ACO 20

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Chapter 20: The Giga Anaconda

The Giga Anaconda is huge, have eyes that is bigger than a full size man and a large jewel that adorns its forehead. When it moves, the ground below is sent into tremors and the mountains begin to shake.

Feiyue Xingyun winks at Lu Xiankai, “What are you waiting for? Why don’t you use…”

Lu Xiankai says solemnly, “You’re not supposed to mention it. Moreover, with the two of us here, we will be able to handle it.”

Feiyue Xingyun sighs softly, “Well, if you say so then.”

She quickly forms a golden celestial formation in front of her as six golden swords begin to form from her celestial force. This is her Intricate Golden Mystic Swords.

Lu Xiankai positions himself into an attack stance before his blue celestial force begins to form into a harkening dragon spirit that charges toward the Giga Anaconda!

Feiyue Xingyun mutters, “Go!” as her six golden swords fly at a startling speed at the Giga Anaconda.

Her golden animus is even brighter than the last time that Lu Xiankai had seen her. It seems that she had already elevated herself successfully into an Upper Tier Golden Celestial.

The Giga Anaconda roars in pain as it try to shake off the materialized celestial force that is on it, its body slamming into the mountain cliffs and causing boulders to fall thunderously on the ground below.

Feiyue Xingyun evades the falling boulders and maintains the focus of her golden swords that have pierced into the Giga Anaconda, “Monster, the celestial swords of a Golden Celestial is not that easy to shake off.”

Lu Xiankai in the meantime has already readied another Dragon Spirit to strike at the Giga Anaconda. Unlike Feiyue Xingyun’s celestial technique that can persist in materialized form with focus, his Dragon Spirit celestial technique is a burst of raw celestial power that implodes with devastating effect.

When the Giga Anaconda roars out in pain once again, Lu Xiankai has leapt on its forehead as he thrusts his blue scabbard into its jewel forehead, cracking the jewel almost immediately.

This causes the Giga Anaconda to give a final death roar before it crumbles onto the ground motionlessly.

Lu Xiankai stumbles back in exhaustion while Feiyue Xingyun quickly gathers the scatter jewels as her eyes beam excitingly, “I’ve finally got the Giga Jewels…”

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly, “You may well lose your life today if I am not here. A seventh grade demonic beast isn’t for…”

Feiyue Xingyun tiptoes on her heels as she looks endearingly into his eyes, “You’ve saved my life two times already. Aren’t our fates intertwined somehow?”

Lu Xiankai’s heart skips a beat as he looks into her alluring eyes as he says forcibly, “No!”

Standing this close together, he has remembered the sweet scent of her lips and her sensual figure.

She seems undeterred as she continues, “You don’t find me attractive?”

Lu Xiankai refuses to answer her as he starts to walk away.

She asks melancholy, “Because in your heart, you like the young mistress of the Honor Ode Clan. Am I right?”

Lu Xiankai stops in his track and says, “You are wrong. In fact, from this day onward, I have nothing to do with the Honor Ode Clan.”

She is startled but regains her composure to ask, “Your injuries. Who is the one that can possibly injure you into this state? Don’t tell me it is the Honor Ode Clan?”

Lu Xiankai says coldly, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Feiyue Xingyun immediately pleads softly, “Don’t go yet. You didn’t even say a good farewell the last time and now you are leaving just like that? Why don’t you join me at the Holy Enigma City? The Holy Enigma City may not be as influential as the Honor Ode Clan but it still has considerable resources and influences. Come join me.”

Lu Xiankai smiles bitterly, “I am just an outsider. What is the point of joining your clan when I have to beg to join the ascendant event of the immortal sword? Moreover, I am getting the immortal sword for myself and not for your clan.”

Feiyue Xingyun holds his hand as she looks pleadingly with him, “You may have the immortal sword. The Holy Enigma City will only assist you in obtaining the sword. What do you say?”

Lu Xiankai says, “I doubt the others in the Holy Enigma City will agree to it.”

Feiyue Xingyun giggles softly, “They don’t have to agree. They will only need to obey my very commands.”

Lu Xiankai asks curiously, “What do you mean?”

Feiyue Xingyun smiles, “That is because I’m the protégé grandmaster of the Holy Enigma City. My will is their commands. So what do you think?”

Lu Xiankai starts to walk off, “Let me think about it…”

Feiyue Xingyun walks jovially beside him, “So you have agreed?”

He replies, “I have never said that…”

She suddenly points to a path and says, “We should go this way…”

Lu Xiankai asks, “Are you really the grandmaster of the Holy Enigma City?”

Feiyue Xingyun laughs softly, “Naturally I am.”

Book 1 End

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