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Chapter 4: Unmemorable Meal

While Ye Jing was in mid-air, she was guilt stricken and whispered to Yu’Er, “Am I too harsh to the boy? He has just lost his mother and now he is all alone. Is he able to take care of himself?”

But Yu’Er did not reply to her and happily soared in the heavens, happy to get away from that place.

Ye Jing was annoyed and she slapped Yu’Er back hard, “Are you even listening? We are now going back.”

And she issued a stern command, “Let’s turn back.”

Yu’Er shrieked unhappily but she made a U-turn anyway.

When Ye Jing returned to the hut, the lad was staring at the pavilion where his mother was last seen, “Hello…”

Xiaofang was delighted and he immediately ran to her, hugging her tightly…

Ye Jing was startled and flustered. It was because she had never been hugged in this manner by a man before.

She gently pushed him away, “That’s enough. Today is your birthday, am I right? Why don’t I cook something nice for you?”

Xiaofang had tears rolling on his cheeks, “Thank you Big Sister Jing…”

Ye Jing smiled gently, “But I must warn you. I will still be leaving afterward. I am really buzy, you know.”

Xiaofang nodded many times in appreciation.

She patted him gently on his head and marched to the kitchen, “Wait for me in the dining hall. In the meantime go prepare some good wines. Don’t tell me you don’t have many. I’ve already seen your collection.”

She pushed Yu’Er gently to the side, “Stop following me. Go one side and find some worms to eat.”

Yu’Er shrieked unhappily but when she caught sight of a fish in the pool, she immediately jumped into the pool and started to play in the pools delightfully.

She said exasperatedly, “Don’t drown while I am away, you stupid bird…”

She ignored Yu’Er and went into the kitchen.

She made a quick search. The kitchen was ordinary but there were many vegetables hanging around.

She had even found a few big ruby eggs, “Good. Eggs with vegetables. How excellent!”

She quickly made a fire with the woods that she had found.

In no time she had whipped several delicious dishes, “Who says that cultivators don’t have the time for the kitchen?”

When she had entered the dining hall, Xiaofang had already prepared several jars of aromatic wines.

She was all smiles as she carried the dishes inside, “It will be a meal that you won’t forget!”

Xiaofang was already salivating as he looked at the delicious looking dishes. As soon as the dishes were put down, he had already grabbed a chopstick to sample. He shouted, “Big Sister Jing, that is so tasty. Your cooking surpasses my mother by leaps and bounds!”

Ye Jing laughed softly and she was glad that Xiaofang had liked her cooking. “Then eat more please and don’t waste my efforts.”

Xiaofang nodded as he stuffed more food into his mouth.

She served him a cup of wine and raised her own wine cup, “Come. Let us toast to our cultivation future and our chance encounter!”

Xiaofang took the cup and said happily, “Toast to Big Sister Jing!”

And so, they started to eat, drink and had trivial chats.

After some time Xiaofang asked, “Big Sister Jing, I really like the eggs that you have cooked. They are so delicious. Where do you get it? May I have some to cook myself tomorrow?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Silly lad. I took from your kitchen. There are just six of the eggs and I have all cooked it. I am afraid that you have to harvest more yourself.”

All of a sudden she noticed that there was an agonizing expression on Xiaofang. She asked, “What’s wrong Xiaofang?”

Slowly Xiaofang replied, “Nothing. These six eggs are phoenix eggs. Mother gave it to me so that I could try to hatch them.”

Ye Jing was stunned. What have she done!

She had eaten many kinds of eggs but never eggs that were this expensive…

A phoenix egg was worth quite a lot in the auctions. Usually it was beyond the affordability of a three and second tier celestial clan. If a phoenix could be hatched then it would really be priceless. Yu’Er was the only phoenix in her clan and she had obtained after much difficulty…

She was immediately sheepish, “I…I…”

The mood had suddenly gone sour.

“Come, let’s drink to our hearts’ content and forget all the unhappiness.” That was what she could say at this moment.

After a while it was just drinking after drinking, one wine urn after another was opened as they started to drink themselves silly.

Next morning when she got up, she was in a shock. She was lying naked with Xiaofang on a bed. What had happened last night? She totally cannot remember…

When she saw the blood stain on the bed, she knew that she had lost her chastity. She burst into silent tears, quickly grabbed her clothing and ran off…

“Xiaofang, I hate you! Don’t ever let me see you again!”

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