…”

Yi Mu asks curiously as he blinked his eyes again, “Nowadays the AI is so advanced that it can interact so well? If it is like this then the NPCs in game must be really so fantastic!”

He is literally jumping for joy as he makes a victory dance, “An excitingly gameplay experiences. That is the promise! I am really experiencing it now! Hooray!”

While he is dancing with excitement, The Goddess Eris is furious typing in mid-air on a translucent panel and she was suddenly gasping, “Your MAST ID really matches Yi Jian Duo Qing!…”

Yi Mu laughs, “Of course I am Yi Jian Duo Jian! Someone has already stolen my nick so I am forced to use another now. Alas, it is so cool. I am actually interacting with a tutorial NPC now…”

The Goddess Eris growls, “Tutorial Goddess. I am the Goddess Eris. You should prostate before me if you know what is good for you or else I will beat you up!”

Yi Mu laughs it off, “The feeling here is so good. Even the tutorial NPC feels so alive and lively. Now that I am in the tutorial, is there anything that I need to know?”

The Goddess Eris blinked her eyes before she mutters, “Right, the tutorial.”

She composes herself to say coolly, “Well rookie, listen up! You are about to embark on your greatest adventure yet. I see that you have chosen the Arms Synergy.”
As she speaks, she taps on a menu <Initializing Status>.

Yi Mu can feel a wave of excitement as panel of his own status begins to pop up all around him!

New status begin to pop!

Name: Yi Mu
Level: 1

Primary Attributes
HP: 825
MP: 600
Skill: 34
Magic Aptitude: 22
Attack: 11
Magic Attack: 14
Agility: 6
Morale: 8

Special Affinity Types Bonus
Speed S:
1) Add 4.3 Initiative
2) +20% Attack Speed
3) Skill Cooldown reduce by 50%
4) True Evade Chance up 1%

Sixth Sense SS:
1) Less 27 Damage.
2) Double rate to hit.
3) True Evade Chance up 1%
4) Triple rate to evade.

Yi Mu mutters, “So this is my real status? I think I am amazing cool!”

The Goddess Eris growls softly, “Really amazing. Much better than most of the users out there. Now equip this sword. It will add on 5 attack to you.”

Yi Mu nods and he transfers the new sword.

System Pop Up: New Attack Status: 11 -> 16

Yi Mu is laughing, “It is amazing cool. My attack is now 16. Is it high?”

The Goddess Eris looks at him and smiles wryly, “It is low. Everyone starts with base 10 Attack and you are only 1 point better than the poor average players.”

Yi Mu stops smiling and mutters, “Crap! This is demoralizing.”

All of a sudden he looks at her and asks, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be my patron goddess or something? Why are you demoralizing me?”

The Goddess Eris hummed coldly and says, “The server highest <Attack> is now at 30. Do you know that you actually belong to the bottom 5%.”

Yi Mu blinks his eyes and he wants to faint immediately, “Bottom 5%!”

He quickly says, “Never mind. Can you guide me to the skills?”

It is because he has suddenly found the skill menu and he is literally jumping with excitement as he begins to tap on it!

There are basically three skill tabs on it; Arms Synergy, Weapon Skills and Guard Skills.

He notices that he has 5 skill points to distribute.

He taps on the Arms Synergy and see that it is a skill tree with three branching skill; Mana Weaponry, Amplify Armor and Shield Mastery.

It seems that after unlocking the branching skills then he will be able to see the next skill. But until then, it is not possible.

So which skills are the best?

He takes a quick look.

Mana Weaponry
Description: Charge up the weapon with mana energy and hit the target with a mighty force.
Level 1: Boast 100%. +1 Critical.
Damage 11-14.
MP: 10
Cast Time: 1
Cooldown: 10
Type: Active, Single Target, Melee/ Range.

Amplify Armor
Description: Raise self defense force.
Level 1: Raise all defense by 10 for 10minute.
MP: 10
Cast Time: 1
Cooldown: 10
Type: Active, Single Target
MP: 50
Cast Time: 4
CD: 4

Shield Mastery
Description: Raise the block%.
Level 1: Add 1% Block.
MP: 10
Cast Time: NA
Cooldown: NA
Type: Passive
MP: 50
Cast Time: 4
CD: 4

Yi Mu smiles weakly to himself, “Hmm. It seems that I have to learn Mana Weaponry first. It is because it is my only offensive skill at the moment.”

The Goddess Eris is smiling as she says, “Check your inventory later. You have a starter equipment such as shield, sword, armor, boot and gauntlet.”

Yi Mu nods and he was looking at the <Weapon Skills>.

There are three and is formatted in the same way as the Arms Synergy; Basic Melee Skill, Basic Bow Skill and Basic Magic Weapon Skill.

Tapping on the Basic Melee Skill, it reads. “+3 Damage/level when using sword and mace weapons.”

Tapping on the Basic Bow Skill, it reads. “+3 Damage/level when using range weapons.”

Tapping on the Basic Magic Weapon Skill, it reads.”+3 Damage/level when using Staff/Wand.

