ACO 10

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Chapter 10: Shocking Truth

The night is heavy with fog; while all the other initiates are resting for the night, Lu Xiankai is sneaking around the grounds of the Honor Ode Clan. He has spotted Xue Yu in the cover of the darkness and knows that she is here today to pay homage to the Grandmaster.

“I wonder what the Grandmaster of the Honor Ode Clan looks like?”

As Xue Yu walks from pavilions to pavilions, she is greeted by the protégés and servants of the clan, addressing her as Immortal Celestial. There is no sight of Min Juan, who is always accompanying her. It appears that she is alone.

Finally he saw her entering a large building and he quietly slips to the building roof.

He soon found a spot that offers a ray of light into the interior and he has a full view of Xue Yu and a black bearded man who is sitting on a throne. If this black bearded man is the Honor Ode Clan Grandmaster then his name must be Xue Gongjiu. From the information that he had gathered earlier, it is said that the Grandmaster is a Golden Celestial.

“I am like a burglar…” In the past, it was inconceivable that he would have sneaked around like this and eavesdropped on anyone. “Have I become a changed person or I am afraid of losing now? I do trust Xue Yu but what celestial secrets did the Prophetess exchanges with her?”

There are sorrows in his eyes but a new wave of fire soon ignites over him, “I’ve returned to the Celestial Fraternity to seek the immortal sword so that I can avenge for Lingling. That monster of a man must still be alive. I am not the first Sacred Saint. He is and he had wanted to kill me.”

His thoughts are interrupted by Xue Yu who quietly greets the black bearded man, “Patriarch Father, I’ve returned. Your daughter is here to pay my homage.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu laughed heartily, “Finally. I have been waiting for your return.”

He lifts his fingers suddenly and there are several rays of stunning light that burst from his fingers as he displays the Listening Spirits, “Just making sure that there is no one else around in our vicinity. We are good to talk now.”

Lu Xiankai is not bothered by the Listening Spirits even though he knows that he is within its sphere of influence. It is because he has completely suppressed his celestial force into his blue scabbard and the special sealing within will also void out the presence of any celestial force.

Grandmaster Gongjiu asks, “What did the Prophetess says?”

Xue Yu replies softly, “She is able to confirm that our divination of the immortal sword that is soon to be birthed is correct. The event will indeed take place six months from now. Because our celestial secret is weightier, she had also revealed to me that the final location of the immortal sword will be in the Divine Flying Fox Peaks.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu is trembling with revel, “An immortal sword is far superior to any divine swords. This is by far, the second occurrence of an immortal sword in the entire history of the Celestial Realm…”

Lu Xiankai is perplexed as he listens, “There is another occurrence? So who had managed to seize the first immortal sword?” He put a mental note to himself to check on this event.

Xue Yu asks, “Patriarch Father, do you think we are ready for that? The ascendancy of the first immortal sword nearly destroyed the nine patriarch celestial clans and even today, the blood feuds refuse to go away.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu lifts his head as he closes his eyes, “We have no other choices. The patriarch celestial clans and the more capable celestial clans will contest fiercely for the immortal sword to gain an edge over the others and to gain the immortal sword to further their celestial practice.”

Xue Yu says, “Our main rivals are the Divine Sword Clan and the Golden Autumn Manor. These two patriarch clans may even forge an alliance against us.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu nods, “We are allied to the Sky Heavens Clan and the Invincible Iron Sect. We can count on them to keep them at bay when the time comes.”

Xue Yu asks, “How about the other patriarch celestial clans? Do they stand a chance?”

Grandmaster Gongjiu replies, “The rest of the patriarch celestial clans won’t ally with each other as shown in past records and their feuds run deep. The Purple Flowers Sect and the Holy Enigma City won’t even know of the impeding ascendancy of the immortal sword until it is too late. They don’t even have any Golden Celestials in their clans, let alone having someone capable of unraveling the celestial divinations. These two clans have been in the decline for centuries and I’m not surprised that they will be replaced by the other celestial clans soon.”

Lu Xiankai’s heart pounds when he has heard the Holy Enigma City being mentioned. He remembers that Feiyue Xingyun from the Holy Enigma City and that she is a Golden Celestial of the Intermediate Stage. So why did Grandmaster Gongjiu says that there are no Golden Celestials among the ranks of the Holy Enigma City?

A sudden thought caused him to shiver; One is that Feiyun Xingyun has hidden her attainment from the others and no one else knows her true celestial level. Two is that she has lied to him on her clan of origin. Even her name may even be faked. But regardless of his guesswork, he knows that Feiyun Xingyun obviously knows of the forthcoming ascendancy of the immortal sword.

Grandmaster Gongjiu asks, “Yu’Er, is there anything else interesting that you may want to share with me on this trip?”

Xue Yu says quietly, “I have met a man. He saves our party from a Four Eyes Demon.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu says, “Oh? Then he must be a formidable fighter. The Four Eyes Demon is a grade six demonic beast. Even for you, it may still be a challenge.”

Xue Yu nods, “He has used a wooden sword to pierce the skull of the Four Eyes Demon.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu is startled, “Is that even possible? What is his attainment?”

Xue Yu hesitates for a while before she replies, “I cannot tell. When I was questioning him, I was interrupted by a masked assailant and she appears to be a Golden Celestial. Luckily, she doesn’t appear to be interested in fighting us and is just eavesdropping on us. ”

Grandmaster Gongjiu is slightly taken aback but he soon composes himself, “We are not the only ones that seek the Prophetess. The fact that the Golden Celestial is incognito hints that much. It is probably not the Divine Sword Clan or they will not give up any opportunity to humiliate us.”

He pauses to think before adding, “Where is that man now? Is he a friend or foe?”

Xue Yu replies, “I’ve brought him back to our clan. As of today, he has passed the sword trial to become a protégé of our clan.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu growls softly, “Sword trial? He did not pass the celestial trial?”

Xue Yu answers, “The celestial stone has failed to glow and he has failed the celestial testing.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu asks, “So he isn’t a celestial?”

Xue Yu says, “He may be but so far, he is quite tight on his background.”

She smiles sweetly, “He seems to be infatuated with me and is even willing to follow me back. Celestial or not, even a Sacred Saint cannot help but fall under my charms.”

Grandmaster Gongjiu laughs heartily, “Just like that young master of the Sky Heavens Clan.”

Xue Yu smiles endearingly, “Yes, just like that silly young master of the Sky Heavens Clan. These men are all alike. They all like the innocents in the maidens that they are pursuing and I’m just playing that part to entice them.”

When Lu Xiankai has overheard her, his face has suddenly turned very gloomy and it is like his very heart has been pierced by her. He begins to tremble uncontrollable and sighs to the heavens, “Maybe I shouldn’t have returned to the Celestial Fraternity at all and I should remain in the Great Northern Territories…”

Grandmaster Gongjiu is heard saying as Lu Xiankai picked himself up to speed off, “Xue’Er, remember to pay your homage to your grandmother. She is asking for you…”

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