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Chapter 3:

Jiang Le was led through a winding of passages and finally he found himself facing a huge windy entrance. Judging from the cool temperature, he judged that he must be somewhere underground. He thought, “So this Tranquil Palace is somewhere beneath the ground?”

Now that he had regained his strength, he found himself observing these four maidens who were keeping a close watch over him.

He was feeling a little flush because he had realized that they were in a flimsy see through silken robes and as little as just two piece of robes. He had not realized earlier because he had lost too much blood and his vision was hazy.

He sighed softly to himself, “What a delightful sight!”

He took a glance at Yue Ling, “I wonder why her eyes are gray and so devoid of colors? It seems that she is containing a deep sorrow within her.”

The Verdant Scarlet Fairy noticed his sigh and asked coldly, “Are you afraid? We have reached. This is the entrance of the trial.”

Jiang Le smiled weakly, “Of course not. I’m a perfectly crazy man.”

Yue Ling smiled for the first time, “Good. You do not fear death. Follow me in.”

Jiang Le muttered, “Of course, of course.”

He was soon taken inside the entrance and saw a huge cavern.

Inside, there was a long wooden suspension bridge that linked two ridges.

Jiang Le smiled bitterly, “I see nothing here.”

Yue Ling smiled coldly, “The divine sword that you are holding now is christened the Celestial Gallantry and is the heritage divine sword of our clan. Since the divine sword has chosen you as its master, no doubt your courage is not lacking.”

Jiang Le looked at the silver beaming sword that was buckled by his side and said weakly, “You can have it back anytime. Oh I forget that you cannot pick this sword at all. I can throw it on the ground and then I run off. Maybe you can pick it up later…”

Yue Ling interrupted, “We can do it once you are dead naturally. You don’t have to teach us. You should consider this to be your blessing instead.”

Jiang Le smiled bitterly as he put on a solemn face, “Seriously yes.”

Yue Ling replied, “I hope that you are not afraid.”

She looked at the other two maidens and said gently, “Xia Ji, Xue Ji. Bring him the torch.”

The two maidens immediately answered in concert as they bowed gracefully, “Your celestial will is the divine will.”

The maiden who was standing the nearest to Jiang Le, gave him a quick and mesmerizing smile as she handed Jiang Le a torch, “I am Xue Ji. If you pass the celestial trial, then we will be as one protégé clan. Therefore you can only succeed!”

Jiang Le was a little startled by her and his heart was flurrying. This was the first heartfelt words that he had heard since he was in their company.

The other maiden who was Xia Ji giggled, “Protégé sister, it may be a little too early to wish for it yet. But yes, he certainly looks like he has some potential.”

Jiang Le laughed softly as he was suddenly overwhelmed by the flattering, beating his chest and saying, “Then I can only do my best for my beautiful protégé sisters. So what are the rules of this celestial trial?”

Yue Ling said gently, “Simple. All you need to do is to carry this torch to the other side of the bridge without extinguishing the fire. Then you will pass the celestial trial and you will be initiated into the Tranquil Palace.”

Jiang Le was solemn as he examined the environment with his eyes. It may appear to be an easy trial but he knew it was not going to be easy. The winds were strong here and this was causing the wooden suspension bridge to rock to and fro.

He took a quick look at the bottom of the ridge and was disturbed to see a bottomless darkness. If he tripped then his life would surely be forfeited!

He turned around to look at Yue Ling and the Verdant Scarlet Fairy and was slightly disturb that they appeared to be smiling at him. He thought, “Are they so confident that I am surely unable to pass the celestial trial?”

With that he took a bold step on the wavering wooden suspension bridge!

He said softly, “Jiang Le, you mustn’t die here! You still have to extract vengeance on the martial fraternity!”

The howling winds are much stronger on the bridge!

Jiang Le positioned the burning torch close to him. It was because he knew that if he was not careful then the burning torch would soon be extinguished by the strong winds.

He mustered his vital energies to display the Delude Steps, a type of swiftness movement skill as he threaded on the rocking suspension bridge carefully. While his Delude Steps was not an epitome or even first rate swiftness movement skill in the martial fraternity, he must admit now that his very life depends upon it now!

He was now afraid!

Very freaking afraid!

And he was regretting why he had agreed to challenge this celestial trial in the first place!

This feeling of hovering death was worse than death itself and it seemed that with every caution step that he had taken, he was always so close to death!

He shivered and muttered, “Jiang Le, Jiang Le. You must not die because if you do then there is no one in this world that can pity you!”

After what seemed to be like an eternal agonizing moment, he finally took to the last step and had made his way across to the other side of the ridge.

He was so ashen that he had turned completely pale and his legs were trembling nonstop!

He gasped out as he collapsed on the ground, “I….I have made it!”

Barely had he said that, he noticed that the four maidens were already by his side!

He could not believe his eyes!

He thought wearily, “Are they really phantoms?! When did they cross the bridge?”

But he could not think further. He was so exhausted that he had blacked out completely now!

Xue Ji giggled, “I knew it! He has really made it!”

Xia Ji clapped delightfully, “Only one in a thousand is able to pass this celestial trial. He is really amazing. Now we have a protégé brother!”

The Verdant Scarlet Fairy nodded quietly, “He has proven that he possesses courage, willpower and most important of all, luck. One misstep and he would have fallen down the ravine.”

Yue Ling nodded gently, “He has indeed proven that he has the basic survival instinct to be a celestial practitioner. Whether he can prove that he has the ultra instinct to overcome the many divine tribulations and be a true celestial is still early yet.”

The Verdant Scarlet Fairy smiled, “Indeed we shall see. Protégé Sister Mistress, your divine calamity, you have gained any insight?”

Yue Ling sighed melancholy, “The Crisis Level is still too difficult for me to overcome. Thanks to the Divine Alma Pearl, I have preserved my attainment at the Lower Crisis Level. I have lost a good chance to advance my attainment.”

The Verdant Scarlet Fairy nodded and said with sorrows in her eyes, “The chance will come again. But something good comes from this right?”

She turned and looked at the unconscious Jiang Le before saying, “After all, he has revived the Heavenly Relic Celestial Gallantry, so maybe he would be able to aid Protégé Sister Mistress in the future.”

Yue Ling shook her head as she said gently, “I am afraid that I don’t have the time to wait for him…”

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