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Chapter 18

Qu Daoqing said after they had passed through the gates of the Starlight Celestial Formation, “We are here.”

Jiang Le looked at the surroundings and saw that there were lofty mountains all around here.

Qingshuang asked gently, “We have reached the Prime Mountains? This is where the Righteous Heaven Clan is located?”

Qu Daoqing answered, “Indeed. There is still some way to the celestial gates of the Righteous Heaven Clan though. However in less than three days, we should be able to reach the Heaven Gates of the Righteous Heaven Clan.”

Jiang Le said weakly, “Brother Qu, I hope that you are not leading us into further danger.”

Qu Daoqing replied quickly, “Of course not. These mountains are the territorial sphere of influence of the Righteous Heaven Clan and there are many highly celestial practitioners in the vicinity. I can promise you that it is safe. Moreover, our arrival through the Starlight Celestial Formation will not go unnoticed by the elders of the Righteous Heaven Clan.”

Jiang Le replied, “I hope so.”

Qingshuang looked at the surroundings and said, “The scenery here is so beautiful. It seems like we are in the Celestial Realm.”

Xia Ji nodded as she muttered, “Yes, it is…”

Xue Ji who was supporting Xia Ji, “Sister, you are injured. Maybe we can even take the opportunity to stay here for a few months till you have recovered.”

Qu Daoqing bowed with his hands, “We have plenty of rooms for guests here. Moreover, it is because of me that Maiden Xia is injured.”

Xia Ji smiled weakly and said, “Thank you, Priest Daoqing!”

Jiang Le suddenly said, “Say, Brother Daoqing, earlier you have displayed a stance of the Flying Sword. May I know the origin of that swordplay and is it related to the Virtuous Palace of old?”

Qu Daoqing laughed, “Brother Jiang Le, you have sharp eyes indeed. We are taught this Heavens’ Flying Sword. I have heard that it has some familiarity to the Virtuous Palace of old but I don’t know for sure. After all, the Virtuous Palace is no longer around for five hundred years. Moreover my talent is limited and I can only reach the second level of the Heavens’ Flying Sword. However, since you are invited to the Righteous Heaven Clan as an external protégé, you may be imparted this skill.”

Jiang Le immediately was beaming with anticipation as he laughed awkwardly, “Oh really? If so, then I must really train hard!”

Xue Ji shrugged Jiang Le and chuckled, “You didn’t even practice our clan swordplay hard and now you are trying to learn swordplay from another clan? They probably won’t reveal to you the epitome levels of any skills as you are just an external protégé and not one of them.”

Jiang Le protested weakly, “That’s not the point. Moreover, I have little practice time.”

Qu Daoqing nodded and said, “Brother Jiang Le is pretty skillful with the sword and is one of the best that I have ever seen. Earlier, if not for Brother Jiang Le, I can’t bear to think of the consequences.”

Jiang Le laughed, “Thankfully for my divine sword.”

Qu Daoqing nodded and said, “Brother Jiang, I really envy that you have a divine sword. There are only seven divine swords in the Righteous Heaven Clan and I don’t know when it will be my turn to inherit one. It looks like I have to practice on my cultivation further in order to earn the right.”

Jiang Le patted him on his shoulder, “My divine sword didn’t do much. I guess that I am too weak. That goddess…I mean that maiden that looks like a goddess, she is able to defeat that monster without a weapon in her hands. Over reliance on a weapon isn’t a good thing.”

Xue Ji looked at them and smiled, “Why this brother this and that? Earlier, I have thought that Brother Jiang Le is so petty against you know who. And you know who is so cold towards Brother Jiang Le that I have thought that both of you would come to blows.”

Qu Daoqing and Jiang Le were both laughing at the same time as they said at the same time, “After a fight we are better acquainted…”

Then they looked at each other and laughed loud again.

Xue Ji hummed softly, “I don’t understand men at all.”

Xia Ji smiled weakly as she looked quietly at Qu Daoqing, “Either do I.”

While they were talking, Qingshuang was observing Xia Ji quietly as she thought melancholy, “Xia, have you fallen in love with Qu Daoqing? You have just barely overcome your Emotion Level. Do you know how dangerous is it for you? Don’t you want to ascend to the Celestial Realm?”

Qu Daoqing asked Jiang Le, “Brother Jiang, how are your injuries? You seem to be quite spirited and well.”

Jiang Le was curious as he looked at himself, “Oh?”

He began to sketch himself and inhaled a vital breathe before saying, “Weird. I am not painful anymore.”

Earlier, Qu Daoqing, Qingshuang and Jiang Le had all taken the blunt of the monster hulk’s attacks and they were unable to even stand afterward.

Because Qu Daoqing and Qingshuang were at a higher state of cultivation, they were able to suppress their pains. But Jiang Le was talking and moving about as though nothing had happened to him earlier!

Jiang Le thought, “That must be. When the Desolate Goddess Aurora had imparted to me the celestial skills, I can feel a course of energy in my veins. Don’t tell me she has also treated my internal injuries at the same time? Who is she? She is capable of such profound healing? She is my teacher and yet I know nothing about her.”

Qingshuang nodded, “This is indeed strange. Jiang Le, show me your pulse.”

Jiang Le lifted his wrist to her and Qingshuang put her fingers on it to examine before saying, “Your pulses are normal and healthy. There is no sight of any internal injuries. Why is that so?”

Jiang Le laughed, “That is because I am still young and my constitution is good.”

All of a sudden Qingshuang gasped softly and looked at Jiang Le, “Jiang Le, do you know that you have now reached the Enlighten Stage?”

Jiang Le was startled for he had been forewarned that it would require sixty to one hundred and eighty years from the Genesis Stage to the Enlighten Stage. There were altogether seven celestial stages and he had now attained the second celestial stage!

Xue Ji smiled, “Brother Le, you are such a genius. I have taken a hundred years in the past to reach the Enlighten Stage. What type of enlightenment did you achieve to cause your state of divinity to change?”

Jiang Le replied awkwardly, “It must be Brother Daoqing that has enlightened me or the fight earlier.”

Qingshuang nodded, “It is pointless to ponder over the outcome. It is a good thing that Jiang Le has overcome the calamity of death and is now a true celestial practitioner. I was a little afraid that he may not be able to overcome even the Genesis Stage and be a celestial practitioner. Now I can finally be at ease.”

Qu Daoqing bowed with his hands and said, “Brother Jiang, congratulations for achieving a new stage of divinity!”

Jiang Le smiled, “I was lucky.”

But he was thinking, “Am I going to be a celestial practitioner? Did I live my past life in vain, not knowing there is a celestial fraternity above the martial fraternity?”

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