ACO 17

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Chapter 17: The Jade Pendant

Only three groups out of nine managed to complete the missions in three days.

Out of five hundred protégés, there are a hundred protégés dead or missing. Another two hundreds are seriously wounded.

The mission is a shock and an eye opening for many of the protégés.

In Lu Xiankai’s eyes, this trial is too brutal. This is not the same Celestial Fraternity that he had remembered. During his era, the Celestials would never risk the lives of the ordinary nor uses them as weapons.

Qiu Shengjun is not surprised that Lu Xiankai and his group have passed the trial. After all he had seen him took down a Four Eyes Demon.

So he merely nods to Master Practitioner Longxi who reacts with surprise; it is because Master Practitioner Longxi has not expected this group to be able to overcome their mission. In his mind, they must have a lot of luck and guts.

There are a lot of wailings and the medical practitioners are panicky as they tend to the wounded.

Lu Xiankai’s group is quiet. While they are grateful to Lu Xiankai for helping them to advance as protégés, they feel a sense of guilt for not contributing and they have been so terrified by the encounter with the Elder Myriad Centipede.

Even Ma Biao who often rebukes Lu Xiankai, is surprising quiet as he struggles to walk with his wounded arm. Today he has gained a new respect for Lu Xiankai and never again will he rebuke him again for he had dared to speak out to Yin Tianxing and had tried to save everyone.

Today, everyone from this group knows that they have a formidable fighter in their midst and that is Lu Xiankai.

Even the surviving three celestial practitioners, including Yin Tianxing are filled with respect and idolization for Lu Xiankai.

All the maidens in the group have their hearts melted when they look at Lu Xiankai…

However Lu Xiankai did not take notice of the changing sentiments in his group. To him, it is just a trivial thing and he has fought even stronger demonic beasts in the past.

Only one thing bugs and matters to him; the ascendant event of the immortal sword. The Honor Ode Clan will surely be there but how does he get into the selection list?

The ascendant event of the immortal sword is a top secret celestial event and the ordinary protégés could not possibly know. Not even Enlighten Celestial Qiu Shengjun is aware of it.

He knows that he has to go to the Divine Flying Fox Peaks when the times come, no matter if he is selected or not.

All of sudden the entire column stops marching as Enlighten Celestial Qiu Shengjun and all the other masters speed in front of them to bow with their hands to a lady in front of them.

Lu Xiankai has sharp ears and he can hear Qiu Shengjun saying respectfully to her, “Patriarch Dowager, we are just coming back from the Thousands Stinging Swamp with the protégés for their trial.”

The lady nods quietly, “I see. You may continue. I’m just taking a stroll with my maids.”

Lu Xiankai thought, “Patriarch Dowager? Isn’t that Xue Yu’s grandmother?”

All of a sudden he turns white with ashen as he catches sight of a hanging jade pendant by her side, “Isn’t this…isn’t this her possession?”

He had suddenly recognized that the hanging jade pendant is a possession of Yeqiu Lingling…

He is startled, “She…is still alive?”

No matter what, he has to find out today!

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