A Celestial Odyssey

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Chapter 1: The Moon Demon Forest

A terrifying gigantic six winged blue dragon flew high overhead the gigantic forest as its mighty windforce threatens to tear the trees. Even when it has departed, the damage to the ancient gigantic forest is evident.

A group of men and women in blue and grey attires, carrying swords began to emerge from their hiding places and they are badly shaken.

After a while, their leader, a lady with a veil begin to mutters, “So that is the Blue Emperor Dragon? One of the most powerful demonic beasts to exist. Woes to the ones that will fall victims to it. This is indeed the times of troubles. In all my years as a celestial practitioner, I have only heard but never seen it. What chances do we Celestials possess in the face of such mighty raw power?”

One man bows respectfully to the veiled lady, “Mistress, you’re being too humble. Surely as one of the most powerful celestial practitioners in the realm, you’re able to handle it…”

The veiled lady turns her sparking eyes to the man and hums coldly, “Then you’re wrong. Even if our grandmaster the Golden Celestial is here today, we will not be able to defeat such a demonic beast.”

A young maiden in the group smiles bitterly, “If even our grandmaster, he whom has attained the golden immortal body, and has transcended beyond life and death, can’t defeat this Blue Emperor Dragon, the calamity that will soon befall will be horrifying. I’m just wondering why it is seen here?”

The man, who had earlier spoken, says emotionlessly. “No one has ever seen the Blue Emperor Dragon for thousands of years. We are indeed too fortunate to have seen one of the Divine Demonic Beasts of legend and live to tell the tale. We need to thanks our celestial stars for it.”

The same maiden says, “Nevertheless, let’s not forget our mission.”

The veiled lady says slowly as she glances at her, “Min Juan.”

Min Juan bows respectfully, “Yes mistress?”

The veiled lady glances at the man and says, “Enlighten Celestial Qiu Shengjun.”

Qiu Shengjun bows respectfully, “Mistress, what is your instructions?”

The veiled lady looks cautiously around her, “Everyone, prepare for battle!”

With that everyone began to hastily line up in their formations and their swords are all being unsheathed in beaming light as they scout with their eyes ahead of the dangers.

All of a sudden a large demonic beast with four red eyes and four claws emerges silently from the shadows. Before anyone can react, the large demonic beast is already in the midst of their formation and two men are instantly slayed by it!

Qiu Shengjun shouts, “Careful! This is the Red Eyes Demon, one of the most deadly demonic beasts. Be on your defensive!” With that, he has raised his sword and sent four fluttering sword energies at the Red Eyes Demon.

But the Red Eyes Demon raises one of its arms and scattered the four fluttering sword energies into nothingness!

The veil lady has raised her sword to block an incoming attack from the Red Eyes Demon as she pushes one of the protégés to safety. Immediately, she raises her vital energies to her sword and reacts in the next instant as she cut off one of the arms of the Red Eyes Demon.

But instead of wailing in pain, the Red Eyes Demon has caught hold of the veiled lady with its two other arms to tear her apart…

All of a sudden a shadow flashes between the veiled lady and the Red Eyes Demon!

Before everyone can see what is going on, the Red Eyes Demon’s forehead is pierced by a beaming golden sword. In the next instant, the golden sword is sheathed into a beautiful blue scabbard and a young man in black is seen balancing the veiled lady to the ground as he says, “Be careful, this Red Eyes Demon does not fear pain. Even if you are a powerful Immortal Celestial, it can tear you apart with its brute strength. Luckily, there aren’t many around in the first place.”

The veiled lady gasps softly and her ears begin to blush as she quickly steps backward, “Gallant hero, thank you for coming to our aid.”

She takes a quick look to assert the situation and notes that there are two dead and a couple of injuries. Her group is white ashen from their first fight with such a powerful demonic beast and a number of maidens are weeping openly from fright and from the dead.

She appraises the young man and says, “The Honor Ode Clan is in your debts. May I know the celestial name of the Gallant hero and your clan?”

The young man sighs softly, “My name? You may call me Lu Xiankai. As for clan, I have none to speak of.”

Qiu Shengjun interrupts coldly, “A person with no clan and yet he possesses a divine sword, appearing out of the blue in one of the most dangerous places, seemingly so inconspicuously. This is indeed odd and suspicious. Maybe he is a spy for the other clans and…”

The young man smiles bitterly, “And maybe I am in cahoots with that Red Eyes Demon, right?”

Min Juan smiles as she kicks Qiu Shengjun, “Look, he doesn’t look like a bad person. After all, he has just saved us.”

Qiu Shengjun hums coldly, “A bad person won’t have that written on his face.”

The veiled lady says gently, “Don’t be rude. He is after all, our benefactor. Even a million thanks won’t be enough for this act of gratitude…”

The young man laughs softly and says, “If so, then may I know the name of maiden?”

Qiu Shengjun interrupted angrily, “How dare you request to know the name of our Immortal Celestial!”

The veiled lady sighs softly, “Shengjun, enough is enough.”

She turns to look at the young man, “Xue Yu is my name.”

The young man smiles as he bows with his hands, “Maiden Xue Yu. What a beautiful name. I think you must be a beautiful maiden behind your veil. Xiankai pays my respect to you.”

All of a sudden, he lifts the veil off her face and he stammers, “Is that you…”

Xue Yu quickly takes a few startled steps back as she says sternly, “Even if you are my benefactor, this is too rude.” She is secretly startled by his speed and is perplexed that she cannot dodge it.

But she quickly asks, “Why are you here? This area is usually off bounds to both celestials and mortals alike.”

Lu Xiankai begins to ponder before he laughs, “Actually, I kind of lost my way around here. So where am I?”

Xue Yu gives him a puzzling look before saying, “This is the Moon Demon Forest, the boundaries between Celestin and the Great Northern Territories. Usually no one has any business around here.”

She purposely emphasizes on the word, “Business.”

Lu Xiankai laughs, “I have traveled to the lands of the Great Northern Territories and has returned after many years. Just how many years, I have no idea.”

Xue Yu is startled, “You…you have been to the Great Northern Territories? The land of the great demonic beasts? Are you mad?”

Lu Xiankai nods with a smile, “Mad to venture there? Yes, I am. At that time, I want to explore the lands.”

Xue Yu says with disbelief in her eyes, “No one can survive in that place. Many have tried and all have failed. Have you really been there?”

Lu Xiankai shrugs his shoulders, “It is a brutal place. I’ve nearly lost my life many times. Anyway, why are you here? Like you say, this is an inhospitable place.”

Qiu Shengjun looks at Xue Yu and shook his head slightly, indicating to her that they should not tell him their mission.

But Xue Yu replies, “Surely you have heard of the Drifting Cloud Peak? We are going there.”

But Lu Xiankai laughs, “I have never heard of such a place. What is it?”

Disbelief greets the eyes of all the protégés of the Honor Ode that are presented.

Xue Yu looks at Lu Xiankai suspiciously before saying slowly, “It is a place where one celestial secret can be traded with another.” She pauses briefly before saying, “A place where a celestial clan can break another celestial clan.”

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