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Chapter 3: Ascension

When Ye Jing exited the hut, she was stunned to see her phoenix divine beast frozen in stasis. She was even more surprised to see a giant multi-colored leviathan hovering above the hut and she dropped her sword in fright!

In front of her was a Saint Beast, the most powerful of the desolate beasts in the lands. Her powerful phoenix divine beast was between the 6th and the 7th rank while this Saint Beast was a 9th rank desolate beast. If she was not wrong then this multi-colored leviathan was the Emperor Feathered Leviathan. These saint beasts could not be tamed by mere Golden Celestials and even a legendary Sacred Saint could find it quite impossible to tame…

No wonder there were no defensive spirit arrays in this place. It was because the Emperor Feathered Leviathan could turn itself invisible and the minute that she had turned up, it was already watching her.

Celestial Yuehua smiled casually, “Don’t worry. Your divine beast will soon recover from the petrification. My pet has accidentally petrified your divine beast thinking it may be a threat to my son.”

Ye Jing was ashen as she panicky infused her celestial energies into her phoenix divine beast, hoping to revive her Yu’Er.

Xiaofang said politely, “Let me help Yu’Er.”

He struck the phoenix divine beast and instantly Yu’Er was alive again, shrieking furiously but when she saw the Emperor Feathered Leviathan hovering above her, she cowered behind Ye Jing.

Ye Jing thought, “Is his celestial energies stronger than I? But my celestial level is obviously above his level…”

Celestial Yuehua chuckled softly to Yu’Er as she waved her hands, “Hello. Don’t be afraid. You are quite safe. This is my Saint Beast and she won’t hurt you.”

When Yu’Er heard her, she began to calm down but she remained tame behind Ye Jing who could only watch the scene in disbelief.

Celestial Yuehua turned to her, “Maiden Jing, earlier when I held your hand I’ve noticed that your inner core has a lot of impurities. That’s because you have been pushing yourself too harshly. You must know that it is better to cultivate slow but steady so that you can avoid future pitfalls or it will be detrimental to your future cultivations. Luckily for you that I’ve noticed it and I’ve helped you to remove your impurities. Do exercise caution for your cultivation. You may not be so lucky in the future.”

Ye Jing was stunned. She was well aware of her cultivation weakness. She quickly reached into her inner core and was even more astonished that the impurities in her inner core had been removed and the obstacles to her celestial energies flow had also been removed.

She had been searching for a renowned cultivator with the Healing Focus ability but had given up. It was because it had been centuries since anyone with this ability had shown up in the celestial fraternity. To think that today she had actually met one…

She understood how precious this aid had been. Even if a cultivator gave up his entire possession and begged for his inner core to be treated by a healing focus cultivator, it may not be granted for a great deal of celestial energies had to be depleted and there was a risk of damaging both their inner cores at the same time.

But this Celestial Yuehua had treated her so casually. She really found it unbelievable. She had really never heard of anything like this before.

So she dropped to her knees and kowtowed with great sincerity, “Celestial Yuehua, I…I really have no words to express how thankful I really am. If there is anything that you need me to do, I will surely do it to the best of my ability…”

Celestial Yuehua smiled gently, “Help me to take care of Xiaofang so that he will not stray. Surely you don’t want him to grow up to be a badass, don’t you?”

Ye Jing was startled and she began to fluster. Did the Celestial Yuehua overhear her earlier conversations with Xiaofang when she rebuked him as a badass?

Celestial Yuehua smiled as she walked elegantly under a pavilion, “I guess it is time for me to transmigrate to the Immortal Realm now.”

Ye Jing was stunned. Did she just say that she is going to transmigrate to the Immortal Realm aka the Gods’ Realm?

Only a peaked Sacred Saint will be able to do that.

Is she a peaked Sacred Saint?

In the entire Black Borderless Continent, there are only a handful of Sacred Saints.

She has never met anyone who is a Sacred Saint before till today.

So if she is a Sacred Saint then shouldn’t her title be Saintess?

Then she ought to address her as Saintess Yuehua…

As if Celestial Yuehua could read her thoughts, she said gently. “Celestial or Saintess, what does it really matter?”

Ye Jing muttered in awe, “Even though it may only be just a title, the difference between a Great Celestial and a Great Saintess deserves tremendous respect. Not everyone can aspire to be a Sacred Saint and be addressed as a Great Saint. The number of difficult tribulations that they have to face are difficult to imagine and unbearable.”

Celestial Yuehua smiled gently, “Have courage and do not fear. I hope you can succeed one day.”

She turned to her son, “Xiaofang, I am joining your father in the Immortal Realm soon. Aren’t you glad?”

Xiaofang appeared to be shocked, “Mother, you are leaving me? You’ve never told me that you will be leaving? And my father? You have never told me anything about my father as well. My father is in the Immortal Realm?”

Celestial Yuehua laughed softly, “Did I forget to tell you about your father? Well, that is not really very important for we are never married anyway. Today I’m going to join your irresponsible father and to settle some old scores with him. Come join me when you are ready. Do you still remember what I have taught you if you want to ascend to the Gods’ Realm?”

Xiaofang pondered and said, “I never forget. If I want to ascend and transmigrate to the Gods’ Realm, I will have to explore the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth and the Endless Abyssal Sea, the two most mysterious places in the celestial fraternity.”

