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Chapter 5: The Battle

Lu Xiankai walks rapidly and deep into the towering forest. After what seems to be a long time and feeling isolate enough, he says coldly. “You can come out now. Don’t you feel tired of trailing me like this?”

The same feminine assailant that he had encountered earlier walks out of the shadows as she says behind her veil, “Oh, so you know after all.”

Lu Xiankai asks, “Have we met before?”

The feminine assailant hums coldly as she unsheathes her beaming long sword, “Since you have so conveniently put yourself out of the reach of the others, why don’t you ask your maker who your killer is?”

With that, she has enveloped herself with a startling golden aura that causes the dust and pebbles to scatter around her!

Her malevolent air is so startling that the entire forest seems to turn dark and lightning begins to flash across the skies.

Lu Xiankai sighs softly as he knows that it will not be easy to break this impetrating celestial force and moreover, this is the celestial force of a Golden Celestial.

Slowly, he lifts his blue scabbard and put on a defensive posture.

Barely has he readied his posture, the feminine assailant is upon him.

Lu Xiankai raises his scabbard to block her attack but the action of blocking causes him to fly backward with a thunderous impact on a tree!

The feminine assailant whispers, “If you are still unwilling to get serious, the next attack will surely kill you.”

She has raised her fingers and six golden beaming swords are summoned, “Intricate Golden Mystic Swords.” With that, she has loosened the six energy swords upon Lu Xiankai.

Lu Xiankai is startled as he quickly lifts his blue scabbard in front of him to deflect the six golden sword energies as a blue aura envelopes him.

The feminine assailant says coldly, “Blue celestial aura? Are you only an Immortal Celestial? That is still a level below than me and that is fatal.”

Lu Xiankai hums coldly, “Don’t be too cocky. Even a lowly Immortal Celestial can still bring you down.”

The feminine assailant hums even colder as she takes a step forward, “Oh, I wonder why you suddenly have your celestial force? It comes from that blue scabbard? So that’s where you have been hiding your celestial strength? Interesting.”

Lu Xiankai is secretly startled, “She knows where I have been secretly storing my celestial force just by having a look?”

The feminine assailant has seen his startled expression so she says, “I am gifted to see the flow of intricate celestial energies. Therefore this isn’t any secret to me.”

Lu Xiankai curses softly, “I have never expected that someone with this talent exists in the celestial realm. But…”

All of a sudden Lu Xiankai has focused all his celestial force into a tremendous force that harkens like a blue dragon. This is his secret technique, the Dragon Spirit.

The feminine assailant is startled as she takes several steps backward as she forms a celestial formation with her Intricate Golden Mystic Swords.

There is a thunderous implosion as the tremendous force of the Dragon Spirit collides with the celestial formation of the Intricate Golden Mystic Swords. But even before the dust and force have settled, they are already flashing their scabbard and sword at each other!

The feminine assailant slashes with her sword wildly, creating multiple sword energies that implode thunderously while Lu Xiankai attacks her with his scabbard and fingers!

The feminine assailant says coldly as she throws him several wild strokes that zip zap, “Your speed is praiseworthy. I must admit that I am a little surprised that a mere Immortal Celestial is able to match my speed.”

Lu Xiankai avoids the zip zap strokes as he sped up and down, blending defense and attack as one with his scabbard. “Who are you?…”

Barely has he said that, the ground beneath them has suddenly collapsed and they are plunged down to the bottom!

The feminine assailant is startled too but she quickly reacts by mustering her golden aura into two spreading wings to levitate upward but Lu Xiankai reacts by catching hold of her leg.

“You!…Let go of me…” She shouts at him and slashes at him with her sword but Lu Xiankai catches her sword by sheathing it into his scabbard as he grins, “You’re not wearing anything under your robe…”

She shouts angrily, “Rubbish!”

The feminine assailant seems to lose her celestial energy upon hearing that as she temporary lost her flight ability and this causes the two to plunge down the ravine below!

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