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Chapter 7: The Mystery deepens

Feiyue Xingyun stands in front of the monstrous form of the Blue Emperor Dragon. Never did she expect she will one day stand face to face with one of the most terrifying monsters of the Celestial Realm.

The Blue Emperor Dragon is surprisingly quiet and is like a looming doom that can explode into fury at any time.

And Feiyue Xingyun is trembling nonstop in the presence of this monstrous entity unable to react or move!

Lu Xiankai speeds to her and touches her back. Almost immediately, her cracked bones begin to heal and her celestial energy is smooth once again. She gasps, “Isn’t this the Great Rejuvenation Force? You know the Great Rejuvenation Force as well?”

But Lu Xiankai is quiet. He quickly heals her and seals his celestial force once more, causing the Blue Emperor Dragon to become diminish and to become a blue scabbard once again.

He lifts his blue scabbard and taps it lightly like a cherish child before he says quietly, “Tell no one what you have seen today. Swear.”

There is a terrifying malevolent air in his eyes that causes Feiyue Xingyun to tremble. She nods lightly and says, “I swear by the Divine Heavens above and the Sacred Gods of the Celestial Realm that I will never tell anyone what I have seen. If so, may my soul be sundered into the abyss, never to see the light of hope.”

It is a short but vicious oath.

Lu Xiankai seems to be satisfied as he says, “Remember your oath. Your wounds have been healed. You can go now.”

Feiyue Xingyun looks at him shyly and her eyes are bleary, “I really never expect that you will be a peaked Sacred Saint. It is inconceivable that a celestial expert such as you really exists in the Celestial Realm. I wonder when I can ever attain to your level of divinity.”

Lu Xiankai stares in the blank air as he mutters, “One day, you may be able to achieve it. You’re already very close.”

Is this a comfort?

He knows in his heart that the barrier between a Golden Celestial and a Sacred Saint will be very hard. Only 1 out of every 100 Golden Celestials may be able to achieve this impasse and be a Sacred Saint.

Feiyue Xingyun smiles bitterly as she says, “There was a legend in the Celestial Realm that there was once a celestial practitioner who was the first to become a Sacred Saint. He was also said to be one of the first celestial to challenge the Blue Emperor Dragon, one of the Ancient Demonic Beasts of the land. But no one seemed to know if he succeeded or not until the Blue Emperor Dragon was sighted a few centuries later. At this point, everyone knows that the Sacred Saint was dead, presumably killed by the Blue Emperor Dragon.”

She pauses briefly, “But I know differently now. I am curious to know the story behind that…”

Lu Xiankai interrupts her, “I will not tell you anything. So it is pointless for you to ask. If you’re not leaving then I am.” And he has already started to walk away.

Feiyue Xingyun speeds in front of him, “Then you are here for the Ascendancy of the Immortal Sword?”

Lu Xiankai stops in his track while Feiyue Xingyun continues, “In the coming months, a rare celestial event will occur and the immortal sword will descend upon the Celestial Realm. Almost all the Golden Celestials that are verse in divination know of this upcoming occurrence and are preparing to seize the immortal sword for themselves. Even I am not an exception. Maybe even you…”

But Lu Xiankai did not wait for her to finish as he suddenly speed ahead of him and disappears up the cliff.

Feiyue Xingyun knows that her hunch is right.

She sighs softly, “This is the times of trouble. Everyone seeks the immortal sword to advance their celestial practice. But I wonder why a peak Sacred Saint will want to seek an immortal sword? Is there a foe that even a Sacred Saint is not able to handle?”

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