ACO 13

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Chapter 13: The Second Young Master

Lu Xiankai is drinking in his now favorite spot when a man says, “You have really come?”

It is the same man from last night and in both of his hands are a jar of wines. From the aroma of the wines, the wines are indeed of a superior grade.

Lu Xiankai says, “If someone wants to offer me free wines, I will surely not miss any opportunity for it.”

The man smiles and passes a jar to Lu Xiankai while he takes the other jar and begins to pour the wine into his mouth.

Lu Xiankai did the same and he is soon praising, “Good wine!”

The man asks, “Why did you never ask me for my name or you have already known who I am?”

Lu Xiankai looks at him, “I don’t know who you are and why should I ask for your name?”

The man smiles bitterly, “You are an interesting fellow. I am Xue Yiren, the second young master of the Honor Ode Clan. Yesterday you say your name is Lu Xiankai?”

Lu Xiankai looks at him and is startled. He has heard of him. He is one of Xue Yu’s brothers. However his status in the clan is said to be fairly low because he is only an Enlighten Celestial where else both his younger sister and older brother are already an Immortal Celestial. It is said that this second young master Xue Yiren often wastes his life in drinking and womanizing, neglecting to advance his celestial practice further.

Xue Yiren smiles bitterly, “So now you know who I am.”

Lu Xiankai nods and says, “I am Lu Xiankai. I am just a sword protégé that joins yesterday.”

Xue Yiren laughs, “You should be happy. Why are you drinking your sorrows here?”

Lu Xiankai looks at him and growls softly, “Should I be happy?”

Xue Yiren says, “Anyone that passes the trial to be a protégé of the Honor Ode Clan should be happy.”

Lu Xiankai asks, “That is my personal business to be happy or not. Don’t you think so? I didn’t even ask you why you are unhappy.”

Xue Yiren laughs heartily, “Indeed. Indeed. Our sorrows are our personal business and it does not concern anyone. Come; let us drink heartily to our sorrows!”

Lu Xiankai raises the wine jar and says, “Toast!”

Xue Yiren did the same and says aloud, “Toast!”

Lu Xiankai suddenly sighs, “It seems that we have some unwanted company…”

It is because he has caught sight of Qiu Shengjun as he approaches them and so did Xue Yiren.

As Qiu Shengjun approaches, Lu Xiankai jumps to his feet and gives him a punch to his face. His punch is so swift that Qiu Shengjun is not able to avoid it and even Xue Yiren is surprised that Lu Xiankai manages to land a hit on an expert Enlighten Celestial like Qiu Shengjun.

Qiu Shengjun blurts out, “Why did you punch me? Are you still so petty that I am particular harsh against you during your sword trial?”

Lu Xiankai says coldly, “This punch is for the four men and women that you had killed yesterday during the sword trial.”

Qiu Shengjun did not appear to be upset and instead he says, “If they can’t even prepare themselves for the sword trial, why bother to even come? They are just simply courting their own deaths and should have volunteered to give up.”

He pats Lu Xiankai on his shoulder, “Don’t be so upset, alright? Is that the reason why Brother Xiankai is drinking?”

Lu Xiankai hums coldly and ignores him.

Xue Yiren asks, “Enlighten Celestial Qiu Shengjun, you know him?”

Qiu Shengjun quickly bows with his hands, “My respects to Second Young Master Yiren, forgives me for greeting you late. We are like good brothers…”

Then he proceeds to laugh aloud, “Just that he sounds a little upset with me now.”

Xue Yiren smiles weakly, “No one in the clan really bothers with my existence. How do you know him?”

Qiu Shengjun answers as he steals a glance at Lu Xiankai, “You mean why I am a good brother with such an ordinary man? He is no ordinary man and had even saved our young protégé mistress from a Four Eyes Demon. Even though he doesn’t have any celestial force but he is formidable with his sword and lightless skill.”

Xue Yiren is startled as he starts to appraise Lu Xiankai, “He has defeated the Four Eyes Demon, a sixth grade demonic beast? Is that even possible?”

Lu Xiankai replies coolly, “I got lucky.”

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