ACO 23

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Chapter 23: The Auction House

Lu Xiankai and Feiyue Xingyun did not emerge from the secret chamber for two days as they locked themselves in passionate embraces.

Xingyun is now walking delightfully in the city with Lu Xiankai. From her loving sentiments that she is displaying for Lu Xiankai, the general populace and even her escorts thought that there are definitely something that is going on with them.

“Isn’t this the Holy Consort?”

“Who is this man?”

“They are an item?”

As Lu Xiankai walks with Xingyun, he notices that the crowd is getting bigger. Everyone wants to take a glimpse of the Holy Consort and they are waving at their retinue.

He whispers to her, “You seem to be quite popular?”

Xingyun smiles, “That is why I don’t really like to take a tour in my own city. I can’t even visit the popular textiles shops with any peace of mind.”

He says, “You can easily arrange for the textiles to be brought into your palace and you can have a peace of mind.”

Xingyun whispers almost incoherent, “I want everyone to see my bliss and also because I want everyone to see us together.”

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly but he quickly says, “In that case, perhaps if you have taken off your veil, then your bliss and beauty can even cause a riot.”

She whispers coyly, “Stop teasing me already.”

Suddenly she says, “We are in the vicinity of the Golden Flag Auction House now. Let’s go and take a look?”

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly, “I have no money…”

Xingyun smiles, “I am as poor as you as well. But as the Holy Consort of the city, they will not refuse our entry. There’s no harm in taking a look.”

Lu Xiankai nods.

Very soon, they have reached the Golden Flag Auction House. It is in another district and this district is grander than any places that Lu Xiankai has seen in the past. There are also many patrolling guards and many people here wear fine dressings.

Like the crowd in the last district, they too, are overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Consort and many respectfully make way for them.

Xingyun whispers as they walk into the auction house, “These are the city’s rich and the merchants from the other cities. Not all are celestials.”

As they enter the halls of the auction house, they are greeted immediately by many beautiful attendants and a lady in charge quickly greets them, “Your Holy Consort. We are honoured by your visit. My apologies for being unprepared for your esteem visit.”

Xingyun replies gently, “I am passing through only and I should apologize for making an unannounced visit.”

The lady in charge quickly says, “Not at all, Holy Consort. We shall give you a VIP lobby with a good view of the auctions that will be taking place soon.”

Xingyun says, “I appreciate your kindness. Please lead us.”

Lu Xiankai says, “Wait. I may have something to auction. Do you think that I can place my stuff for the auctions today?”

Xingyun asks curiously, “Are you in need of money?”

Lu Xiankai smiles, “I am as poor as a beggar.”

The lady in charge says, “May I have a look at the item?”

Lu Xiankai takes out a golden pill from his jade belt of holding, “This is a Nine-nine Golden Vitality Rejuvenation pill.”

The lady in charge gasps softly and even Xingyun is startled. It is because a Nine-nine Golden Vitality Rejuvenation Pill is said to be able to keep a person at death’s door. It is even rarer than a Nine-nine Golden Rejuvenation Pill and in the entire history of the Golden Flag Auction House, no one has ever seen one that is being auctioned.

Xingyun smiles weakly, “It is better that we keep it for ourselves. We may very well need that in the near future.”

Lu Xiankai says, “Don’t worry. I have ten of these pills.”

Xingyun and the Lady in charge are shocked. Ten!

Even the existence of one will be hotly contested and be considered a heritage treasure of the celestial clan!

Xingyun whispers weakly, “How do you get so many? You must tell me later or I won’t let you off, humph!”

The Lady in charge examines the golden pill carefully with her divine sense as she mutters, “This is the real stuff. The auction house will take 10% as commission from you when it is sold. Please, this way to the VIP lobbies…”

“Hey young man, wait!” An old voice calls out suddenly.

Lu Xiankai and Xingyun turns around to see an old man being hold off by their retinue of guards.

The old man says frantically, “Don’t bring that to the auction house. If my old eyes are not wrong, what you have is the Nine-nine Golden Vitality Rejuvenation Pill? Sell it to me. I will give you something in return.”

Lu Xiankai asks, “Do you have money?”

