ACO 19

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Chapter 19: Feiyue Xingyun

Lu Xiankai floats in the torrential waters for some time, gripping his blue scabbard tightly. His mind is in the blank.

He had not suspected that Yeqiu Lingling would be the one that had attacked him. All this while she had led him to an entrapment. Is she is so much powerful than him, why did she not take him down in the first instance but instead, she had played the game of cat and mouse with him?

Because she had wanted to lead him to a place where there were no others. She wanted him to vanish completely, leaving no one to remember him.

But why?

He taps his chest gently and feels the thin armor within. It is a lucky thing that he had spent a hundred years to collect the Icy Mysterious Silk from the Ten-Eyes Winter Spiders to make the Icy Mysterious Silk Vest. This vest is able to protect him from the fiery fire by neutralizing the heat.

The fireball that had struck him was not comparable to the divine fire that had hurt him a thousand years ago of course so there is no way for him to know if the Icy Mysterious Silk Vest is effective or not. But at least today his internal organs are protected and with his Great Rejuvenate Force, his external injuries will be healed soon.

She probably thought that the fireball is good enough to kill him, not realizing that he has a protection. That is only because she tries to be discreet. If she had used the more powerful divine fire then the entire mountains would be a smothering black and voided of life.

He had not expected that he could meet the black robe man today and once again, he could feel the vast gap in their celestial strength. How someone so powerful could have existed in the entire Celestial Realm?

The very reason why he has wanted to seek the immortal sword is to avenge for Yeqiu Lingling but she has suddenly become his enemy…

Yeqiu Lingling is simply too formidable for him…

That is probably not her name.

Who is she?

He has suddenly realized that he had known very little about her. He had been overwhelmed by her idolization in the past and now he feels like an idiot.

But he is suddenly laughing heartily as he leaps to the riverbed. He is still alive after all and he is glad. Once again, he has no burdens and he is back to the old days.

It is as though he is suddenly set free.

What does the fate of the Celestial Realm has to do with me? I’ve always been cultivating alone.

All of a sudden he halts in his steps as he ponders, “Is there a divinity above the Sacred Saint level?”

The celestial practice is known to all the celestials and everyone has been practicing from the same set of intricate formula. To the celestials, the celestial practice is perfect and the highest attainment is the Sacred Saint level. But what if it is not?

He is already a peaked Sacred Saint and yet he is still overwhelmed by her celestial force. Even if he has the aid of the Blue Emperor Dragon, he knows that he will not be able to defeat her. It may be a good thing that he did not even have the opportunity to use his secret blue scabbard artifact and he can still save it for later at a more opportune timing.

All of a sudden he can see a maiden in red dancing along the cliffs as she battles a gigantic snake. This is the Giga Anaconda, a seventh grade demonic beast. Its strength is equivalent to a Golden Celestial!

As the maiden in red turns her face, he is startled to see a familiar face, “Feiyue Xingyun? Why is she here?”

The maiden in red has also seen him but instead of greeting him, she has suddenly sped to him to deliver a slashing stroke with her projected celestial force!

Only when Lu Xiankai has blocked her projectile sword stroke with his blue scabbard did she hesitates to ask, “Lu Xiankai?”

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly, “You seem to be in a little trouble this time.”

Feiyue Xingyun smiles alluringly, “And you look terribly pathetic now. Are you alright?”

Lu Xiankai answers, “I just survive your sword energies so I guess I’m alright.”

She smiles panicky as she glances at the fast approaching Giga Anaconda, “Good. Because I am going to need your help now…”

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