ACO 24

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Chapter 24: The Mysterious Old Man

Lu Xiankai and Xingyun are laughing and chatting as they walk back from the auction house.

Lu Xiankai has pocketed 3.6mil silver talents and he is feeling rich while Xingyun has got herself a Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pill and a Mystic Unicorn Horn.

Xingyun says to her protégés when they have reached the gates of the palace, “Thank you everyone. You are all dismissed for the day. I will be fine. I will like to take a walk with Elder Xiankai in the meantime.”

When the protégés are gone, Lu Xiankai says gently to her, “Xingyun, later I will give you the Nine Yin Silver Stem. It will be useful for your Mystic Sword cultivation, enabling you to shorten your charging time and to maintain its physical form longer.”

Xingyun almost jumped and she wants to surrender her soul to him when she has heard it, “The Nine Yin Silver Stem, you have it? That is the dream cultivation stem of every celestial practitioner! You are really giving it to me? You really trust me so much?”

Lu Xiankai whispers, “Naturally. You are my…woman now.”

Xingyun giggles softly, “If you visit a whorehouse then won’t all the whores will be your women? In no time, you will be broke. Then no one will pity you.”

Lu Xiankai protests, “You know that is not what I mean.”

Xingyun turns to look sentimentally at him, “I didn’t say that I will be your woman yet. If you want me to your woman then you have to prepare a fitting bridal gift for me first. Don’t you think so?”

Just as Lu Xiankai wants to protest, the same old man that they had seen earlier at the auction house barged into their midst loudly. “Young man, I will help you to woo her and find a fitting bridal gift. What do you say?”

Lu Xiankai and Xingyun are startled for they did not even hear the old man approaching steps.

Lu Xiankai says, “Whether I will be able to woo her is my own business, that’s none of your business.”

The old man laughs loudly, “Most women are flicker-minded. I will help you to get her into bed. All you need to do is to give me 3 of your Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pills. I have overheard that you have 10.”

Xingyun interrupts, “Go away disgusting old man. Be mindful of your language or I won’t be polite.”

The old man laughs, “I am sure she is all juicy inside. She has such a nice figure…”

Lu Xiankai has raised his palms, “One more word of disrespect from you and I…”

All of a sudden the old man has struck Lu Xiankai with a lightning speed and has sent him flying backward!

Xingyun is startled, “You are a celestial practitioner?”

Only a celestial practitioner is able to push Lu Xiankai like this.

She immediately steps back and fires three beaming sword energies at the old man, “You won’t die but I am going to punish you…”

But the old man simply raises his hand and split her sword energies into nothingness, stunning Lu Xiankai and Xingyun!

They did not even see the old man displaying any celestial aura and yet he can split her sword energies as easy as tofu.

Lu Xiankai immediately raises his celestial aura to the Immortal Celestial level as he says coldly, “Old man, this is going to hurt you…”

The old man smiles and says, “Oh right…”

All of a sudden the old man defences seem to be broken and he is sent flying off.

Lu Xiankai thought, “I hope I didn’t use too much force…”

The old man blinks his eyes as he got up, “You dare to hit me…I suppose to be as immovable as the mountains…”

Then he looks at Lu Xiankai and curses, “The divine celestial force?! No wonder.”

Lu Xiankai and Xingyun are startled that this old man is able to know the name of the divine celestial force.

A white aura starts to envelop around the old man as he got up. This aura is not as strong as they have expected and it only has the appearance of the Enlighten Celestial level.

Then the old man points at them, “You have the divine celestial force up to the Immortal Celestial level while she is a Golden Celestial. Interesting.”

Xingyun is startled. It is because she has been careful to mask her celestial aura. So how did this old man knows that she is a Golden Celestial?

The harmless old man seems to become a formidable old man after he has revealed his fighting aura.

Lu Xiankai says solemnly as his body trembles with fear, “I don’t think this old man is easy for us to fight against. Xingyun, go now! His target is only me.”

Xingyun blurts out as she unsheathes her Sorrowburns precious sword, “I am not going to abandon you.”

The old man laughs, “Good. The lady seems to be interested in you. You have a chance, young man…”

All of a sudden he generates a windforce. Before Lu Xiankai and Xingyun can react, they are knocked onto the ground by a stunning force that seems to tear them apart!

Xingyun has seen the attack coming and she has displays her celestial strength to the Golden Celestial level but she still got overwhelmed and stumbles onto the ground.

Lu Xiankai knew that this old man must be an immortal practitioner for his strength is too overwhelming and he has only displayed his aura to the Enlighten Celestial level only. Obviously if he is serious then he may even destroy the entire city…

Just as he is thinking whether he should release the seal on the blue scabbard to release the Blue Emperor Dragon for a final showdown with him, the old man has suddenly kneels onto the ground to beg him. “Merciful hero, please take pity on me. You know I am so powerful that I can seize your jade belt…”

Lu Xiankai interrupts to say, “Except that you know that only the owner can reach into the jade dimension space. So it is pointless for you to try.”