And on the bottom, it reads. “For every 10 Skill Points invested in Weapon Skill, It gives a 2% chance to trigger the same attack skill once more.”

Yi Mu’s eyes are already beaming as he exclaims, “So I cannot rely on just my class skill alone. I have to determine which areas that I want to specialize first. I can choose to multi-specialize but it will only make my main class weaker. I can choose to be stronger in offensive or defensive with the weapon or the guard skill. But in doing so, I won’t be able to advance further in my main class. The designs here are really cunning but I like it. That only means that the other players will be equally cautious and won’t be able to gain an early advantage. Most of them will be trying out and testing their skills.”

He has already decided in his heart to forfeit the guard skills.

The Goddess Eris smiles, “You are not so dense after all.”

Yi Mu laughs, “Of course I am not. I am a pro player, you know.”

The Goddess Eris smiles and says, “And so our tutorial will begin. It will only be a simple tutorial before I teleport you to the town. I see that you have already a sword in your hand. Are you ready to know how to fight?”

Yi Mu nods and says, “I am ready!”

The Goddess Eris nods and says, “As you can see, you have already invested one skill level in your Mana Weaponry.”

Yi Mu interrupted with a growl, “I didn’t say that I will learn that first…”

The Goddess Eris says nonchalantly, “Well, it is the system default. You don’t have a choice. I need to teach you how to use your skills.”

Yi Mu smiles weakly and replies, “Oh well. I guess that is alright then. So how do we begin the tutorial now?”

The Goddess Eris claps her hands and a big gray wolf has suddenly spawned in the golden hall and is charging at him with a terrifying howl!

Yi Mu lifts the sword high and says, “Gosh, this wolf is so big! This is so much fun and the realism level here is simply too awesome!”

The Goddess Eris yawned softly, “Don’t be afraid to charge into the monster wolf. This monster wolf can only deal you 1 damage and you have 825 HP to play with. If you are afraid then you can play with a bow later.”

Yi Mu immediately protested as he waved his sword before charging headlong at the monstrous gray wolf, “I didn’t say that I am afraid!”

He has immediately engaged the monstrous wolf.

Instinctly as he swings his sword, he is able to see his suppose damage range <Physical Damage: 6 to 7, Average DPS 7>.

It seems that he is faster than the wolf and he has already made two quick hits with his sword, dealing 6 damage and 7 damage for a total of 13 damage!

The Gray Wolf’s HP Meter begins to reduce by 1/5!

He is shouting with excitement, “Heavens! It is so fun!”

The Gray Wolf begins to pound at him.

Yi Mu can feel the sheer weight of the Gray Wolf that is upon him but instinctively, he has moved out of the way. It is like there is a force guiding him and that his reactions are being taught by a supreme being!

He is startled, “This is so amazing! I have never known that I can evade and move in such a manner!”

The Goddess Eris takes a lingering look at him from behind him before she says coolly, “That is because you have SS for your Sixth Sense. The system will interrupt and guide you when you are attacked, correcting your movements for you.”

She pauses briefly before saying, “Hey, hey. It is time for you to use your attack skill.”

Yi Mu turns his head and asks, “So how do I use my attack?”

The Goddess Eris says, “You just need to repeat your skill name. It is as simple as that.”

Yi Mu says, “Oh? Oh let me try. Mana…”

All of a sudden, he finds himself incarnating rapidly. “Mana Weaponry!”

His sword has suddenly turns blue and a powerful blue bolt has shot forth, striking the gray wolf with a 12 Damage indicator, vanishing it into nothingness!

Yi Mu is blinking his eyes as he touched his mouth. “Did I just mutter so fast?”

The Goddess Eris smiles, “That is because the incarnation time for your Mana Weaponry is only 1s. The system will speed up for you. If you use a skill with a slow CT like the Amplify Armor which has a CT of 4, it will take 4s to cast. The system will automatic slow down for you even if you are able to incite at god speed. Get it?”

Yi Mu smiles weakly, “Got it.”

All of a sudden there is a system message <CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE LEVEL UP! YOU ARE NOW LEVEL 2>

There is a pop up <All secondary status improved, +10 HP, +10 MP, +1 Attack, +1 Magic Attack, +1 Skill, +1 Magic Aptitude, +1 Agility, +1 Morale. +2 Skill Points>.

Yi Mu exclaims excitingly, “I have leveled up!”

He is so excited that he simply grabs the Goddess Eris and has hugged her in his embrace!

The Goddess Eris is flustered as she gives him a slap, “What are you doing?”

It is a hard slap and Yi Mu’s HP meter immediately dropped by 600!

Yi Mu gets a shock and he is muttering, “Why is your slap so powerful? Did I see what I am seeing? Did I just nearly get kill by a tutorial NPC?”

The Goddess Eris says coldly, “That is a tutorial goddess in case you have forgotten. Now be gone!”

There is a bright light around Yi Mu as he is being sent away to the newbie town.

The Goddess Eris is left flustered and she is touching her bosoms but she is soon smiling slyly, “No matter. You are going to die soon. So have fun. You have humiliated me in the past and from now on, I am going to humiliate you.”

Ch2 End

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