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Chapter 23

Yan Ling’Er said to Jiang Le, “We have reached the banquet hall. Please find a comfortable seat and mingle well. At this point here, it is hard to miss the banquet hall. Just follow these people and they are all heading in the same direction.”

Jiang Le smiled and said, “Ling’Er, you don’t have to wait for me. I don’t know how long will this take but I can surely find my well back.”

Yan Ling’Er smiled softly as she cast him a longing glance before she walked off hastily.

Jiang Le then began to follow the dozens of protégés as he explored the place on his own.

The hallways were chatty and many of the new protégés were even more excited than him.

He was simply glad that it seemed that he was not the last to arrive.

He had an excellent memory and it seemed that he did not recognized most of the new protégés here.

It was not a bad thing because when he had left for the Divine Warrior Hall earlier in the day, the hostile looks were in many of the protégés’ faces.

“So this is Brother Jiang?”

Jiang Le turned around and saw that it was Yang Jian who he recognized as the outspoken young man from the Iron Pioneer Sect. He was also outstanding enough to be selected to the Golden Hall.

And behind Yang Jian, Jiang Le had also recognized several new protégés that were also picked to join the Golden Hall with Yang Jian.

Jiang Le smiled weakly as he returned a bow with his hands as he said, “Brother Yang.”

Yang Jian laughed aloud as he said, “Look what we have here? It is really Brother Jiang Le here. He is the only one among all the new protégés that has been accepted into the Divine Warrior Hall and is also the first ever in the entire history of the Righteous Heaven Clan.

When Yang Jian had said that, all the new protégés around them had turned around and stared at Jiang Le!

The atmosphere around Jiang Le was suddenly tense as he sensed the envy stares that were around him.

“So that is Jiang Le? That is how he looks like? Who is he?”

All of a sudden there was a dong and someone shouted, “Hasten up. The banquet is starting soon!”

Jiang Le took the opportunity to take leave as he said hurriedly, “We ought to hurry. We can always chat later.”

But he suddenly grinned and said slyly, “This is all thanks to Brother Yang that I have got into the Divine Warrior Hall. I will surely not forget about our secret agreement…”

Then he had sped off.

Just as Yang Jian was about to halt Jiang Le, he was stopped by his own group who questioned him. “Hey Yang Jian, so you know him? What does he mean by that? What secret agreement?”

Jiang Le quickly entered the crowded banquet hall and found a seat as he covered his mouth with his sleeves. He was thinking, “Yang Jian, Yang Jian. You have tried to set me up. Now I will let you have the same taste as me.”

He quickly took a look around; there were about five hundred or so protégés. The banquet was noisy as many of the new protégés were chatting excitedly and tossing wine cups to each other. A little while later, he had spotted Yang Jian who had entered into the large banquet hall with his group but they were arguing hotly.

Jiang Le had quickly gathered that his own batch was the fifth to arrive in the Righteous Heaven Clan in the past three month. This banquet feast was held for the first to the fifth batches. That was why there were many unrecognized faces here.

He found an empty seat and sat down quickly.

Much to his surprise, a petite maiden who was seated to his right said sharply to him, “This seat isn’t for you.”

But much to her chagrin, Jiang Le ignored her and looked the other way.

She said coldly, “Hey you. I have thought that I am already quite an introvert but I have someone who is next to me who is an even more introvert.”

She had noticed that whenever someone approached him, he would cough and waved them away.

She whispered, “Are you shy? You are a man. Your acting is terribly fake and you only cough when someone tries to talk to you. Say, what is your name. Maiden I, wants to know your name.”

Jiang Le coughed softly, still using his sleeve to hide his face as he ignored her by turning to the other side.

But she whispered, “I am Tiemu Aixin, the daughter of the lord of the Mythical Iron Citadel.  I have just been recently initiated into the Golden Hall. You must be Jiang Le, the upstart that has been initiated into the Divine Warrior Hall. Everyone here is looking for you and curious who you are.”

Jiang Le had heard of the Tiemu Clan. To him, it was a small clan in the eastern fraternity and was a relative unknown. It was quite a shock to him that the Mythical Iron Citadel actually have a potential celestial experts in their midst. No wonder a small clan like the Mythical Iron Citadel was able to thrive for centuries.

“Hmph! What that expression on your face? You are despising my clan? You think that I cannot tell from your silly expression?”

Jiang Le protested softly, “Not that. Lower your voice. Yes, I am Jiang Le…”

Tiemu Aixin chuckled softly as she raised her wine cup, “Then let me offer a toss to the number one new protégé among us.”

Upon seeing her non-malice look, Jiang Le too raised his wine cup in return while still hiding his mouth as he said. “Maiden Aixin, a toss to you.”

Tiemu Aixin chuckled, “Now that is better.”

They were interrupted by the rapid dongs and someone shouted beyond the gates of the banquet hall, “Close the gates. No one is to be allowed into the banquet anymore.”

At the same time, Reverend Priest Luo and a beautiful lady had walked to the upper aisle of the banquet hall. Immediately the dozens of priests at the upper aisle began to bow with their hands respectfully as they said, “Our utmost respects to clan leader!”

At the arrival of Reverend Priest Luo, all the five hundred odds new protégés had also immediately stood up to bow with their hands as they said at the same time, “Our utmost respects to clan leader!”

Jiang Le naturally was among them and he was merely following their lead.

He noticed that a beautiful lady was standing side by side to Reverend Priest Luo and thought, “Don’t tell me that she is his consort?

Reverend Priest Luo raised his voice to say as he offered a toss to everyone, “Drink everyone!”

And then he said aloud, “In the continuous cosmos, the righteous force reign supreme. All of you here is here to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and to be a celestial practitioner. The whole lot of you are from the various clans and schools. What unites you is your desire for the universal truth and the path of divinity.”

He paused for a while before continuing, “Know the rules of the Righteous Heaven Clan. One, faithful to the leadership of the clan. Two, to uphold the sword of justice against the unrighteousness. Three, to attain the universal truth. Four, be benevolent and strive to be one with the Way. Five, be respectful and bend to the rules of the the protégé clan.”

Reverend Priest Luo poured more wine into his wine cup as he said, “Let’s us toast to all the new protégés and to your future attainment!”

With that, everyone began to toast chattily as they shouted, “Let’s us toast to all the new protégés and to our future attainment!”

Reverend Priest Luo laughed aloud and said, “I shall await your achievements in the months and years ahead. There is a hunter expedition in three month time; I hope that you will be able to shine in that performance. Now I shall leave the new protégés to mingle and to feast.”

As Jiang Le watched Reverend Priest Luo and the consort exited the banquet hall, he thought, “Hunter expedition? What is that?”

Tiemu Aixin had turned to smile at him, “I shall wait to see your skills and performance at the hunter expedition. I have heard that it is going to be a dangerous expedition and not everyone will be able to join. I hope that you do not chicken out for the hunter expedition or even dies in it.”

At which Jiang Le replied sarcastically, “I hope that you won’t be the one chickening up or I will be the one saving your life later.”

Tiemu Aixin laughed softly as her eyes lit up beautifully, “We shall see then.”

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