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Chapter 16

The handsome young man bowed with his hands respectfully and said, “Priest Qu Dao Qing from the Righteous Heaven Clan pays my respect to my fellow celestial practitioners. May I have the honor of knowing your name and clan of origin?”

Qingshuang had stepped in front of Xue Ji, Xia Ji and Jiang Le. With her right hand behind her back, she had flashed three of her fingers and followed by second fingers. This was an indication to the quick eyes of Xue Ji and Xia Ji that this man here was of the Intermediate Transverse Level.

Xue Ji and Xia Ji were both of the lower Transverse Level. They were almost on par with this young man here and they need not fear him since there were two of them. Moreover their protégé aunt Qingshuang was here.

Qingshuang asked gently, “You do not fear us?”

Qu Daoqing replied politely, “Why should I? The righteous have nothing to fear from evils. Moreover I have sensed the presence of my clan’s silver token with you. Please forgive me for intruding.”

Qingshuang nodded and replied gently, “I am the Verdant Scarlet Fairy of the Eternal Virtue Sect and these are my protégés.”

Qu Daoqing immediately bowed with his hands again, “My humble respect to my celestial elder. I hope that you are well.”

Qingshuang broke into a wry smile and said, “We’re doing well, naturally.”

Jiang Le could tell that even Qingshuang was amused by this pretty face man and almost choked when he had heard him. He thought, “He is not afraid of us? He is so straightforward. No wonder he is a priest.”

He flashed out the silver token and interrupted, “You mean this token?”

When the silver token was flashed in front of him, Qu Daoqing appeared to be startled and he was stammering, “This…this…”

Jiang Le asked, “What is wrong? Don’t tell me you don’t recognize it?”

A weird facial expression appeared on Qu Daoqing and he said, “Not that. It is just that this silver token is rarely seen and is considered one of the highest privilege silver tokens of the Righteous Heaven Clan. Will you be able to tell me how you come to possess of it?”

Jiang Le was perplexed but he replied casually, “Oh? I was unconscious. It seems that a lady claiming to be from the Righteous Heaven Clan hands it to my protégé aunt. And if you want to ask, we don’t know her name, not even her celestial name.”

Qu Daoqing nodded and said, “Why don’t I lead you to the Righteous Heaven Clan?”

Xue Ji and Xia Ji looked at each other, they are thinking. “We are just wondering how we get there and here is someone that offers to guide us.”

Jiang Le smiled weakly as he looked unhappily at Qu Daoqing, “Won’ it be inconvenient for a man to travel with the maidens for months.”

Qu Daoqing smiled and said, “Actually there is a secret celestial formation in the forest nearby. That will actually get us to the Righteous Heaven Clan in less than a day.”

Qingshuang was startled as she asked immediately, “instantaneous travel? Is it real? I have heard of it before but I think it is beyond a celestial practitioner to be able to create it.”

Qu Daoqing replied, “Indeed. Even our strongest clan elders are not able to create it. I only know that it is known to us since the founding of the Righteous Heaven Clan. It is said to be created by a real Celestial from the Celestial Realm.”

Xia Ji smiled, “Then we have to see this wondrous celestial formation.”

Jiang Le yawned and stared at Qu Daoqing, “Be careful that it is a trap. The fraternity can be such a treacherous place especially for the inexperienced, especially for the unwary ladies.”

Xue Ji shrugged Jiang Le and chuckled softly, “Hey! What are you trying to say? Are you jealous that we want to follow this gentleman or are you genuinely concern?”

Jiang Le replied solemnly, “Some people may appear to be a gentleman but they are actually wolves in sheep clothing. We may appear to be in control of our current situation now but it can change suddenly. We don’t know if he is luring us into a trap or there are powerful exponents that are waiting in place for us.”

He did not mince his words because he was trying to provoke him into giving his game away and he was watching him closely to catch his lies. He sighed silently to himself, “Am I a protector of these maidens now? Nothing in this world is free and appears to be coincident.”

But Qu Daoqing was as compose as ever, replying gently. “I have only the best of intentions. This will save you months of travel.”

Jiang interrupted and questioned sternly, “I don’t suppose that it is a coincident that you are here?”

He was expecting him to deny it.

Qu Daoqing shook his head, surprising Jiang Le. “My clan elders have divined the destined one to be here. That is here I am here.”

Jiang Le almost choked and said, “What? Now you are flattering me? Listen, I won’t fall for your tricks…”

Qingshuang interrupted softly, “This Priest Daoqing here, he has a righteous spirit. I trust him. Shall we have a look at that celestial formation?”

Jiang Le was startled and asked, “You really believe what he has said and that he has traveled a thousand miles through that celestial formation just to look for me?”

Qu Daoqing replied without battling an eyelid, “Indeed.”

Qingshuang nodded gently, “I believe in him.”

Jiang Le was speechless but he quickly regained his composure and said unhappily, “Never mind. Let’s see how it goes.”

He turned and looked at Daoqing, “I don’t believe in what you have said and I am watching you so don’t you try anything funny.”

Qu Daoqing bowed with his hands politely, “Please follow my lead.”

Xue Ji clapped her hands and said delightful, “Brother Daoqing, thank you! You are such a high level celestial practitioner. How many years did you cultivate to reach this stage…”

Xia Ji said happily as well, “Do you have any celestial secrets that you are willing to share with us? That will be so helpful…”

Jiang Le was stunned as he reluctantly dragged his foot after them. He thought, “Just because he is more refine and handsome than I? Just because he is a higher level celestial practitioner than I? Just because I don’t have my manhood and he has?”

He was feeling really miserable right now. Because this was the first time he was unable to expose someone. His guts feeling told him that this Priest Daoqing was too perfect and too goody good. It was because in this world, there was no one that was perfect.

He shouted from behind them, “Hey, watch your steps and don’t trip.”

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