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Chapter 11

Qingshuang, Xue Ji and Xia Ji were taking Jiang Le at an astonishing pace up the mountains. As a matter of fact, they had been traveling for a day now but the distance that they had covered was akin to three days.

Luckily for Jiang Le, his swiftness movement skill was not weak so he followed them.

But when they had taken a turn to the right side of the lofty mountains, Jiang Le was alarmed as he quickly said, “You seem to know the way petty well? However, do you know that we are now encroaching upon the territory of the Thunder Herald Sect? They are a nasty batch of unorthodox cultists and won’t take too kindly to any intruders. I will suggest that we head another way before we are found out.”

Qingshuang took a soft glance at Jiang Le, seemingly smiling behind her veil before whispering. “In any case, it is too late. They are already here!”

There were thunderous flashes of light exploding around them as more than a hundred men wielding swords and sabres surrounded them.

A middle-age bearded man roared thunderously, “Do you think that you can intrude the domain of the Thunder Herald Sect just like this?”

Jiang Le hastily spoke, “Wait! We bear no ill-intention and is just passing by…”

Qingshuang interrupted as she lifted her eyes at the middle-age bearded man, “We are here to subjugate the Thunder Herald Sect. And who may you be?”

Jiang Le was stunned and he nearly coughed, “What? You didn’t tell me? This isn’t a time for jokes. Let’s us quickly apologize and leave.”

The middle-age bearded man roared with laughter, “You don’t know who I am? And you are here to subjugate our clan? This is so laughable.”

A demure maiden who was next to him began to wave her sword threatening, “Father, they are too insolent. Why don’t we just kill them with our thunder flashing bombs rather than waste our time talking to them?”

The middle-age bearded man laughed as he waved his daughter aside, “No hurry. I am Meng Qihuo, the Grandmaster of the Thunder Herald Sect. Just who are you guys and whose orders are you on? And who is the leader of your group?”

Qingshuang immediately said coldly, “Only a mere forty years had passed and have the Thunder Herald Sect forgotten the Tranquil Palace so readily?”

At the mention of the Tranquil Palace, Meng Qihuo began to turn ashen as he asked quietly, “You’re from the Tranquil Palace? Any proof?”

The demure maiden whispered impatiently, “Father, you don’t have to be so polite to them…”

Meng Qihuo shouted, “Shut up!”

The demure maiden was shocked for her father had never shouted at her before!

Qingshuang flashed out a gold and silver tablet, “Do you recognize the token of the Tranquil Palace? Are the present leadership of the Thunder Herald Sect so insolent to the Tranquil Palace?”

Meng Qihuo quickly shouted as he kneeled down, pulling his daughter onto the ground as well. “Kneel! Kneel!”

There were confusions as the protégés of the Thunder Herald Sect began to kneel onto the ground.

Meng Qihuo said respectfully, “Please forgive us for our insolences and we mean no disrespect. Even if I have a ten heads, I wouldn’t dare to offend the Sacred Messengers of the Tranquil Palace.”

Qingshuang nodded, “Good. At least you have not forgotten who the master and who the servant.”

Meng Qihuo muttered humbly, “Yes, yes…”

Jiang Le was surprised for he had not expected the powerful Thunder Herald Sect to be so obedient!

Qingshuang said, “Rise. Dismiss all the others and let’s have a little talk.”

Meng Qihuo nodded and gave a great shout, “Dismiss! I don’t want to see any of you!”

The demure maiden gasped, “Father…”

Meng Qihuo pushed her away, “Go quickly. I don’t want to repeat. Go!”

The demure maiden nodded and was gone.

Seeing that everyone was gone now, Meng Qihuo asked. “May I know what brings the esteemed Sacred Messengers here today?

Qingshuang replied, “Which are leading martial clans of the martial fraternity now?”

Jiang Le almost choked as he laughed and interrupted, “Oh well, you can ask me. Why did you have to come all the way to ask him that?”

Qingshuang smiled coldly, “That is my business and not yours.”

Meng Qihuo looked at the two Sacred Messengers cautiously but he decided to reply to the veiled maiden that was asking the question. That was because it was obvious that she was the leader of this group. So he answered, “The three most prominent martial clans are the Universal Truth Clan, the Sacred Sword Manor and the Ironblood Sect.”

Qingshuang growled softly and asked, “The Sacred Sword Manor? I have never heard of this clan before.”

Meng Qihuo smiled awkwardly, “It is a newly arising prominent martial clan. It is said that the swordplay of the Sacred Sword Manor is ranked within the top five swordplay of the martial fraternity. In fact, in recent years the young master of the Sacred Sword Manor, Huangfu Chuiyuan is said to have defeated sword master after one another from numerous prominent sword clans.”

Qingshuang muttered softly, “The Sacred Sword Manor? Interesting. What are his sword styles like? Any special techniques?”

Meng Qihuo replied, “Accordingly to the martial hearsay, it has light resemble to the styles of Swallow Slash and the Tang quickdraw techniques. Their sword techniques are the Masterstroke Style and the Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike.”

Qingshuang hummed coldly, “Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike? What an insolent name. What is it like?”

Meng Qihuo said wryly, “I have really no idea. The few people that have seen this extraordinary technique are no longer alive or are keeping mum about it. All I can say is that it is rumored to be extremely swift…”

Jiang Le yawned softly, “And extremely deadly. Is that so?”

Xue Ji giggled as she winked at Jiang Le, “Someone here isn’t too impressed!”

Jiang Le laughed as he tapped his sword scabbard, “Who cares a heck for any Masterstrokes and the Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike.”

Meng Qihuo smiled bitterly as he looked at Jiang Le, “I am sure that the Sacred Messengers are unequalled in the martial fraternity…”

Qingshuang interrupted coldly, “Stop your flattering.”

She turned around and said coldly to Jiang Le, “Can you please go away if you are not interested?”

Jiang Le laughed as he turned around, “If that’s your wish then so be it.”

Xue JI winked at Xia Ji before she laughed softly, “I am going to follow him. Just in case, he decides to run away.”

Xia Ji giggled softly, “I dare him to run away unless he does not value his life!”

Jiang Le shrugged his shoulder and laughed off her remarks, “Whatever. Don’t be so mean, my senior protégé sisters.”


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