ACO 11

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Chapter 11: Lonely Company

Lu Xiankai has stolen some wines from the kitchen and he is now at an isolated corner trying to drink his sorrows. It is because he has overheard the conversation between Xue Yu and Grandmaster Gongjiu. He has never expected that Xue Yu will be this crafty and sly in front of him.

“She is after all, not my Yeqiu Lingling…”

“Even that Feiyue Xingyun is also a liar…”

“Why are you drinking alone?” A man says as he snatches one of the wine urns to pour its content into his mouth.

The man looks young, mostly likely a celestial practitioner and he has a refined handsome look.

Lu Xiankai smiles bitterly, “That is none of your business and moreover did you just steal one of my wines?”

The man hums coldly, “You don’t even know who I am. I must really be the most insignificant person in the entire Tearless City. Don’t you know that drinking is forbidden to the protégés unless permission is granted? Judging from your sneaky appearance, you must have stolen these wines. You are lucky that I did not turn you in or you will surely be expelled.”

Lu Xiankai continues to drink as he smirks coldly, “So what?”

The man asks, “So what is your name? Or are you afraid of giving me your name?”

Lu Xiankai smiles bitterly, “Lu Xiankai. Go ahead and report me. I don’t care about the clan or the people here.”

The man looks at the heavens and smiles bitterly, “I don’t care either.”

He turns to Lu Xiankai and says, “By the way, this is my secret drinking corner. Tonight, I can let you have my corner. Tomorrow night, I will bring along some superior wines and we will drink heartily together. Be sure to turn up.”

Without waiting for Lu Xiankai to reply, the man has lifted himself over the roof and has disappeared. Judging by his celestial aura that is displayed, he is an Enlighten Celestial, on par with Qiu Shengjun.

Lu Xiankai quietly got up and mutters, “What a strange fellow. But someone that likes to drink and offer to treat me will not be too bad a fellow.”

He sighs often, “It is getting late. I ought to retire to my quarter before someone notices.”

So he begins to search for his quarter.

As a newly protégé he has been assigned a common quarter with three others and he has to report to the Ode Sword Hall at the first break of dawn with the rest of the sword protégés.

It takes him some time to find his quarter as the protégés manor has many buildings and halls. Most of the protégés that he has met along the way are kind enough to guide him upon hearing that he is new.

He is supposed to follow the newly sword protégés to his quarter during the day but he has sneaked away as soon as he got his quarter number while the rest of the sword protégés are preparing to go to the Hall of the Commons for their dinner.

As a celestial practitioner, he does not really need to eat.

He pushes the door of his quarter awkwardly and he is immediately greeted by three pairs of staring eyes.

He recognizes the fine looking man that was the first to take the challenge of the sword trial from Qiu Shengjun.

The fine looking man is also the first to greet him, “You’re Lu Xiankai, our roommate? I am Yuwen Feng. You are really impressive during the trial. I am glad that we are able to share the same quarter.”

Lu Xiankai smiles and says, “So are you. It takes guts to be the first. You must be a gutsy fellow.”

A lanky scholar like man introduces himself, “Brother Lu. I am Chu Hai. It is my honor to know you.”

Lu Xiankai smiles as he bows with his hands, “Brother Chu Hai!”

A third man, who appears to be a loner, says. “You reek of alcohol. It is forbidden to drink or else the consequences are severe. Even if you have never thought of yourself, we may get punish along with you for not reporting you.”

Chu Hai immediately says, “He is Brother Ma Biao. He doesn’t mean anything. He is actually kind. I’ve known him for many years.”

Lu Xiankai bows with his hands, “Well then Brother Ma Biao, how do you do? I just have a slip that’s all. I have met Enlighten Celestial Qiu Shengjun along the way and he forces me to drink a little with him. I can’t refuse a protégé master, can I?’

With that, he jumps on the bed that is emptied and immediately covers himself with a blanket, “Well good night.”

The other three men are slightly startled for they did not expect Lu Xiankai to retire so early. They are too excited to sleep and are talking to each other when Lu Xiankai had entered the room.

Ma Biao says coolly, “Well goodnight. I am sleeping as well.”

Chu Hai and Yuwen Feng looks at each other before they say at the same time, “Well, goodnight then…”

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