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Chapter 1

Jiang Le heaved a soft sigh as he gripped his long sword tightly.

His steps were wobbly and he was trembling from his injuries after falling from the steep cliff.

It was a lucky thing that a tree branch cushioned his fall or else he would have been killed.

He pondered wearily, “Where am I? It is nearly nightfall soon…”

But he was suddenly cheerful, “At least I am still alive…”

How did he fall off the steep cliff?

He was ambushed by a masked assailant after receiving an unknown invitation. Usually, he would be sceptic about any unknown invitations but the contents of the invitation were simply too tempting; what is pinnacle level of the sword? It is beyond your heart. If you have the courage to know, come at dusk at the ten mile pavilion.

As a swordsman, he was naturally tempted.

It was especially tempting when he had already been regarded as one of the top ten swordsmen in the martial fraternity and was trying to seek a breakthrough in his current sword level.

And as one of the best swordsman in the martial fraternity, he naturally did not have much to fear!

That was a great mistake!

He had never expected that the masked assailant would have an upper hand over him by the tenth strokes and by the thirtieth strokes he was sent flying down the steep gorge!

He was left stunned and was demoralized now. After all, he had always thought of himself as an accomplish swordsman and he was a young genius with plenty of potential ahead of him.

The truth was that he could barely parry off the masked assailant and he was forced to take evasive action before he stumbled down the steep cliff.

Or rather, he had chosen to stumble down the steep cliff because he had decided that he was not prepared to die just like this!

All of a sudden a brilliant thunderous lightning had flashed down and had ignited a tree. This was followed by the scream of a woman!

Jiang Le was alarmed and he thought, “There is someone else here?”

Despite his serious injuries, he quickly sprang in the direction of the thick forest canopy.

When he had reached the scene of the burning tree, he was so startled that he was momentarily frozen!

It was not a horrific scene that had greeted him!

Instead, it was the sight of a most wondrous beauty was lying naked on a pool of water and in her right hand she appeared to be clutching a blue pearl!

He found himself staring at her, forgetting the reason why he was here in the first place!

While he was experienced with women but he had never seen such a wondrous beauty before and he found himself looking at her secret vulnerable areas.

He swallowed his saliva and thought, “Why is she here? Is she an immortal fairy? Is she dead?…”

At the thought that she may be dead, his rational began to return as he quickly snapped out of his trance and he quickly kneeled down to her to examine her pulse and her heart.

His fingers were trembling as he felt her bosom before he heaved a soft sigh, “She still lives but her vital signs are weak…”

He thought, “What should I do to revive her?”

He sighed aloud as he took off his robe, “This is the only thing that I can do now…”

All of a sudden there was several feminine shouts from behind him, “You lecher, what are you doing?! Prepare to die!”

He turned around and saw three maidens in blue and white running towards him with beaming long swords!

Even before they had reached him, he could sense the malevolent sword energies of their swords!

He was startled as he thought panicky, “These maidens are so young and yet they have already attained the sword energy level?”

That was because he had not attained such a level yet therefore he was staring at them in disbelief!

Just as he was about to raise his sword to defend himself, the naked maiden that was lying on the ground had opened her eyes all of a sudden and she had raised her fingers to strike him from behind his neck!

Before he knew it, he was seeing doubles and he had blacked out!

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