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Chapter 4: The Golden Celestial

Many days had passed since Lu Xiankai had joined the party. They had traversed multiple mountain paths without any major hitch except for some minor fights with some weaker demon beasts in the area. Those were however quickly dispatched by Qiu Shengjun.

Xue Yu whispers to Lu Xiankai as they stand at a distance as they overlook the rest of the party, “Isn’t the view beautiful?”

Lu Xiankai nods slowly as he appraises the views.

“You’re not a mortal but a member of our celestial race, am I right?” Xue Yu whispers gently in his ears.

Lu Xiankai is startled as he looks at Xue Yu, not saying anything.

Xue Yu looks quietly at him as she sighs softly, “You may have fooled the others but not me. While it may be true that only a mortal has no celestial energies in their veins and even an ordinary celestial practitioner has some. This difference alone marks the boundaries between who is a mortal and a celestial.”

Lu Xiankai nods as he continues to listen.

“However, there are instances when a celestial practitioner will have no celestial energies. One is when they have completely expended it. Two is when they have chosen to suppress it to walk among the mortals. You may have fooled the others but not me. However, you have made two mistakes.”

Lu Xiankai asks indifferently, “What two mistakes?”

Xue Yu smiles, “Firstly, no matter how many years a mortal trains himself, there is no way they can pierce the skull of the Four Eyes Demon for its skull is hard as the hardest metal. That is the reason why we have thought that the wooden sword that is in your hand is a divine sword.” She pauses to add, “You have been too quick to show us your sword.”

“Secondly, your movements are too precise and too quick. Only a superior celestial is known to move in such a manner. This is beyond the speed of an accomplished mortal fighter already. If you really use a wooden sword to pierce the Four Eyes Demon skull, then your level of speed must be insanely astonishing for you to pierce and withdrawn the wooden sword at the same time without even breaking it.”

She says cautiously, “So why are you showing an interest in our group?”

Lu Xiankai sighs softly, “I guess that it is not easy to fool an Immortal Celestial.”

Xue Yu smiles, “I don’t think you can fool Qiu Shengjun either. He isn’t as dense as he looks. So why then did you come in the guise of a mortal rather than a celestial?”

Lu Xiankai looks intently at the distant skies, “I have my own reasons for that. As for why I am here, it is for you.”

Xue Yu asks curiously, “For me? You are a spy for the other celestial clans?”

Lu Xiankai smiles, “To make you my woman.”

Xue Yu is startled as she takes a shy look at him, “You’re being ridiculous. I am already engaged…”

Lu Xiankai says slowly, “I know. I’ve asked the Prophetess all about you.”

Xue Yu blinks her eyes but she quickly composes herself, “What makes you think I will want to be your woman?”

Lu Xiankai seems to be looking at a faraway place as he says, “You look just like her. I’ve failed to protect her but I will protect you…”

Xue Yu throws him a melancholy l look, “Just because I resemble her? I don’t need you to protect. I can take care of myself…” She is interrupted by a dropping pebble that is on top.

Both Xue Yu and Lu Xiankai shout at the same time, “Who is that?”

“Such touching gestures but unfortunately it seems that this lady here isn’t impressed by your flattery,” a feminine voice echoes. This has the effect of startling Xue Yu and Lu Xiankai at the same time.

But before they can react, a black feminine form has appears in their midst and has raised her palms against them!

Xue Yu quickly fends with her sword while Lu Xiankai has quickly raised his blue scabbard to block her attacks. But before they can react further, the black feminine form has enveloped herself with a golden aura and has taken flight up the mountains. She has disappeared as quickly as she has appeared.

Both Xue Yu and Lu Xiankai break into cold sweat; judging by the golden aura that they had just seen, there is no doubt that the mysterious assailant is a Golden Celestial. What is a Golden Celestial doing in a place like this?

Qiu Shengjun, Min Juan and the rest of the party have heard of the commotions and they have quickly arrived at the scene. They too have seen the mysterious black assailant and the accompanying golden aura.

Qiu Shengjun asks nervously, “Shall we pursue?”

Xue Yu says quietly, “Even if we all add up together, we may not even defeat a Golden Celestial. It could be that the Golden Celestial is just passing through.”

She shoots a glance Lu Xiankai before adding, “Still, it doesn’t seem safe for us to remain here for too long. Let’s us be on our move immediately.”

Qiu Shengjun nods while muttering, “What is a Golden Celestial doing here?”

Lu Xiankai taps his blue scabbard quietly as he looks up the cliff where the Golden Celestial had disappeared, “Did my skills deteriorate this much now? That I cannot even detect an intruder at this range?”

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