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Chapter 14

Jiang Le woke up with an agonizing scream and he was sweating profusely!

Qingshuang gentle voice could be heard, “You’re alright now. Calm down.”

He opened his eyes and saw that Qingshuang, Xue Ji and Xia Ji had gathered around him.
But instead of looking at them, he was reaching for his crotch area with his trembling fingers!

Xia Ji said quietly, “The pain must have hurt him very badly.”

When Jiang Le touched his crotch area, he was afraid and anxious but all of a sudden his spirits rose again, “It is still there?”

His eyes were wide with bewilderment!

He thought, “I didn’t lose it?…”

Qingshuang said quietly, “It is real. Even though it is not physical but a celestial expert had actually severed your manhood. You are really a eunuch now.”

Jiang Le stared in the blank air as he trembled, “I have really…no feeling below…”

Qingshuang turned to ask Xue Ji, “Xue’Er, just exactly what has happened earlier?”

Xue Ji stammered, “I…really don’t know…”

Qingshuang asked, “Jiang Le?”

Jiang Le murmured slowly, “He calls himself the Desolate Old Man of the Six Realm Sect.”

Then he was startled as he looked around him panicky, “Where is he now?”

Qingshuang sighed softly as she patted him gently, “It is alright now. You are safe. When we have found you, we saw only a lady though.”

She flashed the silver token and said, “She claims to be from the Righteous Heaven Clan and specially request for you to go to the Prime Mountains. If you are able to find the Righteous Heaven Clan then they will initiate you in the more powerful celestial arts.”

Xia Ji said, “If Jiang Le is able to find the location of the Righteous Heaven Clan then it is considered his good destiny to be able to cultivate to a higher level and he may even bring back the evaluated cultivation practice back to our clan. Except that I don’t think we can make it in time if we are to travel to the place that Jiang Le has mentioned. Both destinations are in the opposite direction.”

Jiang Le said firmly, “I am going to the Prime Mountains to seek cultivation.”

Then he got up and bowed on his knees respectfully at Qingshuang, Xue Ji and Xia Ji before saying, “Please forgive me. I have lied to everyone that I am an orphan. I am Jiang Le, the young master of the Sacred Sword Manor. Huangfu Chuiyuan is my fraternity name and Huangfu is the name of my martial clan.”

Qingshuang said quietly, “We know.”

Jiang Le was startled, “You know?”

Qingshuang smiled gently as she looked intently at him, “You may think that you are a masterful liar. While this may works in the martial fraternity but we are all celestial practitioners here. We can see and hear from your emotions. When you have attained to my level of divinity and have pondered the mysteries of the Seventh Sense Level, you would be able to understand.”

She lowered her glance, not looking into Jiang Le as she said wordlessly to herself, “The way that you have looked at me, how do I not know how you feel toward me? But is it fair to Yueling? We are celestial practitioners. We have no destiny until we have ascended. Any sexual act will cost us our attainment. The price is too heavy to be paid. It is better that we stay things as it is…”

All of a sudden Xue Ji gasped with a soft cry. “Look! Jiang Le’s eyes have turned crimson!”
Qingshuang was startled as she said excitedly, “It is real. Don’t tell me that he has overcome his Divine Calamity and have reached the Genesis level now?”

Xia Ji smiled and clapped her hands, “He is a celestial practitioner now, just like us!”

Jiang Le muttered, “I am a celestial practitioner now? When did I overcome the Divine Calamity?”

Qingshuang looked at Jiang Le keenly, “The Divine Calamity can take many forms and may not be malevolent. But your Divine Calamity doesn’t have any forthcoming omen. That is weird indeed.”

Xue Ji asked, “So we are going to the Prime Mountains instead?”

Jiang Le said solemnly, “The sword that I have mentioned is in the Sacred Sword Manor. However my father won’t allow me to take it out of the manor. Since it is in safe hands, shall we go to the Prime Mountains instead?”

Qingshuang nodded slowly, “As you wish.”

Jiang Le was slightly startled by her amicable reply. He was expecting her to disagree. The truth was, he was too humiliated to return home and till now, he found it impossible to believe that the white robe man could have broken his epitome sword technique with such ease?

Was he human? Or a celestial practitioner? If he wants to defeat the white robe man then he had to cultivate the advance celestial arts.

He found himself shaking uncontrollably. It was because today he had lost something that was invaluable to him. He swore to find and let the Desolate Old Man pay for this vendetta.

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  1. I just want to ask some question. where can i find the raw link for this novel please? And about A Martial Odyssey that ended about 2 years ago, are there any news about AMO2 or its continuation?


    1. Thanks for reading! AMO has only recently completed its massive revision.

      The Alma Chronicles takes place in the same universe as AMO though. Unlike AMO which is written and translate at jjdxc, the Alma Chronicles is being slowly written in English. As AMO is posted in jjdxc, the literary standard there is quite high as compared to other websites like Qidian (it is considered to be the highest (laughs) plus the pressure to post updates are quite high.

      It seems that translating AMO into English is more fun and easier than writing in English and I’m struggling (looking sheepish).

      AMO has an open ending because Yi Ping has already achieved the impossible Tenth Immortal Positioning. Some of the characters from AMO have already made their appearances in The Alma Chronicles;)


      1. Thank you, i understand now. I was just a little curious, because i think AMO still has some characters and 2 other unknown realms that can be made in to a short novel after all. But I won’t force you to write it after the massive revision and your current novel The Alma Chronicles. Just take your time, i enjoy reading The Alma Chronicles too.


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