Celestial Yuehua smiled, “That’s right. These two places are left behind by the Gods to help the cultivators to advance their celestial levels. It will be a difficult journey, no doubt but that isn’t entire impossible. Got it?”

Xiaofang replied politely, “Got it.”

Ye Jing had also heard of these two mythical places which were full of fabulous treasures but no one seemed to know where these two places really were. It was because these two places could be found at different locations at different period of time.

Celestial Yuehua added, “I’ve nothing much to give you except for my jade belt that may or may not contain valuable things for you. I’m not giving you my best stuff you know for I am going to need them in the Immortal Realm. You’ve got to earn your own stuff.”

Xiaofang replied politely, “Mother, I understand.”

Celestial Yuehua smiles, “Great.”

She turned to look at the Emperor Feathered Leviathan with a soft chuckle, “Aren’t you glad today? If my ascension is successful then you will also be a Guardian Emperor Leviathan. Aren’t we such a great team together?”

The Emperor Feathered Leviathan roared thunderous in acknowledgement and its roar shook the ground beneath them with earth shaking resonates.

She smiled as she took out her immortal sword to meditate and a bright light began to form around her. The entire place was glowing with rainbow fluctuations and it seemed that the heavens had descended upon the earth…

While Ye Jing was in awe of what was happening, she was even more startled when she saw the immortal sword that was with Celestial Yuehua. Her Divine Sense revealed that it was a superior grade heaven-step immortal sword and she could strongly feel its divine power pulsing through her very soul.

Her mind drew a great blank in disbelief. She actually has two immortal swords?

At the same time, this was the very first time that Ye Jing had seen someone ascending to the heavens and she was excited. She began to study with earnest on the rituals and to learn as much as possible from her observations.

But she was also curious, “Weird. She didn’t use any soul jewels? According to the ancient Rites of the Ascensions, a Sacred Saint that is preparing to ascend should prepare as many soul crystals as possible. This is to fill the ascension array with spiritual force as well as to provide a barrier against the hostile calamities…”

Very quickly, the bright light that formed around Celestial Yuehua became a halo of rainbow and the air around them became extremely heavy, almost to the point of suffocating.

Ye Jing exercised her vital celestial energies to remain steady but she was soon forced to meditate on the ground in order to maintain her focus.

All of a sudden multiple bright lights had surrounded the vicinity and a heavenly music seemed to echo in the background. A burst of spiritual force so pure and godly began to overwhelm the area. When the bright lights were gone, so were the Celestial Yuehua and the Emperor Feathered Leviathan.

There was a voice in the heavens, “Goodbye Xiaofang…”

Xiaofang was bleary eyed but he tried very hard not to cry, “Goodbye Mother…”

Ye Jing was startled that due to the overwhelming spiritual force that she had experienced, she had advanced to the Intermediate Immortal Celestial level while Xiaofang had advanced to the Initial Immortal Celestial after absorbing the rich outburst of spiritual force that was released.

Even Yu’Er had grown bigger and was now a 7th rank divine beast.

Ye Jing was astonished for she had never expected her celestial level to increase. For her to advance further from the Initial to Intermediate stage of the Immortal Celestial level may require her to cultivate between 10 to 300 years!

Even more astonishing was Xiaofang who had leapt several tiers and had jumped from the Enlighten Celestial level to the Initial Immortal Celestial level.

Ye Jing sighed softly, “I guess I have to go now. Take care Xiaofang.”

Xiaofang asked, “Big Sister Jing, where are you going? You’re not taking me with you?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I am going home. It may not be convenient to bring you along. I am actually swimming in my own sea of troubles at the moment. Moreover Yu’Er can’t take the both of us. Got it?”

Xiaofang asked politely, “I am not worthy for you?”

Ye Jing said gently, “Look. It isn’t about worthy or not. We have no relationship at all and relationship cannot be forced. Do you understand?”

Xiaofang appeared to be sad and after some time he said, “I do understand. However…”

Ye Jing smiled, “Now you got it. There is no however or whatever. You are only 16 and way too young for me. You got to grow up first and be more mature.”

Xiaofang nodded slowly, “I will grow up quickly.”

Ye Jing smiled before she turned solemn, “Xiaofang, you are a good person and I’m grateful to your mother. You must keep your immortal sword properly and never use it in public. Do you understand me? Even for me, I covet your sword. You are still not strong enough to protect your sword. Alright? Be wary of strangers, especially the other cultivators. Never tell them your mother is a Sacred Saint lest they decide to turn upon you to look for treasures. Also, join a celestial sect for your own protection. Someday we will meet again.”

Xiaofang nodded sadly, “Thank you Big Sister Jing. I will never forget your instructions. How do I find you in the future?”

Ye Jing hesitated for a while before saying, “Holy Citadel City. 10,000 miles west of here. Goodbye…”

She smiled and quickly added, “Don’t be too sad alright? I’ll look for you here in 10 years’ time. Big Sister will be buzy cultivating in the meantime. So you must also get stronger. Goodbye.”

Xiaofang muttered, “Goodbye…”

This was the second time he had to say goodbye today and he was really sorrowful.

As he watched her fly off on her phoenix divine mount, he said firmly. “Big Sister Jing, I will grow up quickly and take you as my wife. Please wait for me.”

He did not know that Ye Jing had no intention of keeping her words. To her, it was just an empty promise to a child. She thought, “He probably will have forgotten me in 10 years’ time.”

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