The old man is startled, “Money? Hell, no! What should I do with money anyway? But I have worthy divine treasures that may catch your eyes…”

Lu Xiankai smiles gently, “But I do have a need for money. Money can buy many things and can even be used for trade.”

Xingyun smiles and asks, “Old man, what divine treasures do you have?”

The old man murmurs, “I can’t show anyone my divine treasures. It is too precious. My divine treasure for your Nine-nine Golden Vitality Rejuvenation Pill…”

But before he can finish, Lu Xiankai and Xingyun have already entered the VIP halls, leaving the old man screaming outside.

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly, “What a crazy old man.”

As they enter into the VIP lobby, they can see that the balcony of the room is facing the auction and there are already many people below.

The lady in charge smiles and says, “I take my leave now.”

Xingyun smiles to the six protégés that with her, “Please wait outside the room.”

When the six protégés left the room, Xingyun begin to lean against Lu Xiankai and ask. “How did you get these Nine-nine Golden Vitality Rejuvenation Pills?”

Lu Xiankai takes out one Nine-nine Golden Vitality Rejuvenation Pill and places it in her hand, “For you.”

Xingyun is startled as she mutters, “For me? It is too precious a gift…”

Lu Xiankai nods, “Nothing is too precious for my love. I have concocted these divine pills myself just in case I need it by sourcing the precious herbs of the Great Northern Territories.”

Xingyun is bleary eyed as she holds the Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pill tightly in her hand, “It is said that this Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pill can even save the lives of the celestial practitioners that are taking the Divine Calamity.”

Lu Xiankai nods, “That is true.”

Xingyun asks innocently, “How do I repay you?”

Lu Xiankai laughs softly, “You already have…”

Xingyun begins to flush as she knows what he means and she looks at him endeavouring…

Lu Xiankai pulls himself from her eyes and says, “Look, the auction is about to begin.”

Indeed, a beautiful auctioneer is already on the stage and is talking.

She says, “Today we have a special item that is going up for auction. It isn’t in the catalogue and is a mystery auction item.”

She claps her hands and a golden pill in a glass box is carefully brought into the stage by two young attendants.

“This is the…” She pauses for it to sink in, “…the Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pill. A golden pill that can revive the dead and to reverse aging. Some say that if a non-celestial take it, their meridian channels can even be cleared and they can also start to cultivate as a celestial.”

Immediately the halls erupts into loud commotions as everyone begin to lean forward and some even drop the wine glass that are in their hands!

She adds, “The starting bid will be 500k talents of silver. Each bid will be 100k talents of silver in increment.”

Almost immediately, someone bids. “1 mil silver talents!”

“1.2 mil silver talents!”

“1.5 mil silver talents!…”

“1.8 mil silver talents!”

“2.1 mil silver talents!”

“4mil silver talents!” A deep voice says, startling everyone with the almost doubled bid.

It comes from a fine looking young man that is the hall. From his seasoned look and the artefacts that he is carrying on him, he seems to be a celestial practitioner.

Lu Xiankai comments on him, “He has an extraordinary aura that is difficult to mask. No doubt about it that he is a celestial practitioner.”

Xingyun says, “I recognize him. He is Zhang Deshun, the young master of Divine Sword Clan, one of the nine patriarch celestial clans. It seems that he is visiting incognito for we have never received word of his arrival. This may spell trouble for I don’t see what good he is up to.”

“Counting one, counting two…counting three…this young master here has won the bid!”

The rest of the auctions are not that interesting except for the horn of the mystic unicorn. The horn of the mystic unicorn is able to enhance the yin essence energies and maintain the youthfulness of the female celestial practitioners.

Xingyun almost bid for it when Lu Xiankai says quietly to her, “I will give it to you later. I just happen to have one with me now.”

She is startled for the Mystic Unicorn is extremely elusive and is an eighth rank demonic beast.

“2.8 mil silver talents!” That is the final bid for the horn of the mystic unicorn.

Xingyun sighs softly, “Now I have realized how rich you are.”

Lu Xiankai smiles, “I have only realized today as well, thanks to my old master.”

His old master had collected many precious herbs and items, giving to him when he had passed away.

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