ACO 21

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Book 2

Chapter 21: Holy Enigma City

Holy Enigma City.

Lu Xiankai asks, “Xingyun, what is that you want to show me?”

Xingyun smiles alluringly as they walk in the secret passage, “I’m taking you into my clan’s secret chamber. Away from prying eyes and ears, it is much more convenient for us to talk.”

She adds, “Other than me, no one has ever been allowed into this secret chamber for it is our clan sacred ground. I’ve made you an elder of the Holy Enigma City. With your attainment as an Immortal Celestial, it seems that the clan elders are quite pleased with your appointment.”

It is an understatement. It seems that the elders of the Holy Enigma City are actually quite docile when she had announced that she was going to appoint him as an elder. Lu Xiankai had been expecting a major upheaval and a heated discussion; after all he is an outsider and did not have any celestial blood ties with the elders.

It seems that the elders of the clan have high regards for Feiyue Xingyun and whenever she started to speak, they would nod attentively.

And so Lu Xiankai was made an elder of the Holy Enigma City, just like that.

Feiyue Xingyun taps on a wall before pushing against the brick on the wall to reveal a secret chamber as she says, “C’mon in.”

As Feiyue Xingyun slowly lit the candles, Lu Xiankai can see that the chamber is actually quite spacious. There is even a bed chamber, tables, chairs and rows of book shelves.

She says gently as she browses the book shelf, “Have a seat first.”

Lu Xiankai sits down but he is soon saying, “From now on, should I address you as Great Immortal or Holy Consort?”

Holy Consort is the title for the Grandmaster of the Holy Enigma City.

Feiyue Xingyun says without turning back, “Not Great Immortal. I don’t wish for the others to know that I’ve attained as a Golden Celestial. You may address me as Xingyun. If there are others, then you stick to my honorific title. You are a Great Saint and your status is higher than I. If you don’t mind, can I call you Xiankai? It is more…”

She lowers her eyes and says softly, “…intimate this way.”

Lu Xiankai says, “I don’t mind.”

He quickly adds, “Why are you concealing your celestial level? If you have made known to the other celestial clans that you’re a Golden Celestial then the Holy Enigma City won’t be belittled and you will also gain the prestige that accompanies your title.”

She sighs softly, “The Holy Enigma City isn’t a big clan as compare to the olden days. We don’t have a lot of celestial practitioners either.”

Lu Xiankai says, “The Holy Enigma City seems to be a bigger city than the Tearless City.”

Xingyun smiles, “Maybe that is the only achievement that we have. Do you see a lot of protégés just now?”

Without waiting for Lu Xiankai to answer, she continues. “That is because we are a pure celestial clan. We are still sticking to the old ways therefore we are not as powerful as the other celestial clans that greatly outnumber us. The ordinary men should be free to lead their own ordinary lives, don’t you think so?”

Lu Xiankai nods slowly as he adds, “The Celestials should instead be protecting them from the demonic beasts and the dark celestial practitioners.”

Xingyun smiles, “That is the principle of the Holy Enigma City. As long as they are able to lead peaceful lives, I will be glad.”

Lu Xiankai sighs softly, “Then you should try to take care of yourself more and not get into more reckless fights. The people need you…”

Xingyun smiles, “Oh? Are you concern about me then?”

She says melancholy, “Our clan is not wealthy and we don’t have many fighters that can gather the celestial resources from the mountains. The black market prices for some of the rare celestial resources can even bankrupt a small celestial clan. Therefore I have to travel incognito and try to find some of the rare resources myself. Or else…”

She suddenly smiles as she gives him a flirty look, “Or else I won’t have the chance to meet you, am I right?”

Somehow Lu Xiankai has missed the look that is in her eyes as he thought, “Maybe I have misunderstood her after all. She isn’t as bad as she looks. She is really the Protégé Mistress of the Holy Enigma City. She is not only beautiful but her heart is kind as well. And her spirits is determined and strong…”

Xingyun begins to fluster as she notices that Lu Xiankai is staring at her, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Lu Xiankai murmurs quickly as he averts his eyes, “Nothing…”

Xingyun lowers her eyes and holds her hands to her bosoms as she says silently, “I really like you but do you like me?”

Lu Xiankai suddenly asks, “What are you looking for?”

Xingyun is doused from her thoughts as she quickly answers, “Just a while more. I am looking for something…here it is. I’ve found it.”

There is an ordinary wooden box in her hand and within it, is a fragmented scroll that appears to be burnt.

Xingyun carefully places the fragmented scroll in front of him and says, “This is our clan greatest secret. Do you want to know?”

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly, “There is probably a price for hearing. But I am all ears.”

Xingyun smiles, “Your attainment is higher than me. Can you decipher the contents of this scroll?”

At first Lu Xiankai is not interested but the contents of the scroll quickly catches his attention as he stammers, “This…is about cultivating the celestial force to a divine celestial force? Does it works?”

