ACO 22

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Chapter 22: The Tri-Void Force

Lu Xiankai remembered the time that he had his first celestial practice.

His Master who styled himself the Dragon Animus Sage, was an Automatous celestial (散仙), had adopted him when he was just a newborn. It was from him that he had learnt the Dragon Spirit and the Great Rejuvenation Force.

His Master told him, “There are a total of six celestial ranks for you to overcome. The ranks are Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial and Sacred Saint.”

“You are now starting as a mere Zen Practitioner where you will be cultivating your celestial energies in your inner core to harness your strength. As a result, your strength, stamina and endurance will exceed the ordinary man. If you are able to achieve complete harmony with your inner core, your enlightenment will advance to the Master Practitioner level. At this level, you will be able to imbue your celestial force into your weapons, shattering iron and steel with ease.”

“However you are not considered to be a true celestial until you have reached the third celestial rank, the level of the Enlighten Celestial. You will be able to able to create sword energies from your celestial energies and your celestial aura will be strong enough to protect you from damaging injuries. Only 20% of the celestial practitioners are able to attain to this level, through divine pills, hard work or talent. You will be widely respected for reaching this level.”

“The forth celestial rank is the Immortal Celestial level and your celestial aura will be a visible bluish hue. An Immortal Celestial marks the beginning of the difference in strength between the celestial practitioners. An average Immortal Celestial is 2-3 times stronger and more formidable than an Enlighten Celestial. At this level, I will impart to you my Great Rejuvenation Force to you to strengthen your inner core and the Dragon Spirit celestial skill as your offensive skill. The Dragon Spirit technique may be able to manifest a tremendous amount of energies to deliver a tremendous impact but it will also consume a great deal of your inner core energies. Only 4% of the celestial practitioners will be able to attain to this level.”

“When you get to the Golden Celestial level, you will gain a golden animus and a golden body that accelerates your healing and makes you immune to poisons. Such is the strength of your golden animus that you will be able to shape it into wings to gain flight and levitation. A Golden Celestial is 3-5 times stronger than an Immortal Celestial but only 1% of the celestial practitioners can ever hope to attain to this level. You can only hope to attain but not force. To be a Golden Celestial is like a dream to many.”

Lu Xiankai asked, “Isn’t there a Sacred Saint level? Isn’t that the dream level?”

His Master smiled, “While you can still have a little hope for the Golden Celestial level, the Sacred Saint level is like an impossible dream. Maybe only 1 out of every 100 Golden Celestials, there will be a Sacred Saint. In order to transmigrate to a Sacred Saint, the Golden Saint must first overcome a Divine Calamity as their tribulation.”

Lu Xiankai said with childlike innocent, “Then I want to be a Sacred Saint in the future. How strong is a Sacred Saint?”

His Master had no answers for that but many years later he is able to answer himself; 4-7 times stronger than a Golden Celestial.

Feiyue Xingyun interrupts his thoughts as she walks into the secret chamber, “You have been contemplating over the scroll fragment for almost a week now. Is there any progress?”

Somehow Lu Xiankai is glad to see her after she was away for three days to settle some clan affairs.

Lu Xiankai says, “The celestial intricate formula of the scroll is really profound. I have tried a hundred thousand means to piece the missing runes but the possibilities are too many. There are just too many deviants. I didn’t attempt least I will be affected by phenomena deviant.”

Xingyun nods. While the celestial practice is free to interpret for the celestial practitioners, many will only use the proven methods to cultivate. It is because once a celestial practitioner begins to practice on a deviant celestial practice, there is no way to return and their inner core energies will be shaped by the new practice.

She smiles an encouragement to him, “Don’t be disheartened. At least we now know that a superior celestial skill did exist. Too bad it is only a fragment.”

Lu Xiankai says, “Actually this fragment is already quite helpful. It tells us that we have to upgrade our celestial energies to divine celestial energies in order to use the Tri-Void Force. Even the method is also listed but I can’t be too sure.”

Xingyun is startled, “Really? What method?”

Lu Xiankai says, “I can’t be too sure but it seems that we have to refine our inner core anew.”

Xingyun is amused, “Surely there is no way…”

Lu Xiankai ponders and says, “I have actually nearly destroys my inner core during the fight with the black robe man and almost die. After that I have spent more than a thousand years to re-cultivate back to the Sacred Saint level again. But I feel that my celestial energies are purer and stronger than the first time that I was a Sacred Saint.”

Xingyun asks curiously, “Hmph? No one will be crazy to destroy their inner core and to cultivate anew again. It is more likely that the celestial practitioner won’t be able to cultivate again once the inner core is destroyed.”

Lu Xiankai smiles bitterly, “I almost die when my inner core is burnt up. My internal organs are all damaged as a result. If not for the Blue Emperor Dragon of which I share a bond, I would not be able to cultivate again.”

Xingyun asks, “Do you think that your current celestial energies is already the divine celestial energies?”

Lu Xiankai replies, “I have also assumed and calibrate my calculations based on it. But it is still off.

The Tri-Void Force…no wait…this part…” He is suddenly excited as his fingers moved rapidly to calculate.

Although Xingyun cannot know what is going on in his mind, she is excited as well for it means that he is on something.

Finally Xiankai says, “I think I can make this Tri-Void Force works for me. But I need to amalgamate the Blue Emperor Dragon life force energies with my celestial energies.”

Xingyun asks with concern, “Is it easy? Is it risky?”

Lu Xiankai says, “Don’t worry. Our energies have long been amalgamated a long time ago. It is just that I have always tapped on my own celestial energies. I have never considered that I may be able to tap on the Blue Emperor Dragon’s life force energies.”

He did not waste any time and immediately he fell into a meditating trance as he holds onto the blue scabbard. After a while, a wisp of smoke appears on his head and his eyes are opened.

Xingyun is startled, “So fast?”

Lu Xiankai did not know the passage of time in the real world but during his trance, a hundred years of pondering trance had taken place as he drawn upon this new celestial energies.

He says, “I can now access the initial stage of the Tri-Void Force with this new celestial energies. This is indeed the divine celestial energies. But this is one problem though.”

Xingyun asks him anxiously, “There is a drawback?”

Lu Xiankai nods, “I can only use the divine celestial energies as an Immortal Celestial. It is because I didn’t realise that I have possessed this untapped source of celestial energies in the past therefore I have never cultivate with it. Meaning, I have to re-cultivate again and I have to breakthrough to the Golden Celestial and Sacred Saint level with the divine celestial energies in order to realize the full potential of the Tri-Void Force.”

Xingyun smiles, “As soon as there is a way to cultivate then it won’t be much of an issue. But you have to face the life and death tribulation again.”

Lu Xiankai sighs, “Indeed. I dread that. Two times I had taken that and narrowly survived. To think that I may have to take it for the third time…”

Xingyun says melancholy, “Once my cultivation of the Golden Celestial is at the peak, I will have to undergo the Divine Calamity and to face my life and death tribulation. Failure will mean that I will fly to ashes.”

Lu Xiankai says gently to her, “You can pass. I will help you.”

Xingyun begins to lean closely against him, “I…thank you…”

Lu Xiankai can feel her soft bosoms against him and as he looks down her neck into her revealing bosoms, he is filled with desire for her and he wants her.

Feiyue Xingyue smiles coyly as hot flushes appear as she seems to know what he is thinking, “What are you staring at? Your Holy Consort commands you to fly me to the Ninth Heavens…”

Lu Xiankai says gently as he looks at her sentimentally, “I will…”

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