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Chapter 6: The Blue Scabbard

Lu Xiankai coughs out blood as he attempts to stand but he soon collapses weakly backward into a sitting position. He must have broken several of his bones from the result of the fall.

He takes a look at the veiled assailant and she seems to be in the same similar situation as him. But he has one advantage over her; he still got his blue scabbard and her sword is in his scabbard.

The veiled assailant looks hatefully at him, “To think that my celestial star will descend in a place like this.”

Lu Xiankai smiles bitterly, “I don’t think that I’ve known you to cause such enmity.”

The veiled assailant shifts her eyes uncomfortably, “We have never met before and there is no enmity between us.”

Lu Xiankai blinks his eyes, “And you attacked me?”

The veiled assailant coughs softly, “At this stage now, I don’t want to mask my intentions anymore. I’ve come to steal your blue scabbard.”

Lu Xiankai looks at his blue scabbard, “You want to steal my blue scabbard?”

The veiled assailant nods, “If I am not mistaken, your blue scabbard is made from the hide of the Blue Emperor Dragon. It is one of the most important catalysts to further my celestial practice. As a matter of fact, I’ve been roaming the Great Northern Territories for several months to find a suitable artifact catalyst till I’ve spotted the Blue Emperor Dragon.”

Lu Xiankai nods. These celestials will do anything to advance their celestial practice. He sighs softly, “You’ve set your target a little too high. It will be quite impossible for a Golden Celestial to challenge that monster.”

The veiled assailant nods lightly before saying weakly, “I don’t disagree with that. But when I had lost track of the Blue Emperor Dragon and chanced upon you, I’ve suddenly realized that your blue scabbard seems to be made of the same material as the Blue Emperor Dragon. Stealing from you is apparently easier.”

But she quickly adds, “Apparently not.”

Lu Xiankai brandishes her sword from his blue scabbard and stares at the golden runic blade, “It is indeed a beautiful precious sword. Sword, sword, today you are going to have a new master…”

The veiled assailant says melancholy, “The sword is christened Sorrowburns. Don’t forget.”

Lu Xiankai remarks, “What a good name. I will remember the name of this precious sword.”

He looks at her, “You are at the intermediate stage of the Golden Celestial level?”

The veiled assailant nods quietly.

There are three stages for each of the celestial rank. Lower, Intermediate and Upper Stage.

Lu Xiankai asks, “If you are able to obtain the scales of the Blue Emperor Dragon, you will be able to advance to the Upper Stage of the Golden Celestial level?”

The veiled assailant answers, “That will depend if I will be able to amalgamate it into my celestial force.”

All of a sudden Lu Xiankai throws her sword and it lands next to her, “You may keep your precious sword and…”

He has also thrown six glittering blue scales around her sword, “This is the Blue Emperor Dragon’s scales.”

The veiled assailant is startled, “You are…giving the Blue Emperor Dragon’s scales to me? At what price?”

Lu Xiankai yawns and gives her a lazy look, “What do you think is a fair trade?”

The veiled assailant is startled and she begins to shiver lightly. It is obvious to her what Lu Xiankai wants from her. In the celestial realm, there is really no free lunch.

Slowly she takes off her veiled straw hat as she says, “You must promise me that you won’t hurt me. And don’t you dare to tell anyone about this.”

When she has taken off her veil, it is Lu Xiankai turn to be startled and astonished. It is because he is now staring at the most exquisite maiden that he has ever seen and that her extraordinary beauty pierces through his very heart!

Her golden eyes are however determined and she has slipped her robe slowly off her body. Any man will surely be boiling with lust and Lu Xiankai is not an exception.

Lu Xiankai is soon kissing her on her sweet lips and holding her into his embrace. Suddenly he slips her robe up and sighs, “Even though I am a hot blooded man and you are desirable but I have already someone in my heart. What’s more, we really need to recuperate first.”

He is expecting her to quickly slip out of his embrace but instead she tightens her grip and hold onto him even tighter. He purposely coughs aloud, “Did you hear what I have just said? Don’t tell anyone my celestial level and that will be a fair trade off.”

But the exquisite beautiful maiden looks up to him and says gently, “Do you think that I will give myself to just anyone? You are a strong, a strong celestial practitioner with plenty of potential in the future. Even though you are just an Immortal Celestial now but you appear to be on the Upper Stage now. In no time you will be a Golden Celestial…” She pauses awhile before adding, “Just like me. And we’ll be a match under the heavens and maybe, maybe we can even advance as Sacred Saint. I can even reveal to you my clan secret celestial arts so that you can advance to a Golden Celestial. You must know that without any help, each celestial stage will take centuries and the transition from a new divinity level to the next divinity level is impossibly difficult.”

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly, “Indeed this is a little difficult to refuse. Not only do I get the celestial secrets of a Golden Celestial, I will also get a celestial beauty to dual celestial with. However…”

He suddenly loosens himself from her and says firmly, “I refuse.”

The exquisite beauty is stunned but she quickly composes herself as she lowers her eyes, “If that is not our destiny then so be it. Your name is Lu Xiankai?”

Lu Xiankai nods. She must have overheard his name while trailing him.

She continues, “My name is Feiyue Xingyun. I am from the Holy Enigma City. You can look for me there…”

All of a sudden there is a thunderous roar from the tall groves and the ground is trembling nonstop!

Lu Xiankai and the Feiyue Xingyun are startled and even more startled to see a gigantic beast with a large horn approaching them aggressively.

Feiyue Xingyun turns pale immediately, “This is the Hyperion Horned Rhino. A fifth grade demonic beast.”

The Blue Emperor Dragon is a Ninth Grade Demonic Beast while the Red Eyes Demon is a Sixth Grade Demonic Beast. While a fifth Grade Demonic Beast is still no match for a Golden Celestial under normal circumstance but both Feiyue Xingyun and Lu Xiankai are both seriously injured with almost all their celestial force depleted.

Lu Xiankai says, “There is an opening in the ravine behind us. Quickly make your escape. I will hold this monster off.”

Feiyue Xingyun says solemnly as she brandishes her golden sword weakly, “I will not flee or leave you alone. It is pointless. It may be our fates to perish here today.” It is obvious that she lacks any strength for her sword hand is trembling and she cannot steady her sword stance. She lowers her eyes, “Lu Xiankai, thank you for your kiss. I am happy to know you before my celestial star descend.”

Lu Xiankai sighs softly as he thrust his blue scabbard into the ground, “I didn’t want to do this but it seems that I have no other choice now but to unseal you now.”

An explosive white force begins to envelop around the blue scabbard as a stroke of lightning strikes it at the same time with a thunderous impact!

To the startled shock of Feiyue Xingyun, the blue scabbard begins to expand rapidly until it becomes the monstrous figure of the Blue Emperor Dragon!

Even the Hyperion Horned Rhino is taken completely by surprise but before it can react, the Blue Emperor Dragon has already cracked its skull with its gigantic claw with just a single hit!

Feiyue Xingyun turns to look at Lu Xiankai and is even more startled to see that he is being surrounded by a white golden animus, clearly marking him as a Sacred Saint!

She gasps in disbelief, “He is a Sacred Saint? The highest ranking celestial…” She recollects her thoughts rapidly, “Don’t tell me that he has suppressed most of his celestial force in order to seal the Blue Emperor Dragon into that blue scabbard? No wonder I have suddenly lost sight of the Blue Emperor Dragon? But even for a Sacred Saint, is it even possible to seal the Blue Emperor Dragon?”

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