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Chapter 2: Celestial Yuehua

Xiaofang took Ye Jing to a scenic hut hidden in the groves.

He said politely, “This is where I stay.”

Ye Jing looked around before she followed him into the hut. She looked a little disappointed for it was a simple dwelling place. Except for the rows of wine jars, there was nothing special about the hut nor were there any defensive spirit arrays here.

She said nonchalantly, “There seems to be enough wines to open a wine tavern here.”

Xiaofang replied, “My mother enjoys drinking and she drinks herself silly every night.”

Ye Jing said, “Oh.”

Only a person that was depressed would be drunk every night. Maybe her cultivation had struck a wall and it was pointless to practice further. Or maybe it was due to some unhappiness in the past.

She asked, “So where your mother? I don’t see anyone here?”

Xiaofang replied, “Mother will be later than usual as she is preparing a birthday celebration for me and has told me to take a dip in the pool first. Why don’t Big Sister Jing takes a seat first?”

Ye Jing nodded, “I have plenty of time anyway.”

She asks, “Xiaofang, I don’t see any sword on you or in here. You don’t have a flying sword?”

Now a flying sword was not really a flying sword but a sword that could channel the energies of the cultivator. But of course, cultivators that had reached the Enlighten Celestial level could imbue their swords with sword energies and causing it to fly off. However that would require an intermediate tier Enlighten Celestial to control the flying sword well.

Xiaofang shook his head, “I have been practising with a wooden sword that is in the kitchen.”

Ye Jing reached to her dimensional belt and took out a red handle long sword, “While this may not a precious sword but it has been with me since I was 6. This sword is my darling. Now it is your turn to take good care of her.”

Xiaofang was shocked at her generosity and his eyes were now bleary, “I will surely take care of this precious sword. Big Sister Jing, you are so generous to me. I have no way to repay you. I have nothing…”

Ye Jing smiled, “That’s alright. You are a fellow cultivator as well as my junior. I have barged into your place and have nothing really valuable to give you or to your master. Moreover, I have already changed several swords. I had been keeping this sword as this is the first sword that I had owned.”

Xiaofang nodded, “Now it is my first sword that I have owned!”

Ye Jing smiled sweetly, “So please take good care of her for me.”

Xiaofang said loudly, “I surely will!”

Just as Ye Jing was about to ask Xiaofang what his cultivating element was, there was a pleasant voice. “I see that we got a visitor today. Xiaofang, you have a friend? Why didn’t you tell your Mother? And there is a divine beast outside as well.”

An elegant and stunning lady had walked into the hut.

Xiaofang immediately smiled politely, “Mother! You’re home.”

Ye Jing was startled. She had not heard or sensed any approach nor did Yu’Er alert her.

When she saw Xiaofang’s mother, she was startled.

Ye Jing could be considered a heavenly beauty but Xiaofang’s mother was even more so. Coupled with her state of divinity and her golden eyes that marked her to be at least a Golden Celestial level, she was simply too stunning.

She had never expected that Xiaofang’s mother to be a cultivator of the Golden Celestial level. It was really very hard for a cultivator to cultivate into the Golden Celestial level and in the entire celestial fraternity, there were only just a hundred or so. Only 4 in 100 of the cultivators can hope to cultivate as a Golden Celestial.

Even for a genius like herself, this was only just a possibility and could not be assured.

But she quickly said, “Senior, how may I address you? Ye Jing pays my respect to you.”

The stunning lady smiles, “Please disperse with all formalities. Autonomous celestial like me hardly cares for that. But since we are fated, you may address me as Celestial Yuehua. That is my most commonly used title.”

Ye Jing thought, “Then she must be a Golden Celestial. Only those on the Sacred Saint level will be addressed as Saintess.”

She quickly added, “Celestial Yuehua, I hope that I didn’t disturb your retreat. I have accidentally found this place and have met Xiaofang. On learning that he is a cultivator, I have thought that it is only polite that I pay a visit to his master.”

Celestial Yuehua smiled gently, “Welcome to our humble abode.”

Then she turned and smiled at Xiaofang, “Look what Mother brings for you…”

She had thrown a dozen scrolls on the table, “Go on, open it and see if you like any of them!”

Ye Jing was startled. Are all of these celestial scrolls that can advance one’s cultivation?

Xiaofang curiously opened the scrolls and was stunned that all the scrolls were portraits of naked maidens.

Ye Jing was stunned as well and totally speechless…

Celestial Yuehua smiled enthralling, “You’re already 16. Why are you so shy? All these maidens are renowned courtesans from the nearby counties. Go on, pick one and I will make you a man.”

