ACO 18

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Chapter 18: Yeqiu Lingling

The Patriarch Dowager has just dismisses her four waiting maids and is seen walking to a mountain pavilion to overlook the lofty mountain peaks.

Finally she says softly, “You can come out now. You have been following me for some time.”

Lu Xiankai walks out of the shadows as he looks stupefied at her, “I…you…”

The Patriarch Dowager seems to be startled when she saw Lu Xiankai. Slowly she removes her veil and says, “It is you. No time no see.”

She shares similarities to Xue Yu, but is more beautiful and refined.

Lu Xiankai is bleary eyed as he begins to tremble, “Lingling, it is really you. I’ve thought that I would never see you again. That day, that day…I…”

She says gently, “Yes, it is me. I have never thought that I will see you again as well.”

Lu Xiankai asks, “Are you well? All these years, how have you been? I really miss you.”

She nods slowly, “I am well.”

Lu Xiankai is suddenly perplexed, “But how is it possible? How did you possibly have survived?…”

She smiles faintly, “And how did I have lived so long?”

Lu Xiankai nods slowly, “You’re a Sacred Saint now?”

She replies, “I am not.”

Lu Xiankai says, “Oh?”

She says slowly, “You shouldn’t have come today, really. You have escaped death once before and I promise you I won’t give you a second chance today.”

Lu Xiankai is startled, “What do you mean?”

She says, “What is the name that I have used before? Yeqiu Lingling? I’ve almost forgotten about it. It has been more than a thousand years already?”

Lu Xiankai steps back all of a sudden and say, “You’re that black robe man?”

She smiles faintly, “You seem to realize this a little late…”

All of a sudden she has raised her palm and in the next instant she has aimed it at Lu Xiankai!

Lu Xiankai quickly raises his palm to take the blow and there is a thunderous impact. Before he knows what is going on, he has coughed out blood and he is thrown down the mountainous peak!

She is heard saying, “Your celestial strength is only at the level of an Immortal Celestial? Did I use too much force?”

All of a sudden there is a blazing fireball that flies from above and it strikes Lu Xiankai with a blazing explosion as the entire mountains begin to tremble!

She is heard humming coldly, “I am just making sure you are dead this time. What Sacred Saint? I am a great goddess…”

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