Xingyun says hesitatingly, “My ancestors had attempted decipher it but they had all failed. Therefore I do not know either. It is only a fragment. Without the full scroll, there is simply no way for us to practice. Do you have any insights?”

Lu Xiankai plays with the leftover of the inscriptions of the scroll in his mind. A celestial scroll is different from an ordinary writing. Much of the inscriptions are actually in a random order. A verse will usually give as much insight and each verses of a celestial skill scroll have their own interpretations and meanings.

He says, “I can only tell that the name of this celestial skill is the Tri Void Force using the Divine Celestial Force.”

Xingyun’s eyes are beaming as she nods excitingly, “You are a genius! It takes my ancestors’ ages to decipher that much and yet you are able to tell so much in such a short time. What else can you read from the scroll?”

Lu Xiankai sighs as he looks at her, “Why are you showing me? It is too precious to share. And how did your ancestor get it?”

Xingyun looks endeavoring into his eyes, “I trust you. That’s why…” But she left it uncompleted. She quickly says, “And because you may be the only one that can decipher the mysteries of this celestial skill.”

Lu Xiankai says quietly, “I do not warrant your trust. You don’t know me or who I am. But I am really curious how this scroll is obtained?”

Xingyun smiles faintly, “It happened a long time ago. A reverenced ancestor of mine happened to witness a battle between two celestial practitioners. Normally that isn’t something that is extraordinary but their fights are out of the world and they could smolder the mountains, something that celestial practitioners cannot accomplish. They are definitely not of the Sacred Saint level and are even stronger.”

Lu Xiankai’s interests are suddenly aroused as he listens intently…

She says, “They seem to be fighting over this celestial scroll that you have seen earlier. Normally a celestial scroll is almost indestructible but their fights were extremely violent and the celestial scroll was torn into many pieces. That is how my ancestor got this fragment.”

She looks at Lu Xiankai and asks, “Do you believe me?”

Lu Xiankai nods slowly, “I believe you. Who do you think those two celestial practitioners are?”

Xingyun replies, “My reverenced ancestor had tried to find out but they were totally unknown. Or rather, they may not be from the Celestial Realm but are…”

Lu Xiankai says at the same time, “…immortals. Immortal practitioners.”

Xingyun looks at him curiously, “You know something?”

Lu Xiankai smiles bitterly, “I have fought with one and I’ve lost completely. There isn’t even a fighting chance.”

Now it is Feiyue Xingyun’s turn to express astonishment, “You had fought with one before?”

Then she claps her hands, “Now that makes plenty of sense.”

Lu Xiankai asks curiously, “What do you mean?”

Xingyun says, “It is no wonder why my reverenced ancestor had warned us not to reveal our enlightenment and to keep as low as profile as before. It is also no wonder…”

She pauses before her she looks at him intently, “…that we don’t have any Sacred Saints in the entire Celestial Realm now. Maybe there were in the past but they were all killed by them. Correctly, there is one sitting here right now.”

Lu Xiankai nods slowly, “The question is why?”

Suddenly he is feeling excited that he has finally found some hints. It is because until today he has no idea why Yeqiu Lingling had wanted to kill him.

He mutters, “Why kill all the Sacred Saints?”

Xingyun injects, “Not just Sacred Saints. It includes all the peaked Golden Saints that have the potential to become a Sacred Saint as well.”

Lu Xiankai is startled as he asks, “Really?”

Xingyun asks, “Are you a renegade celestial practitioner?”

A renegade celestial practitioner is someone that cultivates alone and did not join any celestial clan. Most celestial practitioners prefer to be in a celestial clan for shared celestial resources as well as for protection.

Lu Xiankai smiles faintly, “Yes, I am.”

She says coolly, “That may be the reason why you are able to advance as a Sacred Saint and evade getting killed.”

Lu Xiankai nods. He was already a peaked Sacred Saint when he had met Yeqiu Lingling. Back then she was pleading for adventurers to kill the Blue Emperor Dragon and he was only too glad to impress her and the rest of the Celestials how good he is…

At that time he had thought of visiting the celestial clans and their Sacred Saints to exchange for more celestial practice and tips. But to his disappointment, he seemed that he was the only one…

Xingyun interrupts his thoughts, “I have already told you this much. Shouldn’t you tell me more about your background and your fight with that immortal?”

Lu Xiankai sighs and nods. He goes on to tell her everything except that Yeqiu Lingling is the black robe man. It is not because he does not trust her but some things are better not to be said at this time.

Then Xingyun suddenly says, “You must have met the black robe man again. Because when I saw you, you are blackened by an intense celestial flame and this celestial flame is not any ordinary flame. And because of that, you have no wish to return to the Honor Ode Clan. Am I right?”

Her sudden question had left him stunned for he did not know that she had been bidding her time to ask him this question. Her intellect and wit are not to be underestimated or else she would not be an Upper Tied Golden Celestial now.

Lu Xiankai nods slowly.

Xingyun asks curiously, “Who is he?”

Lu Xiankai shakes his head, “It is safer for you if I do not tell you.”

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