Xiaofang was flustered as he stammered, “Mother, I don’t want them. None can be compared to Big Sister Jing. Her body is ten times better than them…”

Celestial Yuehua raised her eyebrows, “Huh?…”

Ye Jing was totally flustered as she blurt out, “You little rascal. You promise me not to tell!”

Xiaofang said weakly, “Big Sister Jing, I’ve promised not to tell anyone but my mother isn’t anyone. I’ve promised her that I will tell her everything.”

When Ye Jing had heard him, she was too shocked for words, “You…you…you…”

Celestial Yuehua laughs softly, “I see that my son has already someone in mind. At least I don’t have to worry so much now. Come on, tell me about it.”

So Xiaofang began to recount the earlier incident to his mother while a trembling Ye Jing listened and wishing that she could dig a hole!

Xiaofang finally said, “Big Sister Jing also gives me a sword. This is her first sword.”

Celestial Yuehua laughed jovially, “She has even given you her first time. How wonderful. Do you know that a maiden first time is precious to her?”

Ye Jing finally interrupted with shaking voice, “This has nothing to do with…that first time…”

Celestial Yuehua laughed softly and took out a beaming sword, “Thank you for your gift to my son. This is for you. Your attributes are of the extreme negative type. This sword will be suitable for your cultivation.”

Ye Jing was startled; extreme negative swords were truly difficult to obtain and even a rich celestial clan could hardly afford one. Moreover her divine sense had indicated to her that this was no ordinary precious sword but a divine sword. It was priceless…

Very few celestial clans could lay their hands on a divine sword. It was so rare and priceless that entire celestial clans would fight each other for one.

She was secretly delighted and thanks loudly, “Thank you for your generosity!”

When she touched it and used her Divine Sense, she was even more startled that this was a superior grade divine sword. Now a superior grade divine sword was much more valuable than a low grade and a high grade divine sword…

Celestial Yuehua took out another sword and said to her son, “Xiaofang, this is mother’s sword for you. I have meant to give you on your birthday. You don’t have to practice on a wooden sword anymore. This may only be a low grade immortal sword but it is nevertheless powerful. Unless it is necessary, try not to show it off.”

Ye Jing was totally stunned. Did she just mention an immortal sword? Immortal swords were totally priceless. There were only just a few that were rumored to exist and those are highly sought and closely guarded secret. The appearance of a single immortal sword would turn the entire celestial fraternity upside down unless the cultivator was powerful enough to safeguard it. Even a low grade immortal sword was several times more powerful than a superior grade heaven-step divine sword…

Xiaofang was absolutely delighted, “Thank you mother! I’ll always treasure your gift.”

Celestial Yuehua smiled, “Maiden Jing, the name of your divine sword is the Revelation Divine Sword. Xiaofang, the name of your immortal sword is the Stellar Lights. Remember well.”

Then she suddenly caught hold of the hands of Ye Jing, smiling delightfully to her. “Maiden Jing, you are such a good maiden. A fitting match for my son. How old are you? What is the name of your celestial clan?”

Ye Jing was stunned but she could not resist answering, “I am 21. I’m from the Holy Citadel City.”

Celestial Yuehua nodded eagerly, “Not so old for my son. Moreover you’re at the Immortal Celestial level and from a reputable patriarch celestial clan. Not bad. Please take care of Xiaofang for me.”

Ye Jing finally mustered her courage and said firmly, “Celestial Yuehua, what do you mean by taking care of Xiaofang for you? Marriage is arranged by our parents. I can’t marry this brat…”

Suddenly Celestial Yuehua interrupted, “But he has seen your body, am I right?”

Ye Jing said firmly as she tapped her sword, “You cannot force me. Even if I cannot defeat you, I will not yield my chastity.”

Xiaofang said politely, “Mother. If Big Sister Jing doesn’t want to be with me, so be it. Please do not force her to do something that is against her wishes. Moreover she isn’t someone that will follow anyone even if her body is seen.”

Celestial Yuehua said gently, “Xiaofang, if you let her go this time, it will be difficult to get her back again. Do you know what I’m saying?”

Xiaofang answered politely, “That’s alright, mother. I am still young and she is still young.”

Celestial Yuehua sighed softly but in the next instant, she was suddenly jovial as she said to Xiaofang and Ye Jing. “Come to the outside with me.”

Ye Jing was scared. Really scared. She really wanted to take off and escape from this place. But there was no way she could be able to triumph over a Golden Celestial. She had really regretted coming here. Was she going to kill her outside because she was afraid to dirty the hut and taking back the divine sword because she had rejected to marry her son?

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