ACO 14

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Chapter 14: A Golden Celestial is birthed

Lu Xiankai wakes up in a stupor and with a terrible headache. Yuwen Feng had doused him from his sleep, “We have to go for our sword practice now.”

Ma Biao shakes his head, “He has been drinking again. Sooner or later, our team will be in trouble because of him. How long can we protect him? The sooner we can knock some silly sense into his head, the better. I have only one wish and that is to be a sword protégé and not some juniors forever.”

Chu Hai wants to say something but he decides to keep quiet. Last night, he had accidentally seen Qiu Shengjun and Lu Xiankai walking drunkenly together. But that was not the most shocking part; he had actually seen Qiu Shengjun hugging and trying to kiss Lu Xiankai.

He shakes his head as he shivers, “I didn’t know that they are this close and into this relationship. No wonder he is not afraid to go drinking every night…”

But the truth is, Qiu Shengjun had mistaken Lu Xiankai as Min Juan in his drunken stupor and Chu Hai had happened to witness it.

Lu Xiankai shakes his head and mutters, “Maybe I shouldn’t have drunk so much…”

He suddenly got a shiver as he thought, “That Qiu Shengjun, he doesn’t know how to drink and yet he still drinks so much. He even tried to kiss me and called me Min Juan…so he is secretly in love with her? I can’t even tell…”

During their several weeks of travel together, Qiu Shengjun and he had grown to be close and they had regarded themselves as friends. Even though Min Juan had also traveled with them, he had never noticed that Qiu Shengjun had shown a particular interest in Min Juan and he was always the overbearing second in charge of the party.

He sighs silently, “Maybe I should try to forget Xue Yu. She is not the Yeqiu Lingling that I’ve known. As for Xue Yiren, he seems to be more down to earth. Why is he so sorrowful all the time?”

The three of them had drunk throughout the night and each of them seemed to be occupied in their own thoughts, saying little.

Yuwen Feng taps Lu Xiankai again, “Brother Xiankai, are you alright? You should get up and get a wash quickly or else you will be late for the morning sword practice.”

Lu Xiankai blinks his eyes and nods, “I guess I am sober now…”

All of a sudden there are large commotions outside and everyone is shouting, “Come and have a look!”

Even Lu Xiankai is roused from his stupor as he steps out of the room only to see that hundreds of protégés have gathered to watch the skies above them.

There is a golden light from the heavens above and rainbow arcs are beaming stunningly against the background!

“What is this?”

“Haven’t you heard?”

“Immortal Celestial Xue Yizhong the oldest son of our patriarch grandmaster has now elevated himself as a Golden Celestial…”

“This golden light is a sign that he has attained the divinity of a Golden Celestial…”

“So we have to address him as Great Immortal now?”

“The Honor Ode Clan has another Golden Celestial now. Our clan is even stronger now…”

When Lu Xiankai has seen the golden light from the heavens, he knows instantly that indeed that someone has attained as a Golden Celestial. It is not easy to attain as a Golden Celestial and this First Young Master Xue Yizhong must be fairly accomplished as a celestial practitioner in order to advance his state of divinity.

The path of cultivation follows a different law than the mundane practices. It is never about continuous practice or experience to obtain the level of practice. Where else swordplay may have a set of rules and styles to anticipate the opponents’ strokes and to react against it, celestial practice can never be taught because mental fortitude can never be taught. While a superior celestial intricate formula may help a celestial practitioner to advance as a Master Practitioner but beyond that level, the celestial practitioner’s inherent potential and providence matters more.

That is the reason why 80% of the celestial practitioners cannot advance beyond the Master Practitioner level and that is only the second level of the celestial cultivation.

Xue Yiren has barely attained past the Master Practitioner level as an Enlighten Celestial. Even though he has accessed to the vast celestial resources of the Honor Ode Clan, consuming plenty of divine pills and herbs to aid in his celestial practice but his potential is still limited. No wonder he is always depressed and lost all hope of advancing in his celestial practice.

As for this Xue Yizhong, he is now a Golden Celestial. Anyone that can attain as a Golden Celestial has an unlimited potential and his status in the Celestial Realm as Great Immortal will be cemented as one of the great celestials in the celestial canons.

Lu Xiankai had tried to search the celestial canons in the library of the Honor Ode Clan for his name but he could not find any. He was a little disappointed. At that time, he was not known as Lu Xiankai for he had only used this name when he had decided to return to the Celestial Fraternity. His meaning of his current name means ‘The First Path’.

It was because in the official celestial canons, it is stated that no one else has ever reached the level of Sacred Saint. It is as though someone had purposely wanted to blog his existence from the world.

Instead there are just accounts of Sacred Saints here and then but these are considered to be a myth and not as official celestial canon.

Who would do such a thing?

Is that the mysterious man that had almost killed him back then?

For what purpose and why?

This is something that Lu Xiankai resolves himself to find out.

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