The old man begs, “That is right. Why don’t you pity an old man like me then?”

Lu Xiankai thought, “I am no match for him and yet he is begging me? What a queer old man.”

He replies, “You say you want to trade for my Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pill?”

The old man smiles with beams of hope, “Yes, yes.”

He answers, “It isn’t impossible to have a trade but what do you have?”

The old man smiles, “How about divine swords?”

Lu Xiankai and Xingyun looks at each other with stunned expressions. Divine swords are very precious and only appear in the celestial fraternity once every century. Many of the celestial clans that possess one are the more powerful celestial clans. Even a patriarch clan like the Holy Enigma City does not possess a divine sword. That is how rare divine swords are.

Out of the 100 divine swords that are known, many are currently missing or keep in secret.

The appearance of a divine sword will always spark rivalries between the celestial clans and a battle to possess the divine sword will always happen.

Currently it is believed that the Divine Sword Clan has in its possession three divine swords and that is enough to shake the celestial fraternity!

Lu Xiankai is startled, “You have a divine sword?”

The old man taps his belt and he pulls out a beaming white sword. Using their divine sense, Lu Xiankai and Xingyun can recognize that it is indeed a divine sword!

The old man smiles, “I have three divine swords. A divine sword is worth more than a Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pill.”

Lu Xiankai says, “I don’t have any need for so many divine swords. But I have a condition before I trade with you.”

The old man growls, “What condition?”

Lu Xiankai says, “Have us as your protégé disciple.”

The old man is startled as he says nervously, “You’re one of us. I can still consider but she…”

Lu Xiankai says, “After you have made her your protégé disciple then she will be one of us too.”

The old man begins to hesitate, “Is there any other way?”

Lu Xiankai says firmly, “No!”

Xingyun looks at Xiankai and is secretly touched…

The old man sighs, “Then I guess I shall accept both of you as my protégé disciples then.” He suddenly smiles and says, “Shouldn’t you be giving me your three Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pills now?”

Lu Xiankai extends his hand and says, “If you are our protégé master then don’t you think that you should give us a gift first?”

The old man is startled as he says, “What gifts?”

Lu Xiankai points to the divine sword that is in his hand, “A divine sword for the two of us.”

Xingyun laughs, “That is the celestial protocol. A worthy celestial master gives worthy celestial gifts. Or else we will think that our celestial master is a poor celestial master.”

The old man grumbles but he hands over a divine sword to them but he is thinking, “Originally I am planning to give them three divine swords for these three Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pills but I only have to surrender two divine swords now. So I got myself a better deal…now I can look younger with these Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pills…”

He could have asked for more of these Nine-nine Vitality Rejuvenation Pills but no more than three can be consumed within a short period of time and he will not need it again for another 500 years.

Lu Xiankai asks smilingly, “We don’t know the name of our Master yet.”

The old man blinks his eyes and is thoughtful for a while before he says coolly, “How about the Ever Encompassing Lord Sovereign?”

Xingyun growls softly, “This sounds like a name that you have just made up.”

The old man laughs, “That is really my immortal name. I didn’t make it up.”

Lu Xiankai quietly asks, “So Master Ever Encompassing Lord Sovereign, who are you actually? Are you an immortal?”

The old man shifts his eyes before saying, “Indeed I am.”

Lu Xiankai asks uneasily before he says with caution, “I have been pursued by I think, are immortal practitioners. You are not going to kill me anytime soon?”

The old man laughed heartily, “I am a benevolent immortal. Do you think that I will be talking to you now if I were them?”

Lu Xiankai asks, “Who are they?”

The old man sighs, “They are the disciples of the Translucence Lord Sovereign. It is really deplorable for the Translucence Lord Sovereign to order his disciples to do something like this.”

Suddenly Xingyun asks, “Master, you didn’t happen to go to the auction house am I right? You are actually looking for us right?”

The old man laughs heartily, “Young woman, you are pretty sharp. The minute someone have started to learn from the Tri-Void Force, I am alerted to it and am curious.”

Lu Xiankai says as he stole a glance at Xingyun, “You know about the Tri-Void Force?”

The old man smiles mysteriously, “As a matter of fact, I am the originator of the Tri-Void Force.”

Lu Xiankai smiles weakly, “That is a surprise. You just remind us to be wary of practicing unknown immortal practice in the future lest we encounter hostile immortals.”

The old man roars into laughter, “Relax. I am here to impart to you the Tri-Void Force so that you don’t mess up my good name in the Immortal Fraternity. You have no idea how fortunate you are at this moment.”

He pauses for a while before he smiles at Xingyun, “And you as well.”

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