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Chapter 12

After a while later, Jiang Le was alone with Xue Ji as they strolled side by side in the mountain forests.

Jiang Le turned around and asked Xue Ji gently, “Senior Protégé Sister, you are afraid that I may escape so you are following me?”

Xue Ji answered with an alluring smile, “You have the mark of our sect on you. Even if you have wings, we will still be able to hunt you down. So don’t worry about it. You can try though.”

Jiang Le smiled as he paused in his tracks, “We’re in the open now and not in the Tranquil Palace anymore. Do you know that Swift Wind happens to be my fraternity name?”

Xue Ji laughed softly, “I really do not know! So you want to try escaping from me?”

Jiang Le grinned at her, “Nay. With such a lovely protégé sister that is alone with me now, I will be a fool to even try to escape, am I right? Maybe my dear Xue Ji will be the one that that will try to escape from a lecher like me.”

Xue Ji sighed softly, “Who is your dear? Mind your words. Do you know that how much attainment it will cost you if you do fall in love and have sexual relations? Therefore I will advise you to exercise some restraint and show a little respect for me, all for your wellbeing sake.”

She flashed Jiang Le a dangerous look, “Moreover, your martial skills are not as good as mine. Don’t say you wanna to lift your fingers on me, you won’t even have an opportunity to even touch me!”

But all of a sudden, she exclaimed aloud. “Who is there? Come out of your hiding…”

Before she could finish, she was knocked down on the ground by a windforce!

Jiang Le was startled as he caught sight of a shadow moving fast between them.

And then the shadow threw him a strike and Jiang Le parried with his scabbard just in the nick of time!

And in front of Jiang Le was a white robe man.

Jiang Le was startled by the sudden appearance of the white robe man for he had never seen anyone that could move as swift and as charismatic as him.

He asked slowly as he held onto the Divine Gallantry, “Who…are you?”

He knew that the white robe man was a dangerous foe because he was able to knock down Xue Ji with a single strike and he dare not be careless!

The white robe man smiled, “Good. You can block my attack with such a short notice. Impressive!”

Jiang Le clenched his fists and said coldly, “We have met before? You are that masked assailant that have ambushed me and caused me to fall down the cliff?”

The white robe man smiled broadly, “Alas, you are indeed smart. Then I shall reveal to you that I am also the one that had sent you that invitation.”

Jiang Le was immediately tensed up and said coldly, “Who are you and what do you want?”

The white robe man replied coolly, “Don’t you want to know what the highest level of swordplay is?”

Jiang Le growled, “You are baiting me.”

The white robe man said, “Am I right to say so, Huangfu Chuiyuan? You have defeated dozens of topnotch swordsmen in recent years. Your real name is Jiang Le but in the martial fraternity, you are known as Huangfu Chuiyuan. At least to them, you are pretty honest.”

Jiang Le smiled bitterly, “It seems that you have already known so much about me. I was a little careless that day and…”

The white robe man interrupted, “If you have not been in an intercourse with your lover that night and that you think that with the Divine Gallantry in your hands, you’re still able to defeat me?”

Jiang Le smiled as he unsheathed his divine sword, “With or without the Divine Gallantry, it is the same to me. Very soon, you will be a dead man. Your name and the name of your clan?”

The white robe man replied, “You may address me as the Desolate Old Man of the Six Realms Sect.”

Jiang Le smiled coldly, “You’re not so old yet you call yourself an old man.”

The white robe man smiled, “It is because that makes an interesting and respectful title. Don’t you agree?”

Jiang Le nodded, “I don’t disagree.”

The white robe man laughed, “That’s good. Say, let’s have our life and death duel right away. If you are able to win then I will let this beautiful maiden of yours go. If I am able to win then I will castrate you. What do you think?”

Jiang Le replied coldly, “If I am able to win then you will be dead. Whether you will let anyone go, is of no consequences.”

The white robe man grinned, “If I am able to win then don’t you think that it is considered your blessing to have witnessed a swordplay that is stronger than your Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike?”

Jiang Le hummed coldly, “You will regret it. However I do agree with your challenge. So where is your sword?”

The white robe man lifted his right hand forward, “I have no need of a sword. So Huangfu Chuiyuan, let me witness your Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike! Why don’t I let you have the benefit of the first strike?”

Jiang Le hummed coldly as he raised his sword in a flurrying display. In the next instant, an explosive amount of sword energies were imbued in his sword and he had flashed next to the white robe man, “If it is death wish that you have wished upon, I have no choice but to grant you!…”

The white robe man stared with his eyes in wonderment, “So this is the Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike…it is indeed extraordinary…”

Jiang Le said, “I didn’t want to display it. But only worthy opponents are able to witness my Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike…”

But to his utter surprise, the white robe man had deflected the tip of his sword with just his fingers and he was suddenly struck by a palm force on his chest that flung him backward!

Jiang Le coughed out blood as he turned ashen, “This is impossible. No one can see through my Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike. Especially not the first time…his reactions are just too supernatural….”

He was shocked because this white robe man had just defended and counter attacked against his Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike. His chest was supposedly to be his best defended position. No one could possibly have struck him in that position while the beaming sword energies of the Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike was in full display!

Jiang Le dropped his sword as his internal injuries seized him, “You have won. To think that there is someone that can break my sword technique so easily…Xue Ji, I am so sorry…”

The white robe man laughed jovially as he picked up the Divine Gallantry, “So your woman is now mine. And so tonight, I will use your divine sword to castrate you. You don’t have to feel sad because once you have embarked on the path of divinity, you won’t need this unnecessary part of your body anymore lest it destroys your hard earned attainment.”

Jiang Le did not question why he was able to pick his divine sword with such ease when not even Qingshuang was able to do so. But he had turned completely white when he had heard that this white robe man had intended to castrate him on the spot. For the very first time he was praying very hard that Qingshuang and Xia Ji would be here to aid him.

But a sudden thought struck him, “No! If they are here then they may come to harm as well…”

The white robe man said coldly as he raised the reflective blade of the Divine Gallantry, “This time, you won’t be as lucky as the last time.”

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