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Chapter 15

Jiang Le seemed to be in an enviable position as he walked with three of the most beautiful maidens in the realm. But he was actually despondent and was greatly depressed.

He used to hanker after the beauty of these three enchanting maidens but he could no longer experience anything now. It seemed like a part of his soul was gone now, changing him into another person.

Qingshuang noticed his despondent look and shrugged him gently, “You are now at the Level of Genesis and after you have overcome it, you will reach the Enlighten Level. But until you can truly overcome the Genesis Level, your eyes will remain as crimson. So wear a straw hat and cover your eyes well. You don’t want too many people to spread the news that there is a red eye man around, lest it will attract unwanted attention.”

Xue Ji nodded and said humorously, “You know when I was in the Genesis Level, I was confined for almost a hundred years in the Tranquil Palace! A hundred years!”

Xia Ji wailed at the same time, “Same here as well! We’re so pitiful…”

Qingshuang hummed coldly, “Are you saying that I am at fault for confining you?”

Xue Ji smiled and pointed at Jiang Le, “Why isn’t Jiang Le in the confinement. Why is he an exceptional?”

Qingshuang smiled and raised her hand to slap Xue Ji but she tiptoed behind Jiang Le and cried softly, “Protégé Aunt, you are such a meanie!”

Jiang Le knew that they were trying to distract him from his unhappiness. His eyes were appreciatively and for the very first time, he knew what it was like to be part of a protégé clan. Now he wished that he had been kinder to them in the past.

He said quietly, “I am so ignorant. There is a mountain beyond a mountain and a sky beyond a sky. I have thought that with my martial level, I am truly unbeatable.”

Qingshuang knew what he was thinking and said gently, “I don’t know who this Desolate Old Man is but judging from what you have said, he has to be on the level of the Seventh Sense or above.”

Jiang Le asked, “Why is that so?”

Qingshuang said, “What do you feel when you have fought with Yueling and I?”

Jiang Le muttered, “It is like I am fighting against air…”

Qingshuang nodded, “That is because we are celestial practitioners and not your normal martial experts. We have already sense your attack forms even before you have acted. That is because I can see the energy vitals in your body.”

Jiang Le was startled, “You can see my energy vitals? How is it possible…”

Qingshuang said quietly, “You may think that is not possible but we can. In the martial fraternity, the martial experts are always relying on their unbeatable and hidden techniques to overcome their opponent. But such tactics are almost useless to the celestial practitioners of the Transverse Level and above.”

She sighed softly and added, “I can tell from your mocking eyes during our first encounter that you are simply restraining yourself. But even if you did not restrain yourself, there is still no way you can beat Yueling or I. Do you know? Just as you have restrained yourself, we have also restrained ourselves. You may even refer to exponents like us as the super exponents in the martial fraternity and that you think you can find renown by defeating us. But of course, we are virtually nameless in the martial fraternity so it is quite pointless for you to do so even if you have defeated us. Unlike you, we are always restraining ourselves and trying to maintain a low profile. Even though we have not met that Desolate Old Man and do not know why he did this to you but the lady from the Righteous Heaven Sect is equally mysterious and dangerous. In that encounter with her alone, our sect would have been totally wiped out!”

Jiang Le found himself listening intently. He heaved a soft sigh. Had he been too egotistic and insolent?

That was precisely why he had found his life now at rock bottom!

He thought miserably, “Does it mean that all my skills and techniques are useless?”

Qingshuang seemed to be able to read his mind and said gently, “The swordplay and techniques that you have mastered will be helpful to you in the future. It isn’t because we don’t trust you but we have recognized that you have your own martial style. That is why we did not impart to you the martial skills of the Tranquil Palace.”

Jiang Le muttered as he clenched his fists, “It’s not good enough. I need more superior swordplay.”

Qingshuang closed her eyes and said melancholy, “The sense of triumphant is too strong in your heart and will be detrimental to your future attainment. You should learn to let it go and seek the peace within yourself…”

Jiang Le shook his head and smiled weakly, “It is easier for you to say so but that Desolate Old Man has taken away my manhood. I cannot forgive him and I cannot forgive myself for being so weak.”

He found himself shaking uncontrollably. It was because today he had lost something that was invaluable to him. He swore to find this hateful Desolate Old Man and to make him pay for what he had done to him!

Qingshuang looked at him and said wordlessly, “Jiang Le…”

When Xia Ji saw that Jiang Le was still depressed, she heaved a soft sight and she said sharply. “We don’t even know her name and all she gives us is just a token to get into the Righteous Heaven Clan? The Kunlun Prime Mountains are so vast. How do you expect us to get there? It is more than a thousand miles from where we are!”

Xue Ji blurt out, “So we are leaving our protégé mistress behind?”

Qingshuang smiled gently, “With her cultivation, she is able to divine our whereabouts. As long as we are not in danger, she needn’t worry. Even if we take months or years, it doesn’t matter to her.”

Xue Ji smiled weakly, “I say it doesn’t really matter to the two of you. Sister Xia and my cultivation level aren’t as highly therefore we are really anxious.”

Xia Ji laughed softly, “That’s right! Moreover this is the first time we are traveling to a faraway place and we don’t know if those protégés of the Righteous Heaven Clan will bully us or not!”

Xue Ji nodded, “Hmph! Or it is just a low level trick to steal our clan secret celestial skills!”

All of a sudden Qingshuang’s phoenix eyes danced dangerously at the surroundings, “Someone is here. Why are you so rude? If you are already here, why don’t you make your appearance?”

Jiang Le was startled as he looked at his surroundings keenly but he could not see a soul!

He thought, “There is really someone here?”

Even Xue Ji and Xia Ji were alarmed as they drawn out their swords defensively. It was because they knew that their protégé aunt could not be wrong.

A handsome young man in a white priest robe and a sword on his back had emerged from the surroundings.

Xia Ji grasped almost immediately, “What a charming man…”

Even Xue Ji was blushing as she stared at this young man in priest robe.

Qingshuang was expressionless while Jiang Le was appraising the newcomer with his sword drawn out as he asked, “Who are you?”


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