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Chapter 1: The Hidden Recluse

An alluring maiden dismounted gracefully from her phoenix mount as she inspected her surroundings.

She muttered, “The spiritual force in these mountains is rich and beneficial for cultivating. It’s weird that it is not indicated on the map. It is so pure and untainted. Perhaps it will be good if I spend a few days meditating in these mountains?”

“So what do you think huh, Yu’Er?” She asked her phoenix mount as she gently stroked her.

Yu’Er was of course the name of her divine beast and it was intelligent enough to comprehend her.

Yu’Er shrieks loudly and flapped her wings in agreement.

The alluring maiden laughs softly, “Wonderful. I don’t think anyone will miss our presence for a few days.”

Then she spotted a crystal clear pool and was delighted, “This looks like a wonderful place to take a refreshing bath together.”

She quickly took off her clothing and just as she was about to walk into the pool, she saw a lad looking straight into her from the other side of the pool. Not only was she startled but she was also flabbergasted for the lad had nothing on him. It seemed that the lad was also about to enjoy a dip in the pool.

Immediately both of them screamed at the same time and they panicky dressed up.

The alluring maiden looked hatefully at Yu’Er, “You stupid bird. Why didn’t you warn me that there is someone here? Fancy calling yourself a divine beast…”

But she quickly composed herself and unsheathed her sword furiously as she shouted to the lad, “You little brat, how dare you peek at me!”

The lad was flushing hotly as he quickly ran to her apologetically, “I’m sorry. That is not on purpose. I…I…Big Sister, don’t be angry please…”

The alluring maiden took a look at the lad and saw that he was very young and refined. It was really hard to be upset with him. She was aware that it was also partly her own fault. So she said gently, “What is your name and how old are you?”

The lad mutters politely, “Dugu Fang. My mother usually calls me Xiaofang. I am 16 today. Big Sister, what is your name?”

The alluring maiden replied coolly, “Who cares what your mother calls you. Since you have apologized I shall not make things too hard for you. You mustn’t tell anyone what you have seen today, alright?”

The lad nods but he asks politely, “But Big Sister, you still haven’t tell me your name yet?”

She actually did not want to tell him her name but all of a sudden, she was startled. It was because she had taken a quick look at his inner core with her Divine Sense and was startled that this lad had already attained as an Enlighten Celestial.

Now reaching as an Enlighten Celestial was not as easy as it sounded even though it was just the 3rd celestial level. Only 20% of the cultivators can ever attain as an Enlighten Celestial and it can take many decades to reach this level.

She was 21 and was an exception. At a young age of 21, she had already attained the initial stage of Immortal Celestial and she was immensely proud of this fact. This of course had to do with the fact that she was from a prominent patriarch celestial clan and she had the benefit of the resources of her clan.

Also she was gifted with the Divine Sense ability and could tell the celestial level of the cultivators that are beneath her level. Although she would not be able to tell the levels of those that are higher than her, it was quite pointless for the next level of her cultivation was the Golden Celestial level. Golden Celestial levels are marked by their golden eyes, a tell-tale even without any Divine Sense ability.

But of course, discerning the celestial level of the cultivators was only a small part of her Divine Sense ability. She could also sense ley lines and was sensitive to all forms of energies.

She asked, “Xiaofang, you are a celestial cultivator too? Who is your master and what’s the name of your celestial clan?”

Xiaofang answers politely, “I don’t have a master or a celestial clan.”

The alluring maiden smiles weakly, “Fancy being so young and yet you’re already such a capable liar. You will grow up to be a badass. No one can cultivate to this high without a master.”

Xiaofang was startled and he quickly protested, “I am not a badass. I really don’t have a master. My mother is the one that has taught me to cultivate. If you don’t believe me then I can bring you to her.”

The alluring maiden smiled coolly, “Then bring me to her. I will really like to meet this ‘master’ of yours.”

She thought, “If it is a prominent master then I ought to pay my respect for intruding. I wonder what the celestial level of his mother is. But no matter, she will surely be in awe of my attainment and I get to show off.”

But she quickly said, “But you mustn’t mention to anyone what you have seen just now. Is that a promise?”

Xiaofang said politely, “Definitely won’t. That’s a promise. Big Sister, what is your name?”

The alluring maiden said, “Now that’s a good boy. You can call me Big Sister Jing.”

Her full name was Ye Jing but she decided not to disclose to him.

Xiaofang said, “Big Sister Jing, is that a divine beast? I’ve never seen one before.”

Ye Jing smiled enchantingly, “Yu’Er is her name. Indeed she is a divine beast and she belongs to me. Do you know how rare divine beasts are and how highly sought they are? Isn’t she beautiful?”

Xiaofang was really impressed, “She is really beautiful! Big Sister Jing, can you give her to me?”

Ye Jing chuckled, “Fat hope! You must have lived in these mountains for the past 16 years to request something so ridiculous.”

Xiaofang blinked his eyes, “Big Sister Jing, you must be a genius. How do you know?”

Ye Jing smiled delightfully, “That’s because I am really a genius.”

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  1. is this a continuation of the original one? AMO 2 ?

    i compared it to the original c1 and it seems different if its a re-translate.


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