ACO 16

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Chapter 16: The Elder Myriad Centipede

They had break camp at the first sight of dawn at the commands of Yin Tianxing who has assumed leadership of the group.

He is the leader while the other three Celestials who are with him are his ‘lieutenants’.

They have advanced in front while the rest of the group begins to trek behind them.

Chu Hai is seen talking to the attractive medical practitioner and there is a glow on his face.

Yuwen Feng whispers to Lu Xiankai, “It seems that a romance is blossoming between our Brother Chu Hai and that maiden. We have no hope now.”

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly, “Who says I’m interested in her?”

Yuwen Feng says, “I saw you looking at her…”

Lu Xiankai quickly interrupts, “It is one thing to admire and another thing to love. One day, you will understand what is mean to love.”

Yuwen Feng smiles bitterly, “If we have the chance. The lives of a sword protégés are short. Either we perish fighting the other clans or we get killed by the demonic beasts. I’m only here because the clan is able to take care of my livelihood. I have no other illusions. How about you?”

Lu Xiankai says, “Me? I didn’t give much thought.”

Yuwen Feng whispers, “Actually, I am not surprised if you are not interested in women. Some others join the clan because they have a peculiar interest and there are plenty of men around.”

Lu Xiankai asks, “What…”

But before he can asks further, Yin Tianxing shouts. “There is a cave in front. We are going in now. Everyone draws your swords and be on your best vigilant!”

The entrance of the cave is very large and can even accommodate everyone to enter at the same time. When their torches are readied, they begin to enter the cave.

Lu Xiankai has an uneasy feeling about the cave so he whispers, “Slaying demonic beasts are never easy. We must really be careful.”

The interior of the cave is large as well and the tunnels are extensive. After traveling for thirty minutes in the interior, they could still see no sight of the end.

Lu Xiankai leaps to the front of the party and approaches Yin Tianxing, “It is not a good idea for us to venture too deep. We should post some sentries outside in case we need support and start to make markers first. Or else we may easily get lost.”

Yin Tianxing growls, “Are you afraid? I am the leader or you are the leader? Our mission is fairly straightforward. We only need to find the horns of the Myriad Centipede and be done with it. We are lucky enough to find a possible lair. If we don’t explore the cave, how do we even find the Myriad Centipede and be done with our mission?”

All of a sudden there are shouts of panic as the group catches sight of hundreds of skeleton remains in front of them!

When Lu Xiankai catches sight of the hundreds of skeleton remains, he shouts. “Not good! Everyone makes a run to the entrance and as fast as possible…”

Yin Tianxing shouts, “Hold! What is your name? Am I the leader or are you the leader…”

All of a sudden a gigantic three horns purple centipede had descended onto the middle of the party, immediately taking the lives of three protégés by slicing them into halves with its sharp claws!

Lu Xiankai is startled. All the more startled because this is the Elder Myriad Centipede, which is a sixth grade demonic beast and even stronger than a typical Myriad Centipede!

Dozens of swords are immediately drawn against the Elder Myriad Centipede but their attacks bounced off harmlessly off its armored exoskeleton. In another split second, another three protégés are killed and a dozen are wounded as the monster rampaged among the party!

One of the celestial practitioners has readied a burst of sword energies but the sword energies simply bounced off the monster’s exoskeleton harmlessly. In the next instant, the same celestial practitioner has lost his head!

Lu Xiankai has quickly leapt onto the head of the Elder Myriad Centipede and had drawn up his wooden sword as he pierces it through its head. This act causes the Elder Myriad Centipede to shriek in pain and shakes uncontrollably, causing Lu Xiankai to fly off and hit against the wall!

He is actually not surprised by this result. The life force of the Elder Myriad Centipede is too strong and it cannot be killed off by ordinary means. Even if its head is cut off, the Elder Myriad Centipede will still be able to move. It is indeed an unimaginable monster to fight against.

He jumps to his feet again and shouts furiously, “Everyone that can still stand, run to the entrance now!”

And once again, he jumps onto the Elder Myriad Centipede.

By this time, everyone already knows how terrifying the Elder Myriad Centipede has been. Therefore when Lu Xiankai shouts for them to flee, everyone begins to scurry to the entrance!

Because Lu Xiankai had already broken his wooden sword, he uses his blue scabbard to stab the Elder Myriad Centipede again and again.

This further enrages the Elder Myriad Centipede as it tries to hit Lu Xiankai but he is too swift for it.

Finally when Lu Xiankai saw the last of the protégés have disappeared from sight, he draws upon his reserve celestial force that he has hosted within the blue scabbard. This immediately elevated his celestial divinity to an Immortal Celestial.

Gathering his blue celestial force, he slams into the Elder Myriad Centipede with his blue scabbard as he imbues his Dragon Spirit technique into it. This causes the Elder Myriad Centipede to immediately burst into blue flames.

In the next instant, he has jumped onto the head of the Elder Myriad Centipede again and slide off its three horns.

Lu Xiankai is particular sorrowful as he counts the number of dead; there are thirteen bodies. They have started off with 36 in their party and in just a few minutes, 1/3 of their party had fallen to the Elder Myriad Centipede.

When he has reached the entrance of the cave, the rest of the party are staring at him as they have noticed that he is carrying three gigantic horns in his arm.

“Is it even possible?”

He takes quick look at the survivors and is glad that Chu Hai, Ma Biao and Yuwen Feng are among the survivors.

He turns to stares coldly at Yin Tianxing as he threw the three large horns at his feet, “Your rashness has caused the deaths of 13 of our comrades. Their blood is in your hands.”

Yin Tianxing is bleary as he weeps aloud, “I…I’m sorry…”

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