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Chapter 8: True Beginning

It had been weeks since Lu Xiankai had joined Xue Yu and her party.

Except for some minor skirmishes with the demonic beasts and petty rival clans, there are no further lives that are lost.

Lu Xiankai is really delighted that he is able to travel with Xue Yu, who looks so much like the lover that he had loved dearly. He is sure that she is her reincarnation and after thousands of years, they have finally met again. He had never forgotten how he had caused her death. When he had met Xue Yu, his spirit is immediately lit up.

But something else is troubling him. He curses himself for being tempted by Feiyue Xingyue and had kissed her. Even until today, the scent of her kiss had lingered and he finds it impossible to forget her. He had thought that he would be immune to mortal sentiments given his state of divinity.

However he is more worried that she may betrays him. Then will this cause his plans for vendetta to be in vain? Can he even trust the Celestials…

Not only did Feiyue Xingyun forced him to tap into his reserve celestial force to elevate himself to the level of Immortal Celestial to battle her, he was also forced to reveal his true strength in front of her when she refused to abandon him.

If Feiyue Xingyun can see the intricate flow of his celestial energies then are there more celestial practitioners that are like her?

Maybe he should not even have given her the Blue Emperor Dragon scales in the first place especially if she is a potential enemy in the future.

It seems that he had made so many irrational mistakes and that is so unlike him.

She had even tried to kill him and to steal his blue scabbard…

Why then am I still helping her?

When he had threatened to take away her precious sword, she had so readily told him the sword name and there was a look of surrender in her look that he took pity on her, giving her back her precious sword and gifting the Blue Emperor Dragon scales to her.

That nightmare scene from thousands of years ago is still so vivid in his mind…

How long ago, he cannot exactly remember but he was the first Celestial to attain the Sacred Saint Level. After a thousand year, he had even attained as a peaked Sacred Saint. Some said that he was the first Immortal for no Celestial had ever live past a thousand year. Not only did he not age but his vigor is always in his prime.

But one day, a celestial maiden had approached him and pleaded with him to defeat the Blue Emperor Dragon that was terrorizing the Celestial Realm. That celestial maiden was Yeqiu Lingling, the woman that he had come to love…

During the intense battle with the Blue Emperor Dragon, a mysterious black robe man had appeared in the skies above and had struck him down with a tower of fiery divine fire. The might of that the fiery divine fire was so mighty that even the Blue Emperor Dragon was dragged by its fiery force and had fallen with him.

That mysterious man was not a Celestial or a Sacred Saint for his celestial force was totally out of the world. He did not even have a chance to see his face…

When he had regained conscious, all the surrounding mountains were toasted and the mountain forests were all vaporized. Only the Blue Emperor Dragon and he were left alive in the deepest ravine of the mountains. It was a lucky thing that he had possessed the Great Rejuvenation Force that he was left barely alive. The Blue Emperor Dragon was completely toasted by the divine fire and was dying.

His first thought was Yeqiu Lingling and he was overwhelmed with hot tears for he knew that she was watching the battle. Nothing would survive the burning divine fire…

Maybe because they were in the same dying flight that he took sympathy on the Blue Emperor Dragon that he used his Great Rejuvenation Force to ease its pain. Or maybe because he did not think that he could survive the divine fire ordeal that he had expended his Great Rejuvenation Force on it instead of himself.

But either way, he found his life force being linked with the Blue Emperor Dragon. Was that an innate unique ability of the Blue Emperor Dragon? But from that point onward, he had become inseparable from the Blue Emperor Dragon.

In a way, rather than say it was his Great Rejuvenation Force that had kept him alive, it was the tremendous life force of the Blue Emperor Dragon that sustained him in the end, enabling him to survive. Without each other, both would be a goner.

Hundreds of years passed, he had slowly regenerated his damaged organs and vital points. Finally in recent years, he had finally regained his celestial strength. But he still did not know who his enemy was.

Therefore he decided to return to the Celestial Fraternity to investigate what exactly happened in the past. In order to do so, he had used all his celestial force to seal the Blue Emperor Dragon into a blue scabbard artifact. Two purposes can be fulfilled; one is to conceal his true celestial strength and two is to have an ally in the form of the Blue Emperor Dragon against the mysterious man.

He looks at Xue Yu and silently mutters, “Yeqiu Lingling, my beloved…”

His thoughts are interrupted when a smiling Xue Yu suddenly points to the distant horizon as a walled city rises serenely in front of their moving party, “We have reached home. This is the Tearless City, where our clan holds dominion.”

Min Juan mutters as her eyes delights at the sight of the hundreds of mystical birds that are in the heavens, “Home at last…”

There are bleary tears among the men and women in the group. After all, it is not easy for them to make it back…

Only Qiu Shengjun displays no emotions for it is not the first time that he has been away for long missions. Throughout the centuries, he had witnessed the death of many of his companions and he had grown mute. He is more nervous on this mission because it is the first time that the Grandmaster has tasked his daughter, Xue Yu to this difficult undertaking.

The Grandmaster had said to him, “The other clans are watching my sons closely. They may even have their own spies within the clan. Therefore, I need you to handpick a dozen trusty Master Practitioners to escort Xue Yu to the Drifting Cloud Peak. This concerns the fate of our celestial clan. To the outsiders, my daughter will still be in her spiritual retreat…”

Xue Yu says in a commanding tone to Min Juan, disrupting Qiu Shengjun’s thoughts. “Min Juan, we will hurry back to our abode first. After we are back, you will announce that I am out of my spiritual retreat. After that, we will pay a visit to the Grandmaster.”

She looks at Lu Xiankai and says gently, “Enlighten Celestial Shengjun will find you a living quarter in the city. Do take care. Are you sure you want to take protégé trial? I can easily write a recommendation for you to join the clan as protégé.”

Lu Xiankai smiles, “I am sure that I will pass so that is unnecessary. Moreover, it is more discreet this way.”

He laughs as he pats Qiu Shengjun, “After all, I am sure that Brother Shengjun here will take good care of me during the trial too. Am I right?”

Qiu Shengjun grins but says nothing.

Xue Yu looks intently at Lu Xiankai, “Good luck to your trial. Farewell.”

Lu Xiankai looks at her longingly, “Farewell…”

Min Juan mutters, “It is not as if the two of you will really be apart.”

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