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Chapter 13

The white robe man aka the Desolate Old Man whispered in Jiang Le’s ears, “After I have castrated you, you can cultivate in peace. Maybe you can even learn a skill or two divine skills that only a eunuch would be able to learn!”

Jiang Le could only stare at him coldly for this white robe man was entirely solemn and he was aiming at his crouch now!

The white robe man rubbed his nose and smile, “This will be a clean cut and you don’t even need to take off your pant. You ought to be grateful to me…”

Jiang Le struggled to muster the remaining of his strength to deliver his sword finger at the white robe man but before he could hit him, the white robe man had swung the Divine Gallantry and Jiang Le was screaming out in pain in his crouch area!

He could only mutter incoherently toward the end of his scream, “You will regret not killing me. I will not forget about this vendetta…”

The white robe man grinned as he watched Jiang Le passed out, “You’re a eunuch now.”

“Isn’t this a little too much, turning him into a eunuch?” A gently and beautiful voice was heard and an alluring maiden had stepped coolly from behind the cover of a tree.

The white robe man growled unhappily, “Are you here to interfere with my plans?”

This alluring maiden hummed coldly, “Even if I have ten lives, I won’t dare to! For you are the Desolate Old Man and Grandmaster of the Six Realms Sect!”

The white robe man said, “Are you are saying that if you got more lives, you would dare to try?”

The alluring maiden gave a gentle smile before she walked to the white robe man and then all of a sudden, she had raised her foot to kick him!

But the white robe man seemed to have anticipated the attack and had moved his body aside.

The alluring maiden laughed gently before she raised her hands as she sent hundreds of beaming needles at him. In a blink of an eye, she had made a dozen hand gestures!

The white robe man was startled as he quickly swung his sword several times, deflecting the needles!

The alluring maiden asked, “So what do you think of my technique versus his Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike?”

The white robe man lowered his sword to say, “I must say that it is really fast. One of the fastest swordplay that I have ever seen. To think that at such a young age, he has already mustered to the sword energies level. Moreover, he is able to muster his sword energies at such a short notice. With such a masterful sword art and such an epitome sword technique in his hands, he has plenty of potential. Moreover, his Sacred Heaven Beyond Strike can still be better.”

The alluring maiden raised her eyebrows, “Is that so? Are you looking to fight him again?”

The white robe man nodded lightly as he dropped the Divine Gallantry that was in his hands, “Maybe.”

The alluring maiden smiled, “Maybe only? You mean that even if he trains for a hundred year, he isn’t your match? You’re so insolent nowadays. Let me ask you. This maiden here, is she your new spoil of war?”

The white robe man smiled awkwardly before he turned around and vanished into the forest, “With you around, I dare not claim any spoil of war. Since you are so insistent on protecting them today, I will let them go this time.”

The alluring maiden chuckled and shouted in the direction where he had vanished, “Then I should express my little thanks. But never say I didn’t warn you, there are some dangerous monstrous beasts in that direction…”

All of a sudden there was a monstrous roar in the thick canopy of the forest and a scream was heard from the white robe man…

The alluring maiden looked at the unconscious Jiang Le and Xue Ji before she smiled wryly, “So what have we here. A eunuch and a lovely maiden. What a pity for this Jiang Le for he has to live with it now.”

Suddenly she was smiling, “So they are finally here. What’s takes them this long?”

In the next instant, Qingshuang and Xia Ji had flashed next to her and had attacked her!

Xue Ji shouted angrily, “How dare you attack the protégés of the Tranquil Palace!”

Qingshuang flashed her sword, “Who are you?”

The alluring maiden flurried her sleeves and deflected the sword attacks that were directed at her as she took a glance at Qingshuang, “You are at the Seventh Sense Level? Interesting.”

Qingshuang was startled as she took several quick steps back, “You’re a celestial practitioner?”

The alluring maiden did not reply her and instead, she was smiling and displaying one finger stance after one another against Xia Ji!

Xia Ji was breathing softly as she took several steps back as well, “She’s strong. I can’t seem to place a hit on her even though she isn’t armed.”

The alluring maiden asked, “What? You are not playing with me anymore?”

Qingshuang had turned ashen as she whispered to Xia Ji, “I have never seen any martial exponent as deadly as her. She is just toying with us.”

Xia Ji and Qingshuang were extremely solemn and they were taking quick glances at each other.

Qingshuang said quietly, “We can’t perish here at the same time. Xia Ji, run at the first opportunity. I think I will still be able hold her off for a while.”

Xia Ji said immediately, “But…”

Qingshuang interrupted coldly, “No but. Now go!”

As she leapt forward, she had also pushed Xia Ji backward!

The alluring maiden hummed coldly as she flashed past Qingshuang and was next to Xia Ji. Before Xia Ji could react, she was struck by a tremendous windforce and she was floored onto the ground!

Qingshuang was startled as she quickly displayed the Windchaser sword technique followed by the Crescent Moonlight Cut as she flashed between Xia Ji and the alluring maiden.

The alluring maiden stepped aside as she blocked the attacking sword strokes with her fingers!

All of a sudden Qingshuang displayed a torrent of raining strokes and the fingers of the alluring maiden turned red with her blood!

The alluring maiden took several steps backward as she said unhappily, “It seems that I am the foolhardy one that attempt to fight someone this skilled with my mere fingers. I have almost lost my fingers!”

Qingshuang lifted Xia Ji up and said to the alluring maiden, “You still got a chance to flee while you are able to…”

Xia Ji cried out all a sudden, “Her fingers!…”

Even Qingshuang was startled for the wounds that were on the alluring maiden had completely healed!

They cried out at the same time, “Is this the…golden…”

The alluring maiden smiled, “That’s right. I have already mastered the Golden Invincible Body. Not only that, my celestial divinity is also much higher than you.”

Qingshuang asked coolly, “Who are you and what do you want?”

The alluring maiden smiled, “I don’t feel like telling who I am because you have attacked me so recklessly. When I am here, they are already in this state. You didn’t discern if I am foe or friend before attacking me. This doesn’t sound right at all.”

Xia Ji said coldly, “We don’t believe your crap on anything. Even if you are not a foe, you are still a celestial practitioner and can’t be trusted.”

The alluring maiden lit an alluring smile, “Fine, fine. To prove that I have no ill-intention, I am making a leave now. But oh, you have better comfort your little brother Jiang Le when he wakes up. Just in case, you do not know, the man earlier had just castrated him. That is none of my doing and business.”

Then she threw a silver token on the ground and said coolly, “This is the silver tablet of the Righteous Heaven Clan. Your clan is thereby invited to send its representatives before mid-autumn. I like this Jiang Le so please send him to us.”

Qingshuang was startled as she looked at Xia Ji. Who had not heard of the Righteous Heaven Clan? It is the most powerful leading celestial clan that is above the six major celestial clans. No celestial practitioners dare to trespass into their mountain domain of the Prime Mountains unless they were invited.

And every 60 years, they would give out their silver tokens to the various celestial clans to reveal the celestial secrets of the Righteous Heaven Clan to those that have the silver tokens. These protégés would then practice their celestial cultivation in the Righteous Heaven Clan until they could overcome their Emotion state of divinity.

Qingshuang asked, “You are really from the Righteous Heaven Clan?”

But the alluring maiden had already vanished from sight!

Xia Ji lowered her glance and said quietly, “The Righteous Heaven Clan only accept celestial protégés that are in the Divine State of Emotion and below. But our Jiang Le here hasn’t even overcome his divine calamity yet. Surely we can’t send him there? He is only courting his own death.”

Qingshuang said, “Let’s look at them first. Luckily she isn’t a dark celestial practitioner or I cannot imagine the consequences.”

Xia Ji nodded and called out to her protégé sister, “Xue’Er, are you alright? Please wake